Bugdom (Mac) Cheats

Bugdom cheats, Tips, and Codes for Mac.


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Roll your way out of trouble
Rolling is fast, and you can not recieve any damage while you are rolling, so if there are a lot of bad guys ahead of you, roll past them.

Beware, if you rolling meter reaches 0 you won't be able to roll again until it refills, so get your timing right or you may get up in the middle of a group of hungry ants!
Tips for level 10
Kick the water pipe to put out the flame on top of his head, then kick him, when the flame comes back kick the pipe to put out his flame and repeat.

If you try to kick him while his flmae is burning, you will lose health.
If you beat the whole game, your character will be sitting in the chair, and the evil king from level 10 will be locked up in a spiderweb, if you lose it will be the other way round.


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Choose your level
Hold down CTRL when the game starts to choose what level you wish to start the game on.
Level Select and Others
On bugdom 1.2:
Hold down F10 when you Click on start for the level select screen.

In the levels:
Apple + F1 = win this level
Apple + F2 = win the game
Apple + F3 = Full Health
Apple + F4 = Full Ball Timer
Apple + F5 = Full Inventory
Apple + F6 = Toggle Liquid Invincibility (hold down in beehive)
Apple + F8 = frame rate
Apple + F9 = display debug