SSX 3 (GC) Cheats

SSX 3 cheats, and Codes for GC.


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cheat passwords
enter options at the main menu and enter these in the enter cheat section

Password - Effect
naturalconcept - unlocks all art
graphicdelight - unlocks all Boards
wheresyourtail - Bunny San skin
greatwhitenorth - Canhuck skin
tankengine - Churchill skin
milkemdaisy - Cudmore skin
boneyardreject - Gutless skin
slicksuit - Hiro skin
brokenleg - Jurgen skin
back2future - Marty skin
callhimgeorge - NW Legend skin
postnobills - unlocks all posters
windmilldunk - Stretch skin
notsosvelte - Svelte Luther skin
nogluerequired - unlocks all toys
gotitgotitneedit - unlocks all trading cards
finallymadeitin - Unknown Rider skin
worm - Eddie Skin
bronco - Luthor skin
shoppingspree - Unlocks all Peak One Lodge's Accessories
zenmaster -Brodi skin
myeyesaredim - Videos

to use the cheat skins, go to a lodge, go into the rider details section, then into cheat characters, then simply choose which skin you wish to use, some skins have their own super uber moves using the B R and L combination
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to get the Eddie skin, go to enter 'worm' in the cheat thingy, and there you have it! ^^ have fun rippn' up the slopes with him!