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Beetle Adventure Racing Cheats

Beetle Adventure Racing cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see Gameshark Codes for more Beetle Adventure Racing cheat codes.

Beetle Adventure Racing Tips

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Turbo Start
Simply press the Left Shoulder button when ''Go'' apprears at the start of a race.
Submitted by: Cripp_Walker on June 25, 2005

Beetle Adventure Racing Easter eggs

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Mount Mayham Cheats
GO! you hear the words go and go and you see a little incline go and drive at it with full speed, and you jump, then, you hit two walls and drive by the ski resort, then A HARD RIGHT through the the last bits of the tracks and a ramp appears, you hear the crowd cheering.. and avoid the rocks then on the bridge you see another pile a dirt, another ramp, the same thing, then when you're in the cave press L to get out, it doesn't seem like it, but it's a short cut, then, turn on the ice with fast speed, the Ice breaks, keep going till you get to the track that tunnels under a hill, drive on the hill and keep driving, then take the right lane and then you see another tree,, HARD NorthEast and another shortcut, now your done
Submitted by: SuperLuigiN64 on November 27, 2008

Beetle Adventure Racing Cheats

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Beetle Adventure Racing Unlockables
Alien Beetle

Beat Expert Championship to unlock the ''Alien Beetle''

3 Bonus Beetles

Complete all of the novice tracks to unlock 3 new cars.

Police Beetle

First, beat the Standard Championship mode, then select the newly unlocked bonus mode, and beat it. You should now have the Police Beetle. Press C-Left near another car to pull it over >
Submitted by: Cripp_Walker on June 25, 2005
Cheat Box in Coventry Cove
Go through the village and over cross the bridge. Hit the brake and turn toward the crane. There should be an opening beside the crane. Go inside and there will be the box.
Submitted by: Dynamite on December 26, 2002
Cheat Menu
Go to 1 player mode and select "Championship". Race on Coventry Cove and find the shortcut with the barn and 2 haypiles. Run straight into the the haypile closest to the road and you should hit a box. You will here someone say "Groovy!" if you hit it. Finish the race and go to "Options". There will be an option called "Cheats" now.
Submitted by: Dynamite on December 26, 2002
Daisy Box Locations
When you are driving along in Coventry Cove you'll see a barn with two hay stacks. Go through the one closest to the street.
Submitted by: Dynamite on December 26, 2002
Get the Alien Beetle
To get the "I come in peace" Alien Beetle, beat the Expert Championship. Once you have completed Metro Madness, you will receive the super-fast rainbow-colored beetle.
Submitted by: Dynamite on December 26, 2002
Get the Police Beetle
In a nod to the Need for Speed franchise, EA has included a hidden Police Beetle in Beetle Adventure Racing -- but you'll have to work hard to get it. After beating the standard Championships, a new "Bonus" mode will open up. Beat this tough challenge (including Wicked Woods) to get the fastest car in the game, the Police Beetle.
Submitted by: Dynamite on December 26, 2002
Make Cars Pull Over
Beetle Adventure Racing's computer drivers may take shortcuts and crash into you, but they're still law-abiding drivers. Once you have unlocked the Police Beetle, hold down the left C Button to sound your siren. If you get close, the other drivers will pull over to the side and stop their cars.
Submitted by: Dynamite on December 26, 2002
Mount Mayhem
First, drive through the track until you come to the path thats has snowmen. Drive up it, but don't turn! Instead, floor it through the opening and try to land on the spot thats level. There should be a box there.
Submitted by: Tre Allman on May 16, 2005