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Ecco The Dolphin Cheats

Ecco The Dolphin cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for GENESIS.

Ecco The Dolphin Passwords

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Level Codes.
Level Codes.
PasswordWhat it does
PLEASEHHCity of Forever.
PLEASEOOFinal Fight.
PLEASEFFIsland Zone.
PLEASEQQOrigin Beach.
PLEASEGGPteranadon Pond.
PLEASEZZRidge Water.
Submitted by: Kini on July 19, 2011

Ecco The Dolphin Tips

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Super Sonar
For lethal sonar, enter any Unlimited Air code, then press A + B while playing. Your sonar will look the same, but will kill all enemies it detects.
Submitted by: Chad on August 02, 2007

Ecco The Dolphin Easter eggs

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Dolphin Soccer
Go to the powers of levitation level and find the room where the Clan General is.One wall moves - swim through that side and you'll find a football on the floor near one of the lights. Pick it up, then go to the 'level select' screen and you'll find an option for 'Dolphin Soccer' at the bottom of the list.
Submitted by: Breezy on July 21, 2008

Ecco The Dolphin Cheats

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Invicibility / Level Select
When you are swimming, turn Ecco and pause when he is facing forward. Then press:

Right, B, C, B, C, down, C, up

This will open up a menu from the top. From here you can turn invincibility on and off and select a level (NOT in chronological order, and some numbers go into glitch levels).
Submitted by: Leopardfrog on September 09, 2006
When the level name appears, hold A + Start until the level begins. When the game screen appears, unpause and you'll be invincible.
Submitted by: Deathman48 on September 06, 2004
Turn Music Off
To turn off the background music, pause the game and press A five times.
Submitted by: Chad on August 02, 2007