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Bomberman 64 Cheats

Bomberman 64 cheats, and Codes for N64. Also see Codebreaker Codes for more Bomberman 64 cheat codes.

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   (last update - Jun 23 2000)

Unlock bonus levels
A new battle mode level (In the Gutter, Sea Sick, Blizzard Battle, and Lost at Sea) will be available for each world that is completed in Adventure mode. You can also unlock the levels by doing the following: North American version:
From the Main Menu, highlight the "Battle" option and repeatedly tap Start. You will hear a sound when the levels are unlocked
Japanese Version:
Use Joy Card 64 controller. Set the controller's slow switch to the "Hu" position at the title screen, you will hear a sound to let you know the levels are unlocked. The four new levels can be found in Battle Mode.
submitted by Cheat Master

Rainbow Palace bonus world
Find all one hundred Gold Cards and defeat Altair.

Credits option
Beat the Rainbow Palace world by defeating Sirius. Then, a new selection that allows the credits to be viewed will appear on the options menu.

Sound test
Beat the first four levels of the game on the normal difficulty level of adventure mode.

Full power option
Collect all 120 gold cards (100 from the normal worlds, 20 from the Rainbow Palace). Then, a "Full Power" selection will appear on the options screen. This option allows any level to be started with maxed out Red bombs, and the remote item.

Bomberman 64 Cheats

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Faster Recovery
When Bomberman is dizzy, rotate the Analog-stick for a faster recovery.
Submitted by: Chad on July 19, 2006
Full Power Option
To get the full power option, beat the game with 120 gold cards.
Submitted by: Chad on July 19, 2006
Gold Costume
Beat Hard Mode with 120 gold cards in under three hours. I highly recommend that you have the Full Power option unlocked before you attempt this.
Submitted by: Xanato on May 02, 2008
New Outfits
You'll start with a full Knight outfit you can wear in Battlemode. To get new Outfits search all the levels for hidden parts to the outfits. You can access the outfit at the spot where you save your game put Customize.
Submitted by: Chad on July 19, 2006
Sound Test
To access a sound test option, beat the game in Adventure mode at normal difficulty.
Submitted by: Chad on July 19, 2006
Unlock Rainbow Palace
Collect all 100 Gold Cards and beat Altair again to access a completely new world (Rainbow Palace).
Submitted by: Chad on July 19, 2006
View Credits
First beat the game with 100 Gold Cards, then finish the extra world by defeating Sirius. If you now go to the Options menu, you can view the credits without having to beat the game again.
Submitted by: Chad on July 19, 2006