Shrek 2 (GC) Cheats

Shrek 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Fairy Godmother's Chapter Hero Time Glitch
In Fairy Godmother's Chapter when you get to hero time and you're Lil' Red. If you fall you die. But I've found something glitchy. If you go down but jump before you fall, you won't die! If you stay here, Fairy Godmother can't hit you! To get back on the conveyor belt, jump and move up. It doesn't work on the top part where you can also fall and die.
King Jewels Help
On this level I find it easy to just worry about Fiona. Let the overs die, it won't matter. If the troll gets to close to you, use Fiona's ability to stop time and you will be fine. You do not need to collect all jewels that the troll drops because there is no limit to the amount he drops so take your time.


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Continuation of Family Jewels Mini-game Glitch
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you this. When you attack the troll, you must attack him with the A then while in the air, B. Which is a spinning move.
Family Jewels Mini-game Glitch
You need at least 2 players for this. First, go to Far Far Away level and go to the King Harold that asks if you can help collect the Family Jewels. Then one player has to Fiona. The other Lil' Red. Attack the troll and make him go to the top right corner (that's what I did for this glitch). Then keep hitting and hitting him to the the top right corner. After a long time (only minutes not hours or days)the troll will go through the wall and he'll be gone! Now go to the exit and go to the same King Harold. When the game starts, all 196 Jewels will be lying on the floor and you won't see the troll!
Gurads Attacking Each Other
If you want to know how to do that, go on the 8th level Prision Break. If you get deected by the guards quickly get under the platform. The guards that will come out attack each other!
Snapbook Cheats
Pause, go to scrapbook, and enter a cheat:
Unlock all levels - Left, Up, A, X, Left, Up, A, X, Left, Up, A, X, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up
Unlock all bonuses - Left, Up, A, X, Left, Up, A, X, Left, Up, A, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X
1,000 free coins - Left, Up, A, X, Left, Up, A, X, Left, Up, A, X, X, X, X, X, X
Refill health meters - Left, Up, A, X, Left, Up, A, X, Left, Up, A, X, Up, Right, Down,Left,Up
Unlockable Bonuses
The following bonuses will be unlocked depending on the number of missions you have completed in Shrek 2:
Cage Drop-59 Missions Completed
Cloud Maze-45 Missions Completed
Floating Floor-31 Missions Completed
Movie Stills and Crash Coliseum-70 Missions Completed
Ring Coliseum-21 Missions Completed