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Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Destroy AT-ST transport on Hoth
Here's a nifty tip so you won't have to deal with extra AT-ST walkers on Hoth. Once you begin, head toward Outpost Beta's Ion Cannon. THen head where the AT-AT's are and you should see a imperial transport carrying 2 walkers and 20 snowtroopers. Since snowspeeders aren't fighters, you will have to wait for the transport to lower a little. Next, this is important:
Rear cannons!
On missions were you get the Imperial Lamb shuttle, hold the B button to shoot the rear cannons. (Holding down a while flying the M. Malcon will use its rear cannon too!)
Save Biggs and Wedge from the Death Star
As you know, Wedge flees and Biggs dies during the trench run, but there is an easy way to prevent that. Before you make the attack run, using the command cross (digital pad, order them to flee. Now they will be saved.
Save the whole flee (except the Liberty cruiser)
On the Battle of Endor level, there are 10 cruisers. Except for the Liberty cruiser (which gets destroyed by the Death Star), you can protect the rest of them. After the Libery gets destroyed, the fighters, Home 1, and 2 Rebel Blockade. Now here are the steps to save them all:

1. Open and close your S-Foils repeatedly to get ahead of the cruisers.
2. Destroy the right Star Destroyer, then the left
3. Tell your team to chase the TIE'S.

There you go.


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Ace Mode
To get Ace Mode, win gold medals in all 15 missions.
Advanced Concussion Missiles
The Advanced Concussion Missiles are in the tunnel across from the Spread Proton Bombs in ''Imperial Academy Heist.''
Advanced laser cannon upgrade
BATTLE OF HOTH: After the Rebellion's Shield Generator is destroyed by the AT-AT, the Laser Cannon upgrade will appear in it's place.
Advanced Proton Bombs
In ''Ison Corridor Ambush'' there will be a large chunk of debris to your right when you start the mission. Go in the hollow tunnel to grab the power-up.
Advanced Shield Upgrades
The Advanced Shields upgrade can be found in the first mission, Death Star Attack. After the cinema that leads into the second objective of the mission (killing the TIE fighters) continue going straight in the set path, only veer to the left a bit. Stay close to the planet surface and you'll find the rocket-shaped upgrade blended in with turrets and such.
Advanced Targeting Computer
n the ''Strike at the Core'' mission, in the last tunnel before you actually reach the core (you'll know it, it's right after the inclined sections. If you still can't find it, it's the section with the bluish water-like light at the end), there should be a series of pipes wrapping around the bottom right hand corner of the tunnel. They are big enough to get your ship through, so go under them and keep going through them until you pick up the upgrage. This makes the targeting computer a little more precise, and it also makes it so you don't have to hold down the Y-button.
All Tech Upgrades
First type in AYZB!RCL then type in WRKFORIT.
Art Gallery
Type in EXHIBIT! at the passcode screen and you'll hear R2-D2 beeping. Go into the extra features menu and the art gallery will be unlocked.
Art Gallery passcode
Art Gallery - EXHIBIT!
Audio Commentry
Enter the following code into the passcodes screen:

Beggars Canyon Race Cheat
Trying to get the Naboo fighter? Well here's the easiest way to beat the Beggar's Canyon race. When Biggs goes down path 1 go down it until it says path 1. Now carefully slow down and go down and left, then as carefully as you can turn around and go to the start, then go down path 2. You'll still get credit for doing race 1, just remember to go back and do race 2.

Doing the turn around can take some practice but it's a lot easier than doing race 1. Also remember to stay low. If you scrape the wall a little bit it's okay, just don't scrape it too much.
Black and White Mode
Enter LIONHEAD into the password screen as a password.
Buick Convertible
To drive a 1969 Buick enter !ZUVIEL! then
!BENZIN! at the passcodes screen. Note this cheat deactivates every time you shut off your GameCube.
C-3PO, R2-D2, and their pod
In Tatooine Traning, you can find either C-3PO, R2-D2, or the escape pod they crashed in as a bonus item. You will only be able to find one of them each time you do the traning, so you will have to look around.
C3PO = Blow up Jabba's Palace and look on the ground.
R2D2 = Blow up the sandcrawler and look on the ground.
POD = Out in the desert. Look around for it.
Type in PZ?APBSY IRONSHIP To Unlock Standard Slave 1

VV?GXRYP CNOOQ!ZR JFETTSHP To unlock Jangos Slave 1

Color Blind
If you put in LIONHEAD, it will take out all color from the game.
The documentary option in the special features menu (which lets you see the making of the game) will only be unlocked after you beat all 10 normal missions of the game
To unlock Endurance enter ?WCYBRTC followed by
First Code: Second Code: Feature/Level Unlocked:
BLAHBLAH (none) Audio Commentary
COMPOSER (none) Music Hall
THATSME! (none) Credits
?INSIDER (none) Documentary
EXHIBIT! (none) Art Gallery
LIONHEAD (none) Game plays in black and white
JPVI?IJC RSBFNRL Unlimited Lives
CDYXF!?Q ASEPONE! Naboo Fighter
MVPQIU?A OH!BUDDY Millennium Falcon
AJHH!?JY BUSTOUR Imperial Shuttle
!??QWTTJ CLASSIC All Original 10 Missions
AZTBOHII OUTCAST! Triumph of the Empire!
TVLYBBXL NOWAR!!! Astroid Field
OGGRWPDG EEKEEK! Revenge on Yavin
?WCYBRTC ??MBC??? Endurance
!ZUVIEL! !BENZIN! Black Buick

Naboo Fighter (cheat code)
First, enter the code CDYXF!?Q, then enter the code ASEPONE!. You'll hear R2D2 bleep if once the second passcode is entered correctly. The system must be reset to deactivate the code.

Allows players to instantly restore their ship's shields without losing a life.

If you are low on shields before a cutscene, try to time it so that you crash your ship just before the cutscene begins. If you do so, you will not lose a ship, however when you start the next leg of the mission you will appear with in ship with full shields.

Find all the hidden items in the Training Mission
To find all of the hidden items in the Training Mission, you'll need to play it both day and night. Some items will only appear during the day, others will only appear at night.

Find C-3PO in Tatooine Training
Destroy Jabba's Palace in Tatooine Training to reveal the golden protocol droid.

Find the TIE Fighter in Tatooine Training
The TIE Fighter discovery item can be found in the middle of the city. It shows up as a yellow square on your targeting computer.

Unlock the A-Wing
Complete Mission 2: Ison Corridor Ambush to unlock the A-Wing for use in certain missions.

Unlock the Airspeeder
Complete Mission 3: Battle of Hoth to unlock the Airspeeder for certain missions.

Unlock the Y-Wing
Complete Mission 4: Prisons of the Maw to unlock the Y-Wing for certain missions.

Unlock the B-Wing
Complete Mission 5: Razor Rendezvous to unlock the B-Wing for certain missions.

Command the Cloud Car
In Raid on Bespin, you can switch to the Cloud Car by flying into the spinning Rebel Icon. The Cloud Car is almost as fast as the A-Wing and it has better brakes.

Advanced Proton Torpedoes
Find these in Mission 2: Ison Corridor Ambush.

Advanced Homing Proton Torpedoes
Find this upgrade in Mission 6: Vengeance on Kothlis.

Advanced Concussion Missiles
Find this upgrade in Mission 7: Imperial Academy Heist.

Advanced Homing Concussion Missiles
Find this upgrade in Mission 8: Raid on Bespin.

Advanced Proton Bomb
Find this upgrade in Mission 5: Razor Rendezvous.

Advanced Spread Proton Bombs
Find this upgrade in Mission 7: Imperial Academy Heist.

Advanced Cluster Missiles
Find this upgrade in Mission 4: Prisons of the Maw.

Advanced Homing Cluster Missiles
Find this upgrade in Mission 9: Battle of Endor.

Advanced Blasters
Find this upgrade in Mission 3: Battle of Hoth.

Advanced Targeting Computer
Find this upgrade in Mission 10: Strike at the Core. This allows you to turn on your Targeting Computer and leave it on without holding down the Y Button. You can also command your wingmen to go after specific enemies.

Advanced Shields
Find this upgrade in Mission 1: Death Star Attack.

Enable Audio Commentary
You can listen to an audio commentary by the game's developers after you've gotten Bronze Medals in all missions. Turn this option on from the Special Features menu.

Unlock Slave-1
To unlock Boba Fett's Slave-1 ship for certain missions, earn Silver Medals in all ten regular missions and two of the bonus missions.

Unlock the Millennium Falcon
To unlock the Millenium Falcon in certain missions, you'll need to earn Bronze Medals in all ten of the standard missions.

Unlock the TIE Fighter
Players must find both TIE fighter locations during the day and at night in the Imperial Academy Heist mission, hijack the fighter, and use it to complete the mission. To use it in the missions for Revenge on Yavin and Triumph of the Empire, you must first complete the missions with the default fighter.

Enable Ace Mode
To enable Ace Mode, you must get Gold Medals in all missions, including Endurance.

How to play missions in night or day.
The time of day (based on the internal time settings on the Nintendo GameCube) affects the Tatooine Training and Imperial Academy Heist missions.

Missions played between 6am and 6pm will be day missions and missions played between 6pm and 6am will be night missions.

all this information found at www.nintendo.com
Free Life
When you get to a break in a mission, the split second before it is about to enter a cut-scene, crash/destroy your ship so that the cut-scene starts before the crash scene ends. When play resumes, your ship will be fully shielded and armed, and you will not have lost a life in the process!
Get the Naboo Starfighter
To get the Naboo Starfighter enter CDYXF!?Q, then ASEPONE! into the password screen
Handy Tip
When going for gold medals, you aren't allowed to use the Targeting device thing much. Once you have unlocked the homing missiles/proton torpedoes, you can use the lock-on as a targeter. Bring up the yellow diamond with B, and any enemies will be locked-on, but instead of firing missile, just use your lasers. This is especially handy on Ison Corridor Ambush.
In-Game Reset
Hold X+Y+B+Start, for about one and a half seconds.
Infinite Lives!!!!
Go to the passcode menu and type in JPVI?IJC . select enter passcode. R2D2 will not beep. Then, type in RSBFNRL , select enter cheat, and R2D2 will beep, meaning for every level you play BEFORE you turn the gamecube off, you will have infinite lives!!!!
Level Select
Enter "!??QWTTJ" as a passcode. R2D2 will not beep for this passcode. Return to the passcode screen and enter "CLASSIC" as a second passcode. If you entered the code correctly, R2D2 will beep. Note: This does not unlock the bonus missions.
Mission Quick-Start
Hold down the L and R buttons all the way and select a mission. You should skip the available ship screen and the hangar and will automatically begin the mission in the Default Craft.
Music Hall
Enter COMPOSER as a passcode. This will unlock a sound test-like area under Special Features.
Play as Naboo Fighter
Beat the Tatooine Training Session at all 4 times-morning, afternoon, evening, and night. You have to complete all of the objectives, find all of the discovery items, and get the two hidden bonus items in each session.
There are many powerups around the levels, and here they are:

Advanced Proton Torpedos: On Ison Corridor Ambush, at the beginning, fly down until you find a hollow piece of debris. Fly through it to find the upgrade.

Homing Proton Torpedos: On Vengeanch On Kothlis, fly through a hole on the left side of the bridge of the crashed Star Destroyer.

Advanced Concussion Missles: On Imperial Academy Heist DAY, when you get to the main area of the academy, there will be a hanger to the far right. Fly through it or blow it up to get the upgrade.

Homing Concussion Missles: On Raid On Bespin, when you're securing the gas platforms, you will see a missile-like ship. Blow it up WHILE it's still relatively near the platform. When it blows up, so will some of the tanks. Search the platform for the upgrade.

Advanced Proton Bombs: On Razor Rendezvous, immediatley head to the bow of the Star Destroyer when you enter the level. You should see an Imperial Shuttle. Destroy it for the upgrade.

Spread Proton Bombs: On Imperial Academy Heist NIGHT, when you get to the main part of the academy, there will be a hanger on the far left. Fly through it or blow it up to get the upgrade.

Advanced Cluster Missles: On Prisons On The Maw, when you're heading for the COM Towers, you will see a dome-shaped building beside a lone COM Tower. Destroy the dome to get the upgrade.

Homing Cluster Missles: On Battle Of Endor, when you fight the Star Destroyers, destroy the left one first. After it's stopped moving downward (you may want to attack the 2nd Star Destroyer while you're waiting), head for the hanger on the underside of the 1st Star Destroyer. When you enter the hangar, you will be notified that you got the upgrade. (You can also search for the upgrade before destroying any Star Destroyers. It will be to the left and below the left SD.)

Advanced Lasers: On Death Star Attack, when you get to the part where you fight the TIEs, stay low and head straight. The upgrade will be below and a little to the left of you.

Advanced Shields: On Battle Of Hoth, after the AT-AT blows up the Power Generator, go back to the remains of the structure. There you will find the upgrade.

Advanced Targeting Computer: On Strike At The Core, near the end of the ventilation shaft, you will see some pipes below and to the right. Fly under them and pick up the upgrade.

If you find any errors, please email me at colinlim_yick@hotmail.com.

Razor Renevous
The Bridge on this level is a little hard to find. So Get to the front of the Star destroyer and go straight for the Rectangular big thing, that has the two sheild generators. The brigde is right in the middle of the big thing. When you shot it, it will blink or light up a little.
Revenge on Yavin Level
At the main menu, select options, then select passcodes. Enter the code OGGRWPDG, and enter. Then enter EEKEEK! as a passcode and enter. If you entered it correctly, R2D2 will chirp.
Revenge on Yavin Unlocked
On the password menu, enter OGGRWPDG. R2-D2 will not confirm this with beeping just yet. Then enter EEKEEK! R2-D2 will now let you go to the ''Revenge on Yavin'' level.
secret craft
to get millenium falcon: get bronze on 10 main missions
to get slave one: beat the first 2 secret missions with a silver
get tie advanced: get gold on ALL missions including insane endurance
be a cloud car at bespin city: when you start out in the city, make a left and fly on the out skirts of the city untill you find a low building with a rebel symbol over the top of it, fly into and you will change into the sleek, speedy cloud car
secret craft (cont.)
get naboo fighter: beat all timexones in tatooine training, including finding the bonus items, and you will get the naboo star fighter
be tie in imperial academy heist: in the day with the y wing: when you come to the last sensor in the canyon there will be a left fork and a right fork, the right will lead you to the tie docks and you will be under immediate attack, but if you head to the left you will come accross a lonely out post with a tie on the right, when you get close, it will begin to take off, shoot an ion blast at it and it will land, a rebel symbol will appear over it and you can switch into the tie. get tie at night with speeder: again, go to the left fork and you will view a cut scene about the post, this time, on the left side of the base there is a lone pilot, smoke him and you can jump into the tie, however, when you steal the shuttle you have to come back for the speeder
Ship Codes!! (MF and Naboo Starfighter)
Millenium Falcon:

Enter MVPQIU?A; R2 will not beep!
Then enter OH!BUDDY!; R2 will beep!

Naboo Starfighter:

Enter CDYXF!?Q; R2 will not beep!
Then enter ASEPONE; R2 will beep!
Some Passcodes and other cool cheats
BLAHBLAH-Audio commentary
SLAVE I-Earn a silver medal in all 10 main missions.
Spread Proton Bombs
In ''Imperial Academy Heist'' steal the shuttle and go in the tunnel to your right to grab the tech upgrade.
Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2 Gamecube Cheats
Get Audio Commentary:
To learn how they made the level or learn how hard it was to make the level put this code in. BLAHBLAH. Then go to special features and turn on the AUDIO COMMENTARY and select the level you want to play and listen to the commentary. You can either play or pause the game to listen the commentary.

Unlimited lives:
Enter JPVIP?IJC as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter RSBCNRL as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry

Naboo Starfighter:
This is exactly like the unlimited lives cheat, first put in CDYXF!?Q and press enter you will NOT hear R2 beep,then put in ASEPONE!

Tie Fighter:
Enter "ZT?!RGBA" as a passcode. R2D2 will not beep for this passcode. Return to the passcode screen and enter "DISPSBLE" as a second passcode. If you entered the code correctly, R2D2 will beep. Alternatively, get the TIE Fighter in the Imperial Academy Heist mission on both night and day versions, then complete the level to unlock the TIE Fighter. In the day version, after you disable all of the sensors, fly to the right over the mountains. You must find a large open space with a single comm tower. Disable the comm tower with your ion cannon, then look near the base of the tower on the left for the TIE fighter. Shoot it with your ion cannon and it will take off, fly a short distance, and land. The rebel icon will then appear over it. Switch to it and then fly to the main base. Switch to the Imperial Shuttle and fly to the level exit. In the night version, sneak past all the sensors. Turn right into the narrow valley that appears on your radar near the last sensor. F!
ly to the large open area. Once there, fly along the mountains on the left (staying low to avoid detection) until you reach a narrow valley on the left, which you will see on the radar. Fly into that valley and follow the way to another open area. Look for a single building and shoot the enemy pilot on the left side. The rebel icon will then appear over the TIE fighter, which is on the other side of the building. Switch to the TIE fighter and head to the main base. Switch to the Imperial Shuttle, then follow the radar back to your Snowspeeder to pick up your co-pilot. You will fly a bit past the normal level exit. A intermission sequence will be triggered, featuring you picking up your co-pilot. The level will then end

(sorry for the crap tilte i couldn think of any thing to call it)
the tie advanced x1
to get vader's tie: the tie advanced, you must achieve all golds including endurence and it will appear in you hangar
TIE Advanced X-1
Go to the passcodes screen and enter NYM!UUOK followed by BLKHLMT! to inlock the TIE X1
TIE Fighter
Enter "ZT?!RGBA" as a passcode. R2D2 will not beep for this passcode. Return to the passcode screen and enter "DISPSBLE" as a second passcode. If you entered the code correctly, R2D2 will beep.
Unlimited Lives
Enter JPVI?IJC as a password. R2D2 will not beep for this password. Return to the password screen and enter RSBFNRL as a second password. R2D2 will beep to confirm correct code entry.
Unlimited Lives
At the main menu, select Options, and at the options screen, choose Passcodes. Enter JPVI?IJC, then enter. Then enter the code RSBFNRL and enter. If done correctly, R2D2 Will chirp and you will now have infinite lives.
Unlock all 10 missions
First enter !??QWTTJ (will get false beep), then type in Classic
Unlock Black Car
At the main menu, select options, and at the options screen, choose Passcodes. enter ?WCYBRTC as a passcode, then select enter code, then input ??MBC??? and select enter code. If done correctly, R2D2 will chrip and a black car will be unlocked as a ship.
Unlock Imperial Shuttle
At the main menu, select options, then select passcodes. Enter AJHH!?JY and enter. Then enter BUSTOUR as a code, and enter. If done correctly, R2D2 will chirp and the imperial shuttle is now a playable aircraft.
Unlock TIE Advanced
At the main menu, select Options, and then select Passcodes. Enter NYM!UUOK as a code and then enter. Then enter BLKHLMT! and enter. If done correctly, R2D2 Will chirp and TIE Advanced can now be used as a space craft.