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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Cheats

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess cheat codes.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Tips

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100 money
go to the castle town then go south and u will see a tresure chest go to ur right (on wii left) get ou ur clawshot or double clawshot wait till those yellow circle come up then press A. atfer u up there get out ur spinner slide on the rail jump at the middle of the rail and u will fly to the treasure chest open it an its 100 ruppe
Submitted by: masterking66 on January 05, 2009
20 rupee pieces on Death Mountain
There are some rocks that are near the Piece of Heart up there that, when picked up, yield red rupees, which are worth 20 green rupees. To get there, you can either use the Goron to launch you, or grapple onto some vines way above near a baby Goron.
Submitted by: LyallAurion on December 31, 2006
50 rupee piece in your house
when you get the latern, go to the room in your house with a ladder going into the basement. climb down and use your lantern to find a treasure chest containing 50 rupees
Submitted by: anonymous on April 18, 2007
50 rupees in Ordon Village
Near where Sera's cat was, there should be a patch of unreachable grass. Use the Gale Boomerang to scan the grass for a targetable item. It will be a purple rupee.
Submitted by: LyallAurion on December 31, 2006
a second bomb bag
if you buy a bunch of water bombs, and but on your zora armor, and make your way to the zora's trhoan room where you melted the ice with the volcanic rock and dive down, and down.. and down.. youll see the rock.. swim around it untill youi fint a crack that two eyes are peeking through...there is a small ledge in front of the crack.. stand on it using your iron boots and pull out a water bomb.. blow apart the rock to find a goron that was stuck inside.. he will give you a bomb bag as a show of his thankfulness...
Submitted by: storyteller_anon on February 06, 2007
Bottle Fishing Hole
To get it:
Go to the fishing hole, and find the sign that says: No Littering! You can get a bottle if you fish on the left side of the bridge that is near that sign. Its darker water than normal.
Submitted by: Agrias on December 01, 2006
Get all four bottles! You can use the bottles after you have used what is inside it!

1: The bottle which has milk in it at the beginning of the game.

2: Buy the bottle of lantern oil from the guy with the nest on his head

3: Fish out the bottle in the fishing hole. It is found by the sign that says ''No littering the fish are crying!''

4: Kill 20 poes and go to Jovani's house and you get a bottle of fairy's tears
Submitted by: Princess Midna on September 19, 2007
bye bye disk
I don't know if it works for other games but I know it does for this. It's easy. Remove the disk, and you'll be playing without a disk!


The following will require you to put the disk back in:
Looking at world map, mail from postman, hidden skills, golden bugs
Going to a different area or inside building
Changing armor or sword
transforming into wolf/human
Viewing options
Opening chests
Looking out the window at Link's house
Can't get rupees higher than 1 (only happens once after turning the game on)
Getting mail from postman (untested)
fighting bosses (untested)
Catching fish
Obtaining hidden skills
Collecting golden bugs
Collecting Poe's souls
collecting pieces of hearts (untested)

I think that's all of them. If there are more, tell me (if you can).

Trust me, me and my friend tried most of them and took out the disk at least 100 times. We did this for an hour.
Submitted by: guppy45 on February 03, 2007
Cave of Ordeals - Replenishing Dig Spots
For anyone having trouble clearing the Cave of Ordeals, I thought I'd make a list of all the dig spots you can find within, while in wolf form. I scanned every floor, and this is what I found:

Floor 3 (Baku Baba plants) - Dig in middle of room, under the Baku Baba, for one replenishing heart.

Floor 7 - Dig in the opposite side of the room from where you entered to find 3 replenishing hearts.

Floor 14 (flying skulls) - Dig by the room's exit to find an ORANGE RUPEE (worth 100). Very useful if you've used up rupees using the Magic Armor.

Floor 18 (spinning creatures) - Dig right beneath where you entered for one replenishing heart.

Floor 19 (chus) - No dig spot, but there is a rare chu (sparkling) that drops from the ceiling on the opposite side of the room from where you enter. Catch it before a purple chu absorbs it, and you'll have a premium healing jelly to use in the Cave of Ordeals.

Floor 22 (rats and bats) - Dig in middle of room for 3 replenishing hearts.

Floor 27 - Dig in the opposite side of the room from where you entered to find one replenishing heart.

Floor 33 (chus, invisible rats) - Dig in spot between where you entered the room and where you exit for one replenishing heart.

Floor 39 (Darknuts) - Dig in middle of room for a SILVER RUPEE (worth 200). Again, very useful for using the Magic Armor.

Floor 45 - Dig right beneath where you entered room for 3 replenishing hearts.

Hope this proves useful to someone.
Submitted by: Rococky on May 25, 2009
Death Mountain ChuChus
In the circular area with the Howling Stone, if you face north, there will be a small alcove on the right that a Bulblin was. If you use your Clawshot to go up, there will be a ChuChu of random color. You can even see the Rare ChuChu, and its jelly has the same effect as Fairy Tears.

In order for the ChuChu to reset, you have to basically leave Death Mountain and Kakariko Village, though.
Submitted by: LyallAurion on December 31, 2006
Distract The Final Boss
In the final boss battle, cast the fishing rod to distract him and get in a few easy hits.

Submitted by: SunnyDelight on February 21, 2007
Double Your Bombag Sizes
To do this, go to the upper zora's river and defeat the enemies to open up a portal there. A woman will be standing there thanking you. Talk to her and she will lead you into the house overlooking the river. The game is to shoot bomb arrows at rocks to open up the river for her customers. Not only will she give you another bomb bag, but if you play the game again and shoot the jars to where you get 25 points, she will give you the giant bomb bags.
Submitted by: The Second on March 02, 2007
Easier way to complete hot springwater sidequest
During the sidequest where you have to bring a Goron hot springwater, you can wear the Magic Armor to make it easier. You should only use around 150-300 rupees.
Submitted by: LyallAurion on December 31, 2006
Easy money
First of all you need access to the cave of ordeals. Go there if you kill as much monsters as you can you get alot of rupees
Submitted by: Haseo pkk on April 19, 2007
Easy room in the Cave of Ordeals
When you're in the Cave of Ordeals, (you know, that place in the desert where you have to fight all those enemies) when you get to the room with the Dinalfos, shoot a slingshot pellet in the middle of the room. They'll rush over to investigate, and when they do, shoot a bomb arrow in the middle of their little group and BOOM!!!
Submitted by: anonymous on July 05, 2008
Easy Rupies
To get easy rupees, simply go to the graveyard behind Ronado's Teepee and kill all the Crows in the area. After defeating all, some rupees should drop down by the stairs.
Submitted by: WaterSlap on January 01, 2007
Epona, stay!
If you go somewhere while riding your horse, do whatever you need to, and when you get back, your horse will be where you last saw her. Trust me!
Submitted by: lanesmj on July 02, 2007
at night launch bomb arrows in the air and instead of random blasts they are fireworks
Submitted by: maggiver99 on July 22, 2009
Free Arrows
Go to goblin archers( normally found in the field.) and let them shoot at you.Avoid the arrow/fire arrow and before it dissapears,walk over it. You should take it. I love doing this if I need arrows.
Submitted by: Death Resurrection on April 01, 2007
Free items
When you are a wolf in Hyrule Castle Town, you can scare the guards in the northern section. If you hit them via a spin attack, they'll drop items.
Submitted by: LyallAurion on December 25, 2006
Frog Fishing Lure
To unlock this item, you must beat all eight levels of Roal Goal. This game is found in the owner's establishment. Press C button, in the first person you see.

Submitted by: Agrias on December 01, 2006
Get a piece of heart
go to gerudo desert and go to the camp place just before you enter the temple. there is a boar roasting over a fire. just keep hitting it or do the secret skill 5 (where you go up to an enemy and press a). do this and you will get a free heart piece. PS you can also do this when you have to go to the mirror of twilight.
Submitted by: spankermcspankatron on March 09, 2009
Get through the deep snow easy
It is very annoying going through the deep snow while in human form, but there is an easy way to get through it without going into wolf form. All you have to do is get on the spinner and ride the short distances, but you have to be on a flat surface before you start spinning.
Submitted by: zdawg on April 07, 2009
hidden rupee
need one hudred more rupees? if you do go to Ordon village,go to Collin\'s house. if you look behind it you will see an orange rupee.to get it you can use either the clawshot or the gale boomerang.
Submitted by: amanda on February 16, 2007
How to Fill Up Multiple Bottles With Fairy's Tears
As you know, just like the elixir soup from Wind Waker, you can only get a bottle of Fairy's Tears from one of the springs if you are out of them (after completing the Cave of Ordeals). This means you can ordinarily only carry one bottle of the Tears at a time.

Well, if you want to try the challenge of it, there is a way to get two, three, or even all four bottles filled with Fairy's Tears. Quite simply, even if you currently have a bottle of them, you CAN get another - if you complete the Cave of Ordeals again (without using up the bottle you already have in the process). By doing this, you have the potential to fill up your 4 bottles with the Tears. A key to succeeding is this: Use your Magic Armor whenever needed while your life is full. This way (assuming you've learned the final hidden skill) you can use the Great Spin to wipe out enemies with one attack, usually. And since the enemies drop green, blue, and yellow rupees, you can still manage to use the Magic Armor on the Darknut rooms at the end. Try it out if you want the challenge!
Submitted by: Rococky on May 25, 2009
How to get rupees
Behind the guy who shots a cannon should be a house shot the red/orange tile and it will give you 20 rupees after get shot to the game. after gettin shot stay where you are and hit the weather thingy on the roof to make the rotating land stop spinin . then go play the game and land on the rotating surface which u stopped from rotating. There should be a chest there which gives you 100 rupees and below that should be another chest it has a heart piece and the rest of the chest give you rupees and keep doing this for INFINITE RUPEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by: Mini [JR] on April 08, 2007
How to get the Magic Armor
Go to Malo Mart and Deposit 200 Ruppies (Make sure the bridge is fixed) Then exit Malo Mart and Warp to the Castle Road then transform into a human then walk backwards then you will meet the postman you will get a letter from Malo Mart then enter the castle town eastern road and enter the shop and buy the Magic Armor then you will complete the sidequest for the Magic Armor.

Note: the magic Armor is very expensive and you will lose ruppies instead of life if you have ruppies

Subbmitted by Nicholas Schembri
Submitted by: anonymous on December 09, 2007
Infinite Fairy Tears
After you defeat every level of the Cave of Ordeals, you can go to one of the ancient spirits (in any of the springs with fairies in them) and talk to them, they'll take you back to the Great Fairy and she'll fill an empty bottle with Great Fairy's Tears. She'll keep doing this aslong as you have an empty bottle. She'll warp you out of the cave after she fills it.
Submitted by: pman on January 04, 2008
Lake Hylia Cuccoo Game
When playing the game at Lake Hylia, set the iron boots to one of your items. Fly directly towards the top block and right before it, use the iron boots.

You'll plummet straight onto the block, enabling you to collect all the treasures.
Submitted by: RoboGamer_500 on March 23, 2009
Magic Armor
Here are the directions to get the magic armor:

1. Go to malo mart and donate 1'000 rupees to the ugly goron inside to get the eastern hyrule bridge fixed.

(the next part is optional, but if you dont do it then to get the second malo mart built you'l have to donate 2'000 rupees instead of 200)

2. Talk to the other ugly goron outside. he says that his son has not come back yet. so go to the eastern bridge and talk to him.

3. Go back to the ugly Goron and he will give you hot spring water. run it down to the Goron and he will run into town.

4. Go donate 200 rupees to malo mart and then go to castle town.

5. Once in the center of castle town, you will see the second malo mart. (trust me, you'll notice it). then go inside and you'll see the magic armor for 598 rupees!
Submitted by: linkdude on December 19, 2006
Make money come to you!
If you see rupees on a ledge or anywhere you can't reach take out your gale boomerang (if you have it) and target the rupee(s).They will come to you!
Submitted by: zeldageek on December 19, 2006
Mario ref.
I've heard that there is no mario referance in Twilight Princess. That is a LIE! you know fyer, right? (the old wierd clown by the cannon) look carefully at his sleeve on your left (his right). you will see a bullet bill. Is it just me or has mario been to waaaaay to many places
Submitted by: foundling_fox on March 15, 2007
money /hearts/arrows from guards
If you got o castle town as a wolf(cant have gate to barrier opened)and run up to the guards they will get scared. when they come back do a spin attack at them they might drop anything. p.s:might drop bomb or shoot arrow at you!!!
Submitted by: BKP on March 10, 2008
Money doesn't grow on trees you know; but rupees do!
Do you remember the trees near your house back in Ordon? Well, if you but into them with a roll attack, rupees fall off. The rupees are usually green, blue or yellow. It's an easy was to get rupees at the start of the game.
Submitted by: Daydreaming on May 02, 2008
Monkey Dance!
If you've just started the first dungeon and just saved the third monkey, stand still and wait for the monkey to stop clapping, and then he or she will dance!My baby sister likes monkeys so much, when I play my game, she says "Where monkey go?"!
Submitted by: Lanesmj on June 21, 2007
Need help with finding haert pieces ?
this is simple all you need to is go to the castle town. Find a fortune teller and selet LOVE. This will cost you 10 rubies. You will see a picture of a area if you go there as Link/wolf link there should see a near by tresure chest that will have what your looking for.
Submitted by: Martin Garcia J.r on July 29, 2007
one way or another.
getting the money enough to donate to the old goron in malo mart can be rather bothersome... 2000 rupee\'s isent chump change...but if you looking to do it... do it rite.. and with a plan.. if you collect golden bugs.. you know the ones that are ALL OVER THE PLACE!. if you get the male and female for each bug and then go to castle town there is a girl who will give you good cash for them.. and when you give her your first bug.. she will give you a bigger wallett. the shop she is in is in the south western corner area...
she will give you 50 for one and 100 for a pair... so use her flow of cash wizely and dont over do it so you wont loose money... and donate your heart out.. the armor is worth it.
if you run out of bugs you can always look around the fields of hyrule to fine areas where you use special items.. those have money or heart pieces.. you can also look aroung for rocks or grass that is in a ring shape and dig throung the middle as a wolf... youll find an under ground secret area.. ( more on those later.. im making a list of them and where they are...) any way it may be slow going but you can also go through temples that you where not able to get all the money from the chests cuz your wallett was full.. just make sure you have enoug money gathered to buy the armor.. hope i helped!
email me!
Submitted by: storyteller_anon on February 10, 2007
Paying Iza 10 Rupees
If you've unlocked the boat mini game in upper Zoras River, go there and equip bomb arrows. Then, if you see a jar next to Iza, shoot it with the bomb arrows and she will tell you to pay her 10 rupees for shooting it.
Submitted by: Water God on October 30, 2007
Perfect Ending!
Whenever you're done beating an enemy(not a boss) by using a hidden skill, keep on pressing A, and then you'll put your sword away perfectly!
Submitted by: Lane on June 20, 2007
Purlo's allergies
If you're in castle town as a wolf, and you want to see something funny, go into the tent at the west road and the guy who challenges you when you're human will say something and sneeze!
Submitted by: lanesmj on July 01, 2007
Rupee values
Green = 1
Blue = 5
Yellow = 10
Red = 20
Purple = 50
Orange = 100
Silver = 200
Submitted by: LyallAurion on December 31, 2006
Rupees that don't disappear
If you bomb a rock underwater, any revealed rupees will not disappear, so you can collect them whenever you're short on rupees.
Submitted by: LyallAurion on December 31, 2006
silver rupee in kakario village
be wolf link and go to the big white house and use minda to jump up and hit the bell with a bomb arrow for rupee
Submitted by: maggiver99 on July 22, 2009
Skullfish & bombfish
Head north from Kakariko Village to the Bridge of Eldin. Just before you reach the arch of the bridge, turn left. A little bit past the bricks on the ground is another patch of brown dirt. Dig here to find the grotto. Then fish out the three skullfish and kill them, now you can catch the bombfish. Once you catched the bombfish you can add it to your bomb bag. But there are pretty tricky to catch!
Submitted by: Dicky D. on February 08, 2007
steal but not get in trouble
If you're low on hearts, then go to the birds shop in the Faron woods or whatever and use a bottle on the red potion, then drink it. Do this until you have all hearts left .You shouldn't get in trouble, but it could not work, I've only done it once.
Submitted by: swords1229 on December 21, 2008
Steal but not steal
You can steal from the blue bird's shop in Faron woods but not really steal!

Buy something but instead of putting 30 rupees, you can put in one and he wont get mad at you! He will call you a cheapskate though but he wont go over and hurt you
Submitted by: Princess Midna on September 19, 2007
stuck in the lake
if you have recently gotten the water to rise in the lake, and you are having troublefinding your way back to the zora's place.. then just take a ride in the canon! also you can use a chicken and float down using the left hand rupee simbles and land on the rotating platform and find a chest.... there is 50 rupees in it and you can hop down the levels opeing chests for money if you need...( yes the guy dressed as a clown up where the chickens are is gay...)
Submitted by: storyteller_anon on February 06, 2007
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Hint - Money Loop

In order to get infinite money in Lake Hylia, you have to play Falbi's Flight by Fowl Game. The first time you play, land on the rotating platform for 100 rupees. The next platform has a piece of heart. When you ask to get shot up to the house with cuccos (Falbi's Flight by Fowl), first, use to gale boomerang on the top of the house, make sure to hit the red/orange tiles on the cannon house.

This will net you a red rupee, worth 20 rupees. Then, once you are shot up, do not move to another platform and get to where you can see the wind direction rooster thing and hit it with the gale boomerang, you must z-target. An unskippable cut-scene will show that the chest on the rotating platform has been closed and once again filled with 100 rupees. You can also just save your game and restart for the chest to be refilled.

You can do this as many times as you like for rupees to buy the Magic Armor (598 rupees) and donate money to Malo Mart to fix the bridge and start a Castle Town Malo Mart Branch.
Submitted by: Mini [JR] on April 08, 2007
The Legendary Hylian Loach
<font size=1>Y<span style="color:purple;">ou must have the Frog or Sinking Lure to get this big follow, once you have one of the lures rent a bout form Hena -make sure it's summer time- and go to the north-most tip of the Fishing Hole where the lily pads float and cast your rod in the lily pads, there are other fish here to.
This guy is pretty easy for Gamecube, so don't worry, be happy!</span></font>
Submitted by: Cloud Me on October 12, 2009
Tips on fighting Ganondorf
<font size=1><span style="color:green;">There are loads of ways to defeat Ganondorf, here is my way to defeat him.

Keep Backslicing him, he will block the first two or three times but just keep doing it and you will hit him.
Submitted by: Komali on September 11, 2008
Two Poes Equals Happy Souls
There are two Poe's that are hard to find and I'm going to tell you where they are. =]

The first Poe is at the Snowpeak top. No, it's not inside. What you need to do:
Turn into Wolf link(makes it MUCH easier) and start walking to the little mountain that is right next to the goal when you play the Mini game.
Climb up the mountain(and yes you CAN do this) and wait for nightfall. And when you're waiting you can dig up some treasure there.

The Second:
Is in the Sacred Garden. When you defeat Skull kid the second time, there is a rock next to the tallest rock formation. Bomb it and a Poe will come out =D

Good luck and have fun!
Submitted by: Different Question on January 28, 2009
Wallet Upgrades
Give golden bugs to Agatha in Hyrule Castle Town.

Big Wallet:
Give her 1 golden bug.

Giant wallet:
Give her all the 24 bugs.
Submitted by: Agrias on December 01, 2006
Winning the race against Yeta with a bit more ease
We al know that nearing the end Yeta will speed out of nowhere, here is a trick, when you are nearing the end have a spin attack charged now as soon as you see Yeta unleash the spin attack it will make her crash and will stun her buying you precious seconds to win the race.
Submitted by: Duncan Idaho on June 11, 2014

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Glitches

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Hogs go Off The Edge!
In order to make the hogs near kakariko die , follow these steps.

1.shoot all the enemy's that r riding them.
2. Get on a hog and ride it near the edge, facing the edge.
3. get off the hog and then attack its but.
4. It has now ran off the edge of a cliff!
Submitted by: Game_luuver on August 14, 2008
Sera's Cat glitch
You can only do this glitch when Sera's cat is on the roof. =D
(I think that only happens near the start of the game.)

Anyways, when you see the cat on the roof of her house, don't come too close, but close enough for you to be able to hit it with a jump attack. Now, if you do a jump attack right on the cat (you can't L-target), link should be doing something like a cross of a jump attack and a spin attack while Sera's cat jumps down and back into the shop.

You can get the cat back on the roof by entering a building.
Submitted by: Daydreaming on December 21, 2008

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Easter eggs

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Easy money at the begining of the game
Go into the main part of ordon village and pick up the pumkins, and throw them at something hard, almost every time a rupie will come out, good for getting money for the slighshot.
Submitted by: zdawg on April 03, 2009
Get 30 Rupies quickly
go into castle town and go through the exit that goes to the depressed goron that fixes the bridge. go onto the bridge closest to the castle, kill the monsters so they wont bug you, equip the bow and hawkeye combo.
zoom in on the castle and you will see a bunch of birds, snipe them all down and a hail of rupies falls on the bridge, there is 1 yellow rupie, 3 blue rupies, and 5 green rupies!
Submitted by: zdawg on April 03, 2009
Get into trouble
go to the rock with the guy that tells you about the grass that lets you summon the hawk, smash a pumpkin and he will yell at you
Submitted by: zdawg on April 03, 2009
Get the Frog Lure
go into the fishing place, use the C Up stick to look into the top left corner, near the pictures, at the game rollgoal, to play it costs 5 rupies, but fi you win you get ten, and if you beat 8 levels you will get the frog lure, letting you catch bass and even the elusive hyilan loach. to play move the glass ball to the other goal, over the beams, easier said than done, but do not worry about the time limit, it will not effect you if you are good enough, thre trick is gently roll the ball to any corner, and then move the camera with the C stick, to the way the beam is facing, then roll it to the next corner and repeat the process. for curves, which dosen't show up for a while, just go as far as you can without falling off then change the camera, and the really tricky part, the dip, you move it up and down the dip until you have enough momentem to get up to the next part without going so fast you fall off, and for the part where hou only have one spot to get up onto, roll it up to the spot and before it has time to fall off quickly move it over to the goal
Submitted by: zdawg on April 03, 2009
looking cool while running
When ever you are running around, hold the "B" button like you do to make a spin attack. you will pull back your sword, but not swing it, or charge. if you stop, you will do a normal spin attack.
Submitted by: full game alchemist on January 09, 2009
Majora's Mask moon
When Wolf Link is howling the Song of Healing (before you hear the Zelda chime, when you are in control of the pitch Wolf Link sings) look just beyond the arch of Death Mountain, and you can see just a portion of the Majora's Mask moon.
Submitted by: Ganondorf 5326 on December 19, 2008
Mario Reference
There IS a Mario reference in Twilight Princess, evn though people says there isn't. Go to Lake Hylia, and go to Fyer. (The person that owns the cannon, in other words) Look at his arms, and lo and behold, a Bullet Bill sits atop them. Mario has been to a lot of places, has he not?
Submitted by: Ganondorf 5326 on December 21, 2008
Musical Cues!
In Zelda, depending on what's going on, the music changes! On Weather or not your riding the horse, the music gets deeper, and if you just stop, the music goes into a simple "waiting" sort of tune, which will then change and turn back to the regular traveling music one you start to move again.
Submitted by: luffyluffy on August 02, 2009
Silver rupee in Kakariko Village!
There's a bell ontop of the Shamen's house, in Kakariko Village. Hit this bell with a bomb arrow. You'll hear a sound and something will drop. Jump up to the roof of the building using your Wolf powers and there you'll find a silver rupee!
Submitted by: luffyluffy on July 25, 2009
Tingle's own easter egg.
In Hyrule Caslte, when you're just about to fight ganondorf, look out to hyrule feild. Do this on the top or down below, but do NOT go to ganons door. If you look hard enough, you'll see tingle towers top. Cool, huh?
Submitted by: Mario on April 22, 2009

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Cheats

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angry hena
If you go to the fishing hole, then go to hena's house, you will see a bird on the counter named purdy. if you role into the counter two times then hena will kick you out. when you go back in, you apoligize to her. also, if you get a chance to talk tyo purdy now, he will say that he hates you, and many other insults.
Submitted by: linkdude on December 18, 2006
Chicken takeover
if you hit a chicken werever you can find on numerous time you will be able to take them over and run around as them

Notice: if you travle to far from link in this state you change back
Submitted by: XboxMasterTKS on March 11, 2007
Defeat Stalfoses easily
Simply shoot one with a Bomb Arrow.
Submitted by: LyallAurion on December 31, 2006
Easy master sword
Can't seem to pass those annoying statues that block your way to the master sword but don't know the right directions?Well for those who said yes here you go!:
Left, Down, Right, Right, Up, Left, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Right, Up. If done correctly you should be able to pass through and obtain the master sword AND ability to transform into wolf whenever you want!
Submitted by: layschips fan on April 08, 2007
Hearts from three girls
After completing the STAR minigame once, the three girls outside the tent will start following you. Talk to them to receive a heart from each of them. It's also quite funny to just listen to their words (or watch them follow Link).
Submitted by: LyallAurion on December 31, 2006
Infinite Rupees
When you get to the yeti level of the game (the mansion), first you'll have to snowboard down the slope which has one purple rupee (50) and two red rupees (20) and being as they never disappear, you can keep going down the hill as many times as you want to get the total of a 100 rupees (probably more, i didn't count all the green rupees)!
Submitted by: KennyAdams on January 01, 2007
my rupee trees
if you roll or ball and chain the trees near links house you can get rupees mostly green some blue and yellow
Submitted by: swords1229 on June 22, 2008
Named as a insect,
First you go the the girl who collects bugs (first time)if you wear your green clothes she calls you a grasshopper and if you wear the zora aromor she will think you are a blue jewel beetle.

Note: Save before you go in then restart it to hear the other.
Submitted by: Dvader218 on March 11, 2007
Ocarina of Time Fisherman
In hena's house at the fishing hole you will see picture to the left of the house. look at the one farthest to the right. It is the fisherman from ocarina of time holding the legendary hylian loach!
Submitted by: linkdude on December 18, 2006
Piggy riding
When you go into hyrule field between the kakariko and castle town thingy, there are goblins riding pigs and they shoot flaming arrows at you so you target them and shoot arrows, then get on the giant piggy and ride and destroy stuff
Submitted by: anonymous on June 03, 2007
Raining Rupees
If you are ever short on rupees you can go to the left of castle town where the owl statue is. If you shoot all the crows about ten rupees will come raining down. And some are worth 10.
Submitted by: Average Joe on August 26, 2007
Serenade of Water
After u deliver Ashi's letter you will hear a mysterious song that was in The Ocarina of Time.

Subbmitted by Nicholas Schembri
Submitted by: anonymous on December 08, 2007
Silver Rupee *yay*
You can find a silver rupee before you give all the Poe souls to Jovani. It is in the Cave of Ordeals. After you fight the two Dark Nuts, (room 39) use your wolf senses. In the middle of the room, or somewhere, is a shining spot, dig there and you should find a silver rupee.
Submitted by: pman on January 04, 2008
Stupid Skullfish!!!!!
Go to Lake Bed Temple, then go over to that bi---- of a staircase. Then go to the bottom of it and you will see some skullfish, okay a LOT. And then all you have to do is just throw the rod in the water and wait for one to come--it's hard to be patient--yawn. A lot of them will fight over it, which will give you more time for the bobber to go in, and then when it goes in get it with it showing fish on, and then when you catch one it says it's too forbidden and it doesn't even let you put it in your journal.
Submitted on January 13, 2007