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Army Men: Air Combat (N64) Cheats

Army Men: Air Combat cheats, and Codes for N64.

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Army Men: Air Combat Cheats

All Levels & Helicopters
At the password screen enter R, C-Left, Right, Up as a password.

Level Passwords

2Up, Down, Left, Right
3Up, Down, Left, Up
4Down, Up, Left, Right
5Down, Up, Left, Down
6Down, Up, Right, Down
7Left, Down, L, Up
8Left, Down, L, Down
9Left, Up, L, Down
10L, Up, Left, Down
11L, Up, Left, Up
12L, Up, L, Down
13L, Down, Up, Left
14R, C-Left, Up, Right
15C-Down, L, Down, Down
16R, C-Left, Right, Up


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All Levels And Helicopters
All levels and helicopters

Type this code in at the password screen to get all levels and helicopters.

Code: R, c-left, right, up
Level Passwords
Level Passwords
Level 2 - Up, Down, Left, Right
Level 3 - Up, Down, Left, Up
Level 4 - Down, Up, Left, Right
Level 5 - Down, Up, Left, Down
Level 6 - Down, Up, Right, Down
Level 7 - Left, Down, L, Up
Level 8 - Left, Down, L, Down
Level 9 - Left, Up, L, Down
Level 10 - L, Up, Left, Down
Level 11 - L, Up, Left, Up
Level 12 - L, Up, L, Down
Level 13 - L, Down, Up, Left
Level 14 - R, C-Left, Up, Right
Level 15 - C-Down, L, Down, Down
Level 16 - R, C-Left, Right, Up