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Aparoid Home World (Mission 10)
Having trouble getting past some ground targets?
Some parts you can use the Landmaster to blow them out of the way, you can take the Landmaster, go up an unprotected (Which if you go over, you'll fall to your doom) bridges, and keep on going up, you'll come to a lot of ground targets, use the landmaster, blast them out of your way, and contius
Aparoid Pigma
while fighting aparoid pigma, it is wise to not always shoot a charge shot. instead, repeatedly tap the A button while on a target. it may be a bit hard at first but it will pay off!
only use the charge shot for the weapons and if the claw is ready to get you.
Avoiding Radar Jams
Well if you press start and look there are big green smuges. These are the radar jammers. Hope I helped.
Bazzoka Lock-On
In V.S. mode select the Aparoid homeworld stage. Have your friend to get to the other side of the stage. then take out the Bazzoka and lock-on to him, the Bazzoka can lock-on enemies in distance (even if they are 1,000 miles away!). this works with the Airwing too (I think).
Easy way to dodge Oinkonny's attacks
All you need to do is fly up when he attacks you. He'll never hit you, guaranteed.
Faster Arwings/Wolfens
Instead of just pressing "Y" and using the boost, repeatedly press it. It'll make you go faster and barely lowers your boost gauge.
Get easy items
Always try to save your teammates because sometimes, they give you items in return. Slippy and Krystal give you rings a lot, but I personally like to save Falco because he gives you bombs.
Good tips to excel
Ok now it's not hard to find these but sometimes it is. Shoot certain enemies and you might get 1st a green laser upgrade and the 2nd time you might get a red upgrade.

Use bombs sparingly, try only to use them against the last boss if possible. Bombs are strong against the last Arploid (the queen (final boss)).

Use the machine gun to get around weak enemies quickly (on ground)

Always save your team mates when they're in trouble (and yes i know its annoying) but still you get medals for having them all safe.

Bronze medal = Easy
Silver = Medium
Gold = Hard

To destroy turrets either completely charge your blaster or pull out a H.Launcher to destroy them (note: you might need to aim if the turret is too high for auto-lock-on).

Use grenades in tight spos like at the arploid homeworld (last level).

PM ME if you need any more tips as i have beaten this game already.
Help with S-Flags
S-flags are needed to unlock Demon Sniper mode (or something). Besides you can't really complete the game without them (and bragging purposes, of course!)
This is for Level 1-
1st- The last giant battleship thingy has it! Falco will give you a bomb to help you. The flag is to the right of the weakspot, use uncharged lasers (or else it will automatically target the purple glowy thingy and destroy it, with the first S-flag)! As soon as you hit the right of the weakspot, the falg should appear, fly through it to get it!

2nd-Whilst flying on the ground, continue normally until you see a second path all the way to the right, take this route (you should find a bomb and an ambush). Then destroy the tank enemy in the next arch, thus getting you your flag.

3rd-Soon after you find the last flag, Falco will need rescuing, but hurry up or ignore him. Locate the third tree from the start of the forest and shoot the left branch (if your havin trouble, it is the tree straight in the middle, and the branch to the left, quite high up).

4th-After a while you'll enter a tank base where Krystal warns you the enemy's waiting for you! Keep going, when you see a train with barrels on, go to the ground and keep to the left. You'll pass a yellow green wall, then go all the way to the left and pass a similarly coloured pillar and shoot a lone barrel.

5th-Now raise up keep to the right, there will be a legde with a barrel on, it should be near the end of the ledge (remember it's on the top roght ledge), shoot all the barrels if you're unsure.

Now then, you have the flags!
Need help? contact me and be sure to mention which game- 01balton@cheadle-high.staffs.sch.uk
Kill Pigma Easily
The easy way to beat Pigma is to charge up, lock on one of those claws and charge up again for the final battle with Pigma. When his face is open, charge up lock on his face. It will do great damage to him
Multiplayer Mode Tip
If on teams the easiest way to kill them is with your partner: find a Arwing and have your team member jump on the wing. Now hold down R so they don't fall off. While they, are outside shooting on the Arwing you can help fire too.
Powerful Arwing Bullets
Well, there are arwing upgrades, but in multiplayer mode, get a good gun. Bazooka, machine gun, anything except the blaster, and start flying in the arwing. Get out with "Z", and shoot. Just don't hit the wings! It makes it easier, and looks a lot cooler to kill people like that.

This only works in multiplayer mode with places that use Arwing & foot & possibly landmaster.
Ride on top of Arwing (on non-wing riding missions and multiplayer)
Press Z while in the air in your Arwing, and you'll be standing on top of it while it glides. You can use any of your weapons during this time.
Sniper Spot 2
In Corneria City, jump into an arwing/wolfen (if there are only landmasters, drive off the edge and jump out before it falls into the water so an arwing/wolfen will appear) and fly as high as you can. (be sure you have a sniper rifle[to make it easier to find, they have blue rings around them])

Look around for two buildings with a bridge connecting them. Jump out of your ship so you land on the building. Now you have a very high sniping spot. You can cross the bridge, and hide behind the antennas if your being shot at.

This tactic has won me a lot of games.
Sniping Spot 1
In Katina Outpost, get in an Arwing/Wolfen. Fly outside the base and look around until you find a mushroom by itself. Land on it, and you've found you're sniping spot. Remember to get in the Arwing/Wolfen sometimes or it will disapear.
Stand On Arwing
When in any mode get in an Arwing, then while near an enemy (in range), press Z and you will be standing on the Arwing, now you do not have to trun an Arwing around if you want to hit and enemy, just look back and fire, just don't hit the Arwing, and watch the borders of the stage, the Arwing will force you to get off, and you will fall to your doom.
Taunting and Second Taunting
Press the Z button when you're not near a vechicle. Your character will Taunt.

Second Taunt
After you shoot or kill someone press Z and they will do a taunt different from the first
Trouble with flags and medals?
A lot of people are stuck due to the fact that getting the flags means you miss out of the medals. Well, here's a tip, create two files: one for getting bronze, silver and gold medals (+allies). And the other one for getting/finding the S-flags.
This is the easiest way to get stuff without losing your other stuff. If you don't have enough space on your memory card, you can get all the medals first, then get the flags whilst on bronze level.
If you wanna stand on a wing in Multi player mode just land with the character in the arwing. Jump on the arwing with the other character and then 1P jumps in the arwing. Try to don't fall of. If you are a good flyer the one who stands on your wing can't fall of. Don't peform any summersaults or Barrel rolls.


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Bonus Game
To get the bonus game unlock all silver badges.
Demon Sniper in VS Mode
To unlock the demon sniper inVS mode, beat all missions with getting all of the S flags.

Demon Sniper Coleect all S flags in all missions
Multiplayer Unlockables
Play the following number of multiplayer matches to unlock the corresponding part.

Special Items On/Off, controls appearance of items like the missile launcher and gattling gun 5 matches
Missile Launcher 5 matches
Missile Launcher Only Mode 10 matches
Peppy Hare as Playable 15 matches
Gattling Guns 20 matches
Crown Capture Mode 30 matches
Stage: Titania Desert 40 matches
Sure-Shot Scuffle Mode (1-hit kills) 50 matches
Simple Map 4 60 matches
Booster Pack and Launcher Tilt Mode 230 matches
Stage: Simple Map 5 260 matches
Cluster Bombs 200 matches
Predator Rockets 170 matches
Wolfen 150 matches
Stage: Zoness Sea Base 130 matches
Booster Packs Brawl Mode 110 matches
Booster Packs 90 matches
Fireburst Pods 75 matches
Survivor mode
To unlock Survivor mode for Single player, complete the game once.
Tip 1046 ( for me though )
when ever you are in a arwing, do you ever want to advoid a head on shot but not do a roll defences at all? well if you fly straight and hold "R" lightly, you'll go in to a vertical pistion and if you time it correctly, you should be able to douge the enemy fire and kill the dumb android. Hope it help though it sounds a little lame. Also one more thing, if you don't like the vehicle you are using during VS. mode, get out and shoot it till it is destroy. then look on your radar if a arwing or landmaster has appear. now I hope this cheat is not lame. Heck, i only got this game for 1 week but i'm on the last level.
Unlock Multiplayer Stages
Complete the following levels once to unlock the corresponding multiplayer stage.

Katina Outpost Complete Katina: Frontier Base Battle
Inner Sargasso Hideout Complete Sargasso Space Zone: Hostilities Revisited
Outer Sargasso Hideout Complete Sargasso Space Zone: Hostilities Revisited
Fichina Complete Fichina: Into the Storm
Planet Sauria Complete Sauria: Reunion
Corneria City Complete Corneria: War Comes Home
Space Station Complete Orbital Gate: Incoming
Aparoid City Complete Aparoid Homeworld: Breaching the Defenses
Unlock Peppy Hare in Multiplayer
To unlock Peppy Hare (Team Star Fox Combat Advisor/Ex-Pilot), you must play 15 battles of multiplayer.
Unlock the Wolfen in Multiplayer
To unlock the Wolfen (vehicle used by Team Star Wolf), you must play 150 battles of multiplayer.
Unlock Wolf O'Donnel in Multiplayer Mode
To unlock Wolf (Captain of Team Star Wolf), you must collect all Ally Medals in the Single Player Missions.

To do this, complete each mission (on any difficulty) without having any of your Teammates retire.
Unlock Wolf O'Donnell for Vs. Mode
To unlock Wolf, beat all 10 missions, and don't let any of the other Star Fox Team members retire during the missions.