The Sims (GC) Cheats

The Sims cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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All Cheats
These are all the cheats for sims. Press L+R at the main menu to activate the Cheat Menu
PasswordWhat it does
simsunlocks "play the sims" without having to play 'get a life'
freealleverything is free ( note: you have to pay for food and bills
midasall clothes and furniture are unlocked
fish eyepress X a number of times and you'll go into first person view of your sim
simsolvewhen talking or doing social stuff it doubles the speed of your social bar going up
PARTY M(make sure there is a space) This cheat helps you make friends faster.


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Anti-social sims and Jobs
If you're like me, you absolutely hate trying to make and keep all these ruddy friends to make it to the top of yuor promotion ladder. Personally? I prefer to get into the military career track. It's usually there at the beginning, and it doesn't require you to have that many friends at all, which is a nice thing when it comes to having to juggle a dozen things at once in this game. 8 is the maximum that you will ever need in this track.

For the record, Life of Crime is 12, and Xtreme is 11 -- all others are above this amount.
Creating Your Sim: Nice Point Bar
Work on getting this one as high as possible. Simple reason is -- it makes job promotions easier, it helps you make friends easier (especially, I find, if you have a good amount of outgoing points as well in your character) and it helps you keep them, which is something I've always had problems with whenever I play.
Doing Everything Yourself
While this is all well and good in the first levels, you will find that, as your life progresses, you'll have less and less time to get things done while still keeping the sim happy. After the second/third level, you should start considering hiring the maid full time, as it is more of an investment that way.

Keeping your sim happy will assist you in the future in a number of ways. For example, they will do better at work, be more willing to learn some new skills, and these sims also tend to interact better with others.

If you chose not to rely on the handy people on the other end of the phone, from the pizza guy, who is immensely useful, right through to the repairman and the maid, expect for a long and difficult game.
get a bunch of simoleons
to get of simoleons you use the freeall cheat. Next go to the neiburhood mode and buy an empty lot. Then buy a lot of the most expensive thing. Save ur game and turn ur gamecube off. now turn it back on and go directly to the neburhood mode and sell everything in the lot. Now u should have more than +100,000 simoleons
Get A Life: Chapter 2 Easy completion
In Chapter 2 of Get A Life enter the MIDAS and FREEALL then buy the Meet Major Dormo
(Monkey Butler) Then release him for 20ยง and he will clean and fix every in the house
Keep Your Sims Happy
In play The Sims mode, if you don't want to take care of the sims while they're studying all you have to do is go into the neighborhood when your sim is depressed, evict them, then move them back in. Your sim should then be happy. This allows you to max out skills with little to no problems.
I seriously recommend this for all those players like me who simply can't seem to get things to work the way they want them to. By what I mean, the social bar's seeming constant emptiness, tied with the time to get things started up...

The number one thing to remember is that your sim should have someone living with them, which is best. Living alone tends to make things harder, as inviting people over is a chore, and speaking to people over the phone is difficult.

To fill up this bar, I usually do it at the same time I do other things. For example, I will have my sims eat together, although rather rarely, to fill up both hunger (the quickest bar to deplete half the time, IMO) and the social bar. Sometimes I will have them watch TV together, to raise both fun and social.

I prefer to make them hot tub, however. My sims get social points, comfort points, cleanliness points, etc, all in one, which is great this early on in the game. Since it works for four sims, this is one of the best things to do to keep sims occupied at parties, etc, and make them stay longer as well.

In closing, if you can multitask, do it. Life is just so much easier that way.
Neat Point Bar and The Maid
While some of you out there might put some points into this, like I did, my first time around, I'm recommending to you all to stop this, or put the minimal amount of points in.

While being neat is all well and good, the maid will do all of these actions the neatness bar forces your sim to do (cleaning up after himself, flushing the toilet, emptying the trash compactor) herself, thus, it's an unnecessary waste of your time and should be done away with at the beginning of the game, since you have access to the maid by level 2.
Need to get a promotion?
Need to get a promotion for your goals? Make sure your sim's happiness is in the green bars, 2 or higher. Send them off to work, they tend to lose a green bar when they leave the house, but will still have at least one while at work and when they come home they should get a promotion.
This is something I recommend for all games. If you can pause and queue up what you can do, like in this game and in the KotOR series, among others, than do it! There is nothing like having to handle ten things during gameplay, when simply pausing for some time can give you a good five minutes to think things over, and get everything you want done in the correct order.
Point tip.
In "Get a Life" mode, when you start at your Mom's house, earn all 10 the skill points in each catagorey so your ready for the rest of the levels. Also, it's best to make your sims shy and serious so you don't have to spend a lot of money on technology and have other sims coming over all the time.
Skipping Work
While not the best thing to do, sometimes your sim is in such bad condition that you need a day off to work things back together again. While every time you do this is says that it is your final warning, you will be able to do this once every other day.

That's right, folks, for the entire time you're employed, you only have to go in half the time. Personally, I never risk it and go in full time, but that's just me. I've tested this on most consoles, so be wary with this overall -- sometimes, games do unexpected things.
Want to make more money?
If you want to make a little bit more money, here's what to do. Have a baby. After your baby is a child and going to school, have your kid study a lot so they have an A+. After coming home from school, it will say, "Grandpa has given you $100 for good grades", This won't make you a lot more money, but it can help.
Whifferpuff Gold
This little machine is incredibly useful. While I have problems keeping it out of the burgulars hands, in the past it has helped me go through several levels with it in tow.

What it does, is it effects your sim without you having to do something. The effects that are involved are:

- The one I use the most, lavender and majoram will increases your Fun bar.
- The setting peppermint and juniper will increase your Comfort rating.
- Juniper and rosemary will increase your energy, which is useful for those who actually sleep.
- Then there is rosemary and peppermint, which increases the room rating.

So, for those of you with this handy device, use it as you please.
Your SIMS and Skills
Whenever your Sims get a promotion, the game will send you a note, with subtle hints at what you're going to need to do to go up to the next level. For example, in the life of a thrill seeker, you sometimes need to have high charisma in addition to excellent physique.

Not paying attention to these notes could hold off your promotion for a good long time, as you try to build up in the wrong areas for several points instead of the correct section for one.
Alright, while not the best thing to do in real life, this is a handy addition for the game, especially once you make it to fourth level with the sonic shower (although, personally, a good couch is good as well).

My sim always seemed to need a good ten hours a day for resting, meaning I had very little time to get things going, until one day, quite by accident, I found out that the bug zapper saves all my problems.

By touching it, although your comfort bar lowers (I mentioned how to combat this before, the couch, etc) a couple of jolts can keep you going for quite a while, compared to sleeping. While being an insomniac can be bad, so can having low bars in everything else and never having time to do everything you want to. In the end, it's your choice.


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All Cheats
At the main menu, press L and R. a screen should pop up. press clear and type in the cheat.

midas---unlock all items and skins. must play get a life mode and quit for it to work. (Mod Note: Told it works without doing that)
freeall-every thing is dont get money for selling.
Body Skill - Choice of Machine?
For the record, I find going with the treadmill is best. While the machine is all good and well, the treadmill, on run, for example, tends to get your sim up to a level you want faster, even if you sometimes fall off.

Keeping it to jog is always useful as well, but the top thing is that, if your sim doesn't seem to be up for much work, you can always walk. Slow, yeah, but less effect on your sim in all ways, so if you want to get something done, that's the way to do it.
Fish eye
When your on the menu press L+R and put in Fish eye. this will allow you to see what your sim is seeing. Allthrough you can't move your cursor while doing it it just for fun. When you go to get a life mode and start playing just keep pressing X until you see through the sims eyes. Press X again to go back to normal.
To unlock Cheat Mode, press L+R at the main menu. This will unlock the cheat
menu, which contains the following:

Input a code below:

Freeall: All objects are free
Free point
At the begining of the game when your sims has the day dream. Do NOT get into the hot tub right away. Go to the pool and get a free body point. This will affect your sim after the day dream is over. You should get the poit after Roxy says "Bubble bubble. Hey 'insert name here' wanna make some trouble?"
If you have started "Get a Life" mode, all you have to do is save it, and turn off your GameCube. When you turn it on again, you will be able to play "Play the Sims" mode.
Party Motel
Type in Party M after pressing L+R at the same time. You will then get the Party Motel, two player game.
This cheat is supposed to double the amount pepole like you when you talk to them, although I do not use it much. It definately works, so try it.
unlocks sims mode before your ment to
At the main menu, press L and R. a screen should pop up. press clear and type in the cheat.

sims-unlocks free sims mode