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Tony Hawk's Underground (GC) Cheats

Tony Hawk's Underground cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Tony Hawk's Underground cheat codes.


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Chiwawa Name
You know the Chiwawa that attacks you in the wallows in Hawaii? Well, first, it is a she. And her name is DANA! I read it off of the front of her dog house after I got on top of it.
Faster Points
When you are asked to get a lot of points like...100,000 or 500,000 in a minute or two, don't bother doing melons, airwalks or kickflips, impossibles. work on your balance and manuals

Whilst manualling use any combination of circle, square and triangle to do pogos, to rails, etc. You get more points out of doing this than any other move. If you can't get your balance right then put perfect balance on ( If you have it). I hope this helps you on your game.
Free Ride
If you ever get bored, then go put "rearrider" as a cheat, after your done, go find a moving car, grab it by the end and let it drive you around, when you want to stop, just let go.
Get a tow ride
Go 2 Manhattan and find a dc shoes truck.Go inside it and it will give u a tow ride. u have to be of your board for it to work! bye
KISS Concert
Beat the game to unlock the level : HOTTER THAN HELL, then go to HOTTER THAN HELL....
Around the Level there are some letters....
To be precisely, the letters are :
When you skate against it,you will activate them... Activate all 4 letters to activate the CHEAT. When you did it correctly,
they will say : You have unlocked the KISS video.
If you collect KISS again, they will play a concert for you!!!
Pool Bug
Lets go Swimming!

Start over in story mode and go up to the part where you take a plain to Hawaii, when you go there the first thing you do is go to the last pool next to the other small pull. Its full of water (It won't work if its empty!). So now, manual and slowly go towards the pool. You will mess up a few times but don't give up! After you do it about 10 times then you will be manualing under water! If you jump then you will drown.

Have fun!
School 2 Bug
This is what you need :

-School 2 ( Level )
-Moon Gravity ( Cheat )

Go to school 2. Go to the PAUSE SCREEN and go to OPTIONS. Then go to CHEATS and activate MOON GRAVITY. Then in the beginning of the level, go to right. ( Where the dude in the caddy drives )
Then turn left and keep going straight.
Then you'll see stairs with a rail on.
Grind on the rail ( WITHOUT FALLING ).
You will hear a crashing sound. The door to the GYM and the SWIMMING POOL is open.
Go in, and turn left to the pool.
Go IN the pool ( It's empty ) and jump.
Cause MOON GRAVITY is ON, you'll reach theceiling. The screen will be black, and you'll are stuck in the ceiling. Then you can do as many tricks you want, cause you DON'T FALL.
To land back in the pool PRESS Z.
Still Missing a Goal?
If you are missing a goal, it's probably the k.i.ss tape goal, if you used the "unlock all tapes" cheat, then you will get the kiss tape, and you cannot get all the goals.
Tank Bug
Okay, this a very cheap bug that can be used for those real hard to get up, sick mode stat challenges. Okay, go to Moscow. Go to the big half pipe by 'Basil'. If you face the opposite direction of the [Basil] building, there should be a tank in front of you. This is the hard part, ride towards the tank, and try to land in a grind right on the left corner of the tank where it kind points up. Hold "Y". If you do it right, then you should just keep getting "Kissed the rail" over and over. You can stay on as long as you want. Okay, here is a little more fun I discovered about this bug. If you get the bug to work, then press different directions [Up+right,Down etc.] and your character will do the motion for that grind, and tilt in the direction you pressed. Also, you can spin while doing this bug with L and R.


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100% game bonus
If you complete all 129 goals, you will unlock the following:
Cool Specials
Moon Gravity
Perfect Skitch
Roller Skates
Always Special
Kid Mode
Perfect Manual

cool lava
if u go 2 create a park & put lava somwares then raise the ground were the lava is wen u go 2 test play & grab the ege of the lava. wen u pul your self up u wil be standing in the lava.(this is good 4 king of the hill.)u can run in the lava if but u put 2 squarz of lava u will die wen u go on the other square.this works with water & punge pits too(the spikey thing if u dont no)
float nonstop
first,put in getitup for moon gravity in the cheat section,then go to tampa bay,FL.when u get there,go to the skate ramps in the building on the left,.when u do that,do a wallplant off the wall and dont hit the ground and grind the rail to get speed.then ramp really high and u will be up there as long as u want doing tricks and all u have to do to get down is to press z!(its fun to do when u are bored)
after you beat the game you can acess a glitch
get in any car go to the menu acess videos watch eric sparow getting beat any of them if you watch stacy parelta on the mail box he will just be floating there in mid air or if someone was on a board they will be floating. after you exit the menu you will be morphed with the car!!!!!!!!!!!
Go to New Jersey. Skate to the point where you're at the fence between you and the river. Make sure you have the moon gravity cheat (get it up). Repeatedly jump against the fence, and you will start to jump in midair. Walk right to the point where you are near the end of the street. Walk towards the street and if done correctly, you will get stuck in a glitch. You will stay stuck untill you restart the stage.
Moon Gravity
To get moon gravity, enter getitup as a code
Perfect Manuals
Select Cheat Codes at the options menu, then enter keepitsteady as a code.
Perfect Rail Balance
Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "letitslide as a code.
Perfect Skitches
To gain Perfect Skitcking ability, enter the cheat code "rearrider".
Unlock All Videos
1) Choose Options on the main menu.

2) Choose Cheats under the Options menu.

3) Enter digivid as the cheat to unlock all videos.
Unlock Bonus Level " Venice."
Go to Hawaii. When you start the level, go forward all the way to the end. Now turn right and keep going straight. to your left, you should see a tiki head with glowing eyes. Jump into his mouth and down the tunnel. when you get to the edge of the cliff do a boneless to jump and grab the Venice icon from THPS 2.
Unlock School 2 level
Go to Moscow and find the brown building near the tanks. Go around until you see the side where it is connected to X-mas lights. Climb up and grind the ledge toward the big building opposite of the tanks and jump into a window. Inside is the item that unlocks the level.
Unlock T.H.U.D.
To unlock T.H.U.D., enter the cheat code "NOOO!!" T.H.U.D. has maxed-out attributes in every category.