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WWE Day of Reckoning cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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5 guys fighting
if you are playing in a fatal four way do your special on the ref and it will be 5 guys fighting in total
9 Hit Combo
To have a 9 hit striking combo simply complete all the tutorial lessons and you will be able to have up to 9 striking moves in your striking combo.
A Game Glitch
This is just a funny glitch in the game. Choose a Hell in the Cell match, and after the match starts, move to the top of the cage. Weaken your opponent's spirit until it is dark blue. If you irish whip him towards the edge of the cage where a table is at the bottom, he should get stuck on the edge of the table and twitch. He will stay in this position until you walk into him or hit him. Wrestlers I have tried with this glitch are Rey Mysterio Jr., Chavo Guerrero, and Charlie Hass. I think it works with most Cruiserweights, but test it out with the others.
Beating the Undertaker at WMXX
This is very hard if you don't use this tactic. Just get one pinfall or submission, that's all you need. Then just avoid Taker for the remaining time. Go in and out of the ring. Run around. Just stay away from him. Eventually you will win 1-0.
the bell is the best weapon to knock your opponent out. just run to them and press B. its that simple
No Color - 100% fine.
Yellow - Be Careful.
[color=red]Red - Your hurting badly.
Bonus Attibute Points in CAW
As you go through story mode, you will get more bonus points for CAW.

WWE Development - 400 Points
Sunday Night Heat - 600 Points
Story Mode - 800 Points
Story Mode Twice - 1000 Points
break the roof off hell in a cell
first get out of the cell. then get on top of the cage. when your opponent is on top slam him on the squared cages on top. after three slams the cage will break. only four cages can break. the ones in the middle. but be carefull though when the cage breaks your opponent will fall and you can fall too!
CAW Entrance templates
1: Goldberg
2: Ultimo Dragon
3: Hulk Hogan
4: Scott Hall
5: Scotty 2 Hotty/Grandmaster Sexay
6: Kinda like DX Triple H
7: Randy Orton if he was in the Outsiders
8: Raven
9: Brock Lesnar
10: Bradshaw (APA, not JBL)
11: Matt Hardy Version 1.0
12: Kevin Nash
13: Jeff Hardy
14: No one, just original
15: Billy Gunn
16: Just a regular entrance
17: Scott Steiner
18: Dudley Boyz

CAW's with 250 attribute points
You cannot enter CAW's with 250 attribute points. You can always lower the points before going in story mode.
If your having trouble with a wrestler, knock out the referee and go out side and grab a weapon. After you do, beat the livin' hell out of the wrestler and then continue wrestling. The referee should get up a few moments later and then will continue the match.
Easy Table Match Win
In a Table Match, you can put your opponent through the announce table and you will still win.
Easy Way of Getting Up
For those of you who hate tapping A all the time, when you have been hit to the floor, you can now get up quicker if you have a controller with a turbo function. If you do press turbo, then A, you will find that you shouldn't need to keep pressing A as much now.
Easy Win
In your CAW movelist, have Powerbomb Whip and Walls of Jericho as a submission grapple and you will have him tap in no time.
Easy wins
When in CAW, select move set, then go to standing, then front grapple. For light grapple, choose trapping headbutts. Choose anything you want for the rest. Get a good amount of power to start a match. When it begins, tap A to grab your opponent and repeatedly head butt them up to twenty times. After about three times, you opponent will be in danger and not get up. Pin them and you will win.
Extra CAW strike combos
Do and complete all three of the tutorials to get up to nine strike combos for CAWs.
Extra Money
Complete tutorial mode to win either $6,000 or $9,000 to use in ShopZone.

Facing Heavier Opponents
Just reminding: If you're a cruiserweight, don't be stupid and try to lift your likely heavier opponent. You won't be able to, and that can cause some serious headches. I recommend using speed tactics, though you'll have to do more of them to be effective, it is probably the only way you're gonig to defeat your opponent.
Fire Extinguisher & Trashcan
Press A and the fire extinguisher will work and will spray the other wrestler in the eyes. You can also do this with the trashcan, when you press A, you will put the trash can over the other wrestler and he will be walking around confused.
if you are in a match with someone and you want help and you have interference on just let your opponent beat you up for a while. he will have to do a couple of specials on you too. after a while a wrestler will come and help you. after a while the referee well make the person that's helping you leave the match. that's why its better that you wrestle outside the ring. Becarefull though, don't let him pin you while he is beating you up.
HINT : Stealing the Ref's Finisher
Ok, first make sure you have at least one W in your special meter. THen move the C-Stick so you are targeting the ref. The press L + R + A + B and you will do the ref's finisher, which is the Stone Cold Stunner.

<b>Note : If you don't have DQ off you will be DQed</b>
Unlock Andre the Giant by completing the development part of story mode.

Unlock Brutus Beefcake by completing the Sunday Night Heat part of story mode. This also unlocks Greg Valentine.

Unlock Bret Hart by completing story mode.
if you beat up an opponent badly and you drop them to the floor they will continue to get up automatically.this works on you too!
Ref Rampage!
In a match, switch DQ off. Then pick any wrestler & an opponent and keep on wrestling the ref. After that, the ref will get mad and wrestle you and beat you down. If you wanna stop him beating you down, then just knock him out with a wrestling move or strike.
Scared Ref
Defeat someone with any "Dirty" wrestler. The ref will be scared.
Send Opponent Through Table
On the Survivor Series arena, there is an ambulance at the top of the ramp. You can set the table up below or at the side of it, then Chokeslam or throw your opponent through the table.
spear KO
when ever you have your opponent weak, drop him and while he gets up spear him on his head an most likly he'll be knock out. You can do this with the gore too!
Special Entrances
To unlock the motorcycle and ATV for entrances, complete story mode.
Steal Finisher
When you have a special, tie-up with A + B + L + R and steal your opponents finisher.
Stone Cold items
Anything that says Bionic in it is something that goes with Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Story Mode 2
Beat Story Mode Twice To Unlock Stuff for CAW
super sky high ladder suplex
to do a super high ladder suplex get a ladder and put it almost close to the middle of the ring. then Irish whip him to the turnbuckle. and then hold A. If you put the ladder close enough,your opponent will land on the ladder.
The Rocks weird special
Pick the Rock as your wrestler in any match. Earn your special 2 times , and then hit your enemy with a hard punch, then hold A+B down, so you'll power up for your special, then hold A+B on your enemy then you will now do the peoples elbow, the rock will take off his Elbow Pad and lay a smackdown, then after he finishes power up again and then do the peoples elbow again, the rock will then take the same elbow pad off again...
three v.s one
when you play a handicaped match and you have a special, use on the reff and all three of them will start attacking you.
Unlock Legends
Andre the Giant- Complete WWE Development in Story mode.

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake & Greg "The Hammer" Valentine- Complete Sunday Night Heat in Story mode.

Bret "The Hitman" Hart- Complete Story Mode.
Unlockable Arenas
SummerSlam: $400
Royal Rumble: $400
Unforgiven: $500
No Way Out: $400
No Mercy: $500
WrestleMania: $500
Survivor Series: $500
Heat: $200
Armageddon: $500
House Show: $200
Uper hand
After you finish story mode, if you want to start it again with the CAW you started with, make the attribute points to 250, after that you'll have a head start with the game.
Wanna Win?
If you want to win a match quickly, then get special and use it about 3 times on the other wrestler, now weaken a body part by submition, now the other wrestler will be weak and quick to pin.
Wearing Gold
At Unforgiven in story mode, you have a match with the Bashams for the Tag Team titles. Start the match off and after you weaken one of the Bashams tag in Orton/Booker T. If Orton/Booker T wins the match by pin, Submittion, etc. It will show you wearing the Tag Team title belt around your waist and Orton/Booker T will just be carrying it.
Winning WrestleMania
If you want to beat Undertaker or Triple H without struggling at WM20, then go to Create a Wrestler and chose either Triple H or Undertaker(Depends if you went to SmackDown! or RAW). Take out all of their specials and give them crappy moves, after you beat them go back to Create a Wrestler, chose Triple H or Undertaker again and give him his Move Tamplate.
WM20 Win
you must irish whip him on the out side of the ring.irish whip him into the wall or pole.at 17 or 18 sec. climb into the ring and it'll be a count out.Then avoid him for the remaining time.


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Action Replay Cheats
Here is the most useful:


This Code Must Be On

Infinite Creation Points

I would have added some of the others, but they wernt very tasteful, if ya know what I mean.
Control tag team partner

Select a CPU partner in a tag team match. During the match, press Z + Up to have them attack the current legal opponent. Press Z + Right to attack the referee. Press Z + Left to attack your opponent's tag partner. Press Z + Down to perform a tag team move.
Emerald Flowsion and Rock Bottom as Heavy Grapple Moves
To gain the Emerald Flowsion and Rock Bottom (Normally only availible as specials) as Heavy Grapple Moves, purchase and use move Template 08 from the Shopzone. Then, apply the template to a CAW you create to have the Emerald Flowsion and Rock Bottom as Heavy Grapple attacks.
Last Ride
If you want the "last ride" as a regular move just put on Undertaker's template and then overwrite all those moves with the ones u had on before.
More weapons
You can only get 4 weapons at a time in a Hardcore match. If you want 8 then put anyone through the announcer tables and then kick down the steel chairs that are there, they should fall after a few times and you can now have 8 weapons at a time.

Note: 4 of those weapons will be steel chairs.
Move Templates
Template 01 - Mitsuharu Misawa
Template 02 - Keiji Mutoh
Template 03 - Shinya Hashimoto
Template 04 - Masahiro Chono
Template 05 - Jun Akiyama
Template 06 - Kenta Kobashi
Template 07 - Antonio Inoki
Template 08 - Hayabusa
Template 09 - Naoya Ogawa
Template 10 - Tiger Mask
Template 11 - Akira Taue
Template 12 - Jeff Hardy
Template 13 - Hulk Hogan
Template 14 - Mick Foley
Template 15 - Steve Austin
Template 16 - Brock Lesnar
Stealing Opponents Finisher
When you are locked up in a grapple press A + B + L + R. If you have done this correctly you should have stole your opponents finishing move.