Banjo-Tooie (N64) Cheats

Banjo-Tooie cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Banjo-Tooie cheat codes.


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Free Refill!
You Can Turn "double capacity for eggs" and feathers if u want to and turn it back on (feathers if u did!) then u have free refill
doesent work? try this password
PasswordWhat it does
cheato nestkinggives u infinite eggs


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Banjo's long Jump
when you use the seperation tiles and you're Banjo ALONE jump and wait till you're at the very highest point of you're jump, then press B and wait untill the 3rd swing of Banjo's back pack and then hit A to jump again! this goes pretty far for Banjo alone!
chilli billi and chilly willie
WARNING: chilly willie is faster and harder than chilli billi. chilly willie have more chances of killing u than chilli billi. hope this helps <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Cross Stomping Plains as Banjo and Kazooie (after splitting up.)
When you get to every footprint, use Snooze Pack to replenish Banjo's health. Every time Banjo gets stepped on, his Honeycombs go down to one. With Kazooie she should be fast enough to avoid the Stomponadon, but if she isn't, just turn on Honeyback and wait in a footprint for her health to replenish.
cross stomping plains without snooze pack (as banjo)
we will call stomping plains SP for short submit this cheat in the mayan temple code room: cheatosuperbanjo and then banjo will be faster then go to SP and go to the left side footprints and at every footprint duck at the foot then youve made the SP as banjo alone p.s this has been tested and banjo only get stomped on once but i kept going
Defeat lord Woo Fak Fak easily
If you have yet to defeat the boss in Jolly Roger lagoon, warp to the closest area to Wumbas Wigwam as you can and turn into a submarine. Now make your way to the room with D. Jones Locker (where Lord Woo waits) and open it with a missle. You can pop his boils and shoot his eyes (once he opens them) without worrying about running out of grenade eggs.
During Cinema
If you have unlocked the Cinema then don't press any buttons or the movie will stop and you'll have to start the movie all over again!
Easy way for Waterfall Cavern!
First, stand on the switch (you know, i hope, which switch). Then quickly go inside Wumba's Wigwam and warp to the Train Station. Walk to the end of the river and you're there!
Funny View Of Banjo
Go to the entrance to cloud cuckoo land,'Do not enter the bubble' instead go a bit back from the bubble You Will see Banjo's Feet At the size of Font 16 for msn It looks funny.Move around and you can see his whole body.Lol
Get through Stomping Grounds
Banjo and Kazooie:
Have Banjo and Kazooie together and use gold feathers to run to the end! Easy!

Note: You need to learn how to do the move that make Banjo fall asleep in his backpack.
Turn into just Banjo and run to the closest footprint in the ground. He will obviously get stomped because he can't run fast. he will get a flat head HA HA! Anyway, even though you get stomped, still run to the footprint. You will notice that your energy will be down to 1 honeycomb. Once inside the footprint, use the move that makes Banjo fall asleep in his backpack. Continue to sleep until your energy is completely full. Then jump out at a good time and run to the next closest footprint. Keep on doing this until you get to the end and Tah da! You've made it to the end with Banjo!

Turn into just Kazooie. Since Kazooie can run very fast, make her run to the closest footprint. Hopefully, she will get to the footprint unharmed. (If you don't do this correctly, bye, bye Kazooie!) Then jump out at a good time and run to the next closest footprint. Continue until you get to the end!

Thankyou! I hope this cheat helps!
Glitches in the game
Below are 2 glitches I had found out:
-In Spiral Mountain, fly to the waterfall next to the flying pad. Hop into the water and swim slowly at a slow pace against the water. Eventually, you will have to fall, but instead of falling, Banjo will keep on swimming as he goes down the waterfall!! Then hold up, and he will start going up the waterfall, as if he is still swimming in regular water! It's really strange.

-In Witchworld, go to the place where there is a secret entrance to the Oogle Boogle's cave(go here using the shoes that climbs walls). Enter that place, and now you're in Tertactleland in the Ooga Booga's cave. Right? Now find the sign that says "To Witchyworld", grip-grab onto that sign. Now climb onto it pressing A and walk fowards, you fall in mid-air in blackness, and appear where you entered.

I know my glitches are hard to follow, but that was the best I could of explained them.
Grunties industries boss location - Weldar
First you must find a panel in which you use bill drill to unscrew it. Then it will drop a mumbo pad so get mumbo and use the pad, but hurry once you activate the pad you have a limited time. Go back to mumbo's hut by using the transportation pad by humba wamba's hut. Once there switch back to banjo and using mumbo's transportation pad get back to humba wumba's pad and hurry. Now quickly switch from banjo to the washing machine that humba wumba turns you into. Now run threw the hole in the wall and get to the button.( before you can even think about getting into the room with the button you must first capture the battery to open the door.)Quickly push the button, now it will activate the wire which will open tha door to weldar.( don't worry it will show you where the door is).

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
hidden jiggy
Ok, in half fire peaks icy side, there is a big ice wall between u and the jiggy..... if you ask chuffy to take you to the ice side, he will say u can't but on a ledge ubove chuffy in the fire side is that camel from banjo kazooie when he wants water, he has saved it. Walk up to him and do the drill on his back. All the water will come out of his mouth and in to chuffys boiler. Go and talk to chuffey, he will say he can now take you to the icy side. You can finnely get that jiggy be hind that wall.\

I told you two cheats. Hope they help they did for me now i have all the jiggys and jinjos <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Ice Key
To get the ice key, go to the passageway in Jinjo village that leads to Spiral Mountain. Look near the passage for a large sandy area. Use the fallen rocks to climb up to the crack in the wall, and grip grab to the right until you find a cave. Enter it and you will find a Banjo-Kazooie game pack. Roll into it and it will drop the ice key. Pick it up, and Jamjars will tell you about it.
Kazooie's long jump
when you use the seperation tiles and you're Kazooie ALONE jump and then press B. While Kazooie is spinning in the air, near the end of all the spins hold down the A button. this will go a long way for Kazooie alone. TIP: don't do this off edges unless there's something below you! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Kazooie's slow fall
As you may know, Kazooie can jump good. So if you need to get somewhere really, really far down, just be Kazooie ALONE (by using the seperation tiles) and jump off the edge and hold down the A button. Kazooie falls gracefully and slowly! This works best at cloud cockooland becuase there's lots of platforms.
Make Baddies go in circles glitch
You can do this cheat/glitch with just about every baddie in the Banjo-Tooie game except for the ones with the clubs.

To start off find a baddie (evil jinjos or the oil cans from Grunty's would be best to start with) then you must get its attention and run around it in a circle not so fast that you lose it but not slow enough to take damage.After several seconds of this you stand in the middle area and watch the baddie run around you.Its really funny to watch and you can shoot them at any time you please (but a heads up i'd freeze them first before using a grenade egg or you'll take damage too)
make banjo do a kazooie hammer attack
i found this out by accident, but if you rapidly (fastly) tap B then you will see banjo take kazooie by the legs and pound him like a hammer and kazooie makes a sound like "kin-kad"
Minjo or Jinjo
To tell if it's a Minjo or a Jinjo, Minjo's are usually out in the open and easy to get, while Jinjo's are sometimes SUPER hard to get.
No flying in the air by Mr. Patch!
When Mr. Patch says you need to shoot flying, DON'T DO THAT! Simply, when a boxing glove pops out, zoom in, aim and shoot the patches. Do it fast, otherwise you will be attacked!

Hope this works!!!!
Permanent Aiming Sight
As you may or may not know, in the multiplayer form of the game you are able to hold the R button to produce an aiming sight. While handy by being able to show you where your eggs will go, you are immobile (you can't move) while you are using it. Well, there is a way to have the aiming sight on AND be able to move at the same time. All you need is a Clockwork Kazooie Egg.

OK, first, arm your egg but DON'T FIRE. Hold R to bring up the aiming sight, and push forwards on the Control Stick so you are pointing straight down at the ground. Hold the C Down button and fire. Run around and either wait until the clockwork bomb blows up, or blow it up yourself. When the game returns to you though, the aiming sight will still be there and you will be able to move around!!!

Now, the aiming sight will disappear if you die or hold the R Button again, but don't worry, because this works every time. Try it out!!!
secret entrance
gruntys factory

right when you enter look up at the factory theres a small square hole shoot a walking kazooie bomb in it but when hes up there [the bomb]dont go in yet your gonna have to press the buton half a second when you enter the hole then banjo mysteriously gets hurt then you wind up in the factory on the other side of the hole
secret passageway
there is a passage way leading to some signs behind jiggy wiggy
just go behind him and run straight into the wall
if it you dont go through then run around a little bit until you go through
these sign will help you out alot
stomping grounds
To get across the Stomping Grounds easier with Kazooie. get the Kazooie backflip from grunty industries and the glide from hail fire peaks then at the stomping grounds split up banjo and Kazooie, and with kazooie backflip jump up onto the ledge that links one side to the other and the jump glide/ flappy jump and repeat until you reack the top of the hole.
(note if you dont do this fast enough Kazooie will just slide back down)
Super long Kazooie jump with Kazooie only
This is a technique I used frequently before I learned Glide:

First get a running start in the direction you want to jump. Use Wing Whack in the air (continuing to press forward in the desired direction). After the Wing Whack is completed, press the A button for an almost assured soft landing.

Note: This is NOT a substitute for the glide move.
Telling If its a Minjo or Jinjo
If u see a Minjo/Jinjo. The best way to tell them apart is. Stand a descent range. (incase its a minjo). Shoot any egg (perfered grenade or fire). If it goes though it. Its a jinjo. If it dies. MINJO.
Telling wich house is Mingy Jongo's / robo Mumbo's skull
To find out which mumboskull in cloud cuccoland is fake, enter any skull and if mumbo is sleeping like Bulion Bill after a hard days work then it's Mingy the rusthead's lair.
If there is a minjo in the skull/ you might be in the real mumbo's skull.
This fake or real thing is always random.
Tip to kill the Rocknuts in Terrydactyland!
Don't know how to defeat the Rocknuts? Maybe this helps! Fire a Clockwork Kazooie Bomb. Walk behind the Rocknuts. Explode the bomb behind him, and he's dead. You need to kill 5 Rocknuts.
Tired of getting stomped by the big dinasour?
Of course Banjo cannot use the jumping shoes but Kazzoie can!!! First you must have the short cut pad to Wumba's tent. Second you must have your jumping shoes in use. Now once you have your jumping shoes on go as fast as you can to the pad near wumbas tent. Take a short cut to where you always get stomped. Then turn right where theres a small cave, jump!!! And Try And try until you get to the other side. And Wala!!!! You got to the other side. You can also try this with both Banjo and Kazzoie. Saddly, I have no idea how to get to the other side with Banjo . Hope this helps!!!!!
Witchyworld Pay-boxes
In Witchyworld, the Pay-boxes are used to open "rides". Simply transform in to the van and go to them and press B!


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Banjo-Kazooie crate
Enter a world with a crate and smash it! Now stand were it used to be and fire a clockwork kazooie egg. Guide the toy into a different area and self-destruct. The camera returns to you in a crate. Press B to exit.
Falling off a Cliff, but not dieing glitch
Be Kazooie ALONE. Then start running toward an edge. Once near the end of the edge, hold down Z and you'll slide off. Keep holding Z! Then while your falling press A and the C-stick toward the edge you fell off. You're not dead! You just backflipped in mid-air upwards! Weird, huh? (this only works once you've learned the Z+A move.)
Jinjo Glitch in Hailfire Peaks
In Hailfire Peaks Icy Side there's a Jinjo that you supposedly can't get because wind is holding you back. To get this, you need to transform into a snowball. HOWEVER, you can fall from a ledge and land on it. I did it by accident and it worked! Try it yourself!
make mumbo get his head stuck on chuffy the train
on banjo tooie just go to glitter glutch mines and go to the train station where chuffy is tipped over and use mumbo to tip chuffy back up then go to those stairs where banjo fights old king cole and get as close as you can and jump then mumbo will be close on it and levitate on it then after a little bit blow back just jump to get off the train
Night sky at Jolly Roger's Lagoon.
When you enter Joly Roger's Lagoon go on that thing in the middle of the town. Go to egg aim mode and aim at the sun. Keep shooting at it and eventully the sky wil turn dark for about a second.

Easter eggs

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Conker's BFD Reference?
In Cloud Cuckooland there's a trash can. In it is a milk carton. On the side is a missing sign for Tooty. I think it's just like the missing sign for Conker in Bad Fur Day, which was also on a milk carton. Do you think so? Verify if you do.
no need for snowball to get the jinjo in hailfire peaks (ice side)
go to the ice side and go a little bit near the windy crack where the jinjo is and go as far as you can close to it without wind blowing then fire a clockwork kazooie egg a little above the jinjos head then keep going forward with it and you will get the jinjo
the pirate needs water
if you notice the pirate in jolly rogers lagoon says he won't go out to see since he's sea sick and asks for a glass of water to take a sea sick pill, does this mean we can get him water somehow, or maybe buy him a gingerbeer
what is it
in the unga bungas cave if you go to the jump pad that leads to a small inclave where you get (i think) a jiggy and move into the corner of the small area you'll hear some kind of wimpering, like maybe an egg or someone lost, tried a hundred times to find out but can't


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All Codes
To enter these cheats, go to the Code Chamber in Mayhem Temple. First enter the word 'CHEATO' before entering any of the following cheats:

SUPERBANJO - Makes Banjo Faster.

SUPERBADDY - Makes all enemies faster.

GNIMOH - Allows you to make all your eggs homing.

JIGGYWIGGYSPECIAL - Allows you to enter any level without solving Jiggywiggy's puzzles.

SREHTAEF - Allows you to carry twice as many feathers.

SGGE - Allows you to carry twice as many eggs.

KCABYENOH - Makes your health regenerate itself over time.

XOBEKUJ - Allows you to use the Jukebox at Jolly Roger's Lagoon.

FOORPLLAF - Makes you take no damage from falling.

JIGGYCASTLIST - When activated, you will see a character parade.

JYGGIJTEG - Allows you to read the signs in Jiggywiggy's Temple.

PLAYITAGAINSON - Allows you to view all cinemas in Replay Mode.
all jiggies
to get all the jiggies in the whole game this is wut u hav to do. Go to half fire peak icy side then beat the boss then go to bottles house and there touch the 2 posters in the kids room. then u hav togo back to banjos house and there u shoot the 1 pic that is still on the wall the go to jade the snake grove go to tyher cheat room type in CHETOPUZZLE and there u hav it u hav all the puzzle peices in the game(i have had all the puzzle pecies before but i restarted then after two weeks i got 72 puzzle pecies) so now have fun with this new cheat:X
Banjo impossible fall
This is a trick I discovered when I was messing around with banjo seperated from kazooie. This is the trick. First seperate from kazooie and go and climb up on a high place but not too high. Then, go ahead and fall down. As soon as banjo says "uh-oh" like always when he falls down, quickly use the pack wack and press A button when your half close to the ground. Then, as you do that, you'll see that he still falls down and get hurt even if he was close to the ground in a impossible way. It's a weird trick but a cool one to mess around. Hope I explained well and enjoy.
Banjo Rising in His Pack in Wumba's Wigwam
I'm not 100% this would work but it has happened when I played it. Use the split-up pads, use Banjo to go to Wumba's Wigwam, while there use the Sack Pack, go to the edge of Wumba's pool. This may take some time for it work. Eventually, Banjo will start to rise in the air in his pack until he reaches the ceiling. He will remain in the air as long as you're holding the Z-Button.
Banjo's Double Jump
Using the split-up pads to Banjo and Kazooie, with Banjo, jump, use Pack Whack, when Banjo starts to swing his backpack around, jump again to gain some extra jumping height.
Blue targets in Saucer of Peril
I'm not sure if this was just a glitch, but before I played the saucer of peril I had learnt 'hatch' before entering terrydactland the proper way(I went through the Unga Bunga cave in Mayahem Temple).
Anyway, when I played saucer of peril ever single target was blue, so it was possible for me to get a score of 951!
Hope this works for you.
Defeat Old King Cole REALLY easily
To defeat Old King Cole easily,you have to use the fire eggs to get into pine grove.Then,contact Jamjars to learn how to use the grenade eggs.Then,while fighting Old King Coal,use the grenade eggs to blast him off his butt!
Easy Mingy Jongo Battle
You can use golden featers to kill him really quickly.
Funny Camera Angle
Here's a funny one! In Terrydactyland, transform into the Daddy T-Rex and travel to the area where there is a large waterfall (not on the mountain). Where the Extra Honeycomb piece is (or was),run over to that hole and turn the camera angle over to the left as far as possible. Run out of that area slightly and then back up towards the hole. The camera should be inside that hole. Turn Daddy T-Rex all the way around so that his nose is in the hole. Press A to jump. You should be able to see inside his mouth.
*Please Note:This may not work the very first time. It takes some practice.
Get to Weldar (boss of Grunty industries)
Get Mumbo. Short out big magnet. Get washing machine, and hit the big button in magnet room. A door will open downstairs. NOTE: there is a time limit. If you don't make it the first time, consider yourself slow lol
OK I don't know how this happened but still. I was up to the part of the game where you haven't learnt how to carry things in banjo's bag, but he can still do bill-drill. At spiral mountain I bill-drilled the rock which banjo's fish is under, then i went swimming in the water fall near a flying pad (meanwhile the fish had been sayig things like "i would appreciate some water"). Eventualy you see the fish fall into the waterfall and give you the extra air bubbles.
Note: You may have to leave (spiral mountain) after bill-drilling the rock
Here's A way to get inside "Grunty Industrys"
When you get inside grunty industrys(world entry and exit), look to your right and jump on the toxic waste cans.When you get past them, Grib Grab over to the other side.(watch out for the thing that pops out.)Climb the ladder and get to the other side and press the train switch.(If you have defeated "old king coal" in Glitter Gulch mine, you'll be able to use Chuffy the Train.Go to where Chuffy is and ride him to Grunty Industrys.(As long as you have hit the train switch,you will be able to ride inside,)
WARNINGo not leave until you have opened a door, Or you will not be able to get back in.
infinite health/ infinite eggs/feathers
inf. health: chetohoneyking
inf. eggs/feathers: cheatonestking
Learn to glide and get a honeycomb
go to icicle grotto, go to the big black pit, now switch to grenade eggs, use the egg aim and look at the ceiling, you should see a bunch of icicles up there, shoot the icicles and they'll fall down to make a bridge leading up to a ledge on the other side of the pit. there is a door, go in it, theres a blue door, and a red door, go into the red door and get the honeycomb, then go into the blue door, and learn the glide move
( note: you only need kazooie to learn the glide move)
Make Kazooie a DRAGON!
For this you need the ledge climb move and the move that uses Kazooie as a torpedo underwater. Then go to Jinjo Vill.

Go back behind you to where there is sand. Off to the left will be a rock. Get on it and there is a ledge. Hang from it and move to the right. (There are enemies on the way, so use Kazooie with B to kill them).
At the end there is a cave. Go in and kill the little game cartridge and you will get the ice key.
Now go to Glitter Gulch mine in the underground lake. Dive and you will see a rock with Kazooie's face use Kazooie as the torpedo and break it. Go in and there will be a safe which can open when you have the ice key. A GIANT glowbo is in it. Go to outside of Witchy World and into Wumbas tent. The Glowbo will permanently change Kazzoie into a Dgragon, now you can breathe fire! (Stand still and press B)
making the game easier
in that weird cheat temple place where you enter the cheats first enter "CHEATO" then "NESTKING" for infinite feathers and eggs then enter "CHEATO" again and then enter "HONEYKING" to be invinceable (i can't really spell it) which also means you don't see your life gauge and you can't die unless you fall off a cliff and like well you won't die if you hit the ground but if you keep falling like you go to cluod cuckoo land and just jump off and not back into the bubble you'll die. and to get the temple when you first start without getting gernade eggs use the golden guy to kick open one of the big doors with mumbos head on it (the one that opens all the way so that the golden guy can go through) then walk across the quicksand go on the little platform get the jiggy (mind as well...) then go the other way that's not the way you came from and kick open the cheat temple door.
making the game easier
in that weird cheat temple place where you enter the cheats first enter "CHEATO" then "NESTKING" for infinite feathers and eggs then enter "CHEATO" again and then enter "HONEYKING" to be invinceable (i can't really spell it) which also means you don't see your life gauge and you can't die unless you fall off a cliff and like well you won't die if you hit the ground but if you keep falling like you go to cluod cuckoo land and just jump off and not back into the bubble you'll die. and to get the temple when you first start without getting gernade eggs use the golden guy to kick open one of the big doors with mumbos head on it (the one that opens all the way so that the golden guy can go through) then walk across the quicksand go on the little platform get the jiggy (mind as well...) then go the other way that's not the way you came from and kick open the cheat temple door.
Mumbo wallpaper
Go to Grunys Industries and go to the work man place. Go into on of the rooms and you should find Mumbo Wallpaper and a picture of Mumba Wumba. If you go through it, you should find a sign.
Other Mystery Egg
Go to the fight pad in spiral mountain and fly to the waterfall. Go in the tunnel at the top and you'll see a banjo kazooie game pack. To get it backflip up to the hidden ledge (left of the mouth of the river) and climb up. Go down the tunnel, get the egg from the game pack and go have heggy hatch it.
Secret Codes
There r some secret codes that Cheato doesn't tell u. 1st, enter "CHEATO" then these(u might hafta enter them backwards, I 4got):

NESTKING:Infinite Feathers and eggs
GNIMOH(homing):Heggy gives u this 1, but u can enter it netime.
Hope these helped! These codes r really useful, now I play the game a lot. I still haven't beaten it(I have 23 jiggys), but it is really fun.
Some Wierd Things
While playing, I noticed a few Messed up things.

-While expermenting in the grunty Lair I got really close where mumbos mouitain used to be, And i heard the music for it, I was Glitched into the wall useing gernade eggs agasint rocks.

-All the pictures in the pirates little office (jolly Rogers Lagoon) Have realations to the first game, Treasure cove, Shark food isle, The pink egg!! Get it open like i did by beating the Game Banjo- Kazooie (OR cheat) To receive the beta verison of the pink egg in the first game!
-After you revive bottles, If you get close enough to the house, His wife Still complains about him missing!
-Posters in one of the moles kid rooms has a Perfect Dark poster, And a air game Poster.
-Weirdly, While getting tiptops egg open, He paced, And after a a while, Stopped, Wouldn't talk or anything!!
-How the pirate talks about you stealing his treasure to help blubber in the first game
-If you got the ice cube to never land in the ice land, Don't worry, Rare has told me it is impossible to land him in the ice realm, And that there nothing to the game.
-Grunty's picture in the lair has more strips on her scarf than it did in the first game.
-After you stay and sit around after a while in the zombie jinjo kings throne, He talks about his youth, Like Fishing, And comments about others finding out.
-Rare Producers have sick minds, In the menu at jolly rogers lagoon bar, Seaman's surprise?! Toad In The Hole? SALTY DUMPLINGS?! is this game for adults or kids People?
Super-fast Grenade Eggs!
This really works! Go to a place where you have Kazooie in your hands like a gun. Make sure you have as many blue eggs(the ones that suck and you start with) and grenade eggs as possible. Now fire the blue eggs as fast as possible and, while still pressing Z quickly, switch to grenade eggs. You will be shooting the grenade eggs as fast as the blue eggs(If you stop pressing Z, it wil return to its normal speed). Happy explosions!(and oh, watch your ammo!)
Terrydactyland Egg Hatching Glitch
I don't know if this has ever happened to you, but this happened to me.
After hatching all of Terry's eggs in Terrydactyland, I decided to do some exploring around Terrydactyland to try and find something else to do. I went past the platform on the water where I found on of the eggs, only to hear the squeaking sound effect that the eggs make when they're ready to hatch. The thing is, there was no egg! This happened in all of the other places where the eggs are found as well, except the spot where you hatch the fat baby dinosaur.
I went to where the fat baby was, and it was still there! I was still able to put it in Banjo's bag, but when I tried giving it to Terry again, Banjo just pulled air out of his bag instead!
This is a wierd glitch that has happened on every single Game File on my Banjo-Tooie Cartridge. Even if I reset the entire game, it always happens.


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Toothy is missing!
Ever wondered why tooty isn\'t in Banjo-Tooie? Go to Cuckoo Cloud land. Go into the garbage can and look for the milk carten. On the back there should be a missing person notice. The missing person is Tooty.


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weird jolly dance
You need the jukebox to do this, I think the cheat was CHEATO JUKEBOX (jukebox is backwards) go up to the jukebox in jolly's and press B. (I think this only works with one song, I haven't tried it with any others.) go to miscellaneous and choose Banjo's theme. Wait a little bit and the screen will go to jolly doing a random dance.