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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (GC) Cheats

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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gator attack
go to billy bob next to the rock'n rock'its ride jump in the swamp and a gator wiil attack


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Always Special
To enable this code, enter - G0LDEN
Best cheats for THPS4
Secret Skaters

Put in one of the following names in Create-A-Skater to access pre made skaters

Aaron Skillman
Adam Lippman
Andrew Skates
Andy Marchal
Atiba Jefferson
Ben Scott Pye
Big Tex
Brian Jennings
Captain Liberty
Chauwa Steel
Chris Peacock
Dave Stohl
Fakes The Clown
Gary Jesdanun
Henry Ji
Jason Uyeda
Jim Jagger
Joe Favazza
John Rosser
Kevin Mulhall
Lindsey Hayes
Lisa G Davies
Little Man
Marilena Rixfor
Mat Hoffman
Matt Mcpherson
Maya's Daddy
Meek West
Mike Day
Mike Lashever
Mike Ward
Mr. Brad
Nolan Nelson
Parking Guy
Pete Day
Rick Thorne
Stacey D
Stacey Ytuarte
Stealing Is Bad
Team Chicken
Ted Barber
Todd Wahoske
Top Bloke
Zac ZiG Drake

Matrix mode and secret characters

For matrix go into cheats at option menu and type in NOSPOON for mike vallely, jango fett and eddie type in HOMIELIST to turn on matrix go into pause menu while playing and go to cheat!

The Master Code

Type in watch_me_xplode (note you have to put in the _ characters)
Select Cheat Codes from the Options screen to enter the code - Daisy (o)(o)
Master Code
Type in Watch_Me_Xplode to have almost everything there is in the game.
matrix mode
under cheats type in exactly as you see it:

Enter as a cheat code:::::

MOON GRAVITY: superfly
ALL GOLD MEDALS: neverboard (or) 4juice
GARBAGE DAY: On the 1st level, jump into
the back of the garbage truck, when you
come out you will have a time limit to
ramp up the backs of the trucks and collect
as much of the cash as you need to.
Perfect manual
Go to the options menu and go to the cheat menu Type in 2WHEELIN
Enter the options menu, then choose the "Cheats" selection. Enter " watch_me_xplode " as a code to unlock all cheats. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of money being collected. Note: You must include the underscore "_" character. This will not unlock all the gaps.
Unlock Everything
At the main menu, choose Options, at the Options screen, select Cheat Codes.

Enter Watch Me Xplode [case sensitive]... If entered correctly, you'll hear a sound.

During gameplay, pause the game, and at the pause menu, select Options then Cheats, where you can acyivate the unlocked cheats.