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Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro (GC) Cheats

Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Bruce Campbell Sayings
After you've swung through the city and found all 213 hint markers, each time you go to a hint marker after the final one Bruce Campbell will say something different.
Fight Calypso in Battle Arena
Upon finishing the game and unlocking the Battle Arena (by purchasing from Spidey Store), go to the arena and fight 3 timed battles and 3 endurance battles. Upon completing them, Boss Mode will be unlocked. In this mode, you fight several different bosses found throughout the game at one time. One of the hidden surprises is that Calypso participates in the battle as well, even though she's not in the game.
Once you've bought it from the "spidey store" press the grab button and the web button at the same time (or press grab while webbing up a foe). While holding a foe you can toss him, web hammer him into the ground, punch him, head butt him, use him as a body shield, threaten to throw him of a building, etc. The last two are never mentioned in the game or manual but work anyway.

To use him as a body shield you must make sure that the person you are grabbing has at least one friend (or rival gang member) alive, the free gangster must also have a gun or be far enough away they will through bottles at you. Hold your enemy in a direct line between you and your remaining attacker. he will continue shooting at you but the bullets or bottles will hit the person you are grabbing and damage him. If your enemy melee attacks ,though, you will drop the person you are holding and he will not be hurt.

To effectively threaten to drop an enemy off the edge of a building with your victim off the edge and you must be holding him. any other enemys will not attack you now so you, to break the silence, can use any of the on ground grapple attacks (although throwing him will cause you to fall too), swing away, turn around, or jump and use an air grapple attack.
killing made easy!
to kill someone that is really making you angry just follow these steps!

1. go to the spidy store.

2. by the hurricane kick.

3. go to the enemy.

4. dodge there move.

5. do the hurricane kick!

6. watch'em die!

it's also great for killin groups!
SPLAT!! Enemies will die instantly!!
When you see a petty crime that says "STOP THE TEIVES" when you go near go to it. This will work for any crime on a rooftop. Just go to the crime and do an impact webbing on all the thugs, then one at a time web rodeo them off the top of the building. But if you want a more amusing way, then grapple one of the thugs and jump off of the building and then press the X button to do a spinning pile driver off the building, the thug will take all the damage and Spider-Man will not take any, if you throw the thug off the building they will die instanly and bounce very high, if you do a pile driver it will take about 1 second and the thug will die. It is a very easy way to fight crime on a roof top.


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Train glitch
First swing to the subway tracks with low health that is about three fourths down. Then walk up to the blue token it is a mission start the mission. Then find the train stand infront of it and hold down the jump button. As soon as it's about to hit you let go of the button and you will hit the train and be sent flying for miles!

Easter eggs

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Doc.Ock's project "SMALL SPOILER"
Do the train glitch that I posted and if you do the glitch right and land and the water in the right place you might see Doc. Ock's project you destroy in the last level.


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40% Done
Before you make any profiles, type in HCRAYERT as a name, then you can put your personal name. It will start you off with 40% done in the game, 100000 hero points and all of the web speeds.
Be sure there are no other profile names!
Civilians on air
Go to the park with the lakes in it. If there is a person sitting on one of the benches, walk up to them to knock them out of the bench. Then keep knocking them until they stumble over the water. You will see them floating in the air.
Game Complete Cheat
Simply enter TREYARCH backwards in the name select either while playing or before you start a file to start on Chapter 16: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life and gain 200,000 Hero Points automatically in addition to some awards.
Get 44% Completion
To get 44% completion int he game, input the password HCRAYERT.
Spidey on air
You must first purchase" Hero Punch" at the store. Ok go to any of the lakes and use "Hero Punch" at the edge and you will be floating on air for about 1 second.