Summoner 2 (GC) Cheats

Summoner 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Easy Gold/XP Accumulation
Once you have finished Mas Ora's Arena for the first time, you can return there and play Time Attack or Survival. Although it costs gold to play, every enemy you kill earns you Gold and XP. If you survive the entire Time Attack Run, you can easily earn over 10,000 gold from your entry fee of 500 Gold. Survival costs 1000 Gold, but you keep going until everyone's HP hits 0, earning Gold and XP for every kill.
To make gems for Iari you need the soul comusumntion skills from Morbazan at 100 for a LV10 gem. This lest tells what skiil make what gem.

Soul Search=Green
Soul Transfer=Black
Urath's Prayer=Blue
In An Emergency, Scrolls Are The Way To Go
In this game, summoning a spell to ward of enemies can take some time. Although a simple spell, she takes some time making the light show before the spell is actually cast.

If you see an enemy charging towards you and you will not be able to handle them, use a scroll on them to stop them so you can gain your ground again.
Morbazan Soul Comsumption
To get the skills you have to soul comsum mosters and this list is what monsters give you what skill.

Redemption:Indubal Terror, Tree Sentinal,Rock Spider,Rococro,Unseen best,Unseen guard.

Soul Search:Indubal Horro,Pairate,Tusk Wolf,Mud Golms,Unseen guard

Vitalize:Grotto Tree, Inland Ghost, Unseen Best.

Haste:Indubal Fiend, Any Hopiris Mosters.

Soul Transfer:Galdyran Solder

Inferno:Galdyran Magician

Omen:Unseen Guard (Shooters)

Urath's Prayeron't know yet.

Beguile: Unseen Guard.

I will up date the list when I find the rest.
Quick spell casting to save your life
When you cast spells, there is an initial charge time before the spell is cast. While you wait for the charge to finish and the spell to take effect, you could be getting killed, and losing control of that summon and adding another enemy to the list.

If, during the charge animation, you go into one of the game's menus such as 'Skills' or 'Inventory', a glitch in the game cancels out any charge times and instantly casts the spell.

This comes in handy when you NEED to heal instantly. Cast heal on the person, press Triangle, click on inventory, and you hear the heal spell come out instantly. Try a barrage of fire arrows and you will kill just about any boss.

Its cheesy, and it takes advantage of a game's fluke, but if you need it enough and it means not having to reload 2 hours of gameplay, I dont feel cheap using it.
Secret Video
Select the credits and when they start to roll, press the X button for a funny video that involves one of the classic RPGs (D&D)