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The Incredibles: Rise Of The Underminer Cheats

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Menu Passwords

PasswordWhat it does
MRIPROFGive Mr. Incredible 1,000 experience points.
FROZPROFGive Frozone 1,000 experience points.
MRIMASTERAll upgrades for Mr. Incredible.
FROZMASTERAll upgrades for Frozone.
MRIBOOMMr. Incredible's Super Move.
FROZBOOMFrozone's Super Move.
MAXIMILLIONDouble experience points.
HEADROOMGives characters small heads.
EGOPROBLEMGives characters big heads.
THISISTOOEASYIncreases the difficulty setting.
THISISTOOHARDDecreases the difficulty setting.
LEVELLOCKSMITHUnlocks all levels.
SHOWMEUnlocks all gallery items.
ROLLCALLDisplays credits.
SHAMELESSHeavy Iron logo.
WHYMUSTWEFIGHTUnlimited Super Moves.
INAHURRYDoubles playing speed.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Dark Arcanine on November 26, 2008