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Super Mario Strikers cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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All the things to unlock and how
Flower Cup: place in the top 3 of Mushroom Cup
Super Cup Battles: place first in the Bowser Cup
Super Mushroom Cup: comes with super cup battles
Super Flower Cup: place in top 3 of super mushroom cup
Super Star Cup: place in top 3 of the super flower cup


With each cup win, you'll get cheats unlocked, most are items, but some aren't like weak goalies, and others, to unlock, beat the cups


You can unlock trophies like the paramedic trophy, or the sniper award for certain things done they come in bronze, silver, and gold.

sniper award: goals scored
paramedic award: times you've pushed someone into the electric fence
super strike award: super strikes performed
perfect pass award: perform perfect passes
Great Goal!!! (funny)
OK, I was playing the game, then, in a perfect strike, I was smashed by a blue shell, my koopa freezed in the middle of the air,and the goal-keeper started jumping from one side to the other (while my koopa was freezed in the middle of the air), and then...GOOAALL!!!!

These is a great idea to do if you are playing in the same team with your friend.
Perfect Pass Hint
When you are on the opponent's side (in other words, the side where you can score) if you hear someone there on your team say something they are ready for a perfect pass, but you got do it fast or it won't work.
Taking out Players
Using the 'Y' button, you can perform a hard hit, knocking your opponent(s) back either into the wall, or away from you on the field. But, it isn't a one player maximum per hit, you can actually take out as many players as there are in front of you, opening up the field for a better chance to score! Sometimes its good to wait for the bigger clusters, it will make it easier to perform this tactic.
Try not to attempt a big hit on the players who do not have the ball. If you do this it will give the other team an item.


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Captain Specials ability
Here you can find each captains special ability.

Mario: Mario is a good balance captain, he's a good captain for professionals.

Luigi: He's a playmaker captain, he can feed perfect passe's more then any character. He's for strategic players.

Peach: The princess is a good playmaker captain, unlike Luigi she can pass perfectly on ground and with her speed, she's for agile players.

Yoshi: He's a balance captain, unlike Mario he has speed and great defensive power. He's for defensive players.

Daisy: Daisy is a offensive captain, she has speed and is very powerful in shots, she's for speedy offensive players.

Waluigi: He's a offensive captain, unlike Daisy he has more power then speed, he's for powerful offensive players.

Wario: He's a agressive, his shots are powerful however he lacks in speed. He's for agressive players.

Donkey Kong: He's a agressive captain, however he can tackle and curl the ball better then Wario, he even has more speed. DK is for tricky players.

Hope that helps, happy striking.

Hope that helps
Easy Goals
First unlock the "Weak Goalies" choice. Then select it and go into a game. While in the game take a lob shot at the goal. (L+B) 90% of the time it will make the goalie dizzy, giving you about 3 seconds to take an open shot at the goal.
Easy Goals
Pick any team you like(Luigi and Toad are best). First, give toad the ball and dash(hold R) down the sideline and when you get to the corner, stop and do a lob pass(L+A).Then kick it in mid-air(the player will jump automatically). This will work half of the time.Have fun! (-:
I'm Banannas
DK as a captain is quite a good idea for 5 reasons

1. DK gets banannas more often than other teams

2. His banannas are huge

3. His banannas can be from 3-5 in quantity.

4. His size helps greatly because when he slide tackles or big hits he can take down up to 3 players!

5. His brutal strength means not many shots miss and his super strikes knock the goaly out more often.
Unlock Bowser Cup
To unlock the Bowser Cup then just place in the top three in the Star Cup.
Unlock Super Team
To unlock the Super Team then just beat the Bowser Cup.
Unlock The Star Cup
To unlock the Star Cup then just place in the top three in the Flower Cup.
Unlock The Super Bowser Cup
To unlock the Super Bowser Cup then just place in the top three in the Super Star Cup.
yoshi speaks ENGLISH!
Did you know Yoshi speaks english? When you first load the game, Yoshi says \"Thank You!\" to DK. Then he says \"Hey Hey\" If you play him in a game.