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The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time Master Quest

The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time Master Quest Cheats

The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time Master Quest cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time Master Quest cheat codes.


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2 Hidden Red Rupees
You probably know about the one you can get by climbing up either chain and jumping toward the middle of the drawbridge. But did you know there's also one where the drawbridges reaches its highest point? To get it, wait until nightfall and ride the drawbridge as it goes up, if your standing in the middle you'll get it right away.
A Very Hidden Piece of Heart.
Go to lake Hylia once you have the Scarecrow's Song. Get closer to the laboratory, until Navi turns green. Play the song there and a scarecrow will appear. Use the Hookshot/Longshot to get to the scarecrow and then climb the ladder to get the Piece Of Heart.
Big Bomb Bag
As a kid go to the bombchu game room in Hyrule Town Market. Play a second time, if you win, you will recieve a bomb bag that can hold 30 bombs.

If you're not very good at bombachu bowling, here's another way to get a bigger bomb bag. As young Link, go to Goron City. There is a large Goron rolling around. Stop him with a bomb, and he will give you a bigger bomb bag.
Cheap Good Sword.
Go to Goron's City, and in the second floor look for a huge Goron in the rooms. He will make you the sword "for just 200 Ruppees". But the sword will break after a few hits.
Cuccos Attack!
This is very easy and funny to do, but note that this will not help you on your game:
Just go to any place that has a Cucco, then hit the Cucco with your sword a lot, then a bunch of Cuccos will come to attack you. Becareful, that this animals can kill you.
Don't waste your time
Ok there are three things in this game that seem like big secrets but aren't, so don't waste your time on them.
1) There is a hole that you can go into with a arrow on the ground made of rupees that is pointing to a wall. There is nothing to do here, its just the programmers having fun.
2) In the Goron city there is a chamber full of lava and through the use of the song of time and the longshot you can get to the other side. All there is is a couple of Deku shrub merchants that sell overpriced nothing.
3) Later in the game you can race the bunny hood guy. No matter what you do you cant win, so don't waste your time.
Easter Eggs In Hyrule Castle.
When you meet Zelda, look in the windows:
1) One window has the pictures of Mario Characters.
2) If you shoot the other window with your slingshot, a guard will appear and throw you a bomb.
Easy Ruppees.
You will have to be Young Link;
Go to Hyrule castle, and where you see a guard, enter that door. Inside there's another guard with a lots of pots. Break all the pots, most of the pots have Ruppees inside.
Fix Broken Signs.
When you break a sign, you can take fix it by playing the song Zelda's Lullaby.
Forest Temple: Discovering The Real Ghost.
In the Forest Temple, when you have to fight the last ghost to light the last torch, he will multiply himself in various clones. But the real one is the one that Spin before attacking you.
Fun With Gossip Stones.
When you see a Gossip Stone, you can do the following;

1) Hit it with your sword, and that rock will tell you what time is it.

2) Place a bomb near them, the bomb will explode and the Gossip Stone will launch like a rocket.

3) If you have the Masl Of Truth, talk to the Gossip Stone, you will learn interesting things.
Get a Discount From a Hylian Shield.
As a kid, go to talk the guard that is blocking the entrance to Death Mountain after showing him Zelda's letter. Then he will say that place is dangerous, and will send you to get a Hylian Shield with a discount.
Get A Free Hylian Shield.
Go to the graveyard as a kid in the night. Look in the tombs for a rock with a chest. The chest will include a free Hylian Shield.
Get a Huge Ruppee That Worths 500 Ruppees.
You will need to be Adult Link;
Get the Biggoron's Sword, once you get it, go to Lost Woods and look for the Skull Kid that will shot you with something weird. Kill him using the Biggoron's Sword and he will drop a huge Orange Ruppee that worths 500 Ruppees.
Get Free Milk.
You need Epona's Song to do this;
Just go in front of a cow (make sure you have an empty bottle) and play Epona's Song. She will say something and fill one of your bottles with milk. You can repeat as many times as you want.
get nayru`s love
first go to desert Colossus and go to the double palm trees on the left (not the one with water there) then bomb the wall next to it and you will be in the nayru`s love fairy fountain!
Getting the Fire Arrows BEFORE Beating the Water Temple.
You will need the Scarecrow's Song and the Longshot that you get in the Water Temple to make this.
Go to the Water Temple and get the Longshot. Then go to the top of the Water Temple, in Lake Hylia. Look for a rock with a hole on it. Read the description of the Rock and Play the Sun's Song until it's morning. Then take an arrow and shoot the sun. The arrows will fall to the next isle, that is faraway of where you are. Get closer to the shore of your current island and play the Scarecrow's Song. Then use your Longshot to get to the Scarecrow and pick the Fire Arrows.
Great Fairies Locations.
The Fairy that gives you the Spin attack is located in Death Mountain, close to the entrance of Death Mountain Crater. You will need a bomb to see her.
The Fairy that gives you Din's Fire is located outside of Hyrule Castle, you will also need bombs, and be Young Link.
The Fairy that gives you Farore's Wind is located outside of Lord Jabu-Jabu. Look for some rocks in that lake and use a bomb..
The Fairy that increases your Magic Power is located in Death Mountain Crater, you have to Adult Link and have bombs.
The Fairy That Gives you Nayru's Love is Located In Dessert Colosus, look for the empty fountain and move directly to the wall, you will see a crack, then again, you need bombs.
And last, the Fairy that increases your life is located outside of Ganon's Castle, you need the Golden Gauntlets to lift a huge rock.
Hidden Fairies in Dessert Colossus.
When you see a fountain without water, take your Ocarina and play the Song of Storms. The fountain will be filled with water and fairies will appear, also there will be a huge one that heals you totally. You can do that as many times as you want.
How To Get The Scarecrow's Song.
You must be Young Link. Then go to Lake Hylia, where the Scarecrow's are located. Take your Ocarina out in the second one and invent something easy to remember.
Now, wherever you see Navi turning green, play that song to make a Scarecrow appear, when you are Adult Link.
If you forget your song, you can create a new one repeating the process.
How To Kill Re-Deads Easily.
You will need the Sun's Song;
Play the Sun's Song close to one Re-Dead, all the Re-Deads in that zone will paralize, and you can attack them without problems.
Killing Queen Ghoma Very Fast.
You can kill Queen Ghoma in the first try if you hit her eye very fast without stopping.
Locating the Sun's Song.
Go to Kakariko Graveyard after getting Zelda's Lullaby. Go forward until you see a huge stone, with two many tombs at the sides. Play Zelda's Lullaby and you will open the huge rock. Enter the place. once there, kill all the enemies and the door ahead will open. In that room you will see Zombies and the path is full of acid. Ignore the Zombies and go through the acid, maybe you will lose some life, but it worths. Once you crossed the little dungeon, you will see a rock with inscriptions on it. Read it, then take out your Ocarina, and you will learn Sun's Song.
Make A Fairy Appear Anyway.
Just use one Deku Stick and touch a Butterfly. It will convert into a Fairy.
Piece Of Heart in Gerudo's Archery Range
You will need Epona to do this.
Once you save all the carpenters, get Epona and go to the northern part of the Fortress. You will see a huge place to play a game. Talk to the girl, and then try to get a highscore in the game. If it is high enough, she will give you the Piece Of Heart.
Piece Of Heart In Hyrule Field.
Before entering Lake Hylia, in that huge square, place a bomb in the middle of the square, then enter the hole and you will find a Piece Of Heart.
Piece Of Heart In Hyrule Market.
In the night, go to Hyrule Market, and you will see a bunch of dogs in the Market. Look for one that is close to the Bazar. Then take that dog to a fat woman that is in her house, located at the right of the Guess Minigame.
Piece Of Heart in Kakariko Village.
You will need the longshot to do this.
Go climbing from roof to roof, until you get to the guy that is sitting in one roof. Talk to him and he will give you one piece of heart.
Piece Of Heart in Kakariko Village.
You will need the longshot to do this.
Go climbing from roof to roof, until you get to the guy that is sitting in one roof. Talk to him and he will give you one piece of heart.
Piece Of Heart In Lakeside Laboratory.
You need the Golden Scale to do this.
Go to the Lakeside Laboratory and get to the pool. Then dive until you touch the floor. Talk to the scientist after that and she will reward you with a Piece Of Heart.
Note that if you do this with the Iron Boots, you will ruin everything.
Piece Of Heart In The Ice Cave.
You will need a lot of blue fire to do this;
Go to the Ice Cave, and in the second hall, look for a red wall. Use your Blue Fire to burn it, and then inside use another Blue Fire to uncover the chest with the Piece Of Heart.
Rocket gossip stone
Place a bomb next to any gossip stone, let the bomb explode and there you have it. The stone will flash and fly away!
Some Money.
Get Some Easy Money!
Go to see the begger in Kakarico Village (Market if you are a kid) and give him a item of your bottles (bugs, fishes, etc) he will give you some Ruppees.
Song in the END
At the VERY end of the game, after the entire ending, when it says "The End" and freezes the frame, if you leave it on for awhile, it'll start playing the song you made up for the scarecrow. Wait another minute or so and it'll play it again in a different octave or different instrument. It does this about 4-6 times and then stops. No biggie, just another little "easter egg" Miyamoto dropped in there.
Two Ways To Get To Gerudo Fortress.
1) If you have the Longshot, you can use it to get to the fortress.

2) If you have Epona, you can jump the bridge. This method is better.
Water Temple: Kill Dark Link Easily.
You will need the Megaton Hammer;
In the battle against Dark Link in the Water Temple, hit him with the Megaton Hammer. After a few hits you will kill him easily, and without loosing to much health.
Win at the Treasure Box Game easily!
(You will need the Lens of Truth and you will need to be Young Link)

If you've talked to the right Gossip Stone (I believe it's the one near the entrance to the Shadow Temple) it will say, "It's against the rules in the Treasure Box Game to use glasses,"

So, use the Lens of Truth during the Treasure Box Game to see which treasure chest has the key, and which has the rupee! The first time, the grand prize is a piece of heart. Every other time you get a purple rupee (fifty rupees).

Easter eggs

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Zelda's Lullaby
I was in evil Hyrule market and I meant to play the suns song, but I played Zelda's Lullaby by mistake and the reDeads starting walking towards Link. It seems their attracted to the song. Funny, eh?


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Dodongo's Cavern- Skip the Whole Dungeon.
As you know, you have to make the whole dungeon just to take the bombs.
What you have to do is to activate the plataform that takes you to the second floor. Once there, locate a think that looks like a blue bone using the first- person camera. Do a jump attack to that bone. You should bounce with the attack and land where the bombs are.
Note that this can take a few tries.
Earlier Bombs
At the Start of the dungeon in Dodongo's cavern if you have learn't how to do the high jump take the bomb to the other side if you now how to do the nayru's love glitch as in the long hover trick do that the same find a giant chest jump onto the edge then go to the other side to open it. And then you got the erly bombs.
Extra bottle's cheat
Fist off you have to have a bottle. When you have a bottle go to a farie fountain and stand by a farie. When link starts to swing before he catches the farie push pause and then switch the bottle with a useless item (ex: Deku nuts) and he should of caught the farie with the bottle in his hand and then push start after he catches it and you should see a farie in a bottle in the deku nuts place.

Note: If you use deku nuts or anything else you can get more then once, the bottle will be gone and the deku nuts will be in there original place. Note: This trick works with the n64 version and mq also.

Get Din's Fire
After you beat Dodongo's Cavern go back to Hyrule Caste and there's a rock at the dead end blow it up, enter and play Zelda's Lulliby on the Triforce thing.
Get Farore's Wind
I always do this as a child so I'm not sure it will work as an adult but anyway, in Zora's Fountain go over past Jabu Jabu to where the little island in the corner is. Beside the big rock there will be a wall that makes that sound that means you can blow it up when you hit it with the sword. Blow it up and enter.
Secret Piece of Heart and Odd Mushroom
The only way this can be done is by using an Action Replay. Put in Action Replay and put in the flying code. Now load up the game. As Young Link, travel all the way to Gerudo Valley. Once there, fly across the bridge and proceed into Gerudo's Fortress. Now fly to the jail cell, and then fly above it to the ledge. On the ledge, there is a Piece of Heart for some odd reason, and you can grab it, too. The Odd Mushroom can be found ONLY if you havent got the Piece of Heart out of the chest as Adult Link. If it hasen't been opened, fly to the chest and open it to receive an Odd Mushroom. Both of these hidden things are odd, and can only be gotten by using an Action Replay.
Skulltula Glitch
Like in the original game, the Skulltula Glitch is still in the game.

Go into Hyrule as a child, climb the vine at the beginning. Go past the guards, and jump into the water and get out at the first turn. Go to the tree, and place the Song of Storms. Bomb the doorways, and find the skulltula. Use the boomerang, and kill the skulltula. Now the tricky part, throw the boomberang and hit the skulltula but after you throw your boomerange do a backflip into the exit. If you get the skulltula before getting into the portal, then you failed. If you got it while you where being transported out, then you accomplished the cheat. If you continue doing this correctly, you can get a infinite amount of skulltula's.
Use The Lens Of Truth Withouth Using Magic.
This is very easy:
Set the Lens Of Truth in any button that you can PUSH, not in the C-Stick. Then just press the button a lot withouth stopping, you will use the Lens Of Truth without using magic if you are very fast, and loose a bit of magic if you aren't to fast.