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Super Monkey Ball Cheats

Super Monkey Ball cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.

Super Monkey Ball Tips

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Advanced: level 30
On level 30 i bet you know how hard it is to get past it, right? well instead of waiting for each one to go by faster and slower speed right through! wait for some to be almost in front of eachother and then GO!!! It worked for me, hope it works for you to!

(it might take awhile for you to do it but trust me it works!)
Submitted by: baileykins on July 27, 2006
Master Mode
Beat Expert and Extra Expert on one continue.You will get 10 master floors.
Submitted by: Angel Blade on December 06, 2004
If you ever see a ramp the leads to nowhere, carefully jump over it. You should land somewhere underneath, which has a warp in it.
Submitted by: papermariofreak64 on March 02, 2007
Skip Credits
To skip the credits after completing a difficulty hold down L and R and rapidly click A
Submitted by: Brandon on February 12, 2006

Super Monkey Ball Cheats

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Basic Guide
On main game mode on beginner difficulty when your on stage 2 you will see a ramp, get your monkey over that ramp and you will be on a platform go through the goal and you get warped to the bonus stage which is stage 5
On main game mode on advanced difficulty when your on stage 6 you will see a ramp, get your monkey over that ramp and you will be on a platform go through the goal and you get warped to the bonus stage which is stage 10

More Advanced Warps:
On stage 18 in advanced mode in the main game, if you get to the green one you skip to stage 20. And if you get the red one, youll skip to a farther stage

Extra Levels:
Complete beginner 10 levels without dying and reach the super cool BONUS LEVELS.

Mini Games:
If you want to be able to play all the mini games once you have earned 2500 points your game should be saved. Now before selecting which mini game to buy take your memory card out and select a game. Now if you want to play another mini game just restart start the console with memory card in, data will be loaded on game load automatically and once again on mini game mode take your memory card out before selecting a game.

Earning Points:
The only way I know you can earn points in the game is by doing the main game with 1 player. You will not get any points for more then 1 player so if you wanted to do more then 1 player take it in turns of doing a stage. Under main game each difficulty will earn more points.
Some tips are
If possible get all banana's on the stage.
Even one stage will get points.
Try expert and do as much as possible even a few stages can earn a lot.
Retiring or exiting gets points.
Warping doesn't get less you still get roughly the same score after warping as you would by doing the stages you skipped.

And most of all dont stress out this game requires a lot patience and skill and can take a lot of lives and continues just to complete a stage if you cant pass a stage quite and you should be able to practice it on practice mode if not just keep trying or turn it off and go have a break and maybe calm down and relax and then go back and try to complete the stage.

Monkey Target Tricks:
After selecting a character to play as on monkey target mode you get an option screen which consists of a number and 2 options
1st option lets you choose how many rounds you play you can choose 5 , 10 or 15
2nd option lets you turns off the info at the top of the screen that says stuff like 2x and stuff
And the 3rd option lets you turn off the disc that spins at the start of your turn that decides playing conditions eg clouds , bombs e.t.c.

During the game to make landing easier to land on high point targets eg 100 points e.t.c before you reach the target hold the analog stick down and you will loose speed and altitute thus letting you land with out bouncing a lot and lets you close the ball above your destination getting you high scores.
It takes a bit to master but once you get it you should be getting the 200 targets easy

Warp From Stage 2 to Stage 5:
On stage two of beginner turn around as soon as you start and you'll see a ramp go up the ramp as slow as possible and still make it over the edge. If you did it correctly you should see a goal gate that will take you to stage five.

Unlimited Continues:
At the start of the game for every 2,500 points you can buy a new mini game, but after you have bought all of the mini games (fairly easy to do) for all the next 2,500 points you get an extra continue after you get 5 extra continues you get Unlimited Continues forever.

Get Red Warp Easy:
On stage 18 of Advanced difficulty, there is a blue, green and red warp. An easy way to get the red warp is to just go forward a few feet then go off the right edge. You will fall on a lower platform. Just wait there and the red warp will come by in a few seconds

Easy 200 in target mode:
On the level with the pyramids on the two sides: fly straight out to the middle platform, then hang a right.. you should be able to glide gently to the pyramid and drop right on the 200 or 300. use the 3x multiplier for more points

Get Master Mode:
Finish the game using Expert mode with no continues

Submitted by: sic on May 08, 2002
  • Bonus level
    Select any difficulty setting and complete all normal levels. A bonus level will start during the credits. Get as many bananas as you can while avoiding the falling letters from the credits.

  • EX levels
    Successfully complete beginner mode without losing any lives to unlock 3 EX levels.

  • Master mode
    Successfully complete the game in expert mode without using any continues to unlock master mode.

  • Infinite continues
    After you buy all three mini-games, for every 2,500 play points you get, you will gain an extra continue. After you reach nine continues, the game will give you unlimited continues.

    Play all mini-games with only 2,500 points
    Earn 2,500 points in the game and save them to a memory card. Then, go to the mini-games section and remove the memory card that has the 2,500 saved on it. Select the mini-game you would like to play and the 2,500 points will not be deducted from your memory card as it has been removed. If you would like to play another mini-game, just reset the game and repeat the process.

  • Finding bananas
    Note where your monkey's head is turning to find the closest banana, whether it can be picked up or not.
  • Submitted by: sic on April 21, 2002
    Extra Levels
    There are extra levels for all the modes, for the begginer you must complete it without losing a set amount of lifes (3) and you get three cool crazy levels and then another number wihc decreases (how many lifes you loose) for the intemrediate and Expert, but it is worht it!
    Submitted by: Q22 on March 14, 2003
    How to get the annoying Red Goal
    To get the red goal ony the music note level, jump off the side at the beginning. Go backwards, and the goal should come shooting at you.
    Submitted by: papermariofreak64 on March 02, 2007
    Play Extra and Master Levels (North American Version)
    The following levels are unlockable, and once unlocked, and can be played in Practice Mode.

    Master Play through the Expert & Expert Extra levels without using a continue to unlock 10 levels.
    Expert Extra Play through Expert mode without using a continue to unlock 10 levels.
    Advanced Extra Play through Advanced mode without losing a life to unlock 5 levels.
    Beginner Extra Play through Beginner mode without losing a life to unlock 3 levels.
    Submitted by: Angel Blade on December 06, 2004
    Play Extra/Master Stages in Practice Mode
    After reaching them in the Normal mode, you CAN play the Extra and Master stages in Practice mode. When selecting the difficulty from ''Beginner'', ''Advanced'', and ''Expert'', simply go further to the right, and you'll be able to select the Extra and Master stages.
    Submitted by: Angel Blade on December 06, 2004
    Unlimited Continues!
    After unlocking the three mini games, every 2500 play points afterwards gets you an extra continue. Once you have 9 continues, get 2500 more points to get unlimited continues!
    Submitted by: Angel Blade on December 06, 2004
    Win At Monkey Race And Beat Everybody (It does work)
    You must be in the race you use this at any time
    Hold R, L, A, Y, X and push the joysick up all in the same time
    and then you win in a instant
    It really work try it your self
    Submitted by: MC on June 30, 2003