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Driver Cheats

Driver cheats, Tips, and Codes for Mac.

Driver Tips

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Unlock every cheat

To unlock every available cheat (Fast cars, no Damage, No Police, etc.) in the cheats menu (simultaneously), beat the game once on "Undercover Mode."
Submitted by: Midness on September 02, 2004

Driver Cheats

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For the desired effect, enter one of these passwords as your name in the Name Entry on the High Score page for Driving Games.

WAC271074: No Police
ANJW16696: Start with full wanted meter
N3WJOrk: Overhead View
TMR300866: View Credits
NJW280172: Super fast cars
RUS3L: Invincibility (No Damage Meter)
P7ttyRz: Skip interviews
We4rrqdz: Car Select in Take A Ride Mode
Submitted by: Midness on September 02, 2004