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Viewtiful Joe (GC) Cheats

Viewtiful Joe cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Easy monster defeat
Here's an easy way to kill virtually anything. It takes slow-mo and zoom. when you have the opportunity to strike at the enemy zoom in and slow down the action. Begin punching and watch the health drop. I still recommend trying to get the most V-Points that you can.
Getting over large obstacles
If there's a large obstacle (either a gap or a wall/geyser etc) in the way, there's 2 possible tricks to get over it:
1. If you see a hovering platform nearby, jump on it and go in slo-mo. The platform will go upwards a little bit, just enough for you to jump over.
2. For gaps: If there's any cars, or objects moving horizontally, jump on it and speed up time. It'll fly over the gap more than normal. If you time it right you'll be able to jump off the object and onto the other side.
How to defeat Gelbys on an easier way.
YOu'll surelly all know Gelbys, those big yellow guys which are hard to beat. Here's a little hint/cheat, which can make things easier for you:
When you're near a Gelby use a SCHOCKING PINK (those pink bombs) and throw it to the Gelby. Then, quickly, use Slow Motion and wait until the Shocking Pink explodes. Normally, the Gelby should be defeated after this, but sometimes you've got to hit him one or two times more.
Red Hot Kick Flame
Do the red hot kick and then do zoom-in(if you have it) and Joe will be swirling with fire around him.(You can also do it with Sylvia)
secret levels+characters
ok,the levels you start with in the game are:kids mode and adults mode. if you beat the game in kids mode you get a viewtiful joe music video, if you beat the game in adults mode you get the oppurtunity to play as silvia. (joe's girlfriend)also you will unlock V-rated mode which is a tad harder than adults mode. if you beat the game in V-rated mode you can play as alastar (a black viewtiful joe with horns and a tux.)and you will unlock ultra V-rated mode.if you beat the game in ultra V-rated mode you may play as captain blue.and to unlock rainbow ultra V-rated mode you have to get all rainbow V's on ultra V-rated mode to unlock the level.
The 2nd way to beat Gelbys
You probably know Gelbys, the yellow guys, so here it is, the way to beat Gelbys easily. You need to wait, but not too close or too far, when he makes the jump attack, run under him, and when he is on the ground again, zoom-in and go slo-mo and start punching him in the back


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All Powers at beginning of the game
Beat either Adult of Kids mode then do the same mode again.You will start off with all of the powers.
Play as Alastor
To play as Alastor beat the game in V-rated mode.
Play as Captain Blue
To play as Captain Blue succesfully comlete the game under Ultra V-Rated mode.
Play as Silvia
To play as Silvia instead of Joe, beat the Adults mode difficulty.
Ultra V-Rated Diffuculty
To play under Ultra V-Rated Diffuculty complete the game under V-Rated Mode.
Unlimited VFX
Beat the game with a Rainbow V ranking for every level. Then select a character and press Z.
V-Rated Mode
To play under V-rated mode difficulty mode complete the game under Adults mode
Viewtiful World Music Video
Viewtiful World Music Video- Complete the game on Kids Difficulty
Viewtiful World Music Video
Viewtiful World Music Video- Complete the game on Kids Difficulty