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Tales of Symphonia cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Tales of Symphonia cheat codes.

Tales of Symphonia Tips

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10x Exp Challenges
When you get to activate the 10x Exp mode, you may find yourself bored with beating bosses toward a later part of the game.

Make them interesting by doing one or more of the following:

1. Fighting them with Lloyd only (switch everyone else to Hold Position).

2. Don't use any items.

3. Use only the most basic equipment.

A prime example of this is that while fighting Kratos for the third time, it was very challenging to fight him with no items and only a Wooden Blade. I was around L160 or so.
Submitted by: Artificer on December 04, 2004
2 Last Fencers
After the Flanoir Doctor Event (if you don't know what event i'm talking about then your not there yet)make sure your going to get Kratos instead of Zelos (when ppl knock on Lloyds door refuse all of them). Before You leave Lloyd should ask Zelos if he can trust him. Now instead of going to the tower of Salvation, do all the Sidequests involving Zelos that rewards members of your party a title. Go to the Arena in Meltokio and beat all difficulties. Then replay Advance and Seles (Zelos' sister) should challenge you. Beat her and she drops elemental circet and the Last Fencer. Continue playing and whatever until Kratos join your party for good. Then return to the arena and play advance mode again. Seles will challenge you and if you win you get another elemental circet and another Last Fencer.
Submitted by: Acestar on October 08, 2005
2X more gald from dragon
In the earth temple find the dragon and equip a character in your fighting party with *blue sephira, the dragon will give now instead of 10000 gald 20000. Do not attempt until you are Lvl 50+.

*Equipping blue sephira and sephira together will negate each other, do not try it, it will not work
Submitted by: mysterygamemaster on December 01, 2004
A Mother's Love
This is the supposed secret to obtaining Virginia's Diary, which most people seem to have problems getting:


As soon as you reach disc two, head over to Exire and talk to the mayor, he will recognize Raine and inform her that Virginia is within Exire. NOW go over to Virginia;s house, go inside, and hear what she has to say. After the sad disscussion, the mayor will aproach you and inform you that he has been keeping virginia's diary with him all the long.

Now go to the mayor's house and speak to him to obtain Virginia's Diary.
Submitted by: SamusX10 on February 14, 2005
I am giving a tip on how to beat him.First train up to level 70-80+(It will be hard on this level so I recommend 100+)

Now go fight the Third Sword Dancer and get the Kusinangi Blade.Once you equip that teach Genis Explosion and Raine Ray.After you have done this teach Zelos Victory Light Spear or Light Spear Cannon.Then you put the U.Attack moves as this-Zelos-Light Spear Cannon/Victory Light Spear.Raine-Ray.Genis-Explosion.Lloyd-This is your choice.I used Super Sonic Thrust.The Special Unison will be Prism Stars(Raine and Genis)

Now go and fight Abbysion.Have at least 15-20 Hourglasses and 30 Energy Tablets/Elixirs

This is how I beat him.Hope it helps.


Submitted by: Maxman on October 03, 2007
Absorb Damage!
If you get, for example, the star armor, and attach all of the items with a Fire Capeand, you'll absorb fire damage! Go fight the dragon in the earth temple and let him spit fire on you.
Submitted by: Hammie611 on July 09, 2005
An easy way to beat boss two!
At the start of the battle make sure you have and are lloyd.You must also need the professor,kratos,collete!. Firstly go after the dragon on the right after you defeat him head to the big dragon on fire and attack his side that way you dont get hit by fireballsby the other dragon after the boss is defeated go after the last dragon and then your whole team will stop the dragon from attackng.Make sure you atleast have 11 life bottles!
Submitted by: Terrierboy on August 05, 2007
Another use for Grade (Other than Katz Exploration team)
Once you beat the game and watch the credits and cut scene, it will offer to let you save, save your game, it should have a little green * above your play time total, put disc one back in and choose continue, choose the file that has the *. It will have you restart your game from the beginning, but it will allow you to use your previous game's grade to buy things such as Grade, which allows you to obtain more grade during your battles in the next time through. Choose your advantages wisely, you have a limited amount of grade you know.
Submitted by: Bash Boy 54 on August 19, 2004
Apple Gels, Life Bottles and Lemon Gels
Here is a way to easily obtain a couple of those items, which you can either use, or sell:

Go to Izoold's Port, and talk to one of the Katz Persons ( The people disguised into cats ). He will ask you to play a game of "Simon Says !". Beat the easy level to obtain 5 Apple Gels. beat the Normal Level to obtain 5 Life Bottle and finally, beat the Hard Level to obtain 5 Lemon Gels.
Submitted by: Guidez Wizard on August 03, 2004
Aquire TWO Gaia Cleavers
Get Presea to level 80, then return to the destroyed
Ozette and talk to the guy standing at the grave.
If Presea is level 80, He will give you the Gaia Cleaver. Now, Walk away, but don't exit the area. Equip the Gaia Cleaver and talk to him again, he'll tell you the same story and give you another Gaia Cleaver. There really isn't much of a point to getting two Gaia Cleavers, as you can only equip one at a time and can't sell it, but it's still kinda fun.
Submitted by: Zodiark on May 23, 2007
Backstep and Backflip
- While pressing X, tap the Constrol Stick back to perform a backstep
- When you are hit by an enemy and sent up in the air, press X to perform a backflip.

Backsteps are useful to quickly create a distance between you and your opponent.

Backflips are useful to resume battle after being sent away by your enemy and to avoid staggering.
Submitted by: tarepon on December 05, 2004
Best Move For Kratos/Zelos
I think S.Lightning Blade or Lightning Blade

To get S.Lightning Blade you need 2 go and get Thunder Blade(Use Lightning 50+ Times) and get Air Thrust(Use Wind Blade 50+ Times)Then get Lightning Blade(Look below) and fight

To get Lightning Blade, get Thunder Blade and use it 50+ times and fight.Soon you will have Lightning blade
Submitted by: Maxman on September 30, 2007
BEST WEAPONS! Plus Abbysion Guide
no ones done this.

I'm going to tell you how to find the best weapons, and defeat Abbysion, (since theres one strategy up)

Lloyd: Most people know his best weapons the kusangi blade, defeat all sword dancers (theres 3) Or after getting the derris emblem, go to the colosium and beat all three levels with lloyd, and you'll get valkery blade or something, thats his best THRUST weapon.

Genis: I'm sorry, this is the only one i don't know how to get. It's called One World.

Raine: Lets see you get this one. You have to beat advanced class. I haven't done it yet. Good luck.

Regal: After getting derris emblem, go to Meltokio, and beside the castle, there will be two people arguing, one being the Wonder Chef!!!!!!!! Anyways, you will have a cook off blah blah blah. After that, go into the castle into the dungeon, and put regal as your avatar. Walk up the cells and down the other side, one cell contains a prisoner, he will talk about a guy in hot spring, regal will ask to go there. accept. Go the hot springs, (above the continent with meltokio) Go past and talk to the old man, talk to him again and you'll get DYNAST! Assuming your lvl 80 and up. so train till regals lvl 80.

Presea: When your level 80 or above with presea, you need the derris emblem, again. Then go to destroyed ozette, talk to the guy in front of preseas daddy's grave. and talk again (i think) and he'll give you the gaia clever. WOW! most powerful set stat weapon in the game. 999 atk.

Sheena: Her colosium weapon, so beat advanced on colosium.

Zelos/Kratos: When you beat advanced class, you'll get a bonus match with Seles, and shes tough, you cant use items. Or if you fail, you can face her with any character. She will give you Last Fencer.

Colette: Another colosium weapon.

now for abbysion guide:

Hes anything BUT easy. Suggestion for players
Presea: lvl 80 Lloyd: lvl 81 Raine: lvl 79/78 Regal: lvl 81 Or Take regal out, and add genis lvl 79.

So you facing the evil man who decieved you, lets go all out attack right? err, wrong, hes very tough, toughest in the game, IGNORE MY NAME! ITS NOT TRUE! He will start by running at you and attacking then teleport, he will use everyones attacks, so really irritating, he is. So have gels, bottles and equip everyone with stuff that increase elemental or physical attacks, it helps a lot. Start by obviously sending raine to nurse, revitalize, resurection, field barrier, Accutness, healing circle and finally recover. No attack spells. Unison attack suggestion, Raine: Photon, Lloyd: Omega Tempest or Psi Tempest Presea: Eternal Damnation Regal: Any attack. And you'll get a bonus attack Raine and Lloyds photon tempest. or if you have genis instead. Lloyd: hunting beast/ rising falcon Raine: Ray Genis: Cyclone or Tidal Wave or Dreaded Wave or Indignation (most suggested) Or Ground Dasher. Presea: Eternal Damnation. Bonus will be Raine and Genis's PRISM STARS! Most pwerful unison bonus in my oppinion. Its light elemental so that works well. Now just let Lloyd use rising falcon and hunting beast. And presea: all her best techs. He should eventually, just when he gets into overlimit, worry, he'll cast many high level spells and Indination Judgement and meteor Storm. And thats my suggestion.
Submitted by: anonymous on September 26, 2005
Colette's Good Ability
Using Colette's Item Rover or Item Thief equipped with the EXCompound Skill Item Getter, Colette has a 100% chance to steal an enemy's item assuming the enemy has an item equipped. Use this ability to fill your stock with lots of Energy Tablets and Spirit Bottles, and lots of Stat Boosters.
Energy Tablets can be stolen from Red Bats from the Toize Valley Mine, Spirit Bottles can be stolen from Samuels from Derris Kharlan.
Submitted by: sagemaster on November 02, 2005
Colette's Individual Outfit
Go to Meltokio and speak to everyone in the Kitchen, then leave the Kitchen. Walk up the stairs, while Playing as Colette and speak to the 2 women.
A scene will play and afterwards you will receive Colettes Individual Outfit !
Title : " Maid "
Submitted by: Cruxis Mana on May 15, 2007
Collesium Tips
When I first tried out the collision with other characters I found it hard, but I figured out techniques to make it easier for some characters. Here are a few:

Presea - Jump behind the enemy and give it a few axe swings then use beast, for me it takes of about 1500 HP. If you are successful with perfoming beast it will knock the enemy over, which can buy you time to retreat then attack again.

Sheena - She has low defense and HP. I tended to use her speed to my advantage by running and jumping over the enemy, I then attacked the enemy and used Demon seal, this knocks the enemy over, repeat this process as it can be reliable as if it is performed well, you can beat any battle without losing any HP!

Good luck, when I figure more out, I'll submit them. =)
Submitted by: tom111 on June 13, 2007
You first need the Derris Emblem and dueled again Kuchinawa. You don't need to worry about the outcome. Then head to Iselia and do "Corrine is Calling". Go to the temple of Martel and visit where you met Colette dad. Corrine appears as the God of Heart (hopefully i got that right).
Submitted by: punk_videogamer on July 02, 2005
Devil's Arms
In Flanoir, if you have the Evil Eye Chakram, a man will say that you have a Devil's arm and that he is cursed by them. He says that there are nine and that if you get them all he will be cured and gives you Nebilim and Neblim's key. If you find a dark coloured chest (kind of purplish) you can now open it with the key. Once you find all of them and give it to the man, he will turn into a monster (120,000 HP) and if you beat him, the Devils Arms will now gain power from every monster you kill with them, making them the best weapons in the game!
Submitted by: mysterious T on August 21, 2004
Easiest money in the game
All these Dragon tricks are good,but require high combat level. I discovered this trick:Have atleast 8000 gald,finished Dragon Nest in Tethe'alla and possibly Item Getter ability for Colette. Now fight some enemy that gives you Rune Bottles when using stealing abilities. (Undertaker,Chimaera)Now steal all Rune bottles from the battle and run. Repeat till satisfied. Don't sell the rune bottles,instead buy Talisman in Flanoir for 8000 gald. Turn to Blue talisman using the Rune Bottle and sell for a whopping 20.000 Gald!!! Now buy two,turn em to blue ones,sell etc etc. I was able to afford 3 additional Black Onyxes right after Dragon Nest.
Submitted by: BK MetalGuilmon PM on February 11, 2006
Easy exp
Some people think it's easier to use 10x exp. (obtained after beating the game)
You can use a Krona Symbol and Demon's Seal.
Demon's seal gives you poison and curse while Krona symbol negates the negatve effect and you get 100% more experience.
Mix with Raine's Happiness lvl4 ex gem and 10x exp for best effects.
Submitted by: gaiablade64 on December 16, 2004
Easy 5,000 Gald
After getting the Celsius' Tear and defeating the Ice Temple and Celsius, go to Flanoir. Talk to the man on the right at the very first section of the town. He will trade you some Celsius' Tear for 5,000 Gald. Accept the offer to obtain the Gald.
Submitted by: Guidez Wizard on August 13, 2004
easy gald
After rebuilding Luin, go to a shop that sells joke weapons. Buy Sheena's Money Bag, and equip it to her. Go to the Temple of Earth, go across the bridge, then through the left door. Go through the hallway and make sure to have Sheena in your party. Fight the dragon and win. Instead of getting 10,000 gald, you will get 20,000 gald, because the Money Bag, the doubles the gald.
Submitted by: kratosroxmysocks on June 26, 2005
Once you have beaten the game and all the credits have shown, do not turn off your game because the game is not over. Wait until all the credits are over and then a little scene will show. WATCH IT!
Submitted by: GameSlayer101 on August 09, 2004
Fighting Zelos
To fight Zelos, choose to go outside when you hear a voice say "Lloyd" at the house in Flanoir while the doctor is treating Altessa. You'll get Kratos' locket.

When you head to the Tower of Salvation, Zelos will betray you and you'll be able to fight him. He isn't much of a pushover.

Afterwards, you'll be able to get Kratos to join your party.
Submitted by: Artificer on December 03, 2004
Finally an intresting outfit
To get Kratos Judgement outfit choose him instead of Zelos in Flanoir. (Don't answer on the door when some persons knock). Kratos will join your party and you will get his new costume.
Submitted by: xxEndless Destinyxx on July 25, 2010
Formal Party
After you go to Flanior and talk to the doctor and stuff, go to Meltokio and go to Zelos' house and talk to Sebastian. He'll tell you about a trading thing with the Pope. You go into the castle and talk to the king. Then go to the Tethe'alla Bridge. Then go to the end of the Gaoricha Forest-the end near the save point. You'll go into a fight, but it's really easy. You'll stop the Pope once and for all. Next, go to the castle and talk to the King again. Go back to Zelos' Mansion, then go back to the castle, then you'll change into formal clothes. You'll go to the dinner house choose who you want to meet last in the terrace. Then talk to three people and you'll talk to the person you choose. Later, everyone you talked to will have a new title and you can change it to make them go into thier clothes.
Submitted by: ToS411 on July 04, 2006
Free Galds, Items, Food
Set Zelos as your head character and talk to ladies, elder women, little girls in town/cities/public places and the majority will give you something in one of these catagories:


Not that this will work once per ladies/elder women/little girls you will meet in towns/cities/public places.
Submitted by: tarepon on July 26, 2004
An easy way to obtain a large amount of Gald and accumulate millions over an hour or so is by the Dragon in the Temple of Earth. This will take less time if you have the characters' strongest weapons or powered-up Devil's Arms. Equip your fighting party with their strongest weapons they have, set the difficulty to "Normal" (so battling doesn't take forever), and equip one person with the Blue Sephira. More than one Sephira or Blue Sephira does not add on its effect, so don't waste your time. Now you travel to the Temple of Earth and fight/kill the Dragon, exit through the northern door, go back in, and repeat.

Through this method, I got over seven million Gald in two-three hours. You also get decent GRADE (1-4) and EXP if you fight well and fast.
Submitted by: LyallAurion on July 12, 2006
Genis "brotherly love" title
After the discussion with Colette Kratos and Phaidra, at the beginning of the game, go to the school house, you'll get a scene with Raine and Genis will earn the title "Brotherly Love"
Submitted by: Ultimega on December 14, 2007
Genis' Individual Costume
Head to the Slums in Meltokio to see a Katz being chased by a Boy. Following the scene, walk to the item shop and he will tell you to speak to the Elder.
Now head to Sylvarant. The Katz village is on the most Northen Island.
Speak to the Elder.
Now go back to the slums in Meltokio to view a scene.
Genis will now have unlocked his Individual Outfit.
Title : " Katz Katz Katz "
Submitted by: Cruxis Mana on May 15, 2007
Genis' Strongest Tech
After obtaining the Derris Emblem in Derris-Kharlan, return to Heimdall and talk to the men arguing in the park in the east section of the first area. Genis gets the Meteor Storm Tech and the "Mana Master" Title.
Submitted by: Artificer on December 04, 2004
Genis' Ultimate Weapon and some arena tips
in order to get Genis' ultimate weapon, One World, you have to beat all three levels of Red Light/Green light after seeing the scene behind vinheim's door but before fighting the final boss.

Arena tips (advanced level)
normally the game will not let you change what your chara has equipped during an arena fight, but it will allow it if you do it immediately after the fight has started.

if you are trying to put Genis and or Raine through the arena, i suggest that they have both speed cast and spell save alone with a holy symbol or holy ring. for the 1st fight, take out the soldier first and then go for the dragon. if your HP starts getting low, hold down the block button and let the holy symbol do its thing before trying to attack again. (this is very time consuming but it works) for the second fight, you should have time to cast a spell or two if you get as far away from the opponent as possible. 3rd fight is fairly easy, as if you stay underneath the drake, it can only hurt you via spark wave which it doesn't use a whole lot, so you should be fine there. 4th fight: back away and cast spells and block. 5th: block until he flies into the air, then go under him and start casting spells. another thing, make sure you have some good recipes so that you can cook in between fights and restore your HP/TP. (side note: i was about to put all my charas through the arena w/ levels around 80-95, i also had their stats close to 9999/999 with the help of sages and savories attained w/ Colette's item finder in the darkness temple)
Submitted by: MDQ134 on June 19, 2006
Genis's One World
This is how you get the Kendama, One World.

You must beat the game, Red Light, Green Light which can be found on the Grand Tethe'alla bridge.

You must beat it on all levels.

One world is his strongest weapon
Submitted by: Maxman on October 02, 2007
Getting Max HP and TP without leveling up
I found this very helpful. It's pretty simple too. Ok first of all, have Colette equip the EX gems Tough and Sharp-eyed. This increases the chance of finding items after battle. Trust me, you'll need this. Then go to Torent Forest and battle the monsters. The 2 you're looking for are the Carnivorous plantdrops Red Sage- increase max HP by 10%) and Alraunedrops Red Savory- increases max TP by 10%). If you encounter them, fight and with a little bit of luck, you'll get the 2 items you need and if you don't encounter them, just escape and try again. I did this for awhile and all my characters with the exception of Genis have 9999 HP and everyone has 999 TP. I realize you could use the Moonstone and Black Onyx, but if you want to equip something besides those 2, eg. Holy Symbol, and still have max HP or TP, then it's a really good thing. Or maybe you just don't want to level up to 150 or 200 to get max HP and TP.
Submitted by: gs_god on September 22, 2004
Glitch! The Amazing Floating Colette!
After beating the game once, you can use the GRADE Shop to purchase game carry-overs. If you choose to carry over titles and put Colette in one of her costumes before she gets her wings, she will float in battles like she does with wings. WITHOUT WINGS. I had her in her swimsuit and she was floating through the Triet Desert battles (first time) but I thought it was a game error at first.
Submitted by: ladyish on December 12, 2006
Good EX Skill Combos
A lot of characters have very good set of EX Skills that can help battle. Here are mine which have helped me out a lot.

Lv1 Sharp-Eyed
Lv2 Personal
Lv3 Add Combo
Lv4 Follow-up

Lv3 Slasher
Lv2 Personal
Lv3 Super Chain
Lv3 Eternal

Lv4 Item Pro
Lv3 Speed Cast
Lv4 Spell Save
Lv4 Happiness

Lv3 Rhythm
Lv4 Speed cast
Lv4 Spell Save
Lv4 Spell Charge

Lv2 Personal
Lv4 Speed Cast
Lv3 Eternal
Lv3 E. Guard

Lv3 Guard Plus
Lv2 Vitality/Personal
Lv4 Guilt
Lv4 Flash

Lv4 Revive
Lv2 Vitality
Lv3 Guard Plus
Lv3 Endure

Try to find your own EX Skills for best results. These are my suggestion only.
Submitted by: Artificer on December 04, 2004
Grade Calculation System
• Block Enemy's Attack = +0.01 (weighs proportionately with number of times)
• Block Enemy's Tech = +0.02 (weighs proportionately with number of times)
• 5+ hit combo = +0.02 (20 hits would be 0.02*4=0.08)
• Defeated Enemy with combo = +0.04 (Combo hits when defeated enemy x 0.04)
• Full HP gauge by the end of battle = +0.25 ( x number of party members qualified)
• Full TP gauge by the end of battle = +0.25 ( x number of party members qualified)
• Successful hit in U. Attack = +0.50
• Finished battle within 15 seconds = +0.50
• Finished battle within 5 seconds = +0.50 (combine with grade above = +1.00 )
• Successful Enemy Hit = -0.01 (weighs proportionately with number of hits)
• Item Usage = -0.05 (weighs proportionately with number of times)
• Attacked Enemy with Elemental Resistance = -0.05 (weighs proportionately with number of hits)
• Ally downed(0 HP) = -0.50 (weighs proportionately with number of times)
• Your character downed(0 HP) = -0.50 (weighs proportionately with number of times)
• Downed(0HP) character by end of battle = -0.50 ( x number of party members qualified)
• Negative Status Effect for character by end of battle = -0.50 ( x number of party members qualified)
Submitted by: tarepon on December 22, 2004
Harder than Mania/ and gain more exp.
Go to Mania mode then instead of going to Izoold and overseas to Palmcoasta TRain really high and head to the right of Palmcoasta and You'll be in the Luin area. You can then get Sheena quicker but you'll have to go back and do the palmcoasta event and other stuff eventually.

Submitted by: Zebra_zapper on March 31, 2006
Helpful elemental stuff
It should probably be obvious that equipping a character with an item that has a defense from an element causes attacks / spells of that element to do reduced damage. But did you know that this effect is cumulative? Equipping any character with at least 3 items with a defense to a particular element (particularly after obtaining the Star set which has varied resistances to elements including Fire, Light, and Dark) will cause damage from that element to be completely negated. This means that not only will your character receive no damage, they won't even stagger! And as a bonus, the character still gets closer to Overlimit from every one of these negated hits. This information is particularly useful for fights that you can actually apply it (aka not early into the game), in my case, I beat Abbysion and Maxwell back to back with all my characters in the 70s, on hard mode, without stopping to heal OR restock items in between! This was all thanks to Lloyd's immunity to Fire, since Abbyssion will target Lloyd 90% of the time if he's alive for most of the battle, and every time he cast Explosion or Flame Lance I could get in a good 20 hits, and a few times during the battle I used this window of opportunity to unleash Prism Stars. The helpfulness against Maxwell was reduced, but at least twice allowed Lloyd to live through a Raging Mist for enough time to be healed by Raine. And this is only the beginning of these possibilities. You can make the gems given by the Summon Spirits much more useful applying this, and Sheena's later weapons offer natural resistances. The Elemental Circlet and Spirit Robe also help. And having 2 resistances equipped isn't a waste, you still reduce much more damage than you would with just one. And thus my ranting ends. Have fun with this! Ciao.
Submitted by: Ballistic Fury on February 10, 2005
Holy Judgment
To access Colette's secret Tech, use Judgment 50 times and use Holy Song 50 times.

Then use Holy Song and there's a small chance you'll use Holy Judgment. You'll know beforehand because Colette's tone will sound strange when she's saying the incantation.
Submitted by: Artificer on December 04, 2004
How to Aquire all the Best Items
1: Lloyd
T: Valkyrie Blades - Beat the Advance Colosseum
S: Kusinagi - Beat Sword Dacner 1-3 (last one give it to you)

2: Collete
Angels Halo - Beat Colosseum

3: Genis
One World - On the Grand Tehealla Bridge play and beat: Red light, Green Light

4: Kratos/Zelos
Last Fencer: Beat the Colosseum 3 times with any char then go trough with Zelos.

5: Raine
(Don't Remember name) - Beat Colosseum with Raine (Advanced)

6: Sheena
(Can't Remember name either) - Beat Colosseum with Sheena (Advanced)

7: Regal
Dynast - At lvl 80 go talk to the person in the jail cell, he will tell you master is in the hot springs (Just north of the Cave of Earth) go talk to him and you will get them

8: Presea
Gaia Cleaver - At lvl 80 go to Ozette and talk to the guy at the grave he will give it to you.

Congratz on collecting all of them

My Favorites
Lloyd: Kusinagi
Colette: Angels Halo
Genis: One World
Zelos/Kratos: Excalibur
Raine: (Evil Item)
Sheena: Altacana
Regal: Dynast
Presea: Gaia Cleaver

Submitted by: MasterLloyd on March 02, 2009
How to keep Kratos
Here is how you get Kratos and keep him for the entire game while in Flanoir.

First,you must wait until you are in Flanoir's hotel and reject everyone who comes in and accept Kratos(The last one)

Later on, you will not have a scene in Heimdell.

Fight and defeat Kratos.Go to Dirk's house and you will get Kratos
Submitted by: Maxman on September 30, 2007
How to turn 5000 gald into an easy 26000+!
Earn 5000 gald in the feild by fighting enemies near Meltokio, then go to the colloseum in the city. Enter the beginner's single-match competition. Defeat the 3 easy opponents ( a hunter, a duelist and a heavy armor ) to earn 12000 gald ( plus bonus from the battles ). Now go into the intermediate class single player comp. Finish it to ear 26000 gald ( plus even more bonus' from the battles!!! ).

Recommended at least level 55+ for this to be considered "easy". Otherwise, it might not be that easy... Still, have fun. This is a great way to earn money for the "Luin Restoration Fund".
Submitted by: SamusX10 on December 04, 2004
Kratos alternate costume
after you get him back from the flanoir part put his title as "judgement" and then he will have a alternate cosutme.
Submitted by: kirby152 on June 14, 2007
Kratos or Zelos?
This is when you have to keep Kratos or Zelos.
To keep Kratos in Flanoir decline everyone's offers who knocks at the door.And there's a 50/50 percent chance that he will join you later.

To keep Zelos accept the first offer in flanoir and then you're sure he will join you later.
Submitted by: igloooooooooo on August 25, 2005
Kratos vs Zealos
Okay, you can fight with Kratos against Zealos. This is just a decision of popularity. You choose who you like the best.
In Flanoir when some persons knock Lloyd on the door. If you answer first or second time you will get Zealos.
But if you choose not to answer at all you will get Kratos and later in the game you will fight against Zealos.
Submitted by: xxEndless Destinyxx on July 25, 2010
Light Bosses easy defeat
To defeat hard Light-elemental Bosses, like YggDrasil and Mithos, bring a lot of Black Quartz items. While fighting, equip them to some of your characters, and their physical attacks will be stronger, because Light-Elemental enemies usually have a Weakness against Dark-elemental weapons and Magic Spells.
Submitted by: Guidez Wizard on August 28, 2004
Lloyd's best weapon
Lloyd's best weapon isn't Valkry's saber or the one you get from defeating all 3 sword dancers (forgot the name). Lloyd's best weapon is Nebilim (the sword you get from Abyssion). I didn't think this at first, but after seeing how hard Abbysion hits (he uses Nebilim), i decided to try it out, and all of my attacks were doing in the 1,000-2,000 dmg area, against ALL kinds of monsters, weak and strong.
Submitted by: Marshall Lewis on June 08, 2006
Lloyds Individual Outfit
After Luin has been rebuilt, talk to the man on the dock (( Next to the boat )).
Speak to him and pay him 3000 Gald.
You'll realise that you've been tricked as the man runs off.
Leave Luin and then Re-enter. Speak the with man again and you'll receive Lloyd's bonus costume.
Title : " Arrgh, me Hearties "
Submitted by: Cruxis Mana on May 15, 2007
Lloyds Ultimate Sword
The Material Blade is not Lloyds best weapon. The best weapon for Lloyd is the Kusanagi Blade. How you get it takes some doing. You must beat the Sword Dancer 3 times. First he appears in the mine at the Ossa Trail with 8,888 HP. He disappears after Lloyd speaks to Colette at the mountaintop of Hima right before going to the Tower of Salvation. Second time is in the Gaoracchia Forest. He has 33,333 HP. He disappears after you defeat Luna and Aska. The third time is in Iselia Forest after the party returns from the Tower of Salvation and Colett's illness is cured. The creature has 99,999 HP, so it has more HP than any other creature in the game. The last time it is defeated, it drops the Kusangagi Blade. It takes some effort, but it's worth it.
Submitted by: Symphoniadragon05 on April 03, 2005
llyods strongest weapon
I would like to say that the neblim is llyods strongest weapon because after you get all eight devils arms and beat abyssion depending on the number of battles you have won your attack will increase by one. It won't show though
Submitted by: joemama on November 12, 2006
Magic Proof Raine
Once you've beaten Maxwell and obtained the spirit robe, equip it on raine. It reduces damage on all elements. Then enter the evil book in Sybak (after talking to the man in the center of the second area in Heimdall). This can only be done after getting Origin. Enter the book and beat it( choose it burn it or not).

You should get persian boots. Put this on Raine and also give her a Reflect ring. If you've beaten Seles at the arena you should have an elemental circet. Place this on Raine aswell.

If you check her status, she is able to absorb fire, wind, water and light. Also dark, lightning, ice and earth is invald. This is useful all around. Especially against Abyssion since he cannot hurt Raine or interupt her healing spells.
Submitted by: Acestar on July 22, 2006
Make Lloyd mad
Once you're able to do colliseum battles around the end, give Lloyd the title of Peeping Tom. He will get mad and say stuff like "I told you! It was a misunderstanding!" or "Don't call me that!"
Submitted by: Mountain Zappa on August 02, 2004
To get the hidden summon spirit Maxwell, you must have the Derris Emblem, and you must equip the gems from the Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind spirits. In Exire, go to the entrance of the mayor's house and go on the little path that goes around his house. You will find a large walkway and at the end will be a stone tablet. If you have the gems equipped and have the derris emblem, you will get to fight him. (If you dont have the derris emblem, he will say you're too weak.)
Submitted by: Mysterious T on August 19, 2004
Monster location
Have Raine use magic lens to find out the monsters location in the monster guide.
Submitted by: super_mario_man08 on April 22, 2005
More Exp.
Okay hit a HUGE combo on the dragon in the Earth temple.

First Loyd should have one extra combo hit grade skill equipped and hit the dragon for 4hits then do a Uattack first genis hits with cyclone then raine with Ray then Loyd with supersonic sord rain or Tempest thrust. The last attack is basically any attack you want but the more hits it does you'll get more exp. I like eternal devastation for preasa a lot.
Submitted by: Zebra_zapper on March 31, 2006
Need help? Call Zelos!
If you're ever stuck in a temple or dungeon play as Zelos when you walk around and he will usually think out loud at major points.

Also if you walk around as Zelos and talk to women, you'll get really useful items and even Gald.
Submitted by: neomonkey on July 06, 2006
No Encounters
When Sheena's Luck is higher than 200, you will not encounter any enemies in dungeons by using her Personal Level 2 EX Skill.

If Sheena's Luck is somewhat high, you will not encounter the enemy right away by touching it.

Even if Sheena's Luck is low, you won't encounter the enemy most of the time with the help using the Holy Bottle as well. Using Colette's Personal may also help with the Holy Bottle effect.
Submitted by: tarepon on December 05, 2004
Pinwheel Combonation (Balacruf Mausoleum)
Once you unlock a secret door in the Balacruf Mausoleum by lighting two lamps next to each other. You'll find yourself in a room with small pinwheels. Spin the pinwheels in this order;




(Sorry, I couldn't remember if Green or Yellow was second so try the other if one doesn't work)

After spinning them in the correct order, the black door behind the pinwheels will open, leading to the boss battle (Iapyx). For the second combonation, spin them in this order;


Opening a side door holding a treasure chest. And the final combonation goes like this;


Opening another side door holding another treasure chest.
Submitted by: noob N master on December 03, 2004
Presea's Individual Outfit
Your destination is the Lezareno Company in Altimira.
Head to the Presidents office while playing as Presea to witness a scene.
Now proceed to the Hotel to receive your new costume !
Title : " Dream Traveler "
Submitted by: Cruxis Mana on May 15, 2007
Raines Individual Outfit
Visit Asgrad while playing as Raine.
Proceed up to the large stone slab to view a scene.
Its as easy as that !
Raine will receive the title : " Maiden " (( Her Individual costume ))
Submitted by: Cruxis Mana on May 15, 2007
Re-play Game
Once you beat the game, after the credits, it will ask if you want to save the game. Do this, and then load it on disc 1. You will be able to buy special things for a new game such as 2x experience in exchange for the GRADE that you gathered during the last game. (You get an extra 1000 GRADE for beating the game.)
Submitted by: Mysterious T on August 19, 2004
Regal's "Chef" Costume
To get this costume you must be around the point of the game when you're going to Derris Kharlan. Go to Meltokio. Around the king's castle there you'll find someone and the "Wonder Chef" arguing. You'll see a few scenes. After them Regal will get the title "God of the Kitchen". You shall already have this title being used once you get it. Now in battles and outside of them while having this title Regal on will have a chef costume.

Note: You'll also get the recipe for the food "Beef Stew" while doing this.
Submitted by: Mr Sponget on September 25, 2004
Save lots of Gald.
Equip Regal's Level 2 Ex Gem. Set it to "Personal." Now if Regal is your display character in fields and dungeons all the prices of items will be decreased by 90% and the selling value of an item would be increased by 110% in shops.
Submitted by: Mr Sponget on February 28, 2005
Secret Book Level (Nifilheim)
After obtaining the Sacred Stone in Venheim, go back to the overworld and then to to the pure elf town and talk to a man next to the windmill. He will tell you about a cursed book which must be destroyed. Next go to the university and go in the library. In the first bookshelf will be a book that looks different. Press a next to it and you find a level inside the book.
Submitted by: Lord Valnir666 on January 16, 2006
Sheena's Individual Outfit
While playing as Sheena, return to Mizuho Village and speak with the man outside of the Cheifs hut.
After the Scene proceed inside and talk to the man named Tiga.
Now head to the Temple of Lightning (( Where you faced Volt )).
When you reach the temple, walk to the place were you battled Volt - The middle part of the map.
Talk to the man there to witness a scene. Talk to everyone at the campsite to gain Sheena's new Title : " Successor ", which also unlocks her new Outfit !
Submitted by: Cruxis Mana on May 15, 2007
Shorten Ending Time
Turn off the Event Voice in the Customization Menu, the character's messages after the Credits Screen would end faster.
Submitted by: tarepon on December 11, 2004
Side Quests
1. Devil's Arms (read the other hint on this page to see how)

2. Getting Kratos over Zelos: In the night in Flanoir, you will have a chance to speak to three people, accept one and Kratos will never join you again. Deny all three; you'll go into conversation with Kratos. Then giving you another boss (I won't spoil it)

3. Optional bosses: Sword Dancer 1, 2, 3. (Guide to beat) To face sword dancer 1 you will have to go to the ossa trail were the assassin attacks, but be warned, he will dissapear if you go to the tower of salvation. Number 2 is in the gaoriccha forrest, he is much tougher then 1... For those two fights you will receive yaskani jewel and yata mirror. Now number three is a good fight. Find him in Iselia Forrest after the tower of salvation collapses and you get Colette or whoever your soul mate is back, possibly after the derris emblem.
Maxwell, after getting the derris emblem go to exire and at the elders house, there is a square around it so exiting the square instantly turn right and go up the long path.
Clever, isn't it? Then put on those jewels on that you got from Udine, Gnome, Efreet and Slyph (I think) and you'll get the optional Maxwell!
Submitted by: Abbysion was a sinch! on September 29, 2005
Strongest Weapon-LLOYD
Lloyd had two strong weapons.1 is the Kusinangi Blade.This can be obtained by beating the Sword Dancer 3 times.

2 is the Neblim.You get this from Abbysion when you start the Devil's arms quest.This can only be powered up fully if you beat Abyssion.
Submitted by: Maxman on October 02, 2007
Summon Effects
For Sheena to summon spirits, she must be in Over Limit.

Most Summon Spirits also give you a status boost/effect when you summon them. Here is a list of them all:

Efreet: Raises Atk
Undine: Restores HP
Sylph: Increases Spd
Celsius: Raises Acc
Volt: Physical Status Immunity
Gnome: Raises Def
Luna: Raises Mag Atk
Shadow: General Immunity
Origin: Raises Atk/Def
Maxwell: Raises Mag Def
Submitted by: Artificer on December 04, 2004
The Devil's Arms
The Devil's Arms are powerful weapons hidden around Tethe'alla and Sylvarant. They can surpass any other weapon and do over 2500 damage a hit. Think of that with Lloyd! It takes some work to get them.

First,(for Collete), in the Mine where you get Inhibitor Ore, check the pieces of the Bakura after you smash it to get the "Evil Eye". Take it to Flanoir and show it to a dark-haired man named Abyssion. He will give you access to the other weapons.

Lloyd: Given automatically by Abyssion.

Regal: In the bottom floor of the large building in Waligaia.

Presea: The gorge where you get the Mana Leaf Herb.

Zelos or Kratos: Gaoracchia Forest

Zelos or Kratos: Talk to everyone in Triet to trigger a sandworm event. Fight the worm (it will be in a glowing ring in the desert).

Genis: Go to Altimira and stay at the hotel. At night, go to the Casino and buy it from a man on the bridge.

Sheena: Collect the 5 Gnomettes (one is in Altessa's house). It's in a chest that they were blocking.

Raine-After getting all other 8 weapons, talk to Abyssion. Go to Hanosanka Peak and get it from the old man.

After collecting the weapons, go to the Temple of darkness to fight Abyssion for the right to the weapons.
Submitted by: Symphoniadragon05 on April 03, 2005
To Use The Eternal Sword
Use Lloyd for this
-Equip the Material Blades
-Set Sheena on Manual or Semi-Auto (you have to control her as well)
-Make sure that nobody can heal you
-Fight an enemy that uses spells

First you have to die.
Then control Sheena to make her use Purgatory Seal.
Now, have Lloyd with his 0 HP wait for your opponent to cast a spell.
I'd do this the first time on Mithos because his Ray spell is easy to time this with.
Use Falcon's Crest (A,B,X same time) before the last Ray falls on you and make sure the two swords have merged before you die. (You can mess up sometimes because Lloyd jumps right through it sometimes)
Now you will be unable to open the item menu with Lloyd.
Now go over to Sheena's controller and have her use a life bottle on Lloyd.
He will be using the Eternal Sword for the remainder of the fight.
The downside is that since Lloyd is only using one hand he does nothing when he swings with his other arm.
You can't cast spells the rest of the fight.
Submitted by: gaiablade64 on October 20, 2005
Triet cut scene
The place in the desert (triet), were you stay at the inn at the start of the game, and have a scene with Kratos. Return their once he returns to your team, stay at the inn and you'll have a another scene. Enjoy!
Submitted by: tom111 on June 13, 2007
Unison Attacks
Pow Blade: Pow Hammer and Tiger Blade

Cross Thrust: Sonic Thrust and Sonic Thrust.

Photon Tempest: Photon and Tempest.

Photon Whirlwind: Photon and Whirlwind.

Pow Devastation: Pow Hammer and Devastation.

Power Thrust: Power Seal and Sonic Thrust.

L.Tiger Blade: Tiger Blade and Lighting or

Thunder Blade and Heavy Tiger Blade.

Prism Stars: Ray and Indignation.

Any characters can have different moves so it doesn't matter who uses it.
Submitted by: Symphoniadragon05 on April 03, 2005
Unlock Formal Costumes ^^
At any Point late in the game, go to Zelos' house and speak to the Butler ^^
He will tell you that the King needs your attention.
Go to the King and events will un-fold.
Go to the Tethe'alla bridge now and watch the following scenes.
After this you must go to Tethe'alla forest. Be prepared for an Easy Battle !
After the scenes there journey back to the king and he will tell you that he was sent your formal costumes to Zelos' house.

The New Scenes will NOT occor unless you have spoken to the Doctor in Flanoir !

Talk to the Butler and he will tell you that Lloyds costume did not arrive. Talk to the Kings assistant and Lloyd will receove the Title " Nobleman " (( His formal Costume title )).
Proceed to the party. Once inside talk to the 3 people who you want to get formal costumes for and they will receive their Formal Costume titles.
You will then view a scene in which the person who most likes Lloyd also gets their formal costume.
You will end up with 5 formal costumes overall, so choose wisely !
Enjoy the Banquet !
Submitted by: Cruxis Mana on May 14, 2007
Unlock Swimsuit Costumes ^^
After seeing the doctor in Flanoir, fly to Altamira and speak to the woman outside the hotel.
She will ask you to find her 4 Daughters. They are in the following locations :
(( In this order ))

1. On the Beach
2. At the Amusement park ticket booth
3. On the Second floor of the Hotel
4. On the Beach again.

Talk to the woman after finding her children and she will leave you a reward in the hotel. Talk to the Hotel Manager and you will recieve 4 Swimsuit costumes.
(( 1 goes to Lloyd, 2 go to the people with ther highest friendship, and the last one goes to a person of your choice ^^ ))
Enjoy your new costumes !
Submitted by: Cruxis Mana on May 13, 2007
Weak And Weird Weapons
This will work for some titles only. If you equip Presea with the title "Little Madam", there is a fifty-fifty chance that her weapon will become an enormous stuffed rabbit! Equip Zelos with the title "Narcissist", and there is also a fifty-fifty chance that his will fight with a bouquet of roses! It may or not be fun to fight with these weapons, so be careful with those titles you get!
Submitted by: Eternal Swordsman on October 09, 2005
Zelos' Individual Outfit
Beat any level at the arena, then proceed to Zelos' House.
Outside you will be pounced upon by a group of women. Your group will decide that Zelos needs to hide his Identity, thus gaining him his new Costume !
Title : " Masked Swordsman "
Submitted by: Cruxis Mana on May 15, 2007

Tales of Symphonia Easter eggs

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If you've played the game Xevious, you'll remember that invincible block named Bacura.

In Tethe'alla, in the Toize Valley Mine, you'll eventually see him. Right after the elevator in the third room, you'll have to destroy it.

Also, you can go to the SE Abbey, but don't enter it, instead, equip a Dark Bottle and walk the dusty, yellow-like road, and you'll be able to fight a Bacura!
Submitted by: Madness_Hero on March 27, 2010
Pac-Man reference
In Tethe'alla, go to Flanoir using the Reairds. Somewhere near the house where there's a guy that makes you Penguinist gloves out of three Penguinist quills in order to use the Celsius' Tear, you will see a statue of Pacman, which was probably put in by Namco because they developed both ToS and Pacman.
Submitted by: Madness_Hero on March 27, 2010

Tales of Symphonia Cheats

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beat 2nd mithos fast
well, this will only work if colette has hammer rain. run up to mithos and keep using that tech until he is dead because all the hammers hit him and it does alot of damage i think like 2,000 or so. well happy killing!
Submitted by: JugJug on January 28, 2006
Easy Gald and Exp
To obtain lots of gald and exp really quick is to go to the temple of earth and go through the secret passage and fight the dragon to the east.

once the dragon is defeated you will gain 800 exp and also 10,000 gald; 15'000 if sephira is equipped and 20'000 if blue sephira and moneybags are equipped

(should be at least level 40 or above to take on the dragon)
Submitted by: CRaZyKiNkYbOi on August 17, 2004
Easy way to defeat an enemy
Ok, here is an easy way to defeat an enemy. But it reqires more than one people in you're group. When attacking someone, jump to it's back so it has no way of defending that. So he'll be attacked from the back, with no way to guard it, and from the front. Hope this helps!
Submitted by: anonymous on May 28, 2006
Fighting Abyssion
After you've assembled the Devil's Arms and have traveled to the depths of the Shadow Temple, you may want a little help with fighting Abyssion. Here's a quick runthrough.

BOSS: Abyssion - Strengths: None
HP: 120000 - EXP: 8000
TP: 8200 - Gald: 6800
Weaknesses: None
Items: Hyper Gauntlet, Jet Boots
Techs: Tiger Rage, Raging Beast, Double Demon Fang, Ring Cyclone, Swallow Dance, S. Lightning Blade, Mass Devastation, Victory Light Spear, Flame Lance, Explosion, Gravity Well, Indignation Judgment, Meteor Storm, Prism Sword, Indignation, Spread, Thunder Arrow

Just imagine that you could combine all your fighters into one god character with all the combined Techs. Then multiply that character's
power by 2, and you'll have Abyssion. He loves using Lloyd's Techs to beat the crap out of you; don't be surprised if you've been knocked out of 5000 HP in a 5 hit combo. You better have Raine in your party for Resurrection and First Aid type spells, and be fully stocked in everything. To the extreme, Guard Bottles are a help. You could start
the battle with Field Barrier, and then get Genis to provide magical assistance. Another strong backup melee character should be Presea, Zelos, or Kratos. Try your best to keep him away from the backfield characters, and use items sparingly. You'll run out quickly if you keep using them.

When Abyssion reaches Over Limit, there's a chance he'll use two devastating spells to kill your party: Indignation Judgment followed by Meteor Storm. Maybe you haven't seen either, but Indignation Judg. will almost certainly KO at least one character, while Meteor Storm will
pick up the slack and try to take out the rest. Use Energy Tablets and Life Bottles to try to recover. Otherwise, he'll rip through your
weakness. Fortunately, he can't summon anything--otherwise you'd be screwed. If you die early on, your strategy isn't working. Try something new or level up more. Continue until you can win. It is possible.
Submitted by: Artificer on December 04, 2004
Finding/Fighting Maxwell
Go behind the elder's house to a lone island with a graveyard; if you can't make it out, hover over Exire and looks for a long road to a lone grave. Equip your first four characters with an Opal, Garnet, Aquamarine, and a Ruby, and then examine the stone.

BOSS: Maxwell - Strengths: None
HP: 60000 - EXP: 10800
TP: 800 - Gald: 8250
Weaknesses: None
Items: Spirit Robe, Turquoise
Techs: Raging Mist, Gravity Well, Dreaded Wave, Meteor Storm

The only Tech you should worry about is Meteor Storm. If he uses it, use any Defense Tech you have three times to outlast it. Hopefully, not much damage will be dealt. Use Energy Tablets to recover after the blast. This shouldn't be so difficult; use three melee characters and a healer for best result. The melee characters can keep him staggering while the healer, obviously, heals the party.

Good Luck!
Submitted by: Artificer on December 04, 2004
Food Items
A lot of guides don't tell you where you can get food, so here is a quick briefing.

You can find food in Triet, Palmacosta, Asgard, Katz' Village, Sybak, Flanoir, Ozette (pre-destruction), and Lantheon Gorge.

Sybak generally holds the most food, so check there first.
Submitted by: Artificer on December 04, 2004
Fun yet deadly weapons
When you finish luin (app. 200k) give them another bout 40k and go into the weapon shop. they will have weapons like lloyds paper fans with like 820 slash and raines deck mop. They are the 'fun' weapons for this game, but they kick butt.
Submitted by: dejamza on January 13, 2007
Genis's Secret Tech
Have Genis uses Indignation 50x and then when he goes into over limit mode, have him use it again. He'll cast Indignant Judgement. This attack causes Holy/Lightning damages. Tremendously powerful if Genis is at Lv.70, can cause up to 7000+ damage. Falcon's crest is still stronger in my opinion.
Submitted by: Evil_Sage on October 05, 2004
Get max HP and TP early in he game
This is a great cheat that helps a lot. Go to the Temple of Darkness and have Colette in your party with the EX Skills Sharp-Eyed, Tough, and Dodge or Magical. Luck (for the combined EX Skill Item Finder) would be good too. Fight some monsters in the path in the lower level that leads to Shadow's seal. If you're lucky you'll get Sages from the Grave Robbers and Savory from the Druids. This is a good combination with getting Rune Bottles from the Undertakers in the forest that leads to Mizuho, because you can make them into Red Sage and Red Savory ( Red Sage +10% HP, Red Savory +10% TP). That quickly adds up because all my guys have 9999 HP and 999 TP.
Submitted by: The Black Knight on December 04, 2004
good cheats and tips

Game Unlockables
Get This By Doing This
'Mania' Difficulty To unlock the 'Mania' difficulty, simply beat the game once.
Sound Test (Japanese Version) To unlock 'Sound Test' at the title, simply beat the game once.
Game Record To unlock 'Game Record' at the title, simply beat the game once.
Grade Shop After clearing the game once, load the clear data, then you will be able to buy stuff such as Max HP Increase, Exp*10, Exp*2 with Grade.
View All Skits
Get This By Doing This
View All Skits Beat the game, then talk to the mayor of Katz' Village.
Grade Shop
Complete the game once and save when the game prompts you to do so, restart the game using that same file and the game will tell you to insert Disk 1. Upon doing so, you are taken to a screen where you can purchase various options with GRADE that you may have accumualted over the course of the game.
*You will receive 1000 extra GRADE by beating the last boss.
Get This By Doing This
Transfer over EX Skills (equipped) Pay 400 GRADE
Transfer over EX Gems (inventory) Pay 600 GRADE
Transfer over Relationships (How much each character likes you) Pay 10 GRADE
Raise Relationships (Make each character like you more in next playthrough) Pay 100 GRADE
Transfer over play time Pay 10 GRADE
Transfer over Memory Gems Pay 20 GRADE
Carry up to 30 items Pay 500 GRADE
Transfer over Gald Pay 1000 GRADE
Transfer over recipes Pay 50 GRADE
Transfer over cooking skills (How good the characters are at cooking various meals) Pay 50 GRADE
Transfer over titles Pay 1000 GRADE
Transfer over Character Collection (Figurines) Pay 10 GRADE
Transfer over Monster Encyclopedia data Pay 10 GRADE
Tranfer over Collecter's Encyclopedia data Pay 10 GRADE
Tranfer over World Map data Pay 10 GRADE
Transfer over Minigame data Pay 10 GRADE
Transfer over Battle Strategy data Pay 10 GRADE
Transfer over all spells/techs Pay 1000 GRADE
Transfer over the number of times you used certain spells/techs Pay 25 GRADE
Start the game with 500 more HP Pay 250 GRADE
Start with 160 HP at the beginning of a battle Pay 10 GRADE
Get more bonus EXP from combos Pay 50 GRADE
EXP x 1/2 Pay 10 GRADE
EXP x 2 Pay 1000 GRADE
EXP x 10 Pay 3000 GRADE
Receive more GRADE after battle Pay 100 GRADE
Increase Tension 100 Grade
Easter Eggs
Cameos From Other 'Tales' Games
After clearing 'Party Advanced Level' in the arena, there will be an Exhibition match with characters from other Tales games, and they are Garr, Farah Oersted and Meredy.
Submitted by: DevilGene on August 30, 2004
Holy Judgement Activation Made-Easy
The requirements for Colette to use Holy Judgement:
- Use Holy Song more than 50 times
- Use Judgement more than 50 times

Holy Judgement is activated randomly by using Holy Song.

Since it activates randomly, here is how to activate Holy Judgement easily:
- Have the requirements listed above
- Start to cast Holy Song and look down the screen and check if the "TARGET" sign is on one of the character icons
- If "TARGET" sign is on, cancel the casting by pressing the X button

If the "TARGET" sign is not showing, continue casting Holy Song; Holy Judgement should then activate when the casting time is over without any distractions.
Submitted by: tarepon on December 11, 2004
Infinite Combo?
Use Colette and set an Angel Skill on the B button in the Tech Money.

Encounter an enemy(preferably a large single enemy, such as the dragon in the Earth Shrine)

During the battle, hold down X and press the A and B buttons alternately.
By this, there will be no gap after the regular attacks by canceling spell cast; therefore continue the counting the strikes of the regular attacks.

However, the enemy would forcefully be down by the 50th hit and the combo would end. Thus, you should combine U. Attacks before the 50 hit to get a high combo record.

This cheat can also possibly be used on Kratos and Zelos.
Submitted by: tarepon on December 05, 2004
Iselia Human Ranch Hidden Chest
For some reason, a treasure chest appears after you complete the Iselia Human Ranch. It is located outside the ranch, right before you enter. It is where you saw Marble or near that area.
Submitted by: LyallAurion on July 11, 2006
Katz Village Glitch / Free Inn
Once you have the Rheairds and can use them anytime, go to the Katz Village.
If you talk to the Katz who asks you if you want to sleep say " Yes "
He says it's only 50 Gald a night, but if you look at you Gald afterword,you didn't spend any money.This is really good if you want to be fully healed with no cost.
Submitted by: Cruxis Mana on May 15, 2007
Kratos/Zelos secret tech
Kratos's/Zelos's Grave Blade-Use Fierce Demon Fang 200 times with earth weapon equipped.

Submitted by: NandabaNaota on August 16, 2005
Old Characters in the Coliseum
Win Advanced Class with the party to get an Extreme Symbol and then challenge the three characters in an exhibition match.

BOSS: Garr - Strengths: Earth, Lightning, Ice, Dark
HP: 20000 - EXP: 3200
TP: 150 - Gald: 4800
Weaknesses: None
Items: Mumbane
Techs: Gale, Hail, Decisive Slice, (Flare Bottle), (Hourglass)

BOSS: Farah Oersted - Strength: Fire
HP: 20000 - EXP: 3300
TP: 150 - Gald: 2800
Weaknesses: None
Items: Star Cloak
Techs: Palm Strike, Beast, Ground Breaker, Swallow Dance, Eagle Dive

BOSS: Meredy - Strengths: None
HP: 16000 - EXP: 2100
TP: 1450 - Gald: 2800
Weaknesses: None
Items: Krona Symbol
Techs: Indignation, Acid Rain, Barrier, Thunder Blade, Explosion, Absolute, Resurrection, Meteor Storm, Holy Lance, Eruption, Freeze Lancer

Normally, any one of these three could be a boss on their own; unfortunately, you have to face them in a three-on-three exhibition match. I'd recommend Lloyd and Raine and another good melee character. Hopefully you're at least Lv75 by now.

Go after Meredy first; her spell Techs are evil. Take a break from time to time to heal the other party members, but keep attacking her. After she dies, she'll auto-revive herself, so drain the last bit of her HP and then go after Farah.

Farah is a lot like a combination of Regal and Lloyd. She has a very strong Beast Tech (Ground Breaker) which delivers three Beasts in a row.
Try to make her stagger often and draw her attention away from the others.

Garr should be last on your list. By now, the words Gale and Hail must be very annoying. Attack fast and firmly--he will use items in this battle, including the devastating Hourglass, which stops time on your side of things for about 15 seconds. He can do a lot of damage in that time. Toward the end, he will start using Decisive Slice, very similar to Forcystus' "Down Burst" Tech. It's not much hassle to win though, so take all the shots you have.

Good luck with it. You'll get a nice amount of items when you win.
Submitted by: Artificer on December 04, 2004
Old Move
Rising Phoenix, a classic move. Equip garnet to Lloyd, and perform Rising Falcon, a flame aura will appear before Lloyd, except the thing is, he doesn't say it.
Submitted by: Ultimega on March 05, 2008
Red Light, Green Light Glitch
When playing Red Light, Green Light in Tethe'alla, press Start when the Sea-Katz begin to turn around. You'll be asked if you want to quit. Select no, and when you go back to the game, Genis will be standing still regardless of whether or not he was in the middle of a move. This is a cheap, easy way to ensure that you never get caught by the Sea-Katz when he turns around.
Submitted by: Angel Blade on December 04, 2004
Regal's Secret Tech
Regal's Super Swallow Dance-Use Swallow Dance 200 times with wind weapon equipped.
Submitted by: NandabaNaota on August 16, 2005
Sheena's Strongest Robe
After dueling Kuchinawa and the doctor event in Flanoir, speak to Orochi outside the chief's house and then speak to Tiga inside to learn some startling news. Go to the Temple of Lightning and then to Volt's seal to recover the Chief. Sheena obtains the title "Successor."

After using the Vinheim Key, speak to the Chief to obtain the Kannazuki Robe, Sheena's strongest robe.
Submitted by: Artificer on December 04, 2004
Some Easy Titles.
Here is how to get some easy titles.

- Tetra Slash : Do three normal attacks in a row, linked by a special attack (Lloyd)

- Casanova : In a battle, put Zelos as your character and make him fight only with girls. (Zelos)

- Klutz : In the beginning of the game, in Raine's classroom, look in the hole in the wall. (Colette)

- Comboist, Combo Newbie, Combo Expert : Perform 10, 30 or 50 hits in an unison attack.
Submitted by: Game_wizard14 on April 11, 2006
Stopping an enemy
I know from experiance that it's hard to dodge enemies when you don't want to battle. Well, when in places like the fire temple(the place where you have to kill those three dinosuars), shoot you're sorcerers ring at the worm or bird like thing you have to touch to have a battle. This will turn it blue and stop it in it's tracks for a few seconds.

Hope this helps!
Submitted by: anonymous on May 29, 2006
Unlock Abyssion
To fight Abyssion, collect the nine Darkness Weapons and go to the Darkness Temple.
Submitted by: SunnyDelight on February 21, 2006