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Get Away From Cops

On the Main Menu, press Up, Down, Left, then Right on the Control Pad / Stick to access the cheat screen.

Enter LETMEGO as a cheat to get away with a warning the first three times a cop pulls you over in Street Mode.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: teodortenchev on January 15, 2006

Unlock Secret Cars, And Vinyl

To bring up[ the password entry, press Up, Down, Left, Right at the main menu.

FIXITUP = Free Car Repair
GORETRO = Pac-Man Vinyl
GOTPOPO = Police Car
IGOTGST = Mitsubishi Eclipse GT-S
MYTCGTS = Toyota Celica GT-S
RENESIS = Mazda RX-8
SICKJZA = Toyota Supra 3.0L RZ
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: VulcanRaven on December 02, 2004