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Cheat Codes
So far, the only way we know to activate cheat codes is to first defeat the game. Once you have completed the game, press "F1" during gameplay to open up the personal data assistant. Type in the following codes to activate the cheat. If entered correctly, you will see text appear in the bottom window of the PDA.

Change characters (using F8)**shapeshifter
Computer-controlled enemies fight everyone
even each other
Konoko can't be knocked over or stunnedcanttouchthis
complete the current levelwinlevel
fail the current levelloselevel
fast-firing weaponsroughjustice
full ballistic and energy clips, plus full hypospraysfatloot
infinite ammosuperammo
lets you knock back enemies after each blowfistsoflegend
makes everything breakableglassworld
permanent over-hypo effectchenille
regenerating healthelderrune
single hit kills, using "touch of death"touchofdeath
toggles Godzilla modebehemoth
toggles big head modebighead
toggles invincibilityliveforever
toggles invisibilitymoonshadow
toggles miniature modeminime
toggles slow-motion modecarousel
tougher computer-controlled enemieskillmequick
weapons are spawned everywheremunitionfrenzy

** The shapeshifter code lets you play the game using another character such as a striker, Muro, Barabas, or the enemies. When you play with other characters you get to use their moves. This is a leftover of the multiplayer features that Oni was supposed to ship with, before they canned multiplayer altogether.


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Beating the Ninja
In the mission before the ninja boss get a auto pistol and when the boss begins fire at the nninja and keep him at range, when you are out of ammo use the slide to kill him without to much trouble.
Finders Keepers:
-On the bio research lab defeat Barabas and run down to the windows of the reception look left and right and see 2 gaps in the wall then pick up the stuff in the gaps.
- On the airport kill the strikers and instead of going into the airport run up the street and find a car on fire and a Hypo. Carry on running up the street and find a man who gives you a hypo.
- On Dr.Hasegawa's lab go to the bit where you kill the ninjas and go through the door on the right then in stead of following Shinatama, jump on the smokey glass
and look under the slope and find a energy cell.
It pays to be nice
Help out the scientists and other hostages and they thank you with usefull items.


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Cannot be knocked down
Type in "canttouchthis": And you won't be knocked down for the whole game.
Defeat the Finall Boss
When fighting the final form of Muro, run circles around him! Then, when his sheild disappears, slide into him like mad. Just be careful when applying this tactic, because you have to change your direction frequently to keep him confused. Also, don't get between Muro and anything solid, as he will then pummel you to death. And, if you don't like the long wait for his invulnerability to go off, run just far enough so that he uses his those little tractor-beams. Avoid being sucked in, and his shield will deplete even faster. Be aware that there is no need to EVER go to the lower level of the arena! There are no pick-ups down there, and if Muro gets you with his beams, and he's still up on the higher part, he'll drop you to almost-death.
Glass furniture
Type in "glassworld": and you will have glass furniture.
Type in "moonshadow": and you will be equipped with invisibility.
Live forever
Type in "liveforever": And you cannot be killed for the entire game.
Live forever
Type in "liveforever": and you will go the entire game without being killed.
Slow Motion
Type in "carousel": and the game will play in slow motion
tips for the cheats
when you shapeshift (become other charcters with the cheat) try using the combos (ex. down then kick) with the main charcters like Muro, you can unlock awesome moves that you see the bosses use!

also there is a secret wepon that you can get with the munitions locker cheat, there is a invisible wepon near the big gun in the center and if you get it you shoot a red thing that slowly homes in on a target. very cool.
Touch of death
Type in "touchofdeath" : and one one hit kills all.
Tough enimies
Type in "killmequick": and you will have tougher enemies.
Unlimited Ammo
Type in "superammo": and you will have infinate ammo.