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Resident Evil (GC) Cheats

Resident Evil cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Resident Evil cheat codes.


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The characters present in the ending is based upon your actions during the game.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Jill and Barry and ChrisRescue Chris from the prison cell and ensure Barry survives.
Jill and BarryDo not rescue Chris from the prison cell but ensure Barry does not die.
Jill and ChrisAllow Barry to be killed but rescue Chris.
Jill alone.Do not rescue Chris and allow Barry to die.
Chris and Rebecca and Jill.Rescue Jill from the prison cell and ensure Rebecca survives.
Chris and RebeccaDo not rescue Jill from the prison cell but ensure Rebecca does not die.
Chris and JillAllow Rebecca to be killed but rescue Jill.
Chris alone.Do not rescue Jill and allow Rebecca to die.
Game Modes
Note that you must accomplish these tasks on normal or hard settings.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Real Survival ModeClear the game as either Chris or Jill once.
One Dangerous Zombie ModeClear the game as both Chris or Jill once each.
Invisible EnemiesClear the game as both Chris or Jill once each.
Special Bonuses
Unlocking any costume will give you a key that opens the costume room where you can change into any unlocked costume.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Jill's Sarah Connor costumeComplete the game once with Jill on any difficulty.
Jill's Resident Evil 3 costumeClear the game twice with Jill on any difficulty.
Chris' The Mexican costumeClear the game once with Chris on any difficulty.
Chris' CODE Veronica costumeClear the game twice with Chris on any difficulty.
Message from Director and Unused Costume designsClear Invisible Enemy mode in 5 hours or less.
You must be playing on either normal or hard mode for these but you can use either Chris or Jill.
WeaponHow to unlock
Samurai Edge. (Note: This is not a sword. )Clear the game in 5 hours or less.
Rocket LauncherClear the game in 3 hours or less.


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Free Dagger
If you use a dagger on a zombie, take out the shotgun aim up and blow and blow it's head off. Go over to the zombie and pick up the dagger you use. this only works with daggers. This will save you lots of daggers if you do this a lot.
Funny voice
this is more of an easter egg than tip but..... ok in the labs while on the computer login with the information


then select B-2F and for the password type MOLE (that was the password for the original game) you can hear a funny voice instead of the normal wrong sound.....
How to burn zombies without kerosine
ok first do the grenade glitch (jill only) with incenadairy grenades then when you kill a zombie equip your grenade launcher with incenadairy grenades and aim down on the zombies corpse and shoot it.Hopefully you hit it and it will catch on fire then when you come back to that room that zombie will have vanished just like if you used kerosine and a lighter
Insta-kill Zombies - especially George Trevor/prototype V-ACT/super crimson head
As Chris get the enemy to bite you and use the flash grenade defence item and watch his head go boom for an instant kill, which can save some much needed shotgun shells.

Jill can try something similar using the taser but it won't kill them instantly but it does take off like 10-50% of their health.

Don't try this with the knives though as the damage they cause is insignificant.
save bullets on zombies
when a zombie encounters you aim your gun at its head saving bullets for another zombie.
Self Defense Gun's Power
A nifty fact that should not be overlooked is the power of the self-defense gun, which ranks as definetly one of the strongest non-explosive weapons in the game. True, it can only be fired once and is non-reloadable, but it's one-hit capacity is invaluable. With a direct-hit potency of up to four regular blasts from the magnum (not Barry's), it can take out every enemy in the game with one shot, including bosses and Tyrant during your first encounter. Use this weapon wisely - it can end a boss battle very quickly, in your favor.


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endless zombie bites
If you are low on recovery items and health shoot the zombies in their legs with a shotgun shell. After this you can take an endless amount of bites in your leg! It works for all resident evil titles! HAHAHAHA! LET THE ZOMBIES DIE!!! MOOSE
Grenade Launcher Glitch
This is a step by step guide to getting this glitch to work. Follow these instructions or it will fail.

Requirements: You must have the grenade launcher and two types of ammo (e.g., Grenade Rounds, Incendiary Rounds)

1) Put all items in item box
2) Put Grenade Launcher in upper-left item slot
3) Put Incendiary Rounds in upper-right item slot
4) Close box
5) Open inventory
6) Equip Grenade Launcher
7) Open box
8) Select Incendiary Rounds from inventory
9) Press A twice
10) Move cursor to Incendiary Rounds inside box
11) Press A twice

The amount of Incendiary Rounds in the Grenade Launcher will now increase. The number value will be graphically glitched. Close the box and open inventory to fix that. I assume the value exceeds the possible amount, so the game automatically reduces the rounds to 240 to prevent data corruption. Enjoy.

This also works for other types of grenade ammo... But why you'd want anything other than Incendiary Rounds is beyond me.

Easter eggs

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Hidden Cutscene With Jill and Barry
First of all, you have to do this with jill. When all the beginning cinematics end, and you are in the dining room, go back into the main hall. Wesker will say " I am counting on you to find out what that gunshot was." At this point, you will go back in, but try to go back into the main hall AGAIN. Barry will talk about jill having cold feet, and after that occurs, go north and talk to barry. When you are done talking to him, head towards the ticking clock on the west side, and there will be your cinema.
New Background
Beat the game with Jill or Chris and save. You'll get a new background on the main menu. Choose "Once Again" and you'll find that you can now choose a new difficulty setting.