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Spartan: Total Warrior (GC) Cheats

Spartan: Total Warrior cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Button Masher Paradise
The main part of this game involves mass amounts of warriors leaping down upon you and your typically underpowered and outnumbered men.

However hard this may seem, for the first few missions there are few enemies that might, if ever, block. This means that if you are only safe using bash attacks or area attacks, then so be it.

However, later in the game, remember that they will block, and they will block often. So if you do not learn how to use the stronger moves or dodge, then you are at a disadvantage.
Double Tasking
In this game, especially when you first play, you will notice the game has tendencies to give you multiple objectives per level.

That means that in one level, you will have to shoot three catapults throughout the level, protect the oil cauldron, and use that same cauldron to drop hot oil on enemy troops so that they do not break through the gates.

If you hear at any point that they are breaking through the gate and you are not firing a catapult, then take the chance and use the cauldron. This is one example of how not only looking, but listening is important in this game.

Always make sure to remember all your objectives. If you miss one, it can be a great mistake that could easily cost you the level, and most assuredly it will.
Head Long Charging and Archers
No matter how fast you are going, an arrow from an archer will always stop you in your tracks, so do not expect to be able to charge directly into enemy lines and take care of them immediately. They may be weak, but they sure as heck can be annoying.

The enemy will usually charge in full power themselves using melee men as the fighters in the front. However, the archers, who can do a fair bit of damage, will be spread through them and usually closer to the back. This means that you want to move around the crowd a lot when you do mass amounts of damage in one go, especially when you have Athena's swords which, when powered up, allow you to perform a series of amazing slashes that usually behead the enemy.

If they shoot you, it will stop you for a moment and your character, Spartan, will stagger. At this point you are vulnerable to attack.

However, you yourself can be annoying as well, rapid firing not only one, but five arrows if you use the O button. Although you will run out of arrows (what the crates full of arrows are good for) it can slow down the enemy a bit and do a fair bit of damage.
Medusa's Rays
In the game, you will come to points where you will face such superweapons as Medusa's Rays. Although powerful, if you are outside the range of those blue circles before the ray ends, then you will not be turned to stone.

Hey, another advantage is that they also effect the troops against you anyways, so if you are at the edge of a battle group of their warriors and Medusa turns her eyes on you, then if you escape, it could be a grave time for the General's troops.

Do not worry when you first encounter the rays, as more men will join you as the battle goes on.
Weak Spot
Block one of your enemies attacks and roll behind them and attack as fast as you can. After that you should see at the top right hand side it should say Weak Spot.