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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Unlockable Monsters
  • Fulfill the requirement to unlock your desired monster. Note: You cannot lose to any of the duels.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Suijin( Mission 14 ) Located in Scorched in the bay, walk through it on Yugi side. Defeat Fortress Whale and Aqua Dragon.
Dark Elf( Mission 11 ) Beat brainwashed tea in spellcaster to unlock.
Octoberser( Mission 5 ) Go south of Jokhan. Fight him and win to unlock.
Silver Fang( Mission 1 ) In war campaign he is directly in-between Jukhud and Makhad. Defeat him and you unlock it.
Time Wizard( Mission 11 ) Liberate research guild in spellcaster to unlock it.
Baby Dragon( Mission 8 ) Southwest of beyzon in refugees with Joey to unlock it.
Summoned Skull( Mission 6 ) Get into tower Pegasis in the Beasty Badlands on Yugi Side. Defeat him and he will join you.
The Illusory Gentleman( Mission 6 ) Beastly Badlands go west of the mountains above Tower Pegasis. Beat him, Beast of Gilfer and Neck Hunter to unlock it.
Dark Magician Girl( Mission 10 ) Liberate both captured towns in counter attack on Yugi side, having Dark Magician in Yugi's Team.
Dark Magician (Yugi)( Mission 6 ) Boss of Beasty Badlands. Defeat Panik on Yugi side to unlock it.
Dark Magician (Arkana)( Mission 16 ) Boss of Lost Cause. Defeat Arkana on Yugi side to unlock it.
Harpie Lady Ocupete( Mission 9 ) Located west of Ce-Reizo break free to unlock him. Note: ( You have to use Mai with the Harpie Lady Airo )
Sanga of the Thunder( Mission 9 ) Located west of Ce-Reizo break free to unlock it.
Red Eyes Black Dragon( Mission 12 ) Boss of Phantom Blast. Defeat Joey to unlock it.
Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress #1( Mission 3 ) Go north of Dyethuro in the Mt.s with Yugi. He'll join you without a fight.
Aqua Dragon( Mission 14 ) Located in Scorched in the bay, walk through it on Yugi Side. Defeat Fortress Whale and Suijin.
Beast of Gilfer( Mission 6 ) Located in Beastly Badlands go to the mountains aboveTower Pegasis. Beat the Illusory Gentleman and Neck Hunter.
Fortress Whale( Mission 14 ) Located in Scorched in the bay, walk through it on Yugi Side. Defeat Suijin and Aqua Dragon.
Hane-Hane( Mission 2 ) ( Fury of The Empire ) Located in the forest south of Croethe. Defeat him and you got him.
Panther Warrior( Someone Special ) Defeat Joey with Mai to unlock it.
Man-eater bug( Mission 2 ) ( Fury of The Empire ) Located in the forest south of Croethe. Defeat him and you got him.
Mystic Horseman( Mission 2 ) ( Fury of The Empire ) Located in the forest south of Croethe. Defeat him and you got him.
Gaia the feirce knighton yugi's side in the level you vs. kaiba walk to the middle of the lake.(make sure you have a really good team to vs. him) P.S his team is 2 vurse of dragons and one gaia the feirce knight and they can polymerize
millenium golemdefeat the boss on yugis campain in secret power and you get him
Dragon Piper(Mission 17) Defeat the Shadi in Charte-Goallua
Beta Magnet Warrior(Mission 17) Defeat the Shadi in Phyo-Rente
Machine King(Mission 17) Defeat the Shadi in Jenonnva
Millenium Golem(Mission 17) Defeat the Shadi in the Boss village mentioned at the beginning


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$Black Luster Soldier$
In order to get Black Luster Soldier you must aquire Gaia The Fierce Knight on the mission Face Off in yugi's campaign.You must be pretty strong for this fight and hace plenty of blue medicines move towards the center of the lake.This is when you will encounter Gaia and his 2 Curse Of Dragons if you beat him he will join your team.Put Black Luster Ritual on Gaia for him to turn into Black Luster Soldier (My Favorite) permanentely. Peace Out
a good team:
dark magician#1 at lvl 40,dark magician#2 at lvl 40, and dark magician girl at any lvl.(50 would be prety good and better)or magician of black chaos at lvl 40,dark magician #2 at lvl 40,and dark magician girl at any lvl(50 would still be better)higher lvls for this team the better they get!
after you beat the game
after you beat all 3 campagians, go to load game and do challenge mode to train your monsters if you want to beat the campagians again(do not prees new game then campagian, press load game then campagian after you train your monsters if you wish)
black luster ritual
a good idea is to use black luster ritual on dark magician instead of gia the fierce night beacause magician of black choas is summend when using the ritual on dark magician and i found out that magician of black chaos can hit about 100 more damage.
a new challenge mode is open after you beat the three campaigns.
Continuous Attacks
Make sure you have plenty of blue medicines, red medicines, or lots of attack stars. Each time it is one of your monster's turn, press the B button to wait (i.e.-skip your turn). Eventually, your oppenent's monsters will run out of attack stars. This gives you the opportunity to attack your oppenent head-on, without having to stop. Remember, the duel ends when you and your oppenent run out of attack stars. Also, when your oppenent has no attack stars left, they can't use and medicines, or items what-so-ever!!!
Easy Final Boss Battle
In Yugi's and Kaiba's Final Mission you battle their rival's God at Level 99 with max stats.But if you liberate all the components the God's level will be reduced to Lv.1 and be very easy to defeat.

Another Strategy to beat them is to attack with two monsters then escape with the third,because the God's always attack last.

(The component strategy above will not work with NiteMare,the final boss battled on your second campaign. The monster will remain at level 99.)
Easy way to raise your monsters
If you have weak monsters and you want to raise them easily first make the monster hold a god item and beat them with the god.
easy wins
when you unlock tea use the dansing faire's screenn mist and the enemy will be blinded for a short period.(this is how i beat the game)
Fast battles
To quicken up your battles make a team with a combo such as Magician of Black Chaos and Dark Magician girl, Gemini Elf 2, and Swamp/Lava Battle guard, and 3 harpie ladys.
God monsters
To get SLIFER THE SKY DRAGON you must beat Kabia's story once, to get OBELSIK THE TORMENTER you must beat Yugi's story once, and to get THE WINGED DRAGON OF RA you must beat Joey's storyline once.
you can get as many god items as you want, but be careful when you play again because opponent's monsters will be at 99 level.
How to easily beat the Egyptian Gods
Assuming you went through Yugi's campaign first, when you fight a god (no matter what time), a good team for facing the gods are Magician of Black Chaos, Dark Magician (either one), and Dark Magician Girl. If you are going through the first time, replace either Dark Magician or Magician of Black Chaos depending on whether or not you used Black Luster Ritual on Dark Magician. If you did/didn't use it (this is about your first time through remember?), put a Celtic Guardian on there wiht three Legendary Swords. This is a strategy that has always worked for me. If you did Kaiba's first, use any monster you want, but make sure Blue Eyes White Dragon trio is on Kaiba's team with some Polymerizations. I hope this has helped everyone alot!
How to get black pedent book of secret arts yami magic jammmer and black shield
in joeys mission master plan go to the nearest enemy base (the one sent the solider first ) beat him and then build a trade union there then 3 items(cant remember names) should be there After beat Ishizu make a trade union and 3 more items should be available once u by them of course.
The joey campaign is open after you beat the yugi and the kaiba's campaign. however, there is only 10 missions on it.
Playing the game over again on yugi's campaign
be sure that on yugi's mission called refugees, you don't save it unless the three monsters: dancing elf, gyatho megami(forget the spelling) and dark witch are at least level 90. put at least three power of natures with them.
Poison Tactic
To do this you need a monster that can poison an enemy units monster.

After all the enemys monsters run out of AP (make sure your poisoning monster has at least 1 more AP then the number of monsters your opponent has), poison all of their monsters

Once all your opponents monsters are poisoned just press B to wait, the monsters will take damage, continue to wait until you are victorious.
If you didn't know that special abilities can increase the chance of wining in battle. For example some monsters have the ability to power their teamates up. For example, Guayatinni Megamu, Mystical Elf, Monster Tamer, Insect Queen and Machine King. Also some abilities let one monster attack all the opponents monsters. Like the Tidal Wave attack.
when faceing arkana
when facing arkana use all your people(not yugi) to atak arkana first to weaken his monsters and get rid of his ragakies then inish him off with yugi


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Cheap moves
use poison and parilze together. use blind and confusion together. Very cheap moves!!!
deafet arkana
when dueling arkana conuqer closet town/base leave al but one person in your starting base and conuqered base to arkana yu gi or your strongest last the main object is to wear down drak magican and take away his ragekis that will kill your monster in to turns
Easy Level Gain
To raise you're monsters faster,beat the mission you're on up to the final battle.On the final battle make Yugi/Kaiba lose.All the exp points you're monsters gaine,they will keep.Repeat this as many times you wish.
Easy win in challenge mode
For those who are still struggling in story mode your best bet is here this is were i homed my dueling skills anyway (For Beginners). When in challenge mode make sure you start from super easy or easy then work your way up. But there's a secret and it has to do with the best monsters which will help you win. And the BM nominees are
Dark Magician
-Monster Reborn
-Gravity Bond
-Quick Attack
Dark Magician Girl
-Monster Reborn
-Gift of the Mystical Elf
-Swords of Revealing Light(only use on Bonz,Joey,and Kaiba before he makes BEUD)
Chose:Buster Blader or Labyrinth Tank
-Monster Reborn
-Legendary Sword(BB)
-Super Regjuvination(LT)
-Red Medicine
Good Luck and may your heart be with the Cards 1
get dark magician girl
liberate both cartured towns in counter attack mission 10 on yugi's side having dark magician in yugi's team.

dark magician girl only comes at 12 o'clock in the game if dark magician is in yugi's team (leader should be safer approach)
Gold Coins
Press Up(2), Down (2), Left, Right, Left Right, B, A on a empty piece of land while playing a mission. The gamewill laugh at you and say "Yu, Yu". You will get more gold every time this is done.
Gold Coins: updated
This is an updated gold coins cheat.

First, have the cursor over a flat piece of land on a mission. then press up twice, down twice, left, right, left, right on the grey direction pad on the bottom left of the controller. then, after that, press B and A. you will hear "Yugioh" being shouted and then 534 gold will be awarded to you. each time you do this, the more you get.
on kaibas side level "dragon lair" send any1 thorugh the mountain where u cut accross towards the fort wen u reach halfway the mountain ur being attacked by roaming monsters buster blader and cyber commander.. cyber commander has 3 red medidicines and dont hav any dragon monsters with u cuz buster blader has the item sword of dragon's soul which inflicts heavy damage to dragons if it wont work email me
Black Luster Soldier: Gaia the fierce knight + black luster ritual
Magician of Black Chaos: Dark Magician + Black luster ritual
Metal Zoa: zoa + metalmorph
Perfectly Ultimate Great moth: Larva moth + cocoon of evolution
Red eyes metal dragon: red eyes black dragon + metalmorph