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Ultimate Spider-Man (GC) Cheats

Ultimate Spider-Man cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Black Costume
Successfully complete all Combat Tours, 100 City Events, and collect all Tokens to unlock the Black costume.
Defeating Ultimate Venom
Immediately jump to the left or right to avoid the large container which Ultimate Venom will throw at you. Run away from Ultimate Venom for a while, and he will soon jump over to Trask's helicopter and begin to batter it.

This is where the trick comes into play. Standing behind him (with the nose of the helicopter on your left, to avoid Ultimate Venom's punches as he attacks the helicopter), hit him with a five-hit combo (preferably Kick, Punch, Kick, followed by Punch, Kick or Kick, Kick). If Ultimate Venom roars before you can get this combo completed, run away from him. If not, you may have time to hit him a few more times before he grabs you and throws you across the top of the Trask Tower.

Hopefully, you will get away before he can attack you. Now, jump into the air and Jump Kick him once or twice, before luring him to the part of the tower to the left side of the helicopter's landing pad. From here, jump around the helicopter (watch out for those rotors!), and stand near the tail rotors of the helicopter. If you pull this one off correctly, Ultimate Venom will return to striking at the helicopter, and you can repeat the process.

When the helicopter is too close to the edge of its landing pad to make this strategy safe, lure Ultimate Venom away from the helicopter (avoiding the heat, of course), and attack him with Jump Kicks, and perhaps combos if you have a sufficient opportunity, and Ultimate Venom will, after a while, finally be fully defeated.


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Combat Tour Higher Difficulty
You can unlock how difficulty levels for the combat tours. To do so do the following:

Medium Difficulty Complete 10 City Events and Complete Chapter 6.

Hard Difficulty Complete 20 City Events and Complete Chapter 8.
Health Bonuses
In order to increase your health, all ytou have to do is the following:

Health Bonus: Complete eight easy combat tours after Chapter 4.

Health Bonus: Complete twelve medium combat tours.
No Interuptions.
Getting tired of the police or military ruining your Venon raid. Well now you can kill and ruin the people in the town without the Police getting you. First, star a big commotion and have the police chase you. Go to the boat in the middle of lake and stand there, of course, kill the officers there. Next, go to your pause menu and click unloackables. Say YES to access the unlockables. Next,exit your unlockables and pause menu and return to the game. Jump to the next island, and start causing a mess with cars,people,and more. No police or military!
Unlock costumes
After you beat the game you can unlock the following costumes:

Wrestling Costume - Finish 30 City Events, Find 30 Tokens.

Peter Parker (Normal) Costume - Finish 50 City Events, Find 50 Tokens, Complete the 5th Johnny Storm Race.

Peter Parker (Hoodie) Costume - Finish 75 City Events, Find 75 Tokens, Complete 8 Combat Tours.

Arachnoman Costume - Finish 90 City Events, Find 90 Tokens, Complete 20 Combat Tours.

Black Suit Costume - Finish 100 City Events, Find 190 Tokens, Complete 36 Combat Tours, All Races Medaled
Enter the following codes in the controller setup.
Unlock all Landmarks
Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left to unlock all land marks.

Unlock all Concept Art
Down, Down, Down, Up, Down, Up, Left, Left.

Unlock all Comic Covers
Left, Left, Right Left, Up, Left, Left, Down.

Unlock all Characters
Right, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Right.