Theme Park (GENESIS) Cheats

Theme Park cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for GENESIS.


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Menu Passwords
Enter in the Enter Password section on main menu.
PasswordWhat it does
9X9X9X9X9X9Get 687775000 cash, and all areas open, and most areas complete.


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Prevent Workers From Striking
If something goes wrong and your workers are set to strike there is a way to set them back to work. Simply pick them up before they exit the park and set them down anywhere. They'll go back to work as if nothing has happened.


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All Build Items Open Immediately
Simply enter your name as ZARKON when starting or resuming a game. Now you'll have all build items (rides/shops etc) available immediately without having to pay up for research at all.
Loads of Money
Enter 8AAACAA9999 as a password to start a game with loads of money (although the UK park site will not be available to use until you've cleared all other sites).