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The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Cheats

The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Stone of Agony (OOT)
UnlockableHow to unlock
Stone of AgonyCollect 20 gold skulltula tokens. Causes the controller to rumble to secret holes.


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500:Ruppes Easy (Majora's Mask)
Day:1st Get the 100 Ruppes in the chest at east clock town
Day:1st Get the Room key enter your room and get the 100 ruppes
Day:Any Get the 100 Ruppes in the Bomber's Hideout
Day:Any get the Gold Dust and give it to the man in the curoisty shop.
Advance Time By 12 hours (Majoras Mask).
Play this notes in the Ocarina, where "x2" means that you have to play the notes twice.

C-Right (x2), A (x2), C-Down (x2).
Attack Of The Cuccos (Ocarina Of Time).
This is very easy and funny to do, but note that this will not help you on your game:
Just go to any place that has a Cucco, then hit the Cucco with your sword a lot, then a bunch of Cuccos will come to attack you. Be careful, because this animal can kill you.
Back to the Entrance (Majora's mask)
In any Dungeon if u get lost and u need to save play the Song of Soaring.
Beat Dark Link (Ocarina Of Time).
When you are fighting against Dark Link, use your Megaton Hammer to him. He will not be able to avoid the attack and you will kill him after a few attacks.
Beat some bosses (All games but no Zelda II or Majora's Mask)
Wind Waker (If u can reach Dragon Roost Cavern)
Evil Scales:
First aim for the great Valoo's tail with your grapling hook then press the R button and aim for the high part near the door when u started the battle then keep on doing that 2 more times then get down then while L-Targeting use the grapling hook and hit him in the eye with it then L-Target him again but use the hero's sword until Evil Scales is dead note of Evil Scales: If u can't beat him in 2/3/4 hits throw your grapling hook in his eye again until he's dead.

The Legend of Zelda
King of the dinosaurs Giant Dodongo
Life 3 Hearts full hearts
First keep on hitting him with Sword magic instead of smacking him you stand at the wall and hit him if u lose a heart go near him and press A redtally and u won a heart piace
Dodongo baby:
Life 3/4 hearts full hearts
use 1/2 bombs.
Life 3/4/5 Hearts Full Hearts
use 1/2 Bombs.

The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of time
Gohma:Use your Sword Jump then hold R While Pressing B to beat her note of Gohma:If she dosen't die get out your slingshot and Sting her eye with your slingshot before she lays eggs.
King Dodongo:while the battle starts go whichever way or he might stay there if he moves don't get a Bomb get one out when he stops out and if he dosen't mive get and bomb out and throw it in his mouth this includes for he one when Dodongo moves after his on ground take out a deku stick and wack him with the Deku Stick then after u throw the deku stick in the mouth 2 more times use your Deku Sticks 1/2/3 times.
Dark Link:L-Target him and hit him with yours sword
Fire Dancer:If you can't hit the Fire Dancer with your sword use your Bow and Arrows or is it Light Arrows Ice Arrows or Fire Arrows then hit its Brain three times whenever a new fire dancer pops out.

These cheat are real

Submitted By Nicholas Schembri

Thanks for seeing this cheat

Only for Nintendo Gamecube

Games for N64 NES and GCN

This is my First Cheat

If I beat another boss or cheat i'll write it down here on The Legend of Zelda Collecters Editon GC Cheats.
Bottles glitch
Go to a fairy fountain and swing an emty bottle at a fairy before the fairy is caught hit start
Then swap the bottle for the claim check if your an adult and if your a kid trade it for a mask if you've traded all of them
Then you will have 5 if you got the real 4 but the fairy in the new bottle if you die it wont revive you so you have to pull off the top of the bottle just to get healed but its useful for storing blue Potions
The Legend of zelda Ocarina Of Time.
Change Link's Tunic To Blue (Zelda II).
I've only tried this in towns and with the Shield spell. Test the other spells and out of towns if you wanna kill time. To turn Link blue, set your spell to the Shield spell. Go up to a person in a town. Cast the Shield spell and quickly talk to the person. If done right, Link will be stuck in that Blue form that happens when you cast the Shield spell. When you leave the scene of that part of town you will go back to nomal. But the blue is pretty cool.
Chicken Attack! (Majoras Mask).
Just find a chicken and hit him with your sword a lot. Then it will summon more chickens to attack you.
Different Layout In Dungeons (The Legend Of Zelda).
Enter ZELDA as your name, all the Dungeons will have a different layout.
Don't Get Hurt By The Blast Mask (Majora's Mask).
Before pressing the "B" button to make the mask explode, take your shield out pressing "R" and make it explode. You will not get hurt.
Easy Money Tip 1. (Ocarina Of Time.)
As Young Link, go the Market, and go to the closest door in the right. There should be a lot of pots and a guard. Destroy the pots to get a lot of money, then enter again and repeat the process.
Easy Money Tip 2. (Ocarina Of Time).
As Adult Link, go to Lost Woods and look for the Skull Kid. Use the Biggorons Sword to kill him and get a giant orange Ruppee that worths 500 Ruppees.
easy win against majora (majora's mask)
make sure its the final day. go to the milk bar and buy chateau milk and drink it. the milk will give u unlimited magic for three days. wait till midnight of the last day go to the clock tower play the oath to order. then the game will play a sequence, now ur in the moon. play all of the mini courses with the children there until u have no more mask to give u need to have all of the masks to do this. when ur finished with that go to the lonely child with majoras mask play with him and he will give u the fierce diety mask put the mask on L-target majora and swing the sword until he dies thats the easy way to beat majora
Exiting Lon Lon Ranch In Another Way (Ocarina Of Time).
Use Epona and start running until you get get to the Northern Wall. You should see a cutscene and Link will jump from the wall with Epona.
Fall Through The Stairs (Majoras Mask)
I found this quite funny actualy.

1. Go to East (?) Clock Town (The one with the Stock Pot In) and make sure youi have the bunny hood. If not, Go to Romani Ranch and get the Bunny Hood from the guy wiht the chickens (You have to have the Bremans Mask to make his chicks into Chickens)

2. Go up to where the Bomber kid is on the roof of the Milk Bar. Jump over the gap and jump onto the shop sign. Jump again to get onto the place where yopu get the 100 Ruppees.

3. Run as fast as you can towards the wall blocking the chest from the street (the one on you're right side) and jump off at the end of it.

4. If you did this correctly, Link will have fallen through the stairs back into South Clock Town

Good Cheating peepz
Fierce Deity Mask (Majora's Mask)
In the Majora's Mask game collect every other mask before heading to the moon. In the moon talk to the kids wearing the boss masks and hand over the number of masks they want. Each kid will challenge you to complete a certain section. Do so and hand over more masks. At the end talk to the kid wearing Majora's Mask to receive the Fierce Deity Mask. If you complete the game with this mask you will end up with all masks at Day One.
Fire Temple as a Child Extra Part
note:if u couldnt use the hammer just go and get the blade of evil's bane.(master sword)

1.Play the Prelude of Light
2.Get the master sword
3.Play the Bolero of fire then go in the temple
4.Go to the boss door (Graple with the Hookshot)
5.Equip the Mirror Shield (Just use the Hylian shield if u dont have the Mirror Shield)
6.Beat Volvagia by using the hammer first then sword

note:watch out for rocks
Fire Temple as a Child Final Part
1.Go to to door door that was open at the start of the Temple
2.Go across to the part where the firts key was found (near the edge out of the cell)
3.Do the Slingshot and Bombchu Trick ten times
4.Open the Boss door
5.Go across the floating part to get to Volvagia
6.Use Nayru's Love if ur worried
7.Link might fall into lava
8.If you can't use the Megaton Hammer just do nothing and just turn into a adult to do it.
Fire, Shadow and Water Temples guide (Ocarina of time) Pt.1
Temples 1 and 2:Fire Temple and Water Temple
Fire Temple:
1.When go going into the door unlocked You should meet Darunia the master of the Gorons
2.After Darunia Finshes specking get the Key after saving the goron then open the chest.
then go back to the door(Make sure u use Farores Wind first before u enter the door).then open the locked door.
Water Temple:
1.Go to Lake Hylia on Epona.
2.Go to the Water Temple.
After going into the water temple find Princess Ruto(Go to Link's right)
3.Look for a key(Blow up a Crack with a Bomb)
4.After getting the key in the chest look for a locked door then open it.
Desert Colouses:
1.Go to the Temple of time and put the Master Sword Back in it's Resting spot.
2.Play the Requiem of Spirt to Go to the Desert Colouses.
3.Look for a stone block (Blow it up with a Bomb)
4.Stand on the Triforce and PLay Zelda's Lullaby.
Spirt Temple:
1.Go look for a Chest(There might be a Mystery then you might get the Boomerang)(You don't need to get it if you have it Just go to Kakariko Village's Graveyrad if u don't have a Magic Bean Placed there).
Go to The Temple of Time and Get the Master Sword. Go get the Goron Tunic(Go to the Fire Temple if you have it.)Then go and find key. then open a door then Go to the Shadow Temple.
Shadow Temple
1.Look for the first Key then unlock the door
2.Use Farores wind and Get the other key in the Fire Temple
Fire Temple:
1.In the other side of the Temple get the Key and Open the Unlocked door in the Temple.

note:i'm not sure if this works on the n64.
Fix Broken Signs (Ocarina Of Time).
When you break a sign, you can take fix it by playing the song Zelda's Lullaby.
Free Hylian Shield. (Ocarina Of Time).
Go the Graveyard and open all the tombs until you find one with a hole in the first row. There should be a chest, open it and get the free Hylian Shield.
Get A Cheap Hylian Shield (Ocarina Of Time).
After you get Zelda's letter. Show it to the Guard standing in the Gate blocking the path to Death Mountain. Talk him again and he will tell you to get a Hylian Shield from the Bazar located in the Market. The seller should say that you got a discount in the shield.
Get A Free Fairy (Ocarina Of Time).
Get close to a butterfly with a Deku Stick out. Touch the batterfly. It should transform into a Fairy that will health your life.
Get Din's Fire (Ocarina Of Time).
You will need a bomb.
Go to Hyrule Castle as a kid, and get past the first guard. Then go to the only rock there and blow it. Enter the hole and play Zelda's Lullaby. The Fairy will give you Din's Fire.
Get Free Milk (Ocarina Of Time).
Go and locate a cow. Play Epona's Song in front of it. Then the cow will fill one of your bottles with milk. You can repeat as much as you want.
Get Nayru's Love (Ocarina Of Time).
To get Nayru's Love, go to Dessert Colossus and go past the empty fountain. You will see a crack in the wall. Blow it and go inside. Play Zelda's Lullaby and the Fairy should give you Nayru's Love.
Get The Bigger Magic Meter (Ocarina Of Time).
Inside the Volcano, advance straight from the entrance to Goron's City. Use the Megaton Hummer to destroy the only rocks there, and go inside, play Zelda's Lullaby. The Fairy should increase your Magic Power.
Get The Bunny Hood (Majora's Mask).
Go to Romani Ranch and advance to the northernmost part. Enter the door where you will find some Cuccos. Use the effect of the Bremen Mask to put the chickens behind you. The guy behind you should give you the Bunny Hood.
Get The Fire Arrows Before Beating The Water Temple (Ocarina Of Time).
You must be a kid first.

1) Go and learn Scarecrow´s song (Just invent something easy to remember).
2)Become adult again and get the Longshot inside the Water Temple.
3) Go out of the temple and play the Sun´s song intil it´s morning.
4) Shoot the Sun.
5) Walk slowly to the edge of that island (the one that you are stading) and play the Scarecrow´s song.
6) Now just use the Longshot to hook with the scarecrow and get the arrows.
Get The Great Fairy 's Mask (Majora's Mask).
First, you have to learn the Song Of Healing. Once you learn it, get the small fairy from Laundry Pool and take her to the cave where the big Fairy is. She should give you the Great Fairy's Mask.
Get The Spin Attack (Ocarina Of Time).
Is recomendable to have the Hylian Shield. Once you beat Dodongo's Cavern, climb the mountain and go the path of the volcano. Use a in the locked door. Play Zelda's Lullaby. The Fairy will give you the spin attack.
Getting Farore's Wind (Ocarina Of Time).
To get Farore's Wind, you must have one bomb.
Go to where Lord Jabu Jabu is located, and look for some suspicios rocks in a place behind him. Blow the rocks and go inside. Play Zelda's Lullaby and the Fairy will give you Farore's Wind.
Getting The Bomber's Notebook (Majora's Mask).
Once you get the original code when you are Deku Link, do all the normal quest to recover the Ocarina. Then, transform into a human and tell the same code to the Bomber blocking the path to the Astral Laboratory. He will give you the Notebook.
Getting The Bremen Mask (Majora's Mask).
Find the Guru in the Laundry Pool located in Clock Town. Talk him as a human and he will tell you a story and then give you the Bremen Mask.
Getting The Guilded Sword (Majora's Mask).
Finish 1st at the Goron Race Track and collect the gold dust as a prize. Go to the blacksmith in the mountain and get your sword upgraded. Now come back in the morning to get your sword back and talk to the guy again and give him your Golden Dust, he will upgrade your sword.
Getting The Lens Of Truth (Majora's Mask).
To get the Lens Of Truth, go to Goron's Valley and look for the owl there. Talk to him and he will do a minigame to follo him. He will drop the feathers in invisible platforms, just jump to the platforms to follow him.
Getting The Scarecrow's Song (Ocarina Of Time).
You must be Young Link. Then go to Lake Hylia, where the Scarecrow's are located. Take your Ocarina out in the second one and invent something easy to remember.
Now, wherever you see Navi turning green, play that song to make a Scarecrow appear, when you are Adult Link.
If you forget your song, you can create a new one repeating the process.
Getting To Stock Pot In When It Is Closed (Majora's Mask).
All what you need to do is to use the Deku Mask, and locate the special flower outside of the hotel. The upper part is always open so you will be able to go inside.
Hidden Fairies In Dessert Colossus (Ocarina Of Time).
When you see a fountain without water, take your Ocarina and play the Song of Storms. The fountain will be filled with water and fairies will appear, also there will be a huge one that heals you totally. You can do that as many times as you want.
Hide In The Box (Majora's Mask).
Locate one normal box and lift it in your human form. Then press "R" to take the shield. You should now be inside the box.
This is funny to do, but will not help you in your quest.
How to get more bottles
Things you need to let this cheat work :

- At least one bottle
- One item you want to get rid of

This is what you need to do:

1. Go to a Fairy Fountain.
2. Stand next to a Fairy,
3. Set a bottle on c-Left
4. Press C-Left and as soon you see Link using the bottle, press Start.
5. Set an item you want to get rid of to C-Left
6. Press Start again, and Link will still use the bottle.
7. After that, look at your Start screen.

The item you used, becomes a bottle.

This works for both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.
How To Kill Re-Deads Easily (Ocarina Of Time).
You will need the Sun's Song;
Play the Sun's Song close to one Re-Dead, all the Re-Deads in that zone will paralize, and you can attack them without problems.
Infinite Gold Skulltula Tokens (Ocarina of Time)
Once you have the Song of Storms head to Hyrule Castle as a child. Go to the tree near where you found Talon earlier and play the song. Jump down the hole that appears and bomb the walls. One will reveal a Gold Skulltula. Now position yourself so that your back is facing the warp panel. Lock onto the token and throw the boomerang. Now just before the boomerang reaches you backflip onto the warp. If the timing was right you should warp out with the token and the Gold Skulltula will still be down there.
Infinte rupees
This tip works anywhere that has rupees, in Kokori forest (or any other place with ruppes),get all the rupees you can get, and then go into a building,or leave the place. then go back to the place you were at and collect the rupees again. Keep doing this until you get to the Max amount of rupees you can hold at once.
Just a little more distance!!!!!!!!
Ok this works on the 2 games for N-64 not sure on wind waker. But anyway draw your sword before you jump, then right before you start going down swing your sword to get just a little more distance.
Kill Queen Ghoma Easily. (Ocarina Of Time)
Once you shoot her on her eye and fall down, use a Deku Nut to paralize her. Then hit her with your sword and Paralize her again. Repeat the process until you kill her.
Learning The Scarecrow's Song (Majora's Mask).
Go the Astral Laboratory, and locate the the scarecrow in the lower part. Make something easy to remember.
If you forget your song, you can learn it again.
Locating The Sun's Song (Ocarina Of Time).
Go to Kakariko Graveyard after getting Zelda's Lullaby. Go forward until you see a huge stone, with two many tombs at the sides. Play Zelda's Lullaby and you will open the huge rock. Enter the place. once there, kill all the enemies and the door ahead will open. In that room you will see Zombies and the path is full of acid. Ignore the Zombies and go through the acid, maybe you will lose some life, but it worths. Once you crossed the little dungeon, you will see a rock with inscriptions on it. Read it, then take out your Ocarina, and you will learn Sun's Song.
Majora's Mask: Easy 300 Rupees
First go up the staircase between the milk bar and stock pot inn. then take 2 rights,put on ur bunny hood,and jump on honey and darling's shop,and jump on the building on the shop's right. then take a right and open the treasure chest to get 100 rupees. now go 2 the southern swamp and pop tingle's baloon. take a picture of him with ur pictograph box. take the picture 2 the guy who gave the pictograph box. he gives u 100 rupees. finally go to the deku king's palace. put ur deku mask on and go in the palace and go straight. take a picture of the deku king and bring it bak 2 the dude who gave u the picto box and he givs u 100 more rupees.
Move Faster In The Fields (Majora's Mask).
Instead of using Epona, use your Goron Mask. It is faster and better, and it helps when you are playing with the normal clock.
Piece Of Heart In Gerudo's Fortress (Ocarina Of Time).
You will need Epona to do this.
Once you save all the carpenters, get Epona and go to the northern part of the Fortress. You will see a huge place to play a game. Talk to the girl, and then try to get a highscore in the game. If it is high enough, she will give you the Piece Of Heart.
Piece Of Heart In Hyrule Field (Ocarina Of Time).
Before entering Lake Hylia, in that huge square, place a bomb in the middle of the square, then enter the hole and you will find a Piece Of Heart
Piece Of Heart In Kakariko Village (Ocarina Of Time).
You will need the longshot to do this.
Go climbing from roof to roof, until you get to the guy that is sitting in one roof. Talk to him and he will give you one piece of heart.
Piece Of Heart In Lakeside Laboratory (Ocarina Of Time).
You need the Golden Scale to do this.
Go to the Lakeside Laboratory and get to the pool. Then dive until you touch the floor. Talk to the scientist after that and she will reward you with a Piece Of Heart.
Note that if you do this with the Iron Boots, you will ruin everything.
Piece Of Heart In Stock Pot In (Majora's Mask)
Once you get the letter from Anju, locate, the "Mysterious Hand" in one of the lower rooms. The hand will ask for some paper. Give him the letter and he will give you one Piece Of Heart.
Piece Of Heart In The Ice Cave (Ocarina Of Time).
You will need a lot of blue fire to do this;
Go to the Ice Cave, and in the second hall, look for a red wall. Use your Blue Fire to burn it, and then inside use another Blue Fire to uncover the chest with the Piece Of Heart
Piece Of Heart In The Market (Ocarina Of Time).
In the night, go to Hyrule Market, and you will see a bunch of dogs in the Market. Look for one that is close to the Bazar. Then take that dog to a fat woman that is in her house, located at the right of the Guess Minigame.
Repairing Signs (Majoras Mask).
You can repair a sign by playing the Song Of Healing close to one.
When you meet Zelda, look in the windows:
1) One window has the pictures of Mario Characters. Shoot it with the slingshot for a red rupee.
2) If you shoot the other window with your slingshot, a guard will appear and throw you a bomb.
Some Easy Ruppees (Majora's Mask).
In Termina Field, where the Dodongo's are, locate the Musical Notes in the wall. Play the notes fast, and depending on how fast you play, the most you get .
Some Money.
Get Some Easy Money!
Go to see the begger in Kakarico Village (Market if you are a kid) and give him a item of your bottles (bugs, fishes, etc) he will give you some Ruppees.
Stone Mask Tip (Majora's Mask).
That mask will hide Link from the bosses. You will be able to see them but they will not see you.
Two Ways To Get To Gerudo Valley (Ocarina Of Time).
If you have the Longshot, you can use it to get to the other side.
If you have Epona, you can use Epona to jump the broken bridge.
unlimited golden skullatula (ocarina of time)
as a little kid go to hyrule castle go through the gaurds outside the castle then go to a tree by the corner of the castle play the song of storms a hole will oopen go in it u will find a spder there kill it then throw the bomerang at it to get the token but jump of the hole there before it gets to u. it will say u got it and when u get back in the whole the spider would still be there u could do this as many times as u want
Use The Lens Of Truth Without Using Magic (Ocarina Of Time).
Set the Lens Of Truth in a button that you can press (not the C-Stick). Then press the button repeatedly without stop.
Walk Faster.
Just keep pressed the button "L" all the time and walk.
When fighting the wart in the great bay temple an easy kill is shooting the eye before killing the orbs.
Winning The Dog's Race (Majora's Mask).
Use your Lens Of Truth over the yellow dog and see how is it feeling. If he's right, use that dog. Once he win, you will get a Piece Of Heart.


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Bottom of the Well Early Entrance
1. Go to Kakariko Village
2. Look for any random cucco.
3. Hit the cucco 3 times, NO MORE!!
4. Grab the cucco and throw it at the edge of the well.
5. Jump to the edge of well, pull out your sword, and hit the cucco using the jumping vertical slice.(Make sure that you will land in the water when you hit the cucco!!!!)
6. There will be a scene where the cucco summons other cuccos, and during that time you will sink at the bottom of the well.
7. When the scene is over, quickly swim to the entrance and you're there!
8. All you gotta do now is get the Lens of Truth early!
Infinite Sword
This glitch will work regardless if you are young or an adult.

1. Look for a sign that you can read, preferably a sign that can't break when you hit it.
2. Make sure that you are close enough to the sign until your "A" button says "Check"
3. Hold the shield button.(You should be in a crouching position)
4. While in the shield position, rapidly press "B".
5. While pressing "B" quickly read the sign, in other words press the "A" button really fast!!!
6. You should now then be reading the sign, and your sword will have a white looking aura.
7. What this glitch does is use your sword many times without you doing anything.

This glitch will lose its effect if:

1. You get hit or damaged.
2. You use your sword.
3. You use your shield.
4. You leave the area.
5. You hang from a cliff.
6. You fall in a body of water.

Also this glitch will prevent you falling from anything.
The Fourth Day
While looking into the telescope on the final day, wait till midnight. Then when time is about to run out HIT THE B BUTTON FAST! you should be talking to the astronomer guy.The go outside, There will be NO MOON. But the clock will still be as it was. Then look into the telescope again. (you might need to use a form mask such as The Deku Mask, the Goron Mask, or the Zora Mask. If you have the Fierce Deity's Mask, which I highly doubt, use that, too.) Then wait a awhile and push B. It should have a message that says Dawn Of A New Day. But DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT USE THE SONG OF DOUBLE TIME OR THE GAME WILL FREEZE! The only song I know that wont freeze the game is Scarecrow's Song.


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Anju's Desk Trick (Majora's Mask)
In the stock pot inn go to the inside of Anju's Desk then go to then end and do a backflip jump Link should be near the wall andthe other side of the wall should be showing.
Bremen Mask (Majora's Mask)
In clock town at night go to the Laundry pool and you will find the Gruu-Gruu talk to him and he will give you the Bremen Mask.The Mask that will mistake dogs for there leader.

Subbmitted By Nicholas Schembri
Fire Arrows before Beating Water Temple (Ocarina of time)
You must be a kid first.

1) Go and learn Scarecrow´s song (Just invent something easy to remember).
2)Become adult again and get the Longshot inside the Water Temple.
3) Go out of the temple and play the Sun´s song intil it´s morning.
4) Shoot the Sun.
5) Walk slowly to the edge of that island (the one that you are stading) and play the Scarecrow´s song.
6) Now just use the Longshot to hook with the scarecrow and get the arrows.
Fire Temple as a child Part 1 of 7
note:you should learn the predule of light and bolero of fire and no master sword.(Master Sword included later)

If you have Bombchu it will work.

1.Play the Bolero of Fire
2.go to the soil
3.Prees A on the soil Hold R and prees B 2 times
4.Repeat Step 3.
5.Hold L while going mto the rocks
6.Turn around and use your Slingshot while holding L then let go and use the Bombchu very fast just use four or five.
7.Go look for a ladder near the fire temple
8.Jump down or use the ladder to reach the fire temple.
9.Go into the fire temple.
10.Save the game.

note:If you can't do step three use the moon jump code to jump over the rocks
Fire Temple as a Child Part 2 of 7
1.Go to the door that's unlocked.
2.Jump across the square things.
3.Step on the switch.
4.Get the key.
5.Save the Game.

Submitted by Nicholas Schembri
Fire Temple as a Child Part 3 of 7
1.Go to the Locked door.
2.Go to the left to find a door that's not locked.
3.Press the switch.
4.Get the key
5.save the Game
Fire Temple as a Child Part 4 of 7
1.Go to the door that was unlocked
2.Go to the right on the lava. (u might want to use Nayru's love.)
3.Get off the lava before u run out of hearts
4.Get a bomb out and then throw it up the cliff
5.If a Keese on fire comes quickly use the spin attack the great fairy gave u then get a bomb out shield near the then Link should do a higher side jump.
6.Go to the door and open it
7.Press the Switch and then get the key
8.Then Save the game incase the power runs out
9.Go out the door
10.Go to the right to get to the 1st locked door
u should go through
11.Climb up the stell thing
12.Jump down near that block
13.Press A near the block and push it
14.Get on the block
15.Do the spin attack you learn't from the great fairy then look for a door.
16.Put on the Hylian Shield
17.Kill that thing on fire
18.Put the Deku Shield on
19.Get a bomb out Hold and Press B one time then hold L and run run backwards until the bomb hits your shield and your floating to go to the bigest step by Using the Slingshot and Bombchus
20.When at the place you can only get to as Adult Link as Child Link take another bomb out then hold L and R until Link goes through the ground.
21.Press the switch
22.Get the key
23.Save the Game
Fire Temple as a Child Part 5 of 7
1.Go to the door that used to be locked
2.Go across the bridge of fire
3.Climb up the steel thing
4.Push the giant block
5.Go past the gates
6.Climb up the other steel thing
7.Switch to the Hylian Shield while climbing
8.Go half way across then Switch to the Deku Shield
9.Get a bomb, Hold R then press B while holding R then do the Slingshot and Bombchu trick
10.Four times then back flip.
11.Run Backwards towards the door
12.Eqip the Hylian Shield and put Nayru's love in X, Y or Z.
13.Go to find a switch while using Nayru's Love.
14.After getting to the safe part blow up the 1st door
15.To beat the Fire use the bombs and Deku Sticks
tip 1 Use 1 Bomb
tip 2 Use 1 Deku Stick
tip 3 use them in that order
16.Stand on the Giant Block
17.Go up another steel thing again then drop a bomb down the cliff
18.Climb up another steel thing again
19.Press the Switch
20.Run acroos the edge before time runs out to get the Megaton Hammer
21.Save the Game
Fire Temple as a Child Part 6 of 7
1.Go to the door that was locked.
2.Go across the bridge of fire
3.Climb up the stell thing
4.Push the Giant Block
5.Go past the gates
6.Climb up the steel thing then look for a switch down there then play the Prelude of light but first get the key in the chest
7.Get the Master sword the blade of evil's bane
8.Play the Bolero of fire
9.Go into the Temple
10.put the Megaton Hammer in X, Z or Y
11.Go find blocks that look like a mummy in the room u are in now and hit them ith the Megaton Hammer
12.Use the spin attack on all enemies
13.Beat the Fire Dancer with the Megaton Hammer to see there brain then hit the brain with the blade of evil's bane
14.Hit the switch with the megaton Hammer then get the Boss Kye and then play the prelude od light Put the Master Sword back where it's supposed to be(Take it out of the Sword holder)
15.Play the Bolero of Fire then do the slingshot and Bombchu trick then go into the Temple.
16.Save tyhe Game and quit

note:The next Segment there might be some bad things happen + i don't know how far I can get

Submitted By Nicholas Schembri
Fire Temple as a Child Part 7 of 7
1.Go to the place where th first key was found.
2.Go near the edge near the cell
3.Do the Slingshot and Bombchu trick
4.Go into the bosses' door(Link might fall down the edge)
5.If u can't use the megaton hammer turn into an adult then use the hammer and blade of evil's bane
Fire, Shadow and Water Temples guide (Ocarina of time) Pt.2
Water Temple:
1.As Adult Link run to the Water Temple or use Epona
2.When in the water temple do everything you did then after you see the chest open get out your sword to do the magical spin.
3.Put in your Bow & Arrows & Megaton Hammer
Frogs Song
In Ocarina of Time while going through Zora's River, you'll come across a group of frogs. After playing five songs, excluding Song of Storms they'll become big. And then they'll wait you to play along with them. The notes for this second thing are:

A, C-L, C-R, C-D, C-L, C-R, C-D, A, C-D, A, C-R, C-L, A.

After completing these notes, you'll receive a Piece of Heart. For playing the Song of Storms to this group of frogs, they'll hand you over a Piece of Heart.
Gerudo's Fortress Early
At Gerudo Valley get the Cuuco go onto the stillt thing and then do a high cucco jump then press a+b+b fast.

Subbmitted By Stacey Schembri
Get Kafie's Mask (Majora's Mask)
After Visting the Leader of The Indi-Go's talk to her and you will get Kafie's Mask.

By Nicholas and Stacey Schembri
infinate money
go to the lost woods(as an adult)and find the lone skull kid,kill him get the giant rupee for 200 rupees,then go through a door come back kill him again for another 200 rupees. do this every time you need money
Invisible Finder:Lens of Truth (Majora's Mask)
In the Goron Village you will meet there with Soaring he will take you across by Following his feathers you might fall because you might be a Deku Scrub (Be a Human to get across)and u will find a chest open it and u will get the Lens of Truth.
Learn The Goron Lullaby
As Goron Link go to the place near Goron Village and burn the ice down with hot spring water then get some more next look for a place that looks so close to the way up if you fall as a child or deku so just punch the snowblock then use the hot spring water then talk to the goron then you will learn the Lullaby Intro then go to the place where the Goron Elder's son was crying and play the Lullaby Intro then you will learn the Goron Lullaby.
Missing Door (The Legend Of Zelda).
When you first enter Level 1 in the First Quest, immediately leave and re-enter. The locked door will dissapear.
Nayru's Love Glitch
When having Nayru's Love go somewhere where there's alot of enimies then use Nayru's Love then find an enemy then don;t hit it with your sword let the enemy hit you then Link will get hurt but you won't lose any hearts.

Nicholas Schembri
Only Epona (Ocarina of Time) (Action Replay Cheat)
To only control Epona use the "down on D-Pad to shrink" code on epona. Turn Really small and it will look like link is not on epona! When you speed up you can hear link's voice. Enjoy!!!
Turn back into a child
1.Play the Predule of light
2.go to the pedstal were you drew out the master sword.
3.take out you sword
4.your a kid again.
Turn back into a Child (Majora's Mask)
1.Start a new game
2.Get the missing piece of the Great Fairy
3.Go to the Great Fairy
4.Pop the Ballon of Majora's Mask
5.Play hide and seek with the Bombers

Jim-North Clock Town:Behind Slide
-Four Blue Bombers

-North, West and East Clock Towns

6.Go to the east Clock town and write in the code
7.Go to the telescope guy
8.Press A to look up on the clock tower
9.Go out and get the moon's tear
10.go to the stock pot inn before night
11.Go to the Mother that thinks that Link is her son Tortus.
12.say Four Giants about 2 times
13.Go to the Mask Salesmen with the golden deku flower.
14.Wait until the carnival starts (Last 5 minutes on the final day)
15.When the last 5 minutes come go inside the secret passage
16.L-target Skull Kid then Make a bubble to make the ocarina falls out of Skull Kids hands.
17.Play the song of time ti return to the first day of dawn
18.Go to the Happy Mask Shop Owner
19.Play the song of healing
20.Your a normal Child again
Unlimited Magic Power in Majora's Mask (Infinte Magic Power) and never a poe in Ocarina of time
1st go to Romani ranch at night do nt make the clock blue make the time go fast it should be green wait until Romani comes in. Equip the bunny hoodbefore get the map of Romani ranch you will be yellow the ghost will be white before doing it the the Large Quiver (It will hold 40 Arrows) anywy beat the garos with the arrows.They will Dissapear at first bright keep on killing them til it's day time.Then advance by 12 hour the song is C-Right C-Right A A
C-Down C-Down. then the 2nd day will come play the song of time backwards it's C-Down A C-Right C-Down A C-Right
Then Advance by 12 hours agian then talk to Cremia the Owner of the ranch go into the carrage then you will find Bandits press B repedatly then you will have to keep on doing it until you are gone out of the Gorman racetrack. YOU will up out the eastern gate (Outside the canyon) you will get Romani's Mask wear it to see if you can enter the milk bar but it will take a long time.I think it wil 1 hour and 3 minutes so count up to 60 seconds 63 times. if it is not open in dosent matter wait longer. but first beat a Takuri for 200 Ruppes o-oo Takuris are found near the Milk road (The easiest way to beat a Takuri is with the Fire Arrow) then go to milk bar in eastern clock town talk to Talon which was in Ocarina of Time and click A on Cheatu and drink it staright away then your magic meter will turn blue it meand you have Unliimited Magic power (Infinte Magic Power) Woo Hoo. And just to let you know don't drink a poe or else you'll lose a heart I don't ,ean it will dissapear it will affect Link's Body and it will hurt Link's body too.

Subbmited By Nicholas Schembri
Warp to the dungeon you were in before in another Dugeon (The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time)
Item(s) used Farore's Wind


I. Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
II. Dodongo's Caveren
III.Inside the Deku Tree

Age:Young Link

Note:This is easier as a kid that's why I wrote Young Link over there

I.Go to one Dugeon as a kid.
II.Use Farore's Wind.
III.Go to another dungeon.
IV.Use Farore's Wind.
V.Now your your at the dungeon you used Farore's Wind on.

Note:This reallly works it dosent work on Majora's Mask because there is no Farore's wind on that game

Subbmitted by Nicholas Schembri.
Water Temple as Kid Link Part 4 of 4
Requires:Upgraded Magic Meter, Din's Fire, Green Potion X2, Bottled Fariy X2.
1.Go to the other side od the sqaure thing
2.Go across with the Slinshot and Bombchu trick that was used in the Fire Temple as Young Link
L then Slinshot let go of the Deku Seed then Bombchu (Link should Float) (Use a Moonjump code so u can get across)
3.Go through the door where Morpha is.
4.The way to beat Morpha is to use Din's Fire.
(Everytime Morpha Comesuse din's fire)
then get the heart then go into thetransporter then warp to the Chamber of the Sages.

Subbmitted By Nicholas Schembri
Water Temple as Young Link part 1 of 4
1.To get to the water temple as a child u need to do a glitch
2.When going down zora's river u need to quickkly press L fast and Link might fall into an under water place quickly press B to swim faster before the time comes Link should almost be there then keep on swiming plus you should get ur magic meter upgraded and two bottles of fairys, two bottles of Green Potion, 50 bullet bag, 50 Bombchus and the Golden scale.

note:u should test trying to reach the place under water it looks like its 12 meters
Water Temple as Young Link Part 2 of 4
1.If Link cant reach the part under water get the master sword equip the Mirror Shield (Hylian Shield Instead if u dont have the mirror Shield)Leave Farores wind at the start of the Temple.
2.If ur an adult princess Ruto should be there if ur a kid Princess Ruto Should be at Zora's Domain.
3.To the Part where ou lower the Water Level (Play Zelda's Lullaby)
4.If u see a platform try reaching it by using the sword jump after link nearly reaches it.
5.Blow up the Crack with a Bomb then get the key in the chest
6.then go down the edge but dont jump (Walking slowly
7.Put the Fire Arrows in X, Y or Z
8.Aim for the Fire in the candle
9.Kill the Clam things
10.Get the the key
11.Go down the place where theres water
12.Go to the part of the water temple where theres sand.
13.Go down into water
14.u should end up at a place where theres one hookshot grapiler
15.u should see a place with a lot of water if link cant reach the part where goron balls come down link will need to do the Slingshot and Bmbchu glitch like the same way it was doe in he fire temple as a Child (USe a moonjump code if u cant do the slingshot and Bombchu Trick
16.Quicly run down to the water temple's waterfall in the room u r in now then go down then pass the door then open the polka dotted chest
17.go to the start with Farores wind a get somethings u need

Submitted by Nicholas Schembri
Water Temple as Young Link Part 3 of 4
Things to do:
1.Go up to the Part where u used Farores wind and use Farores wind
2.Press Start/Pause then B then A
3.Go to Bazzar
4.Buy the Hylian Shield (if u dont have 80 ruppies go to Kakariko Village and in the graveyard and find a free Hylian Shield in one of the graves'
5.Go to any Dungeon Use Farores wind in the Dungeon.
6.Stop the game (Save before u stop playing).
Weapon:Bow and Arrows (Majora's Mask)
In the Woodfall Temple you will come up to 2 mini bosses one has the Boss Key and on has the Bow and Arrows you can only Reach up to only abour 30 Arrows in the Quiver rto get it you need to beat the Dinofo then you will the Bow and Arrows then play the song of soaring to go to the entrance and do every thing that has to be done.

note:You need to Beat ODOLWA <(Boss) with the Arrows Make sure you don't use then upto 1 beacause you need 2 of them to enter the Mountain Village