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Deus Ex Cheats

Deus Ex cheats, and Codes for Mac.

Deus Ex Cheats

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Cheat Codes
Console Codes

Make sure you have activated the cheat mode and input:

10,000 Credits: allcredits
Gives you specified Aug: augadd [aug-name]
All Augmentations: allaugs
All Images: allimages
All Skill Points: allskillpoints
All Weapons: allweapons
Disable Flight and Noclip: walk
Flight Mode: fly
Freeze Enemies and Doors: playersonly
Full Ammo: allammo
Full Energy: allenergy
Full Health: allhealth
God Mode: god
Kill Current Target: tantalus
Master All Skills: allskills
Summon Specified Object: summon [objectname]
Enable EMP field: iamwarren
Hidden menu: legend
Invisibility: invisible
No clip mode: ghost
Spawn a # of the same item: spawnmass <#>
Toggle 3rd person view: behindview <1 or 0>
Set game speed: slomo <#>
Level select: open
Open targeted door: opensesame
Submitted by: Midness on September 02, 2004