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Game Genie Codes

Master code (must be entered): AJBT AA5G
Invincibility: P4FA AA28
Start with 8 ships: RG8T A604 + FW8T BA06
Infinite ships: C4FA AA5G
Start with weapons at full power: RGYA A6WY + ACYA BAW0.
Very fast roll power recharge: ACTA AAFW
Start at Mission 2: SG6T BEXA + SG6T BEXG.
Start at Mission 3: SG6T BJXA + SG6T BJXG
Start at Mission 4: SG6T BNXA + SG6T BNXG.
Start at Mission 5: SG6T BTXA + SG6T BTXG
Start at Mission 6: SG6T BYXA + SG6T BYXG.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: NSX on August 28, 2005