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The Sims Bustin' Out (GC) Cheats

The Sims Bustin' Out cheats, Codes, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GC.

Command codes

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10 grand
in bust out or free play mode, during gameplay press down, r,l,z,right,left,b. give money will appear on the cheat gnome.everytime you choose give money it will give you 10,000 simoleons. there is no limit to how many times you can do this
fil your motives easily
to fill your motives easily, (the green and red bars) activate the cheat gnome and put in down,r,left,x,down
note: use the d-pad


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\"The Money Call\"
At mom\'s house, whenever your money is below §100, you get \"the money call.\" This is a nice little bonus that Maxis put in the game for those who are in a financial slump. The call will give money, ranging from about §50 to §3,000. You can manipulate this to give you lots of money. First, buy stuff until your money is lower than §100. Within a few seconds, the call will come. Answer the phone. After receiving the cash, sell the stuff and buy fewer items that are more expensive. Repeating this along with using Down+Z+Up+Y+R can get you the cooler, more epensive items. Don\'t keep items in your house for more than 24 hours, or the value will decrease a little, making you less of a profit. If you repeat this, you can get lots of money. When you decide to move out of Mom\'s house, spend all the money on new items (but make them useful in case you visit again), and do the normal pre-moving-out things (like paying the bills, cleaning up, etc.). When you hop in your vehicle, Mom will be very thankful and give you massive amounts of cash.

P.S. The call works on Free Play houses too, but without the moving out part.
Ghost maid? Ghost maid!
If you own an incubator and you make one plant and make sure to water it until it's huge,(this is also a quick money maker, because the bigger the plant, the more it's worth! the largest plant's value is worth 500 simoleons!) place it in the front and it will sometimes attack service sims,so when your maid comes in the morning, if you hear a gasp before or after cleaning is finished, a pop up will appear and it will say deepest sympathy! Maid has died! and a grave will appear. get rid of the grave and when you hire a new maid, she will be a ghost. so, the good thing? she can walk through walls and other sims so she won't get in the way!
How to get up the job chain.
After the Daydream at the start of the game, complete all of the goals in Mom's house except for getting a job. Work on your skills so all of them are at 10, and then get a job. When you get to a place that one of the goals is to get married, save your game and go to free mode. Make a family of people you would like to marry, put them in Free Street 1 or 2, and just make a phone. Go back to your game and Visit the Free Street you put the family and get in love with the one be you want to be with, leave, and invite them over and get married. After that, use them to make friends because any friends of theirs are friends of yours. Work up the chain and use your lover to make you meals and get you family friends. (Any family friends of theirs are also yours.) Soon you will be at the top.
Mama Sim
If your Sim is away from home (Mom's house) and is in a really bad mood, go to Mom's house and stay as long as you want without losing your job. You can also work on your skills and making friends for your job promotions there.
Never Pay Your Bills
When the post-lady puts the "garbage" in your mailbox, take it out. When your sim goes to put it in the house, cancel the check mail box thingy. When your sim goes to put it on the ground, put a newspaper or something DIRECTLY where he/she will put it. the bills will still be in the sims hand for a second then disappear. the game will count the bills as paid and nothing bad will happen. this also works for the stupid girl that puts trash on your front porch every morning
No Work
When you need some skills in a job you move back to Mom's house and then you can get the skills and not go to work.


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Stuck at work
If you save and quit your game while a sim is at work, they will be stuck there for a day or two, but even though they are at work, their bus will still come and they can even get fired. they will only bring home a day's worth of their pay, so don't think you can work overtime and get payed extra via this glitch. If you do his a lot, the glitch will soon negate so you don't have to worry about them getting stuck at work.


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Real Gnome Cheat
Pause the game with the start button and enter the following quickly:

Down, L, Z, R, Left, X
Rich with a great job
When your skills are low, feelings are low or you need a break from your job, go to Mama Sims house. Use the Cheat Gnome cheat (Down, Z, R, Left, X), then use the All Objects Cheat (Down, Z, Up, Y, R), then sell something and replace it with the best of whatever that was. Then move out and she'll pay back all your money! You can add a new room for yourself and one for skill building. Eventually, she'll pay you ALOT more money than you paid. That's how I got my 60,000§ fortune.
Skipping Work
If you are running low on funds, or just need to do some skill building you can move back to mom's and the bus won't come to pick you up, and take you to work.

Note:You can stay there as long as you need to, there is no penalty for staying to long. You can come and go as you please.

The Kid Glitch
On Free Play, if your Sims have a kid, move them out. Edit the family, and you will see that the kid\'s personality bars are infinite. Don\'t delete too many, or the glitch will negate. If you do this, press B to undo the changes. (This is similar to the Ginger glitch.)

Also, kids start out with an absurd amount of skill points. Iff you edit the family and change the kids into adults, they will still have their skills, but they will be able to go to work and everything. Basically, this is like getting free skill points. If the kid looks hideous (like they usually do with the randomization), you can make it a pretty adult.
Unlock all objects
To unlock all objects press:

Down, Z, Left, Right, R
Unlock All Skins
Enable the Gnome Cheat (press down, L, Z, R, left) then simply press L, Y, A, R, left during game play.
Unlock Team Photo
To unlock the team photo you must input:

R1, Z, Down