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True Crime: Streets Of L.A. (GC) Cheats

True Crime: Streets Of L.A. cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Blow up a car in 1 shot
Don't feel like being a "good cop", and trying to stop a stolen vehicle? Shoot just under the back license plate of the car to blow it up in 1 hit, sending the suspect flying out of the car in flames.
Car Chase
If you're chasing after a criminal in a car, shoot the back license plate, or somewhere near there. If the bullet hits the right place, the car will explode in one hit, but the enemy will fly out unharmed, so you can arrest him.
Drive in your Impound Lot
Go to your car (I don't think it matters which one) and hold on the 'B' button while getting in the vehicle. If done correctly you should back up into the wall and hit it. Now feel free to crash into your other parked cars and blow them all up. (Don't worry, it won't effect your cars when you re-enter).

For more fun change the vision to "first person" (inside of the car) and watch it disappear!

Pretty Cool Eh?


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All Driving Upgrades
When during normal gameplay, pause the game and go to the City Map and type in the following code: On the D-Pad press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up A and you should hear a sound if you did it correctly.
All Fighting Moves and Upgrades
When during normal gameplay pause the game and go to the map screen and type in the following code: On the D-Pad press Right, Left, Right, Left, A. You should hear a sound if you did it correctly.
All Gun Upgrades
At the map screen in the pause menu press the following...


Note: Parts such as RIGHT and LEFT in the code must be used on the D-Pad of the controller or, it wouldn't work if you do it on the Control Stick.
Bonus Ending Movie
Complete the game and obtain all 3 endings, to gain access to a 4th bonus ending where FBI Agent Masterson and Nick compete in a breakdancing competition.
Cawr go boom mommy
while driveing go into first person driveing and shoot that gas tank. Then hit the flameing hunka Sh** and flip that peice of sh**/ after passing it press Y and watch the driver fall out in flames.
Easy Car Shooting
If you're having trouble chasing down suspects in cars, I have an easy way. Get in front of the car. Then, press 0 (E-brake) and turn the control stick sharply left or right untill you have made a complete 180 and are facing the car you are chasing. Then mash the R-1 button (shoot) untill the driver is dead or the tires pop. Or, if you're chasing a suspect in a empty area, instead of shooting, just press the E-Brake again and smash into his/her car. The car will most likely be totaled, so the suspect will be forced to escape the car. But since the road is empty, he will not be able to escape into another car. Then press L-1 to get out of the car and chase him down.
Get East Good Cop Points
Go to the mision when you have to get into the gulag by the back entrance in sneaking missions use the good cop stun thing and you will get points you can do this mission over and over do this when you need points.
Master code
At the map screen hold L&R then press up, right, down, left, up
Menu Screen Manipulation
Use the C-Stick on the main menu to scroll the monochrome city background forward and backward at will.
Misc Cheats
Unlock all impound garage cars: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, A
Show Nick's Location: Y, X, Y, Y
Snoop Dogg Is Now a Playabe Character: R,L, Dpad Up, Right, Left, Down,Z,Z,A,Y,X,Y
Your Cars go faster: UP+UP+UP + A
Play as Different Characters
You can play as various characters in this game. You just have to have the right license plate!

When entering in the license plate you MUST hold in L and R while selecting the letters and OK.
Here are the playable characters!

Bum-B00Z(They're zeros!)
Swat Member-5WAT
High Ranking Police Officer-FATT
Officer Johnson-FUZZ
Nick's Boss-B1G1
Rosie(Nick's Partner)-ROSA
Rosie in lingerie-HURT_M3
Asain Worker-HARA
Asain HighRoller-MRFU
Asain Butcher-PHAM
Street Punk-MNKY
Punk Girl-B00B(They're zeros!)
Champion Boxer-BRUZ
Big Biker-HAWG
Blindfolded Smoking Donkey-JASS

Remember to hold in L and R when selecting letters and OK.
Slow down a car
To stop a car in a car chase with minimum damage, shoot out the two back tires. This will slow the car down to running speed, so you can shoot the front tires out, or just pull the guy out of the car.
unlock snoop dogg missions
In the gameplay,press start/pause and enter the city map screen, press R,L,UP,RIGHT,LEFT,DOWN,Z,Z,A,Y,X,Y.[note:your going to have to be outside of the car and any building].save or finish the mission your on and exit and go back and you will see a snoop dogg face on the top on chapter one press up and press A and move the green dot any where you whantand press strat or A and then you start.
and if i remember you have like an hour of snoop dogg mission and your also ranked an A,B or a C,D, and a F.