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South Park Rally Cheats

South Park Rally cheats, and Codes for N64. Also see Gameshark Codes for more South Park Rally cheat codes.

Older Cheats:

   (last update - Jul 05 2000)

Hidden Characters
Complete any of the following given tasks to obtain the corresponding character:

Hidden characterAction
BebeLose the Cowdays race without getting any health power-ups
Big Gay AlWin the Pink Lemonade race
Cartman CopHit Chicken Lover five times with the salty balls in the Read A Book Day race
DamianWin the New Year's race and be the only racer to touch the millennium key
DeathWin the race Halloween race after only dropping off four candies at a time
GrandpaWin the Halloween race
Ike*Collect the hidden power-up on top of the airplane in the Memorial Day race
JesusWin the Christmas race
Marvin**Win the Thanksgiving without collecting any turkeys
MephistoWin the Independence Day race
Mr GarrisonActivate all four checkpoints on the Rally Days 2 race
Mr MackeyWin the Spring Cleaning race
Mrs. CartmanDrop off all lemonades on Pink Lemonade Race without letting anyone else get to a checkpoint.
NedCollect over twelve turbo pick ups (caffeine, Terrence, Philip, etc) in the Independence Day race
PipOnly activate checkpoints one and four on the Rally Days 2 race
SatanWin the New Year's race
ScuzzlebuttFind a Phillip Phart on the Easter Egg Hunt race. Then find the waterfall and Phart your way to the Golden Cow next to the waterfall
Sheila BroflovskiCollect the Pot Pie next to the building on the Easter Egg Hunt race
ShellyCollect the three hidden pick ups in the Valentine's Day race The first two are located at each tower The third is found behind the Skater picture in the jungle
Terrance & PhillipCollect the four hidden power-ups in the Christmas race
TweakCollect five caffeine pick-ups in the Spring Cleaning race
VisitorCollect the hidden power-up above checkpoint one and the another power-up that is between check point four and the wood bridge in the Memorial Day race

*You will need a Philip Phart and any character (Visitor or Jesus works the best because their cars float). Hit the Terrence Turbo on the right side, while the earthquake is still going. Intervals between earthquakes are approximately 22 seconds. You have to go very fast to get good height. If you go high enough, use the Philip Phart in mid-air. If done correctly, you will land on the airplane wing. Note: This may take several attempts.

**To get Marvin easily, at the beginning of the race go straight to the two-story barn and make sure not to pick up any turkeys. Go up the stairs and sit anywhere. No turkeys ever go to the top of the two-story barn, so none of them can run into you.

Cheat Mode
Successfully complete championship mode without using any tokens. All tracks, cars, skins, and other cheat options will be unlocked

Cheat Sheet Option
Win the Rally Days 1 race without collecting any pick-ups

Random Checkpoints
Win the championship to get Random checkpoints

South Park Rally Cheats

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Animals of Southpark:

Cows: Can be found in every level except SEWER.
Sheep: Can be found in FARM and FOREST.
Goat: Can be found in the FOREST and MOUNTAIN.
Geese: Can be found in FOREST, VOLCANO and BIG GAY AL'S HOUSE.
Bears: Can be found in Forest and MOUNTAIN.
Frog: Can be found in Green item boxes.

Hard too find Animals:

Pig: The Sty in FOREST.
Rabbits: Can be found in FOREST, MOUNTAIN and VOLCANO, in holes in FARM.
Mutant Rabbits and Mutant Eggs: Can be found on EASTER.
Crow: Perched at the FOREST Cemetery.
Rats: In the space ship entrance in the SEWER level and in Red boxes.
Mutant Snails: In the SEWER.
Submitted by: Chad on July 27, 2006
Cheats/Hidden Characters
For the given Race, do what is asked below. In parentheses is the character that you receive:

Rally Days 1 - Win the race without getting a pick up (Cheat Sheet).
Rally Days 2 - Activate Checkpoints 1 and 4 only (Pip). Activate all four checkpoints (Mr. Garrison).
Cowdays - Lose the race without ever touching the cure (Bebe).
Valentine's Day - Collect the three hidden pick ups (Shelly).
There is one on each tower and one behind the Skater picture in the jungle.
Spring Cleaning - Collect 5 caffeine pick-ups (Tweek). Win the race (Mr. Mackey).
Read A Book Day - Hit Chicken Lover 5 times with the salty balls (Cartman Cop).
Pink Lemonade - Win the race (Big Gay Al).
Memorial Day - Get the hidden pick up on top of the plane (Ike). Collect the 2 hidden pick-ups (1 is above checkpoint #1, and the other is between checkpoint #4 and the wooden bridge) to unlock Visitor.
Independence Day - Win the race (Mephesto). Collect 13 or more turbo pick ups (caffeine, terrance, Philip etc) (Ned).
Halloween - Win the race (Grandpa). Win the race while only dropping off four candies at a time (Death).
Thanksgiving - Lose the race with out getting a single turkey (Marvin).
New Years - Win the race (Satan). Win the race being the only one to touch the millennium key (Damien).
Submitted by: Chad on July 27, 2006
Random checkpoints
Win the championship to get Random checkpoints.
Submitted by: Chad on July 27, 2006