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All-Star Baseball 2000 Cheats

All-Star Baseball 2000 cheats, and Codes for N64.

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   (last update - Dec 14 1999)

Cheat Codes
At the "Enter Cheats" screen, enter the following codes for the desired effect:

Blackout ModeWTOTL
Blind ModeMYEYES
Fly Away ModeFLYAWAY
Tom Thumb ModeTOMTHUMB
Ultimate BatterLTMTBTTR

Lizard Team
Select exhibition mode and choose Kaufmann Stadium. Then while playing a game, hit one of the signs that say "Win a lizard" to transform all players on the team into lizards. You can also play an exhibition game at Coors field "Colorado Rockies". If you hit a sign in the outfield that says "lizards" on it, your players will turn into lizards.

Big Green Monster
When you are playing a game at Fenway Park, if you hit five home runs over the Big Green Monster (wall) you will become a giant green man.

Super Fastball
When pitching in Arcade mode, hold C-Down + A to pitch an fastball that cannot be hit by the batter. Hold it until the ball reaches the plate.

Run Faster
Press Z when running bases and out in the field.

All-Star Baseball 2000 Cheats

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Invisible Base-Runners
Hold A button for 30 seconds, hold Up for 13 seconds, then press A, B, Down and Start at the main screen.
Submitted by: Cripp_Walker on June 25, 2005