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Zero Tolerance Cheats

Zero Tolerance cheats, Tips, and Codes for GENESIS.

Zero Tolerance Tips

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Weapon carrying
Since you can only carry so many weapons at a time make sure you choose a good balance. Also if you find that you need to pick up something you have no room for, try and go and kill some enemies with a weak weapon so that you aren't losing as much ammunition when you drop your weapon to make room.
Submitted by: Deathman48 on October 25, 2004

Zero Tolerance Cheats

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Passwords - Level Select
In the 'Options' menu enter the following codes in at the 'password' prompt for the desired level:

[note: Levels are in chronological order]

Docking Bay 1: bmp8vt)ng
Docking Bay 2: DDq8vtKug
Bridge 1: HFr8*tLng
Engineering 1: Plb*uvPv6
Engineering 2: Tr-d/vP!4
Engineering 3: DDY*-v0W
Engineering 4: Gra*Cr0!V
Greenhouse 1: WL8*Cr0!V
Greenhouse 2: ar8*vtKFs
Greenhouse 3: LH)*-v)FX
Bridge 2: dFL*-vKqX
Reactor 1: 0P3*-v0ik
Reactor 2: 0P3*-v0pV

Floor 164: ?nr5-vHnK
Floor 163: cnFXuvDvE
Floor 162:jdhX-vDuk
Floor 161: YvbyCbxkc
Floor 160: TbxzutBsC
Floor 158: cLxz-tBK2
Floor 159: WrBz-tBkV
Floor 157: Trx5-/Bhk
Floor 156: ?DBzu9xgK
Floor 155: H8x5v8xFE
Floor 154: MLD888rk
Floor 153: ?rxz-8xgV
Floor 152: bDg5-vxg7
Floor 151: ELgX6PDF9

Sub Basement 1: ari/48xnj
Sub Basement 2: ?Lgdk8B0j
Sub Basement 3: 0vibK9BEj
Sub Basement 4: 0Hhd!ZxGB
Sub Basement 5: )8xb47Bv9
Sub Basement 6: LUDbF/B0Q

'Sub Basement 6' is as far as i have completed and therefore i do not have any level passwords beyond said level.
Submitted by: Fartley on December 25, 2006