WWE Day of Reckoning 2 Cheats

WWE Day of Reckoning 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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all arenas that you can't buy on the WWEShop area, are unlocked after you pass that specific pay-per-view in story mode. so after you win at backlash, the backlash arena is unlocked, and so on.
Attributes at MAX For Any Created Wrestler
Beat Story Mode with one character to get that superstars Attributes and Skills to the MAX (you may have to beat story mode twice)

Copy that characters data over another superstar's and re-edit them to the way you want.
Defeating Kurt Angle
Build up submissions early to defeat Kurt Angle in his "Win By Submission Only" match. He is very difficult and will counter around 50% of your attacks.
Extra Ability Points
Successfully complete Story mode to get 1,700 ability points for created superstars.
Gain Stamina
Put your opponent into a submission hold, then use the C-stick and select "Rest Hold".
Get cash quick
If you want to get some cash just keep completing the tutorial test on level 1.
(or whichever one is easiest for you)
more limb damage
If you want to do some more damage then listen to this: As your opponent climbs on to the apron, use a spear just as he steps up and you will land on the croud barear and he will have more limb damage.
Story Mode Television Image
In the SmackDown part of the game, look at the television; it will display the Raw logo.
Tables Matches
To win a tables match, you don't always have to pull out a table from under the ring. You can put your opponent through the announce table and it will still count as a smash.
Tazzplex through table
If you try to do new things in the game, then try this. Throw your opponent out of the ring and make them stand up close to the table, Irish whip him away from the table then pull back with a grapple, if you have a Tazzplex, you should be able to brake the table without being on it.
Unlockable Legends
The Rock - Complete the 20th show in the season mode.
Mankind - Defeat the computer 10 times in a singles match.
Stone Cold Steve Austin - Defeat the computer 5 times in a singles match.
Hulk Hogan - Defeat the whole season mode.
Bret Hart - Deafeat the computer 20 times in a singles match.
If you're in a Hardcore match and have a trashcan, then put the trashcan over your opponents head, make sure they're close to the turnbuckle. Then quickly run to the other turnbuckle all the way across the ring, jump off and do a drop kick into the trashcan, you should be able to make it. It may not be a Vanterminator but its close.