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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike Cheats

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike cheats, and Codes for GC.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike Cheats

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Arcade game
FREEPLAY - Unlocks arcade game (arcade must be unlocked first)
Submitted by: Tomo on December 29, 2003
Bonus Missions
Attack on the executor-
Above triumph of the empire (30 points)

Death star escape-
Above revenge of the empire (10 points)

Escape from Hoth-
Left battlefield Hoth (20 points)

Flight from bespin-
Right of deception at destrillion (20 points)

Rebeal endurance-
Above attack on the executor (20 points)
Submitted by: Super Vegeta on December 26, 2004
Naboo starfighter:


Level select in Co-op:


Singer player missions and bouns missions:


Unlimited lives:

Submitted by: dtimmy14 on April 03, 2004
Co-Op mode ships.
All plantium medals in co-op mode.

Jedi Starfighter
All gold medals in co-op mode.

Naboo Starfighter
All silver medals in co-op mode.

Millennium Falcon & Tie Advance X-1
All bronze medals in co-op mode.

Tie Fighter
Steal tie in night and day missions of imperial academy and finish mission.
Submitted by: Super Vegeta on December 26, 2004
easy cheat
go to the passcode in options and print in wimpiam! you will get easy mode on all levels
Submitted by: jesse on November 08, 2003
More Cheats
!KOOLART gives you the art Gallery.

FARMBOY? gives you the T-16 Skyhopper.(in VS only)

WHATTHE? gives you Ace Mode.
Submitted by: anonymous on November 20, 2003
HARKHARK gives you music.
Submitted by: Donnie on November 24, 2003
Secret Ships
Tie Hunter-
All gold medals in single missions and bonus missions.

Jedi Starfighter-
All silver medals in single missions and bonus missions.

All bronze medals in standard single player missions.

The Bomber-
Destroy all ground turrets in the raid and bakura in missled linked groups.

Naboo Starfighter-
Finish Tatooine training in all four times of day and get all of the hidden items.
Submitted by: Super Vegeta on December 26, 2004
Special Features
LOOKMOM! - Unlocks the Credits
THEDUDES - Unlocks the Documentary
HARKHARK - Unlocks the Music Hall
!KOOLART - Unlocks the Art Gallery
NOCOLOR? -* Activates Black and White Mode
YNMSFY?P, then YOUDAMAN - Unlocks Ace Mode
RTJPFC!G, then TIMEWARP - Unlocks Star Wars Arcade
!H!F?HXS, then KOOLSTUF - Unlocks Empire Strikes Back Arcade
!?ATH!RD, then GAME?YES - Unlocks Return of the Jedi Arcade
IIOUAOYE, then WIMPIAM! -* Infinite Lives for Single Player and Co-Op

*=codes that turn themselves off after you turn your Gamecube off.
Submitted by: Chaos Zero on March 16, 2005
Unlock Missions
HYWSC!WS, then NONGAMER - Unlocks all non-bonus Single Player Missions
EEQQ?YPL, then CHE!ATER - Unlocks all Single Player Missions
SWGRCQPL, then UCHEATED - Unlocks all non-bonus Co-Op Missions
YFCEDFRH, then DSAGAIN? - Unlocks Death Star Escape in Co-Op Mode
RWALPIGC, then NOWAYOUT - Unlocks Asteroid Field in Co-Op Mode
WPX?FGC!, then EXCERSIZ - Unlocks Endurance in Co-Op Mode
FRLL!CSF, then FARMBOY? - Unlocks Beggar's Canyon Race in Versus Special
Submitted by: Chaos Zero on March 16, 2005
Unlock Ships
JASDJWFA, then !DABOMB! - Unlocks the TIE Bomber in Single Player and Vs.
MCKEMAKD, then ONESHOT! - Unlocks the TIE Fighter in Co-Op Mode
VDX?WK!H, then ANOKSHIP - Unlocks the TIE Advanced in Co-Op Mode
QZCRPTG!, then HANSRIDE - Unlocks the Millennium Falcon in all modes
TGBCWLPN, then ZZBOUNTY - Unlocks the Slave I in all modes
BBGMYWSX, then JEDIWHO? - Unlocks the Jedi Starfighter in all modes

NOTE: If you use the code to unlock the Starfighter you will be unable to play raid on Bespin in Co-op mode. If you want to do every level and have the Starfighter, you must complete Raid on Bespin first (you don't need a medal, just complete it). If you don't complete first you will be forever unable to complete it, because you need to use both A-wings and the Starfighter replaces one of them. If you have already entered the code without completing Bespin, you must erase you data of memory card.

RTWCVBSH, then BFNAGAIN - Unlocks the Naboo Starfighter in all modes
FRRVBMJK, then LOOKOUT! - Unlocks the TIE Hunter in Single Player and Vs
AXCBPRHK, then WHATTHE? - Unlocks Rudy's Car in Single Player and Co-Op

NOTE: For Rudy's Car you must re-activate this cheat every time you turn your cube on
Submitted by: Chaos Zero on March 16, 2005
Unlockable Ships
Naboo Starfighter- Complete Tatooine Training in all 4 time settings

Tie Bomber- Bomb all floor turrents in the 3rd objective of the Raid at Bakura stage(only playable in multiplayer)

Slave I- Earn bronze on all missions, except bonus missions

Millenium Falcon- Earn bronze on all mission including bonus missions

Jedi Starfighter- Earn silver on all missions, even bonus missions

Tie Hunter- Earn gold on all missions, even bonus missions
Submitted by: Ice89 on October 29, 2003
Unlocks (passwords)
Ace mode- WHATTHE?
Easy mode- WIMPIAM!
Unlock Credits- LOOKMOM!
Unlock Documentary- THEDUDES
Unlock ESB Arcade Game- FREEPLAY
Black & White mode- NOCOLOR?
T-16 Skyhopper for VS mode- FARMBOY?
Art Gallery- !KOOLART
Music Hall- HARKHARK
Y-wing in revenge of empire- YOUDAMAN
Submitted by: Super Vegeta on December 26, 2004