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Star Fox Adventures cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Attack patterns
Fox has three different attack patterns you can use with Krystal staff although the first two strikes will always be the same:

1. Normal
Description: Fox repeats his first two strikes and then plunges the staff downward to knck the enemy down
To use: Push A along with the pattern
To Execute: keep the control stick neutral

2. Kicking
Description: after the first two strikes, Fox kicks the enemy on their left side and on the next hit kicks them on their left to knock them down
to Use: Push A along with the pattern
to Execute: ?

3. Special
Description: after the first two strikes fox twirls his Staff on his right then twirls his staff on his left, and after that, to knock them down, charges his staff
To Use: press A rapidly when he twirls his staff (to make the pattern easier to follow) then when he charges his staff Hold A and release it with perfect timing
To execute: Hold down on the control stick while attacking
Cloudrunner explorer
When you get your staff back from the cloudrunner fortress, open all the prisoner cages and you'll release a cloudrunner that flys away. Then, when you return to thorntail hollow, use the staff booster just to the right of the shop entrence and you'll see the cloudrunner you released. Play the cloudrunner flute and he'll fly up and give you a bofomdad for free from the mountian top!
easy race
in the ice mt. wen raceing the scales an easy way to kill them is to get in front of them and thel ram you but thel get hurt
Elevator, Not Really Going...
Quite a simple glitch really. At the beginning of the game when you are playing Krystal, after you find the Krazoa Spirit you normally hop on the small elevator to the release pad. While you are on the elevator, hit Z for first person view. Your view will stop moving but the elevator keeps going! You will watch it come up over your head! When you go back to normal view, everything will resume normally. Weird!
Get past Bribeclaw without paying
At cape claw when Bribeclaw wants you to pay him scarabs, refuse. Instead, go in the water and swim across the right side of the docks (when facing Bribeclaw from the beach) you should be able to find a rocket boost pad that allows you to get up onto the docks, Bribeclaw will now let you pass at anytime as if you had paid him.
Sell out the shopkeeper
When you have the small scarab bag, you can buy everything from the shopkeeper that there is only one of except for the Snowhorn Artifact


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Different color Tricy
Anytime Prince Tricky says, "Lets Play" Play with him. Play with him using Tricy's Ball
Getting the Cheats
Purchase tokens in the center of Thorntail for 20 scarabs. Now take the tokens to the maze guarded by the huge Stone Guard above the waterfall. Look for the well and throw the token in with the c stick. Go to the main menu and to options to see the cheat you unlocked.
Names of Staff Upgrades
The following are names of Staff Upgrades:

-Fire blaster
-Rocket Boost
-Ice blaster
-Ground quake
-Sharpclaw disguise
-Portal Move
-Super Ground Quake

That's it! Those are all of the Staff Upgrades in the order that you are supposed to get them in!
Quick Scarabs
Go to the shop on dinosaur planet with the salesmen with no legs go to her games room bet 1 scarab win the game (you must win)then leave the room but instead of turning go straight through the wall in front of you the lift the rock with your staff and a few scarabs will appear collect them (worth 3 each)repeat this process until satisfied.
What the Cheats Do
Display End Credits : Shows end credits
Music Test : Test music from the game
Special Message : Tells about a enemy
Set Language to Dinosaur : Make game language dinosaur
Sepia Mode : Black & White Mode.
Special Message : A voice from the past.
Special Message : Tells about the future.
Where to Find the Cheat Tokens
Center of ThornTail Shop - Pay 20 - Credits
Behind BombSpore Patch in Ice Mountain - Pay 20 - Gives you Sound Test
Snowhorn Wastes - Swim to the end of the river to find the well.
Moon Mountain Pass - Plant a Moon Seed in front of the second Krazoa shrine.
Lightfoot Village - Become a member of the Lightfoot tribe. When you run across a distressed mother who says her children are underground, help her out by finding them for her. Once you get them out of the underground, she'll help you find the well.
Cape Claw - Use the Portal Device to take control of the cannon, shoot at the platforms near the starting point. Explore the holes you created to find the well.
Volcano Force Point - Take Moon Seeds back to the Temple (after snagging the third Spell Stone). Drop down next to the second gate and plant the Moon Seed, and use it to get to the well.
Ocean Force Point - Take the Portal Device to the temple (after getting the fourth Stone). Go past the elecrified floor to the portal door, through which you will find the well.

~+FAQ/ Walkthrough+~ Version 8.0
----/ __//_ __// _ |--/ _ \-/ __// __ \-| |/_/ FAQ/Walkthrough by HyperSonic
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This FAQ was written and compiled by HyperSonic (pokeman5@msn.com). All questions,
comments, additions, and corrections can be mailed to that address. Please read the e-mail
policy at the bottom of this FAQ before writing in; certain types of e-mails will be ignored
and deleted. Make sure yours isn't one of them.

Hereafter, the title of the game Star Fox Adventures, when needed, will simply be referred
to as SFA.

I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo or Rare. This FAQ was not written with the intention
of any monetary gain whatsoever. Do not take this FAQ and reprint or repost it without my
permission. Do not steal it and claim that it's yours. This FAQ should appear only at
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pokeman5@msn.com.com and notify me.

This FAQ contains spoilers where applicable. I will not be marking such spoilers; if you do
not wish to know about a certain area of the game, simply refrain from reading that
particular area of this document.

For your convenience, I have included jump codes along with the Table of Contents. Simply
copy the jump code (they're all in the format [sfa.##.##]) and paste it into your browser's
search function (Ctrl+F on most browsers). This will jump you instantly to the part of the
FAQ you wish to read.

-{ Table of Contents }- -{ Story }-
- Updates History ........ [sfa.00.00] It's been eight years since Fox McCloud's last big
+ Controls ............... [sfa.01.00] hurrah, when he and the rest of Star Fox brought
- Fox .................. [sfa.01.01] peace to the Lylat System by decimating the archfiend
- Arwing ............... [sfa.01.02] Andross. But peace comes at a price, and if you're a
- Special Areas ........ [sfa.01.03] combat pilot, that price is boredom and poverty.
+ Characters ............. [sfa.02.00] Falco Lombardi, long-time member of Star Fox, left the
- Good Guys ............ [sfa.02.01] team without so much as a forwarding address. Fox's
- Bad Guys ............. [sfa.02.02] starship, the Great Fox, has spent the better part of
- Dino Tribes .......... [sfa.02.03] a decade falling prey to disuse and disrepair. Even
+ Atlas .................. [sfa.03.00] Fox's trusty Arwing doesn't roll as swiftly as it used
- Association Map ...... [sfa.03.01] to. At their wit's end, Team Star Fox is ready and
- Hazards .............. [sfa.03.02] willing to take a new mission - ANY new mission - to
- Gadgets .............. [sfa.03.03] keep themselves in business. Even if it takes them to
- Containers ........... [sfa.03.04] the most primative worlds of the farthest reaches of
+ Inventory .............. [sfa.04.00] the Lylat System...
- Commodities .......... [sfa.04.01]
- Equipment ............ [sfa.04.02] ...meanwhile, a mysterious young magician named
- Magic ................ [sfa.04.03] Krystal receives a distress call coming from the
- Tricky ............... [sfa.04.04] normally peaceful, serine world of Dinosaur Planet.
- Maps ................. [sfa.04.05] She enlists the help of a friendly CloudRunner, who
- Arwing ............... [sfa.04.06] informs her that the evil General Scales has been
+ Walkthrough ............ [sfa.05.00] sweetping the planet with his wicked armies. As a
- Starting Up .......... [sfa.05.01] result of the strife, the very magical fabric of his
- Krystal .............. [sfa.05.02] world has been coming apart, and the entire planet is
- ThornTail Hollow ..... [sfa.05.03] about to burst. Krystal sets off for the sacred
- Saving Tricky ........ [sfa.05.04] Krazoa Palace, where she hopes to find the key to
- White GrubTubs ....... [sfa.05.05] rescuing Dinosaur Planet and its people.
- DarkIce Mines ........ [sfa.05.06]
- Volcano Force Point .. [sfa.05.07] What secrets lie hidden on the magic-rich Dinosaur
- Cape Claw ............ [sfa.05.08] Planet? What does fate have in store for Fox and
- CloudRunner Fortress . [sfa.05.09] Krystal as their stories intertwine on this
- Ocean Force Point .... [sfa.05.10] fantastic new world? With the help of a magical
- Walled City .......... [sfa.05.11] staff, a spunky prince, an army of helpful and
- Errands .............. [sfa.05.12] quirky dinosaurs and the ancient mysterious Krazoa
- Dragon Rock .......... [sfa.05.13] Spirits, Fox and Krysta will have to unravel
- Ducks in a Row ....... [sfa.05.14] General Scales' malicious plot in the next chapter
- Endgame .............. [sfa.05.15] of the Star Fox saga...
+ Bits'n'pieces .......... [sfa.06.00]
- Dino Language ........ [sfa.06.01]
- Gambling ............. [sfa.06.02]
- Game Well Maze ....... [sfa.06.03]
- Playing With Tricky .. [sfa.06.04]
- Conclusion ............. [sfa.07.00]

Controls [sfa.01.00]
Since you're reading this FAQ, I'm going to assume you're pretty familiar with the Nintendo
GameCube controller. As can be expected, pressing all the neat colorful buttons on the
controller makes Fox do all sorts of neat things. This section serves to take what you
already know about the oddly-shaped yet very comfortable controller and apply it to a cartoon

I will be refering to the buttons in a consistant manner throughout this FAQ. So there is no
confusion, here is how I will refer to them:

Control Stick - The analog stick on the left side of the controller. It's grey.
C Stick - The analog stick on the right side of the controller. This one's yellow.
D Pad - The cross-shaped configuration of buttons under the Control Stick. There
are four directions: up, down, left, and right.
Start - The little circular button right in the middle.
A, B, X, Y - The "face buttons" on the left side of the controller.
L, R, Z - The "auxilary buttons" on the shoulders of the controller. Keep in mind that
R and L are analog; Z is not.

SFA also supports the GameCube's rumble feature, which makes the controller vibrate when you
bump into stuff, get hit, etc... I hate rumble functions, so I kept it turned off during
the game. SFA doesn't require the rumble function anywhere, so feel free to play without it
if you share my sentiments about such nonsense.

Controls - Fox [sfa.01.01]
Through most of the game, you will be controlling Fox McCloud. He's the spiffy looking
fellow with the orange fur and perky ears on the front of the box. You also may remember
him from some old shooter games I wasn't particularly fond of. Or, infinitely better, from
Super Smash Bros. and its sequel Melee, in which Fox is absolutely the bomb. But that's a
different FAQ entirely.

There's also a purple-ish fox girl named Krystal who you'll use for a while. She behaves
just like Fox does, but is not nearly as functional.

-{ Control Stick - Walk/Run }-
This is how you'll get around Dinosaur Planet. Tilt the control stick slightly inward to
make Fox walk at a leisurely pace. Tilt it all the way to make him run at a decent clip.
Fox is a pretty speedy fellow, and there's really no need to walk anywhere. Running full
tilt is traveling in style!

-{ C Stick - Inventory Control }-
Inventory management is done in real time in SFA; no need for cumbersome menu screens.
Tapping the C Stick left or right lets Fox scroll through his inventory pages (equipment,
magic, and Tricky's skills). Tapping up and down lets him select items within a category.
The menu will open automatically when you manipulate the C Stick in any way. Press A to
use the item or skill. Press Y to assign the highlighted skill to the Y Button shortcut.
Press B to close the inventory menu.

-{ D Pad - PDA/Map Control }-
The D Pad controls Fox's PDA in the lower-left corner of the screen. Press left or right
to scroll through the various pages and functions (map screen, info screen, Fuel Cell
compass). If you're on the map screen, press up or down to zoom the map in or out.
Managing Fox's PDA becomes crucial when navigating certain areas, or searching out Fuel
Cells. The information screen gives Fox automatic on-the-fly access to data bout his
surrounding environment. Very handy, but you can turn the PDA off entirely by selecting
it from the inventory if you want.

-{ Start - Communicator }-
Start allows Fox to use his communicator and chitchat with his friends and allies.
This gives Fox access to all sorts of game data. Highlight the icon you want to use,
then press A to activate it. The Memory Card icon lets you save the game anywhere you
want. The GameCube icon lets you quit the game. Slippy Toad will give you hints if
you're stuck somewhere. Peppy Hare lets you analyze the world map, and any maps you've
bought from the ShopKeeper. General Pepper lets you view your in-game data (time, health
meter, collected SpellStones, Spirits, etc) and check out your magic, Tricky's skills,
and other important items. Press Start again when you're done to get back to the game.

-{ A Button - Action/Use/Combat }-
In general, when you see something interesting, press the A Button to check it out. The
game helps you do this by displaying a spinning green A Button icon above stuff you can
analyze. This includes switches you can pull, characters you can talk to, items you can
pick up, and any number of other goodies.

If there's nothing around to interact with, Fox will pull out his staff. Unless, of
course, it's already out, in which case he'll swing it. With his staff drawn, Fox is
automatically placed into combat mode. If he then steps into the proximity of an enemy
(or vice-versa), he will automatically be locked onto that enemy. In that case, just walk
within range and press A to launch an attack.

Fox can combo his attacks by pressing the A Button repeatedly while pressing the Control
Stick in different directions. By combining his skill with the staff and his knowledge of
martial arts, Fox is a quick and deadly opponent capable of taking down bad guys much
larger than he is. Once you've started a combo, you can keep it going as long as you want,
even if the enemy is knocked to the ground. This is the offensive part of combat.

If Fox doesn't have his staff, for whatever reason, he obviously can't draw it, and
therefore can't engage in combat. Krystal doesn't have access to the staff, and will have
to be a bit more imaginative in defeating her opponents.

-{ B - Cancel/Put Away }-
The B Button's only practical use is backing out of menus (including the inventory menu).
If Fox has his staff drawn, press B to make him put it away (thus putting an end to combat
mode, if you wish.

-{ X - Roll/Dodge }-
The X Button allows Fox to do a forward somersault. This is great for dodging attacks and
the like, and is a very useful tool when strafing and when engaged in heated combat. It's
also essentially a quick burst of speed, allowing Fox to roll underneath closing gates,
barrels, and other such obstacles.

-{ Y Button - Inventory Shortcut }-
You can assign anything out of Fox's inventory to the Y button, simply by pressing Y
instead of A while highlighting it. After that's accomplished, that item, spell, or
Tricky skill will be activated automatically when you press Y instead of having to be
selected from the menu again. If there's a skill or item you find yourself using often,
assign it to the Y Button to save yourself time and trouble.

-{ L Button - Camera Control/Strafe }-
Mario can have the complicated camera; Fox's just uses one button, and that's all you'll
need. Pressing the L Button down will make the camera snap right behind Fox, giving you a
good view of everything in front of him. If you're not used to this style of camera (the
same principle was used beautifully in Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Zelda: Majora's Mask),
you'll have plenty of time to get used to it before it becomes crucial.

There are certain points in the game where Fox cannot manipulate the camera or strafe.
These are fixed camera areas, and are denoted with a special icon on the left side of the

If you press the L Button all the way in until it clicks, and hold it, Fox will strafe
instead of walk with the Control Stick. This lets him walk around without changing
direction. This is good for peeking around corners, dodging enemy fire, and other such

-{ R Button - Shield/Defend }-
Press the R Button and Fox will shield himself with a magical barrier, protecting him from
all damage (but leaving him unable to move). This is good if you're being assaulted by
enemy fire and don't have time or room to roll out of the way.

If you're engaged with an opponent, Fox will block with his staff instead. This will
defend him from enemy attacks. Fox can go from defensive stance to launching an attack in
literally an instant, so it's a good strategy to block until your foe tries to hit you,
then counterattack right away. Gets 'em every time.

-{ Z Button - Look }-
Press Z and Fox will go into a first-person perspective, allowing you to look around the
area freely. Look around with the Control Stick and, if you have the Zoom Goggles, soom
in and out by tilting the C Stick up and down. When you're done, press Z again to return
to normal mode. Take care, because your environment doesn't pause while looking around,
so enemies can still close in if you're not careful.

Controls - Arwing [sfa.01.02]
Fox doesn't just magically teleport to and from Dinosaur Planet; indeed, he has to fly there
himself. Luckily, his trusty Arwing is still in good enough condition to brave the dangers
of the planet's orbit. What this means for you, as the player, is that every time you want
to visit Dinosaur Planet or one of its satellites, you'll have to go through a brief space
combat level.

The Arwing automatically flies into the background; you can't do much to stop its propulsion.
If you're familiar with either of the previous two Star Fox games (I'm admittedly not; space
shooters aren't my bag), this stuff should be old hat to you.

-{ Control Stick - Bank/Climb/Dive/Aim }-
In other words, the Control Stick moves you around. The Arwing responds to "airplane
controls"... in other words, tilt the Control stick left to make Fox bank right, tilt it
up to make him dive, etc. Press the opposite of the direction you want to go. It looks
stupid on paper, but in practice it's actually a very natural way of controlling a space

While moving, Fox's crosshairs will not be centered onscreen, so you can also use the
Control Stick to slightly adjust the direction of his lasers. As a general rule, the
further you tilt the Control Stick, the faster you move and the further you aim.

-{ Start - Menu }-
This functions the same as if Fox were on Dinosaur Planet, except he only has access to
the Save and Quit functions.

-{ A Button - Fire Laser }-
The Arwing comes equipped with upgradable lasers with a nearly limitless supply of energy.
In other words, lay on the A Button like a madman while you're flying through space.
There are crosshairs on the screen, as noted above, which act as an indicator of where the
lasers will hit.

-{ B Button - Fire Bomb }-
If you've collected any bombs (up to a maximum of three), push B to launch one. Bombs
are mad powerful weapons which pretty much eradicate everything in the blast radius, so
save them for when you really need to clean house.

-{ X Button - Brake }-
Hold X to reduce the Arwing's speed. This is helpful if you want to move a great amount
of horizontal or vertical distance without going very far forward, or if you want to hold
back long enough to laser an obstacle to death. Learning to brake strategically is key
in many areas in the shooter levels.

-{ Y Button - Boost }-
The opposite of the X Button, this will give Fox a brief boost of speed. This is good to
shoot through closing gates before you crash into them, and similar situations.

-{ L/R Buttons - Quick Turn/Barrel Roll }-
Press the shoulder button in slightly for a quick bank; press it all the way down to
execute a barrel roll, which is a quick evasive maneuver that leaves Fox momentarily
impervious to damage.

Controls - Special Areas [sfa.01.03]
Under certain circumstances, you will be controlling Fox in awkward situations where he is
neither on foot nor in the Arwing. These are special cases and will he handled on a
one-at-a-time basis.

-{ Swimming/Freefall }-
Dinosaur Planet has lots of aquatic areas, and swimming is easy enough; just use the
Control Stick to swim in any direction you want. Fox can't dive, however, nor can he
execute any of his other normal commands. The same conditions apply to jet streams and
their ilk... a gust of wind blowing up from below will push Fox upward, giving him the
option to float around until he exits the wind flow. In either case, Fox disengages
battle mode once he starts swimming or freefalling, although he can still be attacked and
sustain damage.

-{ Mounted Dinosaur }-
At certain points in the game, Fox or Krystal will hop on the back of one of their dino
pals and go for a ride. In these cases, you essentially can only move and attack. Each
dinosaur buddy has a different method for attacking, which will be explained to you when
you meet them. If applicable, you'll see your dino-buddy's health meter at the bottom of
the screen.

-{ Racing Sequences }-
In some areas, Fox will hop on a jet bike and race against some mischevious SharpClaws.
In these areas, he can steer by using the Control Stick, accelerate with the A Button, and
brake with the B Button. In a welcome turn of events, Fox can cause damage to his foes
simply by ramming thim, though this will cause him to lose speed. If applicable, you'll
see the bike's fuel meter at the bottom of the screen.

-{ Shooting Sequences }-
In several areas, Fox will be on a moving object (dinosaur, platform, whatever) and will
only have the option to fire. In this instance, it's as if he's got his Fire Blaster
pulled and can't put it away. Just aim at what you want to die, and press the A Button
until it (un)willingly complies. Also keep an eye out for targets and other goodies.

Characters [sfa.02.00]
Dinosaur Planet is full of characters with a wide variety of personalities and agendas which
Fox can interact with. Everything with scales can talk on Dinosaur Planet, and do, whether
you want them to or not. You'll learn to love some, hate others, and the remaining ones will
probably annoy you. For better or for worse, here's who you're dealing with.

Characters - Good Guys [sfa.02.01]
Luckily, Fox has lots of allies to help him out in his quest. Here are all of his friends,
old or new, who will help him in his times of need (or, more likely, he will help them).

-{ Fox McCloud }-
Fox is the hero of SFA. He comes armed with a beat-up Arwing, a magic stick, and a fuzzy
tail. In case you haven't caught on yet, he's the guy you're stuck with most of the game.
Although Fox is known as a hero throughout the Lylat System, what with having saved their
butts so many times, he is currently broke and desperate for work.

-{ Falco Lombardi }-
Falco is a former member of the Star Fox team. The pressure apparently got to him several
years ago, when the boredom of thriving peace drove him to hop in his Arwing and abandon
his companions. He's an arrogant, hot-headed pilot who is well-known for his reckless

-{ Slippy Toad }-
Slippy gave up his career as a pilot for a spot in Weapons R&D. A born inventor, Slippy
is forever tinkering with new gadgets and toys for Fox to play with. He's also stuck with
the all-consuming chore of keeping the Great Fox and the Arwing in tip-top condition...
or at least as good of a condition as he can afford. In SFA, Slippy helps Fox out by
giving him gameplay advice if he gets stuck.

-{ Peppy Hare }-
The oldest member of Star Fox, Peppy has retired as a pilot and stays on mainly as Fox's
advisor. In SFA, Peppy helps Fox out by keeping track of his maps.

-{ General Pepper }-
The boss, the big man, the head honcho. He's the guy who gives Star Fox their missions...
at least, he was when there were missions worth giving. These days, Pepper's visage is
a godsend, a brief sign that Star Fox will be able to stay afloat a while longer. In SFA,
Pepper takes care of all Fox's game data; call him up when you want to see how you're doing
as far as collections, game time, health, and skill or item collection.

-{ ROB the Robot }-
As his name implies, ROB is a robot who is a member of Star Fox. He really doesn't do
anything except changes language options from the title screen.

-{ Krystal }-
A mysterious purple fox-lady. She's the lone survivor of a great catastrophe which struck
her home planet Cerinia, but that never comes into play during the game. You'll play
Krystal briefly in the game's introduction, but after that she is reduced to being Fox's
damsel in distress.

-{ Prince Tricky }-
Tricky is Fox's sidekick. He's quite knowledgable about Dinosaur Planet, and has a
handful of useful skills that will aid Fox in his quest. He's a funloving EarthWalker of
royal blood, who looks up to Fox as a role model. He absolutely loves to play, even to
the point where he sometimes spontaineously changes colors when doing so.

-{ WarpStone }-
A mountainous individual who lives in ThornTail Hollow. His job is to warp Fox to various
locations around Dinosaur Planet. Despite his kind nature, nobody ever brings him gifts.

Characters - Bad Guys [sfa.02.02]
Unfortunately, not everyone is in this game to aid Fox. In fact, there are quite a few
evil-minded fellows who want exactly the opposite. Here's a quick who's-who of the
anti-fox (and, coincidentially, anti-Fox) camp.

-{ Andross }-
A villain among villains. This dastardly fiend has plagued the Lylat System for years.
Luckily, his reign of evil has been put to an end by Fox McCloud and his comrades. So
even though he's dead and gone, Andross still has to come first on a list of Fox's

-{ ShopKeeper }-
This mean stingy old koot loves to steal things and sell them back to people. He'll do
his level best to take all your hard earned Scarabs. However, it's unavoidable... like
it or not, you'll have to deal with this greedy old Scrooge on quite a few occasions, as
he sells you a whole bunch of useful items and maps.

-{ SharpClaw Troops }-
The SharpClaw tribe are a gang of baddies who would like nothing more than to overrun
Dinosaur Planet with their wicked badness so that their leader General Scales can be
dictator of the entire world. Not very nice guys.

-{ RedEye Tribe }-
Big nasty dinosaurs which overrun the Walled City. Their king is an even more gigantic
version of the typical RedEye.

-{ General Scales }-
Mean-spirited leader of the SharpClaws. He's got a hook for a hand and a heart as black
as death. It's his fault that Dinosaur Planet has gone all to pieces.

-{ Boss Galdon }-
A giant creature who lives in the DarkIce Mines.

-{ Boss Drakon }-
A horrible mutation developed by Scales. He was attempting to create a whole army of
these things at Dragon Rock.

Characters - Dino Tribes [sfa.02.03]
A lot of characters are just generic folks who, while occasionally have interesting things
to say, aren't interesting enough to be intregal to the plot. These characters generally
fall into one of the following dinosaur tribes, most of whom Fox will be helping out along
the way.

-{ EarthWalker Tribe }-
Tough, burly dinos with thick hides. They make up one of the two ruling tribes of
Dinosaur Planet. Their leaders are Queen EarthWalker, who lives in ThornTail Hollow, and
King EarthWalker, who was recently imprisoned by General Scales. The King and Queen are
Tricky's parents.

-{ ThornTail Tribe }-
A group of peaceful dinos who live in ThornTail Hollow, and who frequently find themselves
in tricky situations only Fox can get them out of.

-{ SnowHorn Tribe }-
A tribe of arctic beasts with thick wooly coats and huge tusks. Their leader, Garunda Te,
and his daughter Belina Te seldom see eye to eye. These hulking (but friendly) beasts
brave the intense cold of the SnowHorn Wastes.

-{ LightFoot Tribe }-
A tribe of suspicious and mischevious dinos who are fleet of foot and quick to judge.
They prefer to keep to themselves rather than place trust in outsiders. They inhabit
LightFoot Village, which is a very restricted community.

-{ HighTop Tribe }-
With their gargantuan forms and enormously long necks, the HighTops can be seen from a
long distance off, and thus make easy targets for the SharpClaw's war machines.

-{ CloudRunner Tribe }-
The other ruling tribe of Dinosaur Planet, these avian dinosaurs are led by their loving
queen and her gaggle of hathlings. They used to inhabit CloudRunner Fortress, until
Scales' army laid waste to it and flung it off into orbit.

Atlas [sfa.03.00]
This short and somewhat unnecessary section is a quick-reference for the various locations of
Dinosaur Planet. I've tried to make it as concise and easy to understand as possible, and
hopefully it will help you determine which areas lead to where. SFA does a very good job at
forcing you to learn your way around the various areas, but you would do well to spend some
time exploring each new area after you arrive anyway. You'll also be familiarized with the
various hazards and gadgets Fox can ultilize and manipulate throughout Dinosaur Planet
and its satellites.

Atlas - Association Map [sfa.03.01]
The arrows and paths shown below do not NECESSARILY mean that's the direction you'll
travel to get from place to place. Due to the limitations of text, I've been forced to
reduce this to a mere association map. For a more detailed map, consult Peppy Hare via
Fox's communicator.

Krazoa DarkIce Mines
Shrine /
| /
Walled City --- Great Fox --- CloudRunner Fortress
/ \
Ocean Force / \
Point Temple Krazoa Ice Mountain / Dragon Rock
| Shrine / /
| | / /
Cape Claw SnowHorn / _______/
| Wastes / / Krazoa
| | / / Shrine
LightFoot | / / | Volcano Force
Village --- ThornTail Hollow --- Moon Mountain Pass --- Point Temple
| / | \
Krazoa / | \
Shrine Game Krazoa ThornTail
Well Palace Store
Maze |

The path leading from Ice Mountain to SnowHorn Wastes is a one-way trip. After it's served
its purpose to the storyline, it's no longer available to you.

Keep in mind that the Great Fox is not really a location; rather, it's a layover point to
and from the planet and its satellites. Traveling to the Great Fox is as easy as boarding
the Arwing; traveling back requires you to go through a shooter level.

There is also an unnamed location where Fox has to place the SpellStones. The only way to
get here is to travel through one of the two Force Point Temples. That's a one way trip;
once he's placed the stone he automatically gets sent back to whatever temple he entered

There are a few transitionary locations not listed on this map (for example, there's a tiny
area in between ThornTail Hollow and Moon Mountain Pass that's not really part of either).
They're generally short and inoffensive, so don't sweat it.

There are five separate Krazoa Shrines. They're all one-shot visits. Once you're done in a
specific Krazoa Shrine, there's no way back in.

Krazoa Palace bears a mention, as well. When you go in and release a Krazoa Spirit, you're
automatically taken back to ThornTail Hollow. You can ONLY go to Krazoa Palace if you have
a Krazoa Spirit.

After completing the fifth Krazoa Shrine (in the Walled City), you've reached a "point of no
return". From then on, the Arwing cannot land on any of the satellites, and going to
Dinosaur Planet will take you to Krazoa Palace instead of ThornTail Hollow. Once there,
there's no way back. You have to finish the game at that point.

Atlas - Hazards [sfa.03.02]
Not everything in SFA is there to help Fox in his quest. In fact, some things are designed
to do exactly the opposite. As you travel Dinosaur Planet and its satellites, watch out for
this stuff and, if you can, avoid it. If not, find a way to deal with it.

-{ Barrels }-
In many areas, barrels will come rolling down sloped platforms; explosive ones that are
really painful. While such a thing might be more in-place in a Donkey Kong game, that
doesn't mean you can ignore them. Fox can easily roll underneath barrels, and they
aren't too hard to dodge most of the time.

-{ Boulders }-
Boulders try to roll over Fox, Indiana Jones style. Luckly, Fox is speedy enough to
outrun these obstacles, so they don't pose that much of a threat.

-{ Brambles }-
Brambles are spikey plant things that have grown over some areas of the game. They
damage Fox if he touches them, but can be burned through with Tricky's Flame technique.

-{ Cold Water }-
The water in SnowHorn Wastes and DarkIce Mines is freezing cold and will damage Fox if
he stays in too long. Swim to shore quickly.

-{ Craters }-
The green craters in Moon Mountain Pass spew nasty green goo that will damage Fox if he
walks over them. These are easy to avoid; just go around.

-{ Flamethrowers }-
These obnoxious hazards are basically streams of fire which shoot out of walls, floors,
ceilings... everywhere. Some are on timers, some move around, some are on rotating
platforms... whatever the case, avoid them or roll past them if you can.

-{ Lava }-
Pools of lava are prominent in some areas of Volcano Force Point Temple and DarkIce Mines.
What's worse, it doens't act like a pit. Fox will continually take damage until he
climbs out.

-{ Poison Gas }-
Some areas of Dinosaur Planet are filled with poisonous gas. Fox will take damage if he
has to hold his breath too long in these areas (keep your eye on his health meter at
the bottom of the screen).

-{ Red Mushrooms }-
Throughout ThornTail Hollow and its surrounding areas are nasty red mushrooms that spew
poison gas if Fox gets to close. Either keep a good distance or, failing that, whack 'em
with your stick to make the poison go away.

-{ Whirlpool }-
The swirling waters in some areas of Cape Claw and Ocean Force Point Temple will damage
Fox if he swims through them. Go around, instead.

Atlas - Gadgets [sfa.03.03]
Fox can interact with many of the things in his environment, to open doors, blow stuff up
in a satisfying explosion, or ativate different sorts of elevators, hatches, and a variety
of other things. Oftentimes he needs a special skill or item to utilize such things;
sometimes he just has the daunting task of reaching them.

-{ Activation Levers }-
These are little boxes in the walls with green lights or arrows in them. There's
actually no lever; Fox brings his own. Namely, his stick. Levers do literally everything
from raise platforms to open doors to alter water levels.

-{ Barrel Pads }-
Normally, when Fox is carrying a Fuel Barrel, the A Button will cause him to throw it.
But with these handy little pads, Fox can set it down instead and engage in other
activities without heaving heavy explosives around.

-{ Booster Pads }-
Booster Pads are tiny square recesses in the ground where Fox can stick his Staff and
use the Staff Booster to reach high ledges. Sometimes they're difficult to spot, so
explore suspicious areas very carefully.

-{ Cannon }-
Fox can take over SharpClaw cannons in some areas, which allow him to fire cannonballs
at various parts of the environment. In other words, blow stuff up. Cannons are lots
of fun, but aiming can be kind of tricky.

-{ Colored Torches/Orbs }-
Colored orbs sit on high pedistals and need to be lit using the Fire Blaster. The trick
is, the shot has to be fired THROUGH a special colored torch to change its color.
Requires timing and good aim both in one swoop.

-{ Cranes }-
In some areas, Fox has to get a Fuel Barrel to a high (or low) place and can't take the
Barrel with him. Luckily, these magnetic cranes are strewn about, and can take the
Barrel there for him.

-{ Dinosaur Platforms }-
These platforms are found in certain areas, and Fox can use them to mount any local

-{ Disguise Pads }-
These glowing pads activate goodies like the other switches, and are activated just by
walking over them. The catch is, Fox has to be wearing the Disguise for it to take

-{ Jet Streams }-
There are two types of jet streams: those that push so much air upwards that it lifts
Fox up off the ground, and those that offer just enough resistance to break his fall.
Either way, jet streams are useful for crossing long chasms.

-{ Magic Doors }-
These large purple doors block off various areas of Dinosaur Planet. Fox needs the
Portal Device to open them.

-{ Pressure Plates }-
These plates activate things in the environment, but only as long as they're held down.
Fox will have to find some kind of weight to keep them down while he runs off to play.

-{ Quake Pads }-
These are round dirt pads in the ground. When Fox uses the Ground Quake, he can open
up new passages (and start countdown timers, coincidentially).

-{ Targets }-
These targets live on walls, platforms, and other hard to reach places. Hit them with
the Fire Blaster to activate them.

Atlas - Carriers [sfa.03.03]
Carriers are full of goodies Fox can use in one way or another. You'll usually find them
strewn strategically around the levels, so you can always find what you need when you need

-{ Bomb Spore Plants }-
These natural flowers spew smoke and, if shot with the Fire Blaster, will explode,
producing three Bomb Spores.

-{ Boxes }-
These little square boxes work like Jars, except they can't be broken and Fox can only
lift them while wearing the SharpClaw Disguise. It's hard to tell what they contain.

-{ Crates }-
Crates are big brown boxes that break open after two hits with the Staff. Inside is
an item to restore Fox's health.

-{ Fuel Barrel }-
Full of good old fashioned explosive juice, these barrels are really an explosive
experience! Use them to bust open cracked walls, blocked up entryways, or to fell
enemies in a single blow.

-{ Item Container }-
These containers have a trigger inside Fox needs his staff to reach. He'll find a
special inventory item inside.

-{ Jars }-
Jars are small and easy to hide. Fox can pick them up or break them, and there are
usually Scarabs inside.

-{ Jugs }-
These large containers break open like crates, but contain Scarabs more often then not.
They're also a bit rarer.

-{ Staff Energy Flowers }-
Magical Staff Energy grows on flowers that are found throughout Dinosaur Planet. Cut
the flower and collect the gem to restore some of Fox's staff energy.

Inventory [sfa.04.00]
Throughout the game, Fox will acquire all sorts of toys of all different types. These
include commodities of all different sorts, magical abilities for his staff, commands to give
Tricky, and, of course, keys and crystals and puzzle pieces of all shapes, colors, and sizes.
Many of the game's puzzles depend on you using the correct item in the correct place, or to
manipulate your environment with the staff, or to command Tricky to do so. Thus, this
section is fairly important.

I've split up the items into broad categories, and listed the items themselves alphabetically.
As I stated earlier in this FAQ, there are spoilers throughout. This section details exactly
what items exist, where you get them, and what to do with them. If you want to figure it
all out for yourself... why did you download this FAQ in the first place?

Inventory - Commodities [sfa.04.01]
Commodities are stuff you'll find laying all over Dinosaur Planet. Most of this is stuff
you'll constantly be looking for, and the game displays it for you on the bottom of the
screen. Other stuff will take effect instantly when you pick it up, and you will not be
given the option to store it.

-{ Blue GrubTubs }-
This is Tricky's favorite food. You can see how hungry Tricky is by checking the topleft
corner of the screen. If he's too hungry, he won't carry out any commands. He can only
eat five GrubTubs at a time, so you shouldn't have to go GrubTub hunting too often. In
order to restock, just find some GrubTubs, smack 'em with your staff, and collect them
while they're dazed. They also sell at ThornTail Store for 12 Scarabs. Fox can carry
15 of them.

-{ Bafomdads }-
These handy little critters allow Fox to continue when he loses all his energy, instead of
starting over from an earlier location. He can initially only hold one, but after he gets
a Bafomdad Holder (20 Scarabs at ThornTail Store) he can hold ten.

-{ Bomb Spores }-
These pink spores are ultra-explosive. Planting one in soft dirt (the PDA will tell you
where) will cause a big explosive plant to form. Shoot it with your FireBlaster for some
fun explosive action! To restock, just find a natural Bomb Spore plant and shoot it with
your FireBlaster. It will explode and launch three of these into the air. Just collect
them after they land. You can also buy them from ThornTail Store for 5 Scarabs. Fox can
carry seven Bomb Spores.

-{ Dumbledang Pod }-
This delicious Dinosaur Planet delicacy is found hanging from trees, boxed up in crates,
or even held onto by bad guys. They'll restore two points of health when you pick them

-{ Fireflies }-
Fox stores little green Fireflies in his Lantern and releases them only when needed.
When used, the Firefly will fly around Fox, illuminating dark rooms. There's no easy way
to restock, but you'll generally find some nearby where they're needed. You can buy them
from ThornTail Store for 10 Scarabs. Fox can carry 31 Fireflies.

-{ Fuel Cells }-
Fuel Cells are hidden all over the planet. Fox requires a certain amount of fuel to
reach all four of the satellites, so if you're told you don't have enough, go back and
explore Dinosaur Planet some more. They also sell at ThornTail Store for 10 Scarabs.

-{ Moon Seeds }-
They're only found and only used in Moon Mountain Pass. Killing one of the ugly Crater
Gremlins will always yeild one, and they're used to grow magic vines in special patches of
dirt near walls. After you plant one, have Tricky blow fire at it and it'll grow into
a climbable vine. Fox can carry seven of them.

-{ Pukpuk Eggs }-
Very tasty snack enjoyed by the SharpClaws. They're found in crates or dropped by
enemies, and restore four points of health.

-{ Scarabs }-
Scarabs are used as currency on Dinosaur Planet. Fox can only initially carry ten, but
that number increases to 50, 100, and 200 when he gets the Small, Medium, and Large
Scarab Bags, respectively. Fox'll use Scarabs to pay tolls, buy items and maps, and Cheat
Tokens. They can be found under rocks and in jars, mostly, all over Dinosaur Planet.

-{ Staff Energy Gem }-
These glowing crystals refill part of Fox's staff energy, if he's missing any. They grow
on plants that appear throughout Dinosaur Planet.

Inventory - Equipment [sfa.04.02]
Equipment makes up all of the non-consumable items in your inventory. They're keys,
crystals, puzzle pieces, and a variety of other such items which can either be selected and
used whenever you like, or will vanish from your inventory once used in the proper manner.

-{ Alpine Root }-
This is the favorite food of the SnowHorn tribe. They grow in snowy areas, but
unfortunately the SnowHorn can't dig them up themselves on account of their herculean

-{ Bridge Cog }-
Puzzle pieces used in DarkIce Mines. You have to replace these cogs to the machines they
came from in order to complete certain tasks.

-{ Cheat Token }-
Fox buys these from mysterious critters in wells, and can use them to earn cheats and
hints from the Game Well Maze. See the Game Well Maze section in "Bits'n'Pieces" for more

-{ CloudRunner Flute }-
Given to Fox by Queen CloudRunner, this Flute will send her scared children back to

-{ Dinosaur Horn }-
An ancient musical instrument that calls the dinosaurs to help Fox. He'll find this in
DarkIce Mines.

-{ Fire Gem }-
Fox needs two Fire Gems to open up Ocean Force Point Temple. He'll, er, find them
at Cape Claw.

-{ Fire Weed }-
These burning plants grow in ThornTail Hollow, and keep its beacons lit because the
ThornTails are afraid of the dark.

-{ Firefly Lantern }-
Allows Fox to use Fireflies. It costs 20 Scarabs at ThornTail Store.

-{ Gate Key }-
When the SharpClaws trapped Garunda Te at the SnowHorn Wastes, they locked him up behind
a gate with this key. Luckily, the dumb saps managed to lose it in ThornTail Hollow,
where Queen EarthWalker promptly picked it up.

-{ Gold Bar }-
Four of these are hidden in Cape Claw; they are the rightful property of the Cape's

-{ Gold Key }-
Krystal will find this key hidden below deck on General Scales' air galleon. It is used
to open a door in Krazoa Palace in the game's prologue.

-{ Light Gem }-
The three Light Gems are found in CloudRunner Fortress. They're used to power the
generator for the Fortress.

-{ Moon Pass Key }-
This key, awarded to Fox after he re-lights the ThornTail beacons, opens up Moon Mountain
Pass so he can get to the Volcano Force Point Temple.

-{ Moon Stone }-
One of the two stones needed to open the Krazoa Shrine in the Walled City. It's hidden
in the blue Moon Palace.

-{ PDA }-
Fox starts with this, and keeps it through the entire game. It displays visual
information in the bottomleft corner of the screen, such as maps, information, and a handy
Fuel Cell compass. You can shut it off with your inventory if you want.

-{ Power Room Key }-
This awkwardly-shaped key opens up the power generator room in CloudRunner Fortress.
A captive LightFoot will give it to Fox once he is freed.

-{ Prison Cell Key }-
Tailor made to fit SharpClaw locks! These are found in the DarkIce Mines; the silver one
frees Tricky, and the gold one frees Belina Te.

-{ RedEye Tooth }-
Two of these sacred ornaments are hidden in the Walled City. Fox must find them both
in order to uncover the passage to the RedEye King.

-{ Rock Candy }-
A tasty, er, rock. It costs 10 Scarabs at ThornTail Store. You have to feed it to the
WarpStone before he'll help you out.

-{ Shackle Key }-
A plain metal key that is used to lock SnowHorns up in shackles. It is found and used in
DarkIce Mines.

-{ SnowHorn Artifact }-
This is actually a golden Alpine Seed. You can buy it at ThornTail Store for 130 Scarabs.
Use it to open up a race sequence in SnowHorn Wastes, which leads to a Krazoa Shrine.

-{ Sun Stone }-
One of the two stones needed to open up the Krazoa Shrine in the Walled City. It's
hidden in the red Sun Palace.

-{ Tricky's Ball }-
This fun toy, which sells for 15 Scarabs at ThornTail Store, allows Tricky to use the
Play command.

-{ White GrubTub}-
These are medical mushrooms which are used to heal ailing dinosaurs. Fox will have to
hunt down six of these in ThornTail Hollow's well to heal Queen EarthWalker.

-{ Wood Block Carving }-
There are three of these (a circle, a triangle, and a square) hidden throughout
LightFoot Village. Fox must find them and return them in order to fully explore the

-{ Zoom Goggles }-
They sell at ThornTail Store for 20 Scarabs. They allow Fox to zoom in and out when in
first-person look mode.

Inventory - Magic [sfa.04.03]
Magic spells are helpful tricks that Fox will find throughout his adventure. Each spell
utilizes the Staff in a new and exciting way. Some act as attacks, some overcome barriers,
some do both, but all use up staff energy when used.

-{ Fire Blaster }-
This helpful spell launches bolts of fiery energy from the top of the Staff, and is Fox's
primary ranged attack. If you're like me, you'll attach the Fire Blaster to your Y Button
and leave it there for most of the game. The Fire Blaster can also be use to trip certain
kinds of switches, light orbs, and other such nonsense. You'll get the Fire Blaster
almost immediately after picking up the Staff in ThornTail Hollow.

-{ Freeze Blast }-
This powerful move allows Fox to blow an arctic wind from the tip of his Staff. It's a
powerful weapon when weilded in combat, as well. With it, he can blow out torches and
flamethrowers, and freeze enemies solid. Fox learns Freeze Blast in Volcano Force Point

-{ Ground Quake }-
A massively powerful area attack that drops all opponents to their knees. Fox will learn
this awesome ability in Moon Mountain Pass. This later upgrades to the Super Ground
Quake, which is essentially the same thing only powerful enough to fell huge RedEyes.

-{ Portal Device }-
After helping a mother ThornTail protect her eggs from naughty gremlins, Fox learns this
technique, which allows him to open magic purple doors.

-{ SharpClaw Disguise }-
Slippy will beam this useful tool down to Fox in CloudRunner Fortress. While wearing
the disguise, Fox has increased strength and can slip past other SharpClaws undetected.
He can also trip special switches. He cannot, however, attack in any way, so don't try
to engage in combat while wearing the Disguise.

-{ Staff Booster }-
This special ability can only be used near Staff Booster Pads. Fox will stick his Staff
in the ground, and then rocket directly upward into the air. He learns this ability in
the bottom of the ThornTail Hollow well.

Inventory - Tricky [sfa.04.04]
Fox's pet/sidekick/helper is Prince Tricky, a lovable little dinosaur. He follows Fox
around as a guide, and has a few skills that prove crucial to Fox's quest.

-{ Call Tricky }-
If you need Tricky's help, but he's nowhere to be found, use this command to make him
catch up. Note, there are some places Tricky can't get to. He'll learn this shortly
after the two of you arrive at SnowHorn Wastes.

-{ Find Secret }-
This ability allows Tricky to dig up patches of cracked dirt, which you'll find in the
ground and in certain walls. He starts with this ability.

-{ Flame }-
Tricky breathes fire, which has the function of melting ice, burning brambles, lighting
furnaces, and generally providing a heavy flame wherever one is required. Tricky will
learn this command in DarkIce Mines.

-{ Throw Ball }-
This is a nonsense move. Fox throws a toy ball, and Tricky runs after it to retrieve it.
Sometimes you'll hear Tricky announce "Let's play!". If you stop and play for a while,
he'll change colors. You can use this command after you buy Tricky's Ball from ShopKeeper.

-{ Tricky Stay! }-
This ability ensures that Tricky will not follow Fox into danger. This is very helpful
when you need him to stand still, say on a switch. He starts with this ability.

Inventory - Maps [sfa.04.05]
Maps are purchased from ThornTail Store, and allow Fox to view his locale on his trusty PDA.
Maps are dirt cheap, so ALWAYS buy the right map before you go to an area. Here are the
prices for the various maps:

Cape Claw: 5 Scarabs Moon Mountain Pass: 5 Scarabs
CloudRunner Fortress: 5 Scarabs Ocean Force Point: 10 Scarabs
DarkIce Mines: 5 Scarabs SnowHorn Wastes: 5 Scarabs
Dragon Rock: 5 Scarabs ThornTail Hollow: 5 Scarabs
Krazoa Palace: 5 Scarabs Volcano Force Point: 10 Scarabs
LightFoot Village: 5 Scarabs Walled City: 5 Scarabs

Inventory - Arwing [sfa.04.06]
The following are powerups you'll find only in the Arwing shooter levels. They are
instantaneous, and do not carry over into other shooter levels. Somtimes Rings are locked
with an X in the center; these Rings must be shot at to open. Similarly, sometimes Powerups
are stashed in crates. You have to blow the crates open to get the goodies within.

-{ Bomb Powerup }-
This gives Fox a bomb (up to a maximum of three) which annihilates everything within the
blast radius. Very useful, but don't waste them; Fox can only carry three.

-{ Gold Rings }-
You have to pass through a certain amount of Gold Rings to open up the forcefield on
Fox's target so he can descend. If you fail to pass through enough Gold Rings, you won't
be able to land. There are ten in each level, so getting all ten is a perfect score.

-{ Laser Powerup }-
Picking this up will automatically upgrade Fox's laser, turning it into a dual blaster
which packs quite a bit more punch.

-{ Silver Rings }-
These helpful beauties serve to refill part of Fox's lost energy.

Walkthrough [sfa.05.00]
Now that all the reference material is out of the way, here's the actual walkthrough of the
game. For the sake of consistancy, keep the following things in mind:

First, this walkthrough will take you through the game and ensure you get a 100% completion
score. Follow the walkthrough to the letter and you'll never have to scramble around to
find secret areas or the like. However, it's written "as the crow flies"; in other words,
if you want to do any backtracking or skipping ahead, you're on your own. Some things CAN
be achieved earlier than dictated in this FAQ, and some things can be put off until later.
Unless an action is absolutely required to finish the game, feel free to skip it if it's
giving you trouble, and come back to it later.

In fact, this FAQ foregoes the exploration part of the game entirely. Do you have any idea
how hard it is to describe a fully 3D environment armed only with text? I'll do the best I
can pointing you where to go and what to do, but be sure to ALWAYS take time to explore the
world on your own. The game never punishes you for exploring and experimenting and - you
never know - you may stumble upon something that I never found before.

Also, I'll be instructing you to buy things as you need them. If you can buy them earlier,
then by all means do so. You can never have too many goodies! Unless you're wasting your
money buying commodities. Dinosaur Planet is a fertile land that will always supply you with
plenty of goods, so there's no need to buy things from ShopKeeper that you can find laying
around the wilderness.

Each section of the FAQ rounds out with a checklist, so you can run around and get any of
the hidden or secret stuff you missed. You should, of course, be on the lookout for this
stuff all the time, but just in case you missed something, you know exactly where to get it.
I've decided to include ALL of the Fuel Cells in the checklists, so if you're running low
you don't have to go slogging through the walkthrough to find them.

Finally, if you ever get stuck and for some reason this FAQ isn't helpful, try contacting
Slippy. His hints can really be a lifesaver when you're desperately stuck.

Walkthrough - Starting Up [sfa.05.01]
After turning on the power, you're treated a scene inside the Great Fox of the team not
doing much of anything. Fumble around with the various team members (Peppy changes game
options, Slippy changes audio options, and ROB toggles the subtitles). Later on, you'll get
the chance to add more options to these menus. Once you're done, go ahead and select Fox to
get the game rolling.