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Black & White (Mac) Cheats

Black & White cheats, Tips, and Codes for Mac.


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Easter Eggs
April Fools joke

Set your PC's clock to April 1st, then run Black and White.
All of the creature footprints in the game should be faces.

South Park Parody

In the first level you will come across 3 sailors that need your help.
Kill one of them, and enjoy.

Conscience Hilarity

Stay in one place and don't do anything for awhile. After sometime, the two consciences will start talking to each other about your inactivity.

Telephone Joke

In the first island, draw a line with your hand going up, right, down, right, up, right, down in straight lines. If you do it correctly, you will hear a phone ringing and your consciences will tell you to pick up the phone and you will hear some of the designers talking on the phone. They say some pretty funny stuff they were going to add in the game.
Get the Chinp creature without using the Ape.

Start the challenge by activating the silver reward scroll ontop of a hut near Lethys' temple (once taken over the third village) Give the old lady some old people then when she get's tired command your creaure to pick up a child and bring it to her door. While this is happening press F5 to save your game in the temple then drop the child at the door and watch a cinematic scene. You should have the APE swap your creature. Load the game you just saved and now you shoud have the APE creature running to the hut drop the child at the door. Watch the scene and you will have the CHIMP creature.

How to get the Cow, Ape, and Tiger with the creature breeder!

Firstly you need to have at least one creature with the creature breeder (horse, leopard, mandrill, or gorilla) then start the gold story scroll to proceed. Once completed you get to choose any creature from the Cow, Ape, and the Tiger. Choose and go to the creature breeder, once taught how to use the leashes. Then swap to any creature there and save the game then start a new game and choose another creature. Repeat the steps and eventually you should have the Cow, Ape, and Tiger with the creature breeder.
Bowling on the Isle

Press F2 during the game to enter the 'God's Playground'. Circle the island until you see another island that is off to the side. Glance at the far side of this smaller island to find 2 colorful balls (a large and a small) and 3 bowling balls (large, medium, and small) as well as a set of bowling pins complete with smiley faces.
Sheep Holder
Go and find a sheep holder and talk with him than you must find his sheep find it and bring it back you then can have de sheep creater......
Unlockable Creatures
Lion: Guide a lion to his food in the fifth level

Polar Bear: Do the Sailor Silver Reward Scroll in the first level, and you will meet them again in the fourth level with a Polar Bear

Sheep: Help the farmer find his sheep in the first level, in your village

Tortoise: Help a boy get some fish in the fourth level, by your Temple

Zebra: Solve the riddle in the second level by Letthys's villages

Bear: Clean the the village in the fifth level

Chimpanzee: Bring the witch a little boy or girl in the third level, the Silver Reward Scroll is by Lethys's Temple