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A tip about fights late in the game...
For Almost every bounty there is, there are three fundamental s. moves: Justice Shield, Pirates Wrath, and Fina's ultimate move (forgot it's name).
Vyse's Skull Shield, as everyone knows, is the only known attack that prevents physical damage for the entire party.
Pirate's Wrath, when powered up at high levels and with the Vorlik Blade, is just as effective as Prophecy against lone enemies, costs less, and allows for another attack (Like say, Hand of Fate, or The Judgement). Hand of Fate can still be just as beefy, remember.
Fina's Ultimate Move revives, maxes out health, and restores the status of every character. The only issue is keeping her alive. Give her stat boosting seeds, and guard when you're not focusing or using her ultimate move. Never just attack.
Avoiding Random Battles
When your ship gets the upgrade that lets it fly in the high and low altitudes in the later half of the game, you can fly in those altitudes to avoid random battles with monsters on your ship deck. Keep in mind if you're aiming to get the three secrets you're probably going to have to make up for all the battles you skipped eventually.
Bodyguards for Daikokuya and Lord Bane Bounties
Having problems dealing with the regular enemies that accompany Daikokuya and Lord Bane?

Try this. Get Fina to learn Eternum (she's best because she learns Silver magic the fastest). This spell instant kills any standard enemy, allowing her to wipe out normal enemies in one hit!
Bounty Patience
You know that you happen to be able to start your search for the bounties right after you visit Sailor's Island. Baltor is one of the bounties that you fight, but he is the only bounty that is required to fight in the game, and happens to be the only ship battle. The tip here is that the rewards for bounties may seem inadequate for the trouble that you went for. You best wait until at least level 30 if you want to have HUGE after battle rewards, including highly increased exp, magic exp, and Gold. Also the chance of acquiring a rarer item increases the longer you wait. The only thing is, no matter how long you wait, the "Bounty Reward" that the sailor's guild gives will always stay the same, no matter how long you wait. Example: Defeating Gordo the Round will always give you 4000 gold when you talk to the Guild, no matter how long you wait. Also along with waiting to defeat bounties, they WILL become more powerful, but 3-4 times the exp and gold is worth it!!! So if you want a harder challenge, or are just in it to get GREAT rewards from bounties, have the patience to wait until at least level 30 to start reaping the benefits.
Discovery Tip
It is very annoying when Domingo finds discoveries before you. Well to help, simply recruit him as part of your crew. Then he'll stop finding discoveries. To do this you need to have found at least 30 discoveries and then find him at Gordo's Bistro in North Ocean after obtaining the Delfinus.
Easy Discovery
Ok, this tip is easy, instead of waiting for the compass to spin mash A repeatedly so you can find stuff while just cruising
Easy Prophecy/Blue Rogues
this is the easiest way to get beyond all the big enemies in the game, like Piastol or the black pirates.
How To Do It: every turn have Vyse use Skull Shield to negate all combat damage and have Aika use Delta Shield to negate all magic and have Enrique use Justice Shield to half the damage you do take. have fina either use guard, focus or heal (or if u have enough SP remaining and you want to, cast Lunar Blessing). this will make you invulnerable to all attacks EXCEPT special attacks, like Zyvilian Bane's "Burst" or the Ixa'ness Demon's "Chock Mal". you get the idea. do this and you will easily have enough for prohecy( this tactic will use up up to 8 SP per turn. if you are high enough level u will gain more than that if you have fina focus).
Fighting Air Pirate Vigoro
None of the guides have this and I was to lazy to write one.

To fight Air Pirate Vigoro you must do what it says in "Unlock the 3 Secrets". Then go to Crescent Isle and choose the option to "fight special pirate" You will then have to fight Vigoro. . . again. The only difference between this fight and the last time you fought him is his MASSIVE amount of HP. The only thing that seems to do any substantial damage to him is a prophecy and I had to use 6 or eight of those. The only s-move worth doing in this fight is Enrique's "Justice Shield" and you MUST use it at every turn or you will die a VERY swift death. I would suggest for this fight you have the weapon from the mystery merchant, as well as a WHOLE LOT of crystals like sacrum, sacrulen, sacres and riselem (the crystal that revives you to full health) because he likes to use "Random Fire" (I think it's called) and "Cannon Fire". "Random fire" will damage any character in a certain area and "Cannon Fire" will nearly take a character out (And that's with Enrique's "Justice Shield"). Also, I suggest your level be no lower than 50 and have raised your stats from seeds that can be bought from Illchymix.
Golden Hamachou
Earn all ranks, then go to the island between Shrine Island and Sailors' Isle (with the tunnel in it) to find this item.
Huge Enemies
After you get the Yafutoman Scroll thing, and can go high. Go very high and look for creatures. I have found a bird and a giant Looper. They are ship battles.
Moonberry Usage
Back in the very beginning of the game when supplies were low, and Moonberries were nowhere to be found, you might think it was a bad idea to use them right away. That is bad. About halfway through the game, or after you defeat all the gigas, you will find a period of time where you keep collecting Moonberries and have no one to use them on. So, my advice is use them as soon as you can, but I advise using them on Vyse first though. He gets the massive damage dealing abilities that the rest of your party members happen to NOT have.
Seed Usage
I advise using the seeds you get on whichever character you desire as soon as you get them, without fear of them being the only ones you have. When you find Crescent Isle and build your base, you will want to find the crew member named "Ilchymis", located on an Island North of Valua, only after you have the Yafutoma scroll that gives your ship the ability to fly very high and low. You will have to talk to him once, leave, and talk to him again when Vyse knows the riselem spell to have him join your crew. When he does, he will set up shop on your island. After you give him several thousand gold to upgrade his shop, you will be able to buy ANY ability boosting seed that you want, and AS MANY as you want, as long as you have 5000 gold to buy one.
Special Battle Techniques
When in any battle except a ship fight, you can try to accumulate the max amount of SP that you can. If you do, you'll be able to use one of two techniques. You can use the "Blue Rogues" as soon as you have a crew to have all of your active members attack enemies/heal you. Or you can use the other technique if ALL of your party members are alive. You should see THAT for yourself.
Special Looper
Think Loopers weren't something to be afraid of? After you finish your first adventure through the Dark Rift, travel back to it later in the game and search near the exit to find a Looper with an attitude problem.
Spell boxes
First you need Osman (the Nasrad merchant) as part of your crew. You also need to have completed the Yafatoma section and defeated Vize the Imposter. If you give some gold to Osman at your base, leave and then return. You can buy spell boxes like Sacrum box and Crystalen box. Boxes don't use up SP or MP and don't rely on magic.
Ultimate Weapon
First you need to recruit Ryu-Kan. He is on an island north of Yafutome (although it is at the bottom-right part of the map). You need at least the Vyse the Daring rank. Now when in deep sky you need to find pieces of velorium. Find 2 and give them to Ryu-Kan after upgrading his shop (you can only do this after a certain point). You can claim your weapon in time for the Galcian fight.


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Easy Fish Catching
Whenever catching fish and the fish run out, simply go to the bridge, take the wheel again and the fish will respawn


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Easy base building
After you see your base built give money to the base builder and leave the base and go back to your ship and go back to the base and give him some more money.
Hidden FMV
After you beat Alfonso's war beast and go to the surface area of Pirate Island, Aika will go home to freshen up. When you are alone, look around until you come up to a wall of a house with a handkerchief hung up. Investigate with the ''A'' button and wait.
Unlock the 3 Secrets!
In order to unlock the three secrets in this game you need to meet ALL of the following requirements: -Over 2500 kills -All crew members found -Over 12 non-storyline ship battles, including the 4 extra ''monster battles'' -All bounties defeated and reported -All discoveries found and reported -90% or higher treasure discovery After this you can find the Gold Hamachou above the tunnel which connects mid-ocean to the sailor's island area, you can buy the Sky Fang from the mystery merchant, and you can go fight Air Pirate Vigoro at Crescent Island. (Note: many of these stats can be checked at Hamachou Island.)