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Shadow the Hedgehog (GC) Cheats

Shadow the Hedgehog cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Shadow the Hedgehog cheat codes.


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"Air Fleet" - Easy A-Rank For Dark Mission
Proceed through the Stage as normal, collecting as many G.U.N. Mech Cannons as possible, until you come to the first Switch Junction. Send the escape craft down the right path, and do as much damage as you possibly can to it using the platforms to fire at it.

Soon after that, you will come to a section in which you have to exit out of the right side of the ship into an area with a few moving platforms along the outer walls, and a rail leading into the next area of the ship. Hit the Checkpoint directly before this area, and use the crates nearby to acquire the best Weapon possible (the Shadow Gun is best, but if you don't have it, you should probably just obtain the Weapons from the squadron of G.U.N. Beetles outside the ship).

Now, stand on one of the stationary platforms near the other end of the rail, wait for the escape craft to pass by, and hammer away at it with your Weapons. There is a Black Arms Trooper at the other end of the rail, if you wish to acquire his Weapon, as well. When you run out of ammunition or when the escape craft leaves your range (whichever happens first), jump off the side of the ship. You will return to the checkpoint with the same time as you had when you first went through it, BUT...the escape craft will pass by again, and will retain any damage which you did to it earlier! Repeat this process until the escape craft is damaged enough for you to complete the Mission.

Repeating this process should get you such a good time here that your Time Score alone should give you something close to an A-Rank. A few other Points acquired from here and there, and you will manage it!
10-second Pure Hero Black Doom
In order to beat Black Doom on the Pure Hero path, break the box behind Shadow at the very beginning with a punch. Grab the red gun, and jump onto the platform near Black Doom. From here it only works if he uses the purple boomerang attack if he does shoot him repetedly until he dies. This Whole process should take Less than 10 sec.
2player Co-op
Remember in Sonic adventure when you can control Tails as your partner in Sonic's story? Well, in this game you can too! First choose whatever partner you want. Next make sure p2's controller is in. Now try moving. See how your partner reacts? By the way, you can also attack and even if you are too far from him/her will reappear by you.
3 Extra lives
Once you have the Vacuum Egg leveled up to level two suck 30 things into it to get three extra lives.
If you have a certain weapon, and you walk over the same weapon, you get extra ammo. So dont ignore the weapons even if you already have them.
Dangerous Hanging Trick
Go to Lava Shelter. In one part, you will see an area with a lot of horizontal bars. When the game designers made this part, they expected that the only way to live and continue on is to hang onto a bar. Wrong. If you jump ALL THE WAY FORWARD, you will fall down and see the door. I know the door won't open in time, bu that's no the thing. Keep holding up on the control stick! Then, you will land on an EXTREMELY small section of the room behind the door that's barely jutting out. When on this platform, you're safe (unless you walk into the lava). Then, when the door opens, you can just walk in. This can also save several seconds if you're doing a time attack.
Defeating Bosses
Here's some tips on helping you defeat those annoying bosses in the game.

Whenever you build up your Hero Meter,you can go use the move Chaos Control,which usually speeds you through the level.Well if you use it while fighting a boss,it can freeze time until the meter runs out-giving you plenty of time for some rapid shooting and homing attack action!This also applies to your Chaos Blast when you max out your Dark Meter.You get the same effects as in the normal part of the stage except that you can inflict some nice damage to the boss as well as having infinite ammo until the meter reaches zero.
Dodge bullets without moving
To dodge bullets from an enemy, use the spin dash move but don't let go of the x button. The bullets and/or lasers will shoot right over you.
Expert Mode
To unlock expert mode get all 71 "A" rankings.
Homing Missile
2p too far away to run? If your close enough you can homing attack and chase him. But watch out if he has a gun because if he get's far enough then he can turn around and shoot you.
Invincible(limited time)
Ok so how to preform this cheat to become invinicible for a short while, Kill enough Eggman Robots/GUN troops/Black arms aliens to Use Chaos Blast/Control, But dont use it, Use it to become invincible and speed on ahead
Last Story
Beat every 6th stage in story mode, and see the hero and dark endings for each. (10 endings in all
Library Cutscenes
Library Cutscenes
Complete one route through the story to unlock its cutscene sequence. You can see the route you took in the background of the library window.Unlockable How to Unlock
001: Punisment, Thy Name is Ruin 6 Dark missions, Dark final boss
002: Prologue to world conquest All dark, hero ending
003: The March to a Darker World Dark, Neutral, Dark, Neutral, Hero, Dark
011: Revenge at last 2 dark, 1 neutral, 2 dark, dark ending
016: The Nightmare's Sublimation Dark, Neutral, Neutral, Neutral, Dark, Hero
052: Beyond One's Own Power... Dark, Hero. Dark, Neutral, Neutal, Good.
091: The Rise and Fall of the ARK Dark, Hero, Hero, Hero, Dark, Dark
102: Ariving at the ego 1 nuetral, 2 dark, 1 hero, 1 nuetral, hero ending
112: Reclaimed Heart Neutral, Dark, Neutral, Neutral, Neutral, Hero
145: Disappointed in Humanity Neutral (x2), villain, neutral (x2), villain.
146: Faith Taken From Solitude 2 Normal missions, 1 Dark, 3 Normal, Hero final boss
155: The Day That Hope Died 3 Neutral, 3 Dark
161: The lion's awakining 4 nuetral, 1 dark, dark ending
163: An Android's Rebellion Neutral (5x), then villain.
164: A New Empire's Begining 6 Normal missions, Hero final boss
165: Bullets from tears 4 nuetral, 1 hero, dark ending
166: Journey to Nihility In this order: Neutral, neutral, neutral, neutral, hero, hero.
171: Sonic Dethroned Neutral, Neutral, Neutral, Hero, Hero, Dark
175: Farewell to the past 2 nuetral, 1 hero, 1 dark, 1 nuetral, dark ending
182: Compensation for a Miracle 2 Normal missions, 1 Hero, 3 Normal, Hero final boss
203: Perpetual Voyage In this order: Neutral, hero, villain, hero, neutral, villain.
216: At vagrancy's end 1 nuetral, 1 hero, 3 nuetral, hero ending
230: The Ultimate Choice Neutral, Hero, Hero, Neutral, Dark, Hero
262: Steel combat boots 1 hero, 1 dark, 1 nuetral, 1 hero, 1 dark, dark ending
276: The Dark part of the Galaxy Hero, Dark, Hero, Neutral, Neutral, Hero.
316: The One Who Maria Entrusted First 3 hero missioons, the next one neutral, then hero all the way through.
321: Sparks on the horizon 3 hero, 1 dark, 1 hero, dark ending
322: A Use for a Saved Life Dark, Neutral, Dark, Hero, Dark
323: Coffin of Memories Hero, Neutral, Hero, Neutral, Dark, Dark
324: The Self-Imposed Seal First four hero missions, then neutral, then hero.
326: A Missive From 50 Years Ago 6 Hero missions, Hero final boss
326: Pretense in the Mirror First five hero missions, then dark on the last one.
Mad Matrix Hero and Dark A-Ranking
Hero: If you want to A-Rank, make sure you DO NOT kill Eggman's robots unless you need its gun in a certain part. With this in mind, you'll have more points in the end. Also, finish the mission as fast as possible to get at least a small time bonus. Lastly, if you die, then restart. And, for the end, to A-Rank this mission, you don't need much points (I got an A-Rank with only 5,820 points). With these tips you should end the level with enough points.

Dark: Dang. This mission bites. Like I said in the hero mission tips, don't die. Also, this mission takes so long you probably won't even get a time bonus, but you don't need it anyway. The bombs give you points (yay). In fact,it took me about 12 minutes, but I still got an A-Rank (because I had about 10,800 points). And, if you ever see one of Eggman's robots, kill it.
Most of the Guns in the Game
Hand Guns:
Light Shot

More Powerful Hand Guns:
Sub-Machine Gun
Machcine Gun
Mini Gun
Flash Shot
Light Shooter

Target Guns:
(alien/human)Missle Launcher
Light Speed Shooter


Close Attack:
Thorn Sword
Stop Sign
Speed Sign
Firelit Pole

Omochao Gun
Satelight-Lazer Cannon
Healing Cannon

These are all the weapons i know.
Special Guns, where to find them
After unlocking special guns, you can find them in the crates that have Shadow the Hedgehog's head on the crate.
Special Weapons
Vaccuum Egg (should be Egg Vaccuum but it's called Vaccuum Egg): Obtained by beating Lava Shelter in Story Mode.
Omochao Gun: Obtained by beating Cosmic Fall in Story Mode.
Satellite Laser: Obtained by beating Black Comet in Story Mode.
Samurai Blade: Obtained by beating GUN Fortress in Story Mode.
Heal Cannon (sucks; it only heals, which is almost always useless): Obtained by beating Final Haunt in Story Mode.
Shadow Rifle (most powerful weapon in the game, it is SUPER AWESOME): Obtained by beating Last Story.

All weapons (except the Shadow Rifle, it's too powerful) can be given additional ammunition by beating the same level in Story Mode with the opposite side (either Hero or Dark, you should know that).
Stay in Air while shooting
To stay in air while shooting, just jump, then hold b button. You will stay in air as long as you want, or until ammo runs out.
If you get on a save panel you can teleport back in the level if you missed something. This comes in handy when you want to choose sides.
Unlock the
To unlock the heal gun just beat the pure good side.
Useful Tips & Hints
1) In Central City, there are many driveable vehicles. Hop in one and you can run over bad guys without taking much damage. Have fun!

2) In single player, there is usually another sonic character with you. If you need, help, go grab a buddy and hook up another controller. The Second perosn will be in control of Shadows lacky. But this doesn't work with Doom's Eye.

3) Watch out, home attack isn't that great in this game, so when you home attack somone, don't expect this to be like SA2B where you strait to the person. You may fall off a nearby edge and can't do nothing about it, especially if you home attack an opponnet repeatedly. So be very careful.

4) DO NOT attempt to put out fires. Just don't do it. Results may not be what you expected. =/

5) When you are running top speed, be careful because control if is very limited at this speed.

6) Last but not least, with a gun, you can jump up and repeatedly shoot enemies until you get tired or you run out of ammo.

Hope this helps anyone...


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Diablon Spin Glitch
I found a glitch by accident when fighting Sonic and Diablon. If you get a running start and do the X button Slide right at Diablon's base, (the part closest to the ground,) you should take do damage and start spinning around him while retaining your slide. You don't even have to press anything to keep spinning around him. However, when his Antimatter Cannon is charged, he will shoot it, and you'll take damage from his body. He will not do any other normal attacks while you're spinning around him. Good luck in doing this glitch.

Easter eggs

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Hidden SEGA sign
In one of the stories with the commander (the story that shows a picture of sonic and shadow) the commander has a picture of the hedgehogs and behind the picture they show the word SEGA over and over.
light speed jump
Go to the level final haunt passed the second checkpoint after you pull out the first wall and head up the ramp use the light ring technique on the second set of rings before you leave that room.
Do it right and Shadow should jump high into the air!


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Go Through Wall On 2 Player Mode
go to the lava shelter on 2 player and kill the black arms soldier and get his saucer and ride it in the lava ride it to the wall and bump against it and keep moving you will eventually go through the wall but no one can see you unless the saucer sticks out!
Hidden Vehicles
Armoured car= Find the five keys in Westopolis.

Black Arm's Vehicle= Find the five keys in Glyphic Canyon.

Tank Cannon= Find the five keys in Prison Island.

Air Saucer= Find the five keys in Central City.

Black Arms' Vehicle= Find the five keys in Sky Troops.

An Air Saucer= Find the five keys in Air Fleet.

Tank cannon= Find the five keys in Iron Jungle.

GUN Vehicle= Find the five keys in Lost Impact.

Milatary Vehicle= Find the five keys in GUN Fortress.

Air Saucer= Find the five keys in Lava Shelter.

Warp Hole= Find the five keys in Digital Circuit
Play as :
Name How to be
Sonic,...| Plug in a second controller
Knuckles,| and use that controller to
Rouge,...| play as the character helping
Omega,...| you on that level.(only
Amy,.....| characters on the left work)
or Vecter
Hyper Shadow| On the last part of the level
............| the last way you play as Hyper
............| Shadow.
Yuji Naka Easter Egg
In the level Death Ruins,you will here some soldiers say "Yuji Naka is alright".Yuji Naka was the producer for Shadow the Hedgehog.