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Turok: Evolution (GC) Cheats

Turok: Evolution cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Instant death arrows
This tip only works with the regular bow. hold down the fire button until a spark appears(usually in 10 seconds) let go immediately.This only works when you let go right when the sparks appear.
Rock slide
If you fall down a ledge that means certain death, find a slope that is at least 89 degree angle and fall toward it. When you touch it, you will fall more slowly and not be killed by the long fall. This helps on most levels in the game (especially chapter 4) and keep you undetected.


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Pistol in the zoo
This is a glitch that requires the use of 2 cheats, the every weapon cheat (or the FMNFB code), and the zoo code (which of course is ZOO for those who have difficulty with the obvious). The Turok Zoo that the designers put in so they could see how the final products of both minor animals such as frogs and lizards to what would be huge threats such as T-rex's and raptors moved and died, is accesable via the cheat ZOO. It has all the animals in the game (excluding those souped up or created by the slegs, who have also been excluded from the zoo). And as with every zoo, there is a visitor. The only human there is basically Tal'set, armed with a warclub. Without the all weapons cheat, this is the only weapon he has. But with it, he has the pistol, that cannot be found anywhere in the zoo. Why? The game has an internal glitch that forces the game to fulfil the requirements of the activated cheat. This is an example of that glitch. The pistol is the second weapon that the designers made for Tal'set to add to his arsenal, so you wouldn't be fighting a jet with a club. So, because of the fact that the glitch makes it to where you must have more than one weapon, you get the pistol. Also, the scope is a part of the pistol, so you get that too. Sorry this was so long. If you use the Big Heads cheat (HEID), you can get in some easy head shots.


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Master Code/Funny sign
Enter fmnfb for every level/all weapons/invisible/invincible/unlimited ammo/big heads. Also go to art gallery watch all of it wait 5 minutes at main menu and a dinousor runs a cross the screen with a sign that says lost world or bust ya no what i'm sayin!
The good weapons cheats and more!
Enter the cheat at the cheat options screen at the start menu. Choose Enter Cheat In Turok: Evolutions this is the only place to enter the cheats. Then you can select which cheats to activate on the cheats screen. In order to access the done option press down on your contoller when you have the letter Y highlighted. With these formalities out of the way let us begin.

Level select: SELLOUT
Then, load a saved game to select any level.



All weapons:TEXAS
Note that this cheat only gives you all the weapons available in the current level, not all weapons available in the game.

Infinite ammunition:MADMAN

Big head mode:HEID

Zoo mode:ZOO
Very neat mode. All the animals in the game are put into pens along a center aisle and you get to walk around with your war club. You can enjoy the sights and marvel in the prehistoric specimens found here....or you can kill them all.

Demo mode and target mini-game:HUNTER
Besides starting demo mode, you will also be able to play the Target mini-game at the main title screen. Use the D-pad to move the pointer and Fire to shoot.