The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (GC) Cheats

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Unlockable Jump Locations
  • Complete the given requirement to unlock the jump locations.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Infinity CoveLocated in the southwestern area of the city on the Bagri King building
Mandarin GateLocated in the east on top of the Chinatown Art Gallery building this is south of the My Car challenge mission marker
Midtown TowerLocated in the southern middle portion of the city on a building not too far south
Jarella PointLocated in the very top center of the city on a building
Coliseum TerraceLocated up a little ways and to the east of the Trbodr Grand Hotel Jump Marker on top of a building below the "Fare Play" challenge mission marker
Trbodr Grand HotelLocated in the center of the map on a building
The Dayne Jump MarkerLocated in the far western portion of the city on top of a building
Gunnery Island Jump MarkerLocated on top of a building in the east section of the little island with bridges on both sides
Last Change CaféLocated in the top center
Verdugo's PassLocated on the side of the mountain at the south end of the west canyon that leads out of the town
Goliath BluffLocated at the south end of the middle canyon that leads out of town on a trail along the mountain
Restricted Area 102Located on top of a plateau that is at the end of an area that points right at the canyon that leads to the first army base


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Savage Banner
You must beat the game once. At that point you can purchase him from the move shop for 1 million smash points.


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Cheat Codes
AMERICA - American Pants.
AUSSIE - Australian Pants.
BANDERA - Spanish Pants.
BRINGIT - Double Health-Items.
CABBIES - Turn all Carriages into Taxi's.
CHZGUN - Cowrockets.
CLASSIC - Turn the Hulk into Grey Hulk.
DESTROY - Double the Hulk's Damage.
DEUTSCH - German Pants.
DRAPEAU - French Pants.
FROGGIE - Wild Traffic.
FSHNCHP - British Pants.
FURAGGU - Japanese Pants.
HISTORY - Browntinted.
KINGKNG - Gorrila Look.
MUTANDA - Italian Pants.
OCANADA - Canadian Pants.
PILLOWS - Less Gravity.
RETRO - Black & White Graphics.
SMASH10 - 10.000 Smash Points.
SMASH15 - 15.000 Smash Points.
Enter the following in the cheats(passcode) menu:

FROGGIE - Wild traffic.

CHZGUN - Cow missiles.

SMASH# or SMASH## - Replace # with 5, 10, or 15 for that multiple of Smash Points
First, finish the game in story mode, then punch in VILLAIN as password. You should now be able to play as Abomination.