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The Sims 2 (GC) Cheats

The Sims 2 cheats, Passwords, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Cheat Gnome
After entering the gnome code (which must be done before any other cheat), a trophy will be on the curb in the house. After typing the codes click on the trophy and an option will come up. All cheats are activated in Game Play.

Note: Directions refer to the D-Pad.
Controller InputWhat it does
L, R, Up, A, ZUnlock Cheat Gnome
R, L, Z, Right, LeftMoney Cheat
X, Z, Left, X, Up, XUnlock All Lots
X, B, L, Up, DownAdvance Time 6 Hours
Y, X, B, Z, LeftSet Skill Level
B, Z, Down, Right, BUnlocks All Clothes
Z, B, Up, Down, Right, AUnlocks All Recipes
Z, X, Down, Left, UpUnlock All Objects
Up, X, Up, Right, ZRaises All Your Motives
R, L, R, L, YHorn Sound Effect


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Computer error
If your sim is on the computer, but your also broke, sometimes when they're playing computer games a pop up will come up to the screen and will tell you about an error with the game and they fork over 800 simoleons or more to your sim!
Dance on your own grave?
If your sim dies then comes back to life,and you keep the grave stone, you can actually mourn and dance on it. If you dance on it, some times it will set your sim on fire, so be sure to have another sim there with a fire extingusher!
Easy Aspiration Points
The Sims 2 has made it easy to get aspiration points. Here are a few ways to get some for free.

When it says one of your goals is to buy something for an amount of money just buy it and sell it back. You won't lose any money and you'll get the aspiration points anyway.

Another tip is to get all of your skills at 9 and make the bar one rise away until it's at level 10. Keep going to sleep until it says "Master a skill" as one of your goals. Do any skill related thing you want to and it will raise to 10 and you have I think it's worth 800 aspiration points.

Here's the easiest one. In this game you can die and get back to life. The easiest way to control your death is to build a room big enough to fit in one of those mechanical tables that are worth $2000. So do that and also put a smoke alarm on the wall where the mech table is. If you don't do that you'll not only die but the fire will spread possibly destroying the mechanical table. When you do all that, make a rocket. It will have the launch option when you look at it again. Launch it, instant fire! Whala, fire department comes too late and you're dead. Now look at your goals list. It will be different goals such as "Return to life", "Spook a Sim", "Possess a sim", and "Be Mourned". Those are the only ones I've discovered so far. All of these wants gives you I think 250-700 aspiration points each. To do the spook a sim or possess a sim goal, just socialized with somebody (That's pretty much all you can do now that you're a ghost) and the options will appear. Don't worry if you're worried about making enemies. Anything you do as a ghost won't affect other people's feelings towards you, enemy or friend. The Be mourned want gets you 700 aspiration points. If you're living with somebody, simply get them to mourn your grave once and the goal is accomplished. Also, the same goals may appear again so don't stop until they're gone. When you're done with all your fun, the grim reaper is waiting outside. DON'T do the fiddle challenge if you're worried about losing aspiration points. It's -350 if you lose the fiddle challenge. Simply return to life for the cheap price of $100. You get 250 more aspiration points when you do that or if you WIN the fiddle challenge. You can die and relive and get free aspiration points as much as you want to.

WARNING: Don't attempt to be a ghost if you don't want all your stats to go down. If you become a ghost, all your stats will approach down to the middle (yellow) except for your house meter. That's the only downside though.

If you follow these tips, you should have all objects unlocked in no time.
Easy Pizza
If you need to get to work, and your character is hungry, you have a pizza out, but you don't have enough time to eat it, throw it in the blender. Your character can drink it in a second, it gives you all the benefits of eating it, and your character doesn't seem to mind (Mine doesn't). Also, you can use this with food that give a lot of energy for quick energy drinks.

Forced Friends
If you need friends, get a Hot Rock Hot Tub, or move to Tranquillity Falls where they already have one. Invite over who you want to be your friends and get them in the hot tub. Then, put objects around it so they cannot get out. Leave them in there long enough and they will become your friends. Note: Get out before your hunger goes all the way down or else they will die.
get more sims
What you need:

Two Nintendo Gamecube controllers

First, Start your sims as 1 player and make all sims except 1 go to work. (The best way to do this is to make all sims have jobs at same times)
Once all but 1 sim is at work, save and quit. Plug in your other Gamecube controller. Then start your game as two player. It should go to the Make a Sim screen!

Note: I have only done this once.
Keep Death as your own.
If you play in freeplay mode and make a family all your own, make sure you make one extra person. Put a Rocket Table somwhere inside your home with a fire extinguisher near it, have the extra person make a rocket and launch it inside your home, this person will be blow up and set on fire, once they die you put them out and they are ghosts, then death will be floating somkwhere in front of your house, What we did was make a small area of wall around him and made a walled in trail to the back of the house and waited for death to float down it, we built him a big room and made it into an indoor graveyard. to make sure the graves dont turn into urns, make the back wall one space from the edge of the map and buile your room, then you open up a part in the back and replace it with a peice of fence, Note, Even Though it is death, He cannot use doors or fly through the walls, as long as you dont return your person to life you have a grave a ghost and death all to your self.(note: we have 5 graves, 2 ghosts and deatgh, along with some bitchin benchs and cow skulls along the wall.
Never sleep again
If you buy an espresso machine, you can live off of espressos and power naps. It will fill up your energy completely.
Ok, Well I meant to say "As long as it's on FREE PLAY MODE!" Not What I said. So... I'll give you a cheat. Just gotta think of one................
Ok. Got one! It's more of a tip though. I'm gonna tell ya how to get your sim back if he or she is dead. To be honest, I don't like ghosts wandering around my Sim's house, scaring my gests, makeing a grim wheeper wonder around too.
I don't like it... I HATE IT! There is nothing you can do with em'. Anyway, make your ghost sim
talk to Mr. Wheeper, and then it'll say a fiddle challenge or pay $100. I'd choose $100 if I were you. You'll find out why if you do fiddle challenge. That is.. If you loose. Kiki589
Save Money
ok you probably have a problem with members of your sims family members because they always eat and spend your hard earned cash on all of it soooo build a picket fence in front of the door and ta da they can only get in when you let them.
Somebody In Your Way?
Lets say you want to go on the Computer and another sim is already on there, this means you have to wait until the sim has decided to get off right? Well no, simply start to socialise with the sim in your way and they will leave what they were currently doing to talk to you. Now cancel talking to the sim and quickly get onto the Computer before the sim goes back on.
Steal Food
At the begginning, my person didn't have any money, no newspaper or computer (To look for job) or a job. You need money to buy food from the fridge. so, just sit around the refridgerator and when someone gets food out of there, "Socialize" with them. When they will put their food down, press "B" to cancel talking, and pick up the food.
Tired And Work Is Just A Hour Away?
Work is just a hour away and your sim has been up all night making friends and getting the vital stat points needed to get a job promotion. Because your sim has been up all night they are very tired as they haven't had any sleep, so I highly recommend you go and sit on a couch and take a power nap. A quick power nap will boost your sims energy and get them ready and pumping for work so that job promotion can be yours for the taking.
Unlockable Objects
The following objects can be unlocked when you reach a certain number of Aspiration Points.

Comic Dehydrator --------------------- 500
Hawaiian Fantasy Tiki Torch ---------- 700
Dial-a-While Bird Bath --------------- 900
Wurl 'N' Hurl Retro Jukebox ---------- 1100
Snuffit Fire Destroyer --------------- 1300
"Fists of Bunny" Poster -------------- 1500
Fruit Punch Barrel ------------------- 1900
Sproutch Couch ----------------------- 2000
Hippity Humpity! Arcade Game --------- 2100
The Eggalitarian --------------------- 2300
Driver Pro 2006: "Chip Shots." ------- 2500
The Vibromatic Heart Bed ------------- 2800
Piazza Amoretto Fountain ------------- 3100
Cuddler's Cradle --------------------- 3400
Retro Space-Age Action Pinball ------- 3700
White Rabbit Bubble Blower ----------- 4000
"Truth" Telescope -------------------- 4300
Dig Dog Hotdog Dispensary ------------ 4600
Summer Breeze Toilet Hut ------------- 4900
Defective Arcade Genie Lamp ---------- 5300
"The Heffe" Raw Hide Rug ------------- 5700
P5 4400SX+ DS ------------------------ 6100
"Magic Fingers" Hydraulic Massage ---- 6500
Niagara Love Tub --------------------- 6900
Strike-a-Match Air Hockey ------------ 7300
U-Probe-It Refrigerating Organism ---- 7700
Trampoline --------------------------- 8200
Blade Vision VERY High HD TV --------- 8700
Spin the Bottle ---------------------- 9200
"Procedural" Music System ------------ 9700
Screaming Death Bonfire -------------- 10300
Psychonautica's Cerebro Chess -------- 10900
Radioproactive Heating Stove --------- 11500
Madcap Miner Metal Detector ---------- 12000
Prof. Feathers Chicken Checkers ------ 12100
Facade King Western Hotel ------------ 12800
Cantankerous Bowel Fish -------------- 13500
Facade King Western Bank ------------- 14300
U-Probe-It Computing Organism -------- 15100
Peppy Pete's Player Piano ------------ 15900
Turntablitz DJ Booth ----------------- 16800
Quattro-Grav Air Tub ----------------- 17700
Pathologie Costume Trunk ------------- 18600
Facade King Western Store ------------ 19600
Facade King Western Saloon ----------- 20600
Rat Race Executive Power Wheel ------- 21700
Freedom Vacuum ----------------------- 22800
'White Fire' Teppanyaki Table -------- 24000
SlumberGell Immersion Pod ------------ 26500
Wurl N' Hurl Gnarlosurf 2000 --------- 27900
Wanna a Mansion?
Ever wanted your Sim to live pure luxury? Well, I'm your gal if yes. Ok, it's pretty simple. Follow my steps, and you got your luxurious mansion! First, make a family. Don't make your family the way you want it. You can fool around with it, cause, well... Your gonna delete that family. Make sure to just make your huge house, cause any furni will go with the other family. Second, make your family the way you want. You can guess why. Ok, so, the thing is that you wont start off with much money. Well, at least not $20,000. Third, put in the furni. Now your sim is livn' large! This trick doesn't matter which location... as long as your in STORY MODE!


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flashing girlfriend
If you have a lover relationship with a girl( or married doesn't matter ), and put them in the shirt with no straps and use make-out social on them you should see something unexpected.
Ghost In Hot-Tub
Get a sim in the tub and block the way they get out from. Then go to that sims house and kill him/her using the method below or another way you know. Then go back and he/she will be a ghost.

Kill one of your sims.
Lock them in a room with a fire extinguisher, smoke alarm and a rocket table, make a rocket, launch it and theyre dead.


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Become a ghost!!!!
In the Sims 2 you can be a ghost by killing your player. You have to hit the start button after your Sim dies and switch the control to direct control. As a ghost you can walk through walls, wail, talk to mortals and talk to the grim reaper. You can buy a come back to life ticket for 100 simoleans or challenge the Grim Reaper to a fiddling contest!!!