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Pokémon Colosseum cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Pokémon Colosseum cheat codes.

Command codes

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Save money on pokeballs/ Catch shadow pokemon easily!
Please note that this cheat only works on Pokemon Colosseum, and not on Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.

1) Find a trainer with a shadow pokemon.
2) Wait until the shadow pokemon has been sent out. (If you already have the Master ball, skip to step 4.)
3) Weaken the shadow pokemon and if possible freeze it, paralyze it or make it fall asleep.
4) With your FIRST pokemon, go to the bag and choose the ball you wish to use.
5) With your SECOND pokemon, go to the bag and press the X or Y button on the ball you used. Then go to any other ball and press the A button. You should have swapped the two balls around.
6) With your SECOND pokemon, do anything you want. (e.g. If your opponent still has more pokemon, attack, if your pokemon are low on HP, use a healing item, etc.)
7) Now watch your character throw the ball and catch the shadow pokemon! (If you do not catch the pokemon, go back to step 4.(If your opponent has more shadow pokemon(, go back to step 2.))
8) Go back to the balls pocket in the bag. If you have done the trick correctly, you should still have the same amount of balls as you did before you caught the shadow pokemon. (This is where the Master ball comes in handy, folks! Catch shadow pokemon with hardly any effort put in!(If you accidentally killed the shadow pokemon or got wiped out, go to step 10.(If you caught the shadow pokemon and did the trick correctly, ignore step 10.)))
9) Jump for joy as you now know that you never have to waste money on pokeballs ever again!
10) Weep in sorrow as you realize that you have to go through another tough battle to get the shadow pokemon!


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2nd Chance Pokémon
If you have accidently defeated a shadow Pokémon, here are all of the locations that you can find them at, for your second try:

Makuhita- Es Cade's house (after beating game)
Bayleef- Realgam Tower
Quilava- Realgam Tower
Croconaw- Realgam Tower
Misdreavus- Pyrite City Street
Slugma- Pyrite City Street
Noctowl- Pyrite City Street
Flaaffy- Pyrite City Street
Skiploom- Pyrite City Street
Quagsire- Pyrite City Street
Furret- Pyrite City Gates
Yanma- Pyrite Town
Remoraid- Pyrite Cave (after beating Evice)
Mantine- Pyrite Cave (after beating Evice)
Quilfish- Outside Pyrite Cave
Dunsparce- Pyrite Cave
Meditite- Pyrite Cave
Swablu- Pyrite Cave
Sudowoodo- Realgam Tower, and then Deep Colosseum
Hitmontop- Shadow Pokémon Lab, and then Snagem Hideout
Entei- Realgam Tower, and then Deep Colosseum
Ledian- Snagem Hideout
Suicune- Realgam Tower, and then Deep Colosseum
Gligar- Snagem Hideout
Sneasel- Snagem Hideout
Piloswine- Snagem Hideout
Stantler- Snagem Hideout
Ariados- Snagem Hideout
Aipom- Shadow Research Institute
Murkrow- Shadow Research Institute
Forretress- Shadow Research Institute
Granbull- Shadow Research Institute
Vibrava- Shadow Research Institute
Raikou- Realgam Tower, and then Deep Colosseum
Sunflora- Realgam Tower
Delibird- Realgam Tower
Heracross- Realgam Tower
Skarmory- Realgam Tower
Miltank- Realgam Tower
Absol- Realgam Tower
Houndoom- Realgam Tower
Tropious- Realgam Tower
Metagross- Realgam Tower
Tyranitar- Realgam Tower
Smeargle- Snagem Hideout
Ursaring- Snagem Hideout
Shuckle- Deep Colosseum
Togetic- Outside Stand
2nd Chance to Catch Hitmontop
If you did not catch Hitmontop in the Relic Forest, don't worry because you can get your second chance into catching him. Fight the same person in the Shadow Lab (he's the last person you fight before EIN), and he still has Hitmontop. You can then capture him.
4 Ciphers' Pokemon types (at Relgem Colosseum)
#1-Dark has shadow Sneasal
#2-Grass has shadow Tropias
#3-Fire has shadow Hondoom
#4-don't remember
All Poké's That need to be Snagged.
<span class="wikilists">
  • Makuhita: Phenac City, Level 30</li>
  • Hariyama: Evolves from Makuhita, Level 24</li>
  • Bayleef: Phenac City, Level 30</li>
  • Meganium: Evoles from Bayleef, Level 32</li>
  • Quilava: Phenac City, Level 30</li>
  • Typhlosion: Evolves from Quilava, Level 36</li>
  • Croconaw: Phenac City, Level 30</li>
  • Feraligatr: Evolves from Croconaw, Level 30</li>
  • Noctowl: Pyrite Town, Level 30</li>
  • Flaaffy: Pyrite Town, Level 30</li>
  • Ampharos: Evolves from Flaaffy, Level 30</li>
  • Skiploom: Pyrite Town, Level 30</li>
  • Jumpluff: Evolves from Skiploom, Level 27</li>
  • Quagsire: Pyrite Town, Level 30</li>
  • Misdreavus: Pyrite Town, Level 30</li>
  • Slugma: Pyrite Town, Level 30</li>
  • Magcargo: Evolves from Slugma, Level 38</li>
  • Furret: Pyrite Town, Level 33</li>
  • Yanma: Pyrite Building, Level 33</li>
  • Mantine: Pyrite Building, Level 33</li>
  • Remoraid: Pyrite Building, Level 20</li>
  • Octillery: Evolves from Remoraid, Level 25</li>
  • Qwilfish: Pyrite Building, Level 33</li>
  • Meditite: Pyrite Cave, Level 33</li>
  • Medicham: Evolves from Meditite, Level 37</li>
  • Swablu: Pyrite Cave, Level 33</li>
  • Altaria: Evolves from Swablu, Level 35</li>
  • Dunsparce: Pyrite Cave, Level 33</li>
  • Sudowoodo: Pyrite Cave, Level 35</li>
  • Hitmontop: Agate Village, Level 38</li>
  • Entei: Mt. Battle, Level 40</li>
  • Ledian: The Under, Level 40</li>
  • Suicune: The Under, Level 40</li>
  • Gligar: The Under, Level 43</li>
  • Stantler: The Under, Level 43</li>
  • Piloswine: The Under, Level 43</li>
  • Sneasel: The Under, Level 43</li>
  • Aipom: Pok¿mon Shadow Lab, Level 43</li>
  • Murkrow: Pok¿mon Shadow Lab, Level 43</li>
  • Forretress: Pok¿mon Shadow Lab, Level 43</li>
  • Vibrava: Pok¿mon Shadow Lab, Level 43</li>
  • Flygon: Evolves from Vibrava, Level 45</li>
  • Ariados: Pok¿mon Shadow Lab, Level 43</li>
  • Granbull: Pok¿mon Shadow Lab, Level 43</li>
  • Raikou: Pok¿mon Shadow Lab, Level 40</li>
  • Sunflora: Realgam Tower, Level 45</li>
  • Delibird: Realgam Tower, Level 45</li>
  • Heracross: Realgam Tower, Level 45</li>
  • Skarmory: Realgam Tower, Level 47</li>
  • Miltank: Realgam Tower, Level 48</li>
  • Absol: Realgam Tower, Level 48</li>
  • Houndoom: Realgam Tower, Level 48</li>
  • Tropius: Realgam Tower, Level 48</li>
  • Metagross: Realgam Tower, Level 50</li>
  • Tyranitar: Realgam Tower, Level 55</li>
  • Smeargle: Snagem Hideout, Level 45</li>
  • Ursaring: Snagem Hideout, Level 45</li>
  • Shuckle: The Under, Level 45</li>
  • Togetic: Shady Guy, Level 20</li>
</span><!-- wikilists -->
Catchable Pokémon
These are all the Pokémon that are obtainable in this game:
(all Pokémon are shadow Pokémon, unless stated differently)

Espeon (automatically have)
Umbreon (automatically have)
Plusle (given as a gift)
Celebi (bonus Pokémon)
Pikachu (bonus Pokémon)
Jirachi (bonus Pokémon)
Togepi (e-Reader card required)
Mareep (e-Reader card required)
Scizor (e-Reader card required)
F-Disk: Defeat Dakim at Mt. Battle.
R-Disk: From the kid locked up in the cage, in the Under.
U-Disk: In a chest, in the subway, near the boxes.
D-Disk: Defeat Head Gonzap in the Snagem Hideout.
L-Disk: Talk to the old man in fornt of the Herd Shop (get Steel Teeth first with the L-Disk).
Double Battle Strategy
I actually learned some good tips for double battles due to Colosseum. For example, Rhydon and Manectric absorb electric attacks because of their Lightening Rod skill, meaning if you team them up with a water type and your opponent who more than likely doesn't know this fact, they're invulnerable to any electric attack. Also, Protect works 100% as long as you don't use it again and again. So while one monster protects, the other can attack. Then for the next turn, switch roles. The one who attacked can protect while the other attacks. It's a good confusion method to get your opponent to screw up.
Get a head start
This is a great way to get a head start with your Shadow Pokemon.
I know trying to purify shadow Pokemon is hard and takes time. But when you get a new shadow Pokemon, work on purifying it immediately, because that way you won't have to keep putting it off and never ending up doing it later on in the game.
If you're a starter to the game, then a great place to Purify your Pokemon would be in Pyrite Square, where all of the trainers stand. You can rematch them as many times as you like. While you do this, you'll find that it can be a good way to train up your Espeon and Umbreon. By doing this, I've trained mine from about Lv 29 to about Lv 36!
Get Celebi (Jap Version only)
To get Celebi you must have a copy of the Jap Bonus Disk, have 5 pokemon in your party and have all 48 pokemon purified. On the bonus disk main screen go to the Celebi Shrine in Agate Village and you will see Eagun, talk to Eagun and Celebi will appear and Eagun will tell you that Celebi wants to join you. Celebi will float to you and it will automatically save. Then you can hook up your Gameboy with R/S or LG/FR And the game must be saved at a pokemon center and you must have 5 pokemon in your party and the game will automaticly receive Celebi.
Get Suicine and Entei
While facing Dakim at Mt. battle he will use Entei, that is your chance to catch him.

When facing Venus in the under she will use suicine then try and catch him.
healing without pokemon center
If you are at a spot where you have most of your pokemon killed or seriosly wounded, poisoned, parlyzed, or sleep and there is only a save and switch machine nearby put your pokemon in the machine and take them back out. they will be fully healed with no status problems!
How to get Ho - Oh
To get Ho - Oh:
1. Snag and purify all 48 shadow pokemon in story mode.
2. Beat all Mt. Battle trainers (in Battle mode)
How to purify faster
Use the day care people to help empty the heart gauge of a shadow pokemon, Example, go to the day care center, and drop off a shadow pokemon, and do something while your waiting, like try to catch more shadow pokemon, or something that you need to do while your waiting.

*note* You need to watch out for your money. It could take a chunk of your money.
How to purify Raikou faster
This is how you purify Raikou faster (ill put it in steps)

1)Get Raikou from Cipher Admin Ein in the Cipher Lab

2)Go to Agate village and go on the bark near the Relic Forest entrance

3)after getting it ready to be purified go to Relic Forest its self and purify it
How to purify Shadow Pokemon Easily
Go to the Pokemon Daycare and Leave Your shadow Pokemon, Come Back later And The Pokemon's Heart Gauge Should Have Went Down.

A little harder, Battle using The Move Shadow rush.
How to snag Pokémon with ease
To snag a Pokémon from another trainer with ease, just paralyze, poison, etc. and damage the Pokémon without defeating it. Once you use the snag ball, there will be a higher percentage of getting the Pokémon caught.
Infinite Master Ball Glitch
You must have two active Pokemon on the field for this trick to work.
For your first Pokemon's turn, target your Master Ball on any Shadow Pokemon.

For your second Pokemon's turn, enter your item menu. Using 'Y' or 'X' on your controller, switch the position of your Master Ball with any other Poke Ball in your Ball Bag. Exit the item and make your second Pokemon perform any action.

Your Master Ball will catch the Shadow Pokemon without fail, and on your next turn, you will notice you have not lost your Master Ball! Now you can catch all the Pokemon you wish in Pokemon Colosseum without worry!

*Note: This trick will work with ANY type of PokeBall, just use the same method as above to duplicate Luxury Balls, Ultra Balls, Premier Balls, etc.
Know Which Starters are with Which Trainer
To make it simple, each starter is with one color. Red is for Fire, so the person in red has Cyndaquil. Blue is for Water, so the person in blue has Totadile. Green is for Grass, so the person in green has Chickorita. It's kind of obvious after a while.
Misc Tip
Before you go and fight the mayor at Relgam tower you should go through Mt. Battle and get your Pokemon all up to Lv. 60. That way it will be less a hassle to beat him. Mt.Battle is the best place to train your Pokemon.
Mt. Battle
If you need to power up your pokemon. Go to Mt. Battle. Have fun!!
Music Sounding like a GBA
Plug headphones into you're TV and turn the volume up hi and you're collosium music will sound like it was coming from a gameboy.
Mysterious Yellow Hand
This can be a handy little trick:
If you go to your PC and open up your Pokemon storage box, you will notice that the hand is white. When you grab a Pokemon it comes up with a list of options which can be annoying when you are trying to move Pokemon quickly.
To get this list out of the way, press X or Y on your controller. The hand will turn yellow! Now when you grab a Pokemon, no list will come up, allowing you to move your Pokemon quickly!
You can change the hand back to white by pressing X or Y again.
Open Trade Station in Phenac City
Beat Story mode to open the trade station.

There you can trade all your purified Pokémon you've captured in Story mode into your Pokémon Ruby or Sapphire Game Pak.
Orre Colesseum Level 100 Battles
Beat Tower Colesseum in both Single and Double battle.
Orre Colesseum Level 50 Battles
Beat Pyrite Colesseum, Phenac Stadium, and Under Colesseum in both Single and Double battle.
Pokémon Tips
The majority of Pokémon players know very little about the hidden values that determine your pokémon's stats. I'm here to explain it in ordinary terms b/c if you truly want to make the best out of your team, you need to utilize the strengths and strategies you may have avoided up until now..

-All pokémon have an invisible stat called Stat EXP. What is it? It's a number you get for beating a pokémon that helps stat growth at a level up. It's best to battle many pokémon in order to level so you can attain the highest stats possible. (ex: Lv 30 Pikachu battles a level 35 Marill, let's say it levels up immediately..it won't get the best stat boost as say that Pikachu battling 8 lv 3 Poochyena or something before fighting Marill for the level up.)

-The reason why 2 pokémon of the same level have different stats is because of DVs/EVs.. the higher the DVs, the better the stats, and the better the max stats at level 100. DVs/EVs control Hidden Power and gender. There are many sites that have the work done, so all you do is look up your pokémon, find it's max stat potential, hidden power, etc.

-Pokémon Netbattle, an online battle simulator with game graphics, moves, items, etc. can be used to help you improve your skills.

-Shiny pokémon have certain odds of showing up.. let's say you want a Shiny Groudon, since you can't do the in game GSCPS2 trick to make any shiny or max stat pkmn.. save in front of Groudon. Talk to it or w/e to battle, if it's not shiny, reset. If you want it that bad, eventually it might turn up shiny, but again, the odds of getting any shiny pokémon are very low, you're lucky if you get 2 or 3 after 300 hours of gameplay.

-If you're just looking for a powerful pokémon that's very rare (we'll use a 1 time catch like Groudon), after you catch him, check the stats up against a DV calculator. Are they the best for his level? If not, reset and catch him again. The DVs change, and so do the stats. In some cases, you might end up with a pokémon with stats like 30-80 points lower than it's true potential at level 100.


-DAY CARE TRICK: Give a pokémon about to lv up to the day care person, then take it back immediately. It will lose the EXP it has, but keeps it's stat exp. You can continue to work toward level 100 without having to worry about your pkmn maxing out before it reaches it's best stats.

-Stat EXP isn't based on level. a Level 100 Ghastly will give the same stat EXP as a level 1 Ghastly. Fighting certain pokémon give higher stat exp to certain stats. A Ghastly gives a lot of speed stat EXP, so your speed would begin to rise a lot if you fight a lot of Ghastly. Unowns drop a lot of stat EXP to each stat, but I don't think they're in Ru/Sa.
Purify Shadow Pokemon Faster
To purify Shadow Pokemon faster, simply give one of your pokemon an EXP Share whilst you battle with your other pokemon. If you leave it on for a little bit longer you'll get more EXP on them as well as the EXP from before!
Set Prisoner Free
Go to the jail in Pyrite City and go left(threw the door). You will see a desk with something shining in the middle. Walk to the desk and press A. It will say that you obtained the jail key. Go up and you will see 2 jail cells. 1 on the left is empty the othe 1 has a prisoner. Go to the 1 with the prisoner,walk up to the door and press A. He will thank you for setting him free and than run away. Walk into his cell and his bed will shine. Walk to the bed and you will get TM 46(Thief). Thief steals the opponents item while it gives them damage.
Short freedom!
If you walk around the pointy landacape in Agate Village, chances of thaty annoying ugly girl following you will get stuck, allowing you to run around for a short time by yourself!

Best areas are going down to the time rock purifying place and the begginning, as soon as you enter the village. *Go to the right on this one.*
Starter Pokemon
When you are leaving Phenac City in the begining of the game, you have to face one of three trainers (one guarding each of the exits). You can get either a Bayleef, Totodile, or Cyndaquil determined by which trainer you battle.
The Pyrite Hotel
Do not use the Pyrite Hotel for healing your Pokemon, because you have to pay 100 Poke Dollars. This may not sound like much, but who wants to waste their money on healing Pokemon? I don't. So instead, go to the Colloseum at the top of Pyrite Town, and use the healing machine for free, which is placed on the left side of the room.
Time Flutes
When you get times flutes it is best that you don't use them on the legendary dogs. Instead use scents on them, you will need a cologne case to hold the scents. You can buy the scents at Agate Village.

You should use the time flutes on Pokemon like, Metagross and Tyranitar. They are harder to purify.
Title Screen
When you turn on the game, on the title screen you see you, your sidekick, Espeon, and Umbreon. If you go to the story/battle page and then goback to the title screen, the characters change. I think it goes in this order: You, sidekick, and the starters; You, sidekick, and the choice of characters on R/S; Kyogre, Groudon, and the Legendary dogs; lastly the starters for the G/S/C and R/S in their evolved forms.
If these are wrong, I'm sorry. I think they're pretty close
Two very helpful tips.
Infinite Masterballs

This can be done with the other pokeballs but it isnt all that useful with the othe pokeballs.When you are trying to catch a shadow pokemon throw the masterball on the first pokemons turn and on the second pokemons turn change the place of the masterball with any other ball using the X or Y button.This means that even though you throw the masterball you will still have it in your inventry and you can use this trick repeatedly.

Easy Purification

This requires no money, it only requires quite alot of your time.As soon as you enter Agate village climb up the slop and go the the left.There will be an area which stands out above the slope, go to the edge and try to run off it.The character should start shaking.Each one of thos shakes removes one point from a shadow pokemon.You tape the control stick downwards and go do what ever you want to do.
To unlock the trade machine that enables you to trade from Ruby/Sapphire, defeat the final boss at Realgems Colosseum.

To unlock Ho-Oh purify all the shadow pokemon in story mode and defeat 100 trainers on Mt Battle in battle mode. Make sure you have a empty spot in your PC.

Level 50 battles: Beat Phenac stadium, Pyrite Colosseum, and Under Colosseum in both single and double battle.
Level 100 battles: Beat Tower Colosseum in single and double battle.
Wake Sleeping Pokemon for Free
Instead of wasting your money on awakenings, you can wake your pokemon up by calling to them.


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In order to get the super powerful pokemon jirachi just insert the pokemon colosseum bonus disc into the GC and go on pokemon box. You will get a lv 5 jirachi trade it to colosseum.
More Mirror B. Perons
Did you KO Remoaid or Mantine well go to pyrite cave(where you fought Mirror B.) after beating the game they should be there
rare item locations
master ball:get it in agate village in eaguns house
3 rare candy:3 rare candys are located in venus' studio in the bottom few doors in a chest.
time flute 1:you get it when you beat dakim
time flute 2:its located in a chest in pyrite town(use the u-disk in the under)
time flute 3:at the top of mount battle
l-disk:trade the steel teeth with the old man in front of the herb shop for it
d-disk:somewhere in snagems hideout
r-disk:get it from silva when hes locked up
u-disk:somewhere near the under subway
f-disk:get it when you beat dakim
amulet coin:use the l-disk on the UFO and open the chest
exp share:located in agate village in a chest
stone tablet:get it in eaguns house
jail keyn the desk in jail
elevator key:located on the sleeping criminals belt
train key: the under subway
kings rock:buy it for 10,000 coupons at mount battle
focus band:but it for 10,000 coupons at mount battle
dragon scale:located in the under
powerup part:get it from nett
3 more rare candys:you can find 3 more rare candys in the snagem hideout
the gear:located in the construction lot in the corner
mystic water:held by croconaw
miracle seed:held by bayleef
black belt:held by hitmontop
spell tag:held by misdreavus
metal coat:held by metagross
steel teeth:use the d-disk and hug the wall while going down
rare pokemon locations
entei located at mount battle
suicune located in the under
raikou located in the shadow pokemon lab
sudowoodo located in miror bs fortress
skarmory located in realgem tower(2nd floor)
miltank located in tower colosseum(battle 1)
absol located in tower colosseum(battle 2)
houndoom located in tower colosseum(battle 3)
tropius located in tower colosseum(battle 4)
metagross located in tower colosseum(semifinal battle)
tyranitar located in tower colosseum(final battle)
togetic located in outskirt island(snag every pokemon
celebi located in the relic forest(appears randomly)
quilava located somewhere
croconaw located somewhere
bayleef located somewhere
Secret healing place in Pyrite Town
Go to the Colosseum and go to the counter and walk to the left. Walk to the wall and go up until you see the Healing Machine.