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Pikmin 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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toss a pikmin[color does not matter] directly on the back of a DWARF bulborb of any kind to automaticly kill it
2 for 1 sprays (1 player)
In story mode, go to a spray blob (from an egg) and put one captain with no pikmin beside the spray, but not drinking it. Take the other captain and push the first captain into the spray. He should start drinking it. Take the captain you are controlling and quickly drink the spray as well.
2 player challenge mode double spray
sometimes when you use the ultra bitter spray on enemys and defeat them a colored blob will come out purple or pinky-red make player 1 suck it up while player 1 is sucking it up make player 2 suck it up also and you will get 2 sprays instead of 1
2 Player Tip
When your opponent is not at his base, grab his marble. If he is close, it may end in an enourmous battle so be careful! If he has a boulder cherry, or a bomb rock- spider cherry, do not invade his base. If he left Pikmin behing be even more careful!
A wild Beady Long Legs appeared!
Having trouble defeating this monster when it appears in the Perplexing pool? Well, here is a strategy to get rid of it without killing it!

This may take away most of your day, so it is good when you want to go to a cave in the day.

First, take one captain and get the Beady Long Legs to appear. Walk around and it should follow you. Take it to a place where you will not be visiting (By the Submerged castle is a good one) and make sure you are under the beast otherwise it will squash you! Switch captains and continue with the days plans.
Bloyster Glitch
When you get to the end of the shower room cave,
The bigger version of a Toady Bloyster will be there, (A Boss). There are 3 walls to get into the area he is in.One of them is glitched.(Don't
use this wall)If you go and start knocking down this wall.He can eat your pikmin even though you are over the wall, his mouth goes through the wall. I was very angry when it happened
captin kills a blowhog
if you hav the brute knuckles and are fighting a withering blowhog you cn stand in the shadow and attack it as a captain.
Distract him, you noob.
Fast fact: One captain can create a distraction for the active captain by being dismissed in front of an enemy. Does not work on bosses. Espescially the Ranging Bloyster, or enemys that go after your active captain.
Side Note: Works on "Pikmin 2: New Play Control!" as well.
Easiest Way to Save Drowning Pikmin
Please note: For this you'll need a BLUE Pikmin!

When a Pikmin is drowning in water and is struggling for dear life, quickly hold down A and use the D-Pad (Left or Right) to select a Blue Pikmin. Then throw the Pikmin into the water near the drowning Pikmin and it will soon pick 'em up and then throw him back on land. It only takes 1 Blue Pikmin to save another Pikmin. It's like your own personal lifeguard! :-)

(And yes, they can even save Purple Pikmin)
easy bitter and spicy sprays
first you will need to be in wistfull wild (the last stage) you must have destroyed things like damns and electric fences.withdraw as many white pikmin as possible and go to where the berry trees grow. keep going forwards through the knocked down electric gate.up the pipe there should be litttle tiny dots moving around use the c stick to charge the pikmin they should start hitting them each one will let out a potion at random.
Easy electric node avoidance
NOTE: This may not work all the time. I found it in the Submerged Castle.

WARNING: This will not work when your Pikmin have something in their hands. Unless you set it down in the middle and have Purples, I don't see what you can do.

Those electric node things can be avoided easily if you press all your troops up to the wall using the C-Stick and lead them to the other side while still pressing them to the wall. If done correctly, you willget your Pikmin past without any deaths. Anode Dweevils, Bettles, and electric fences are diffrent stories...
Easy perfect against the Man-at-Legs in Challenge Mode
Sublevel 1

Enemy's Gatling Groink X 2

First, kill the Gatling Groinks and get them back to the ship as quickly as possible. Restart if you get any deaths from this. Then take the key and other treasures back in the middle of the room. There will be a hole. Walk over it and a Golden Bug will appear. Throw a Pikmin on top of it to reveal a Golden Coin worth 1000 Pokos. Finally, dive into the hole.

Sublevel 2

First find a place to hide your Pikmin.
Take all your BLUE Pikmin with you. Go into the middle of the river and touch the golden ball that's in the middle, then run behind what looks like a good barrier. It will now shoot its laser. When it is finished shooting, go out and throw blue Pikmin at it. Before it has properly finished shaking them off, call them and hide behind a barrier again. Repeat this until it is destroyed. Start over if you want a perfect when a Pikmin dies, then carry the key to the ship. Get as much treasure as possible and unclog the geyser and exit.
Easy Waterwraith
Having trouble defeating it? You could try the methoud called "One Purple Pikmin" which takes time but avoids loosing Pikmin. First, transform a Pikmin or Bulbmin into a Purple Pikmin on the last floor of the Submerged Castle. Just one of them, and find a place to hide your other Pikmin. When the Waterwraith does appear, throw the purple ontop and do the same thing you would do to kill it. Press and holding "A" will ensure that the Pikmin does not get killed due to it being in your hands, and you can throw it faster. Ultra-spicy the Pikmin for best results.
Escape the arena
In order to escape the arena, go to any level that contains canon beetles. Throw all your pikmin out of the arena and start attacking a canon beetle. If you are near the edge of the arena, it should throw you out. Grab your pikmin and voila!

A great tip is for battle mode, on brawl yard, do this and sneak up on your opponent!
Fun In The Piclopedea
Go to the waterwrath in the piclopedea and just as the rollers hit the ground press "Z" to paralyze it. After the waterwrath hits its rollers it will also be paralyzed. After awhile you will here cracking and the rocks on the rollers will blow off. Quickly paralyze the rollers again and when the waterwrath gets ought of the rock shell it will be unable to lift its rollers! If you want to do this more paralyze the waterwrath before the rollers crack and repeat.
Fun on Title Screen
Press X to make a Bulborb walk in, control it with c-stick and eat with Z.Press Y to make a Flint Beatle appear, control withc-stick.Press L to revert everything back to normal (except for any eaten pikmin)Press R to make the Pikmin say Nintendo.
Fun with Leader and Pikmin
When you are able to sleep by holding down X after a cave that you get the glove in, have some Pikmin out and fall asleep. When you fall to the ground the Pikmin will pick you up and take you to their Onion. You will go up, hit the top and bounce off.
Funny Nintendo cameos

Name: Cosmic Archive
Location: Awakening wood(hole of beasts)
Cameo: It's a Famicom Disk System game

Name: Decorative goo
Location: Awakening wood
Cameo: It a Mario paint tube of blue paint

Name:Dream Architect
Location: Awakening wood(hole of beasts)
Cameo: It's a Game and Watch Handheld system

Name:Flame of Tomorrow
Location:Perplexing pool(citadel of spiders)
Cameo: On the bow it shows bowsers face.

Name: Glee spinner
Location: Wistful wild(dream den)
Cameo: Its a Gamecube controller joy stick

Name:Gyroid Bust
Location:Awakening wood
Cameo: Its A Gyroid from Animal Crossing

Name: Luck Wafer
Location:Awakening wood (hole of beasts)
Cameo:It the Ace card that came from the deck of cards from Master of illusion

Name:Master's Instrument
Location: Perplexing pool(glutton's Kitchen)
Cameo:It's a Mario paint Crayon

#9(one of my personal fav's)
Name: Remembered old Buddy
Location: Wistful Wild(hole of heros)
Cameo:It's R.O.B's head and Remembered old buddy spells R.O.B

Name: Stone of glory
Location: Awakening wood(hole of beast)
Cameo: It's NES(or SNES) D-pad


Getting your 100 Purple Pikmin
As you should know, in the wistful wild there is a treasure that weighs 1000. Since you can only have 100 Pikmin in the field at once, you will need 100 purples. Here are the top 3 methods for getting Purple Pikmin.
    3. Bulblax Kingdom
      Sublevel 4 of the Bulblax Kingdom has 2 Violet Candypop buds and on the previous floor (3) you can also get white Pikmin. Highly recommended for beginners.
    2. Subterranean Complex
      Sublevel 4 and 8 both contain Violet Candyop buds and Eggs. Getting there could be a problem though.
    1. Frontier Cavern
      Sublevel 1, 4 and 5 contian Violet Candypop buds. You could take five Pikmin and turn them into purples on the first floor, then exit, then repeat as much as you want. Frontier Cavern has a Spotty Bulbear with its young on Sublevel 3, which can be a big problem. You can find Bulbmin on this level (Sublevel 3 I think) so free Pikmin!
Other options include the Cavern Of Chaos and Emergance Cave.
How to get blue pikmin!
they are in the level of awakening wood

you will need yellow pikmin!

firstly:go to where there are 2 flowers with berries on top of them continue going up from there killing any enemys if needed to.throw them all on the ledge.Then you must go round the wall and through a pond.Call your yellow pikmin and make them knock down the electric fence. Dismiss your yellow pikmin and go and call the blue pikmin then at the end of the day the blue pikmins onion will follow you!
how to get purple pikmin!
level:first level

colors needed to get: red

do what the ship tells you to do first then get all your pikmin and throw them on the other paper bag.It will be crushed kill the enemys if wanted too take there bodys back and pluck the seeds.after go to the wall that was behind the big bulborb enemy knock it down

go into the hole with as many reds as possible
first floor
kill all the baby bulborbs and take the treasures back

second floor
kill as many baby bulborbs as possible and go right to the back of the level (follow the path)
then there will be purple flowers throw 5 pikmin into each and you will get purple pikmin in return then take the spherical atlas treasure(a top half of a globe)with the purples then ou will have purples and will be able to go to the next level

Important notice:
purples do not have onions and will be in the ship hen you need to withdraw them
How to get tons of spicy and bitter spray
Spicy: Go to the Awakening Wood and take 100 of any type of pikmin. This will work better with white though. Leave one captain back at the onions. Take the other captain to farm the spicy berries in the corall type thing. Put 40 pikmin on each plant, and use the 20 others to take them back. Keep repeating. After about have a dot on the sun meter later, the berries will grow back.

Bitter: The same thing, only this time the Perplexing Pool. Go to the place with the blowhog and the mold. Kill the blowhog and make the pikmin attack the mold. The plants will come up. Do the same thing know.

Warning!: In both areas, Ravenous Wiskerpillars will come up from the dirt to eat the berries! Kill them and take they're corpses back for a good supply of pikmin sprouts.
how to get white pikmin!
location:awakening wood

colors needed to get: red,purple

okay from where you start of withdraw 75 red pikmin and 20 purples (reccomended)

go to where there is a flower growing berrys
continue up killing any enemys if wanted you will see a paper bag throw all your pikmin on it till it collapses giving you a path to take
inside this area you will see a hole with an open top called White Flower Garden enter on a sublevel there will be 3 white flowers throw your pikmin into these for white pikmin!

how to get yellow pikmin
Yellows are located on the level perplexing pool

pikmin needed to get the yellows: white,red

first take white and red pikmin out of the ship/onion

then walk down from your location go left you MAY see 3 dwarf bulbears.kill them if wanted continue going forwards maing sure pikmin do NOT fall in the water when you reach 2 stones on the floor stop and walk onto them. throw pikmin up onto the ledge when you have 1 pikmin dismiss it and make 1 captain walk onto the other stone with the 1 pikmin. the stone with just the captian that doesnt have a pikmin should rise.
make the other captain then throw the remaining pikmin up.you will see a flaming bulbax you MUST use red pikmin to kill it once that is done knock down the wall with the white pikmin and then call the yellows from the tree branch!
Humping Waterwraith!
If you go into the enemy log page and look at the Waterwraith, press "Z" before the body falls but after the wheels fall. The wheels will be solidified and the body will go solid once it appears. Let the wheels return to normal but when the body starts to shake, press "Z" again and the wheels will solidify. When the Waterwraith breaks free, it will try to move but since the wheels are solid, it can't move! It's then stuck "humping" the non-working wheels!
Kill Enemies Solo
If you do not want to risk having any of your pikmin killed/eaten, try taking on the enemies yourself, there are a few that cannot even be hurt by your pilots these are:

Withering Blowhog
Anode Beetle
Bumbling Snitchbug
Careening Drigibug
Gatling Groink
Great Spotted Jellyfloat
Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat
Iridesent Flint Beetle
Iridesent Glint Beetle
Puffy Blowhog
Swooping Snitchbug
Toady Bloyster
Unmarked Spectralids

None of the bosses can be hurt by the pilots.
Louies cooking notes
rescue louie from the titan dweevil and in the piklopidedia louies noted will be there
Misc. Unlockables
Shyacho - Collect 10,000 pocos to save Hokotate Intergalactic Delivery, then choose to continue.
Cinemas and Credits - Collect 10,000 pocos
Treasure Completion Movie - Collect all the pieces and rescue Looie.
Louie's Dark Secret movie - Complete all 30 Challenge Mode Arenas obtaining pink flowers (ie no Pikmin deaths).
Challenge Mode - Defeat the Beady Long Legs at the bottom of the Spider Citadle, and bring the key to the recon drone thing.
Louie's Cooking Notes - Rescue Louie from Titan Dweevil at Dream Den
Sales Pitch - Collect all items in any series.
More Pikmin!
My most recommended areas are the awakening wood and perplexing pool.
For awakening wood, a red bulborb and two dwarfs are in the beginning part where you land from the rocket. there are also tons of pellet posies including the 20 and cloaking burrow nits (8 pikmin each). using this you can get up to 100 pikmin in the awakening wood. for perplexing pool, complete it, and every 10 days, a beady long legs will come. heres a tricky part, a spotty bulbear will come too with several little ones and use this strategy: 1.beady long legs comes,2. atrract attention to spotty bulbear (bring him to beady long legs), 3. run around in the middle of beady and,4. try to squish them.this is the tricky part, as spotty bulbears come alive(regenarate health)again so, once you have knocked out the spotty and littles, bring 17-20 yellow pikmin. then throw them at beady while he is resting and call them back before he starts stomping again. repeat until you have got him. then he will spit up 20 or so posies. then quickly gather 100 pikmin and rush it all back in before spotty comes back. phew! extra: toady bloysters come every day to perplexing pool. defeat him and bring in the seed thing for 25 pikmin. And there you go! about 500 pikmin!
more tips
Dont get eaten
before your pikmin gets eaten kill the monster fast and ur pikmin will go out of the monster.

Make more pikmin
to make more pikmin spend a hole day just killing monsters and geting the flower coin stuff the best place to do this is at Awakening woods.

Make more purple/white pikmin
1st farm alot of red blue or yellow pikmin see up for details now
go into the first cave you see the white or yellow pikmin in then put the pikmin you farmed into it once all the flowers die exit the cave and wait a few days (game days) then next time you go in the flower will be there then you can repeat the prosses.
Petirfy enemies in Log Book
While looking at an enemy in Olimar's journal, press the Z button to encase it in stone for a little while. This doesn't work on harmless plants.
pikmin song
If you group 20 of each pikmin together you will hear them sing a different song. [Its a song from a Japanease pikmin song]
Pikmin Title Screen Fun
At the title screen, press R on the first controller to make the Pikmin run around and form the word "Nintendo."

While pressing R, you can also press Y to send out a beetle which attract the Pikmin, or a Grub Dog with X. You can control it with C and eat Pikmin with Z.
see enemys before they fall down from above
on some levels like cnrete maze and cave of pain
alot of enemys fall onto the floor to see where the enemys will be before they drop down press z and then r once you will be able to see enemys and items before the fall!
Spotty Bulbear
After day 30, a bit of futreized nostigalia or whatever appears in the Perplexing Pool. Make sure you have a healthy amount of Purples, because this guy is deadly. Take out every Purple you ever got, and then the rest Reds and sneak over the bridge(you did make it, right?) and find... the Spotty Bulbear! And no, it's not sleeping. There was something in the Pikmin ending about this... anyway, it is the *****. Go and hurl Purples at it, and its kids as well. However, MAKE SURE you bring it back or else you'll have to fight it again. Yes. The meter fills back up, so be careful! It also latches onto you. Radar type.
Not to get hit
before geting hit change charater you will not get hit with that charater try doing this when you want to kill a monster with your punches (push A near a monster an upgrade addes a combo and makes it more powerfull).
At title screen hold R or L then the pikmin will move to say nintendo do it again to get it back to nintendo.
Challenge mode.
to get challenge mode kill the boss at the cradle of spiders in the 3ed stage (uper left)
More title screen fun!
when you push start push x or y to get a monster out and c stik to move and z to eat pikmin ( or at least try) only 1 of the monsters has a use for the Z button.
Title Screen Fun
Press X to make a Bulborb appear you can Control it with the C-Stick and press Z to make it Eat the Pikmin.

Press Y to make a Flint Beetle appear. You can Control it with the C-Stick.

Press R to make the Pikmin from the Word Spell out Nintendo.

Press L to Revert the Title Screen back to Normal.
Tons of Purples
Okay so in the "Hole of Beasts" Cave in the awakening wood, there is a purple flower on the 4th sub level. Now when every you use it it will still go dead after five throws into it, but after you leave the cave and come back in the same day it will be there again.

So to get tons of purples just go down to the forth sublevel, throw some pikmin in there, pick them when they transform, and leave the cave, repeat process as many times as you wish.
Totaka's Song
To hear the infamous Totaka's Song in this game, do the following.

Complete a cave (i.e. collect every treasure) note: it must be incomplete when you go in.

Once on the screen with the confetti, stay on that screen for about three minutes. Don't touch your controller!
Unlockable Levels
Awakening Wood - Collect the sphere map in Emergence Cave.
Perplexing Pool - Collect the exploration map in the Awakening Wood.
Wistful Wild - Repay the 10,000 pokos of your company's debt.
Unlock The President:Collect 10,000 Pokos

Unlock Challenge Mode: defeat the Beady Long Legs in the cidel of spiders dungeon (in the perplexing pools), and collect the key. Challenge mode will now apear on the start menu.


Unlock Awaking Woods: Collect the Half Globe in the Emergence Cave in the Vally of Repose

Unlock Perplexing Pool: Collect the other half globe by destroying the poision wall near the hole of beasts

Unlock Wistful Wild: Collect 10,000 Pokos


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30 purple pikmin right off the bat
Okay on day to of you game. go into the cave like you're supposed to and just get you purple pikmin and the 7up bottle cap and leave. then repeat step with orange and globe

Easiest way to get purple/white Pikmin
Go to Valley of Repose. Then, go to Subteranian Complex and go to the 4th/5th floor. Make sure you bring 15 Pikmin with you. You can get 15 purple/white Pikmin and they do NOT die. Do this as many times as you want.
Easy Boss Strategies
I've got two great boss strategies here!
1: Beady Long Legs: Give it a volley of Pikmin as soon as it ducks down, within throwing distance.

2: Empress Bublax: You know, that boss of the Hole of Beasts that looks like a giant salami!! When I first fought this boss, I had no idea what I was up against. I entered the cave with 83 pikmin, and I had 81 remaining for the boss battle. I sent out the group to attack. The boss woke up, saw an army of flowers attacking it, and started rolling. Within the time it took the boss to stop rolling, 79 pikmin had been crushed. I finished the battle with my remaining 2. I just attacked the creature's bottom, it's weak spot, and after about ten minutes, it was dead. Anyway, just attack the head or bottom continuously. Fall back when it gets ticked off, and you have a guaranteed victory.
Hidden Pikmin Theme Song
Assemble 20 of each of the 5 colored Pikmin into a single group to hear them hum the Japanese Pikmin 1 theme song, Ai no Uta by Strawberry Flower.
some cheats and tips
Unlock 'Louie's Dark Secret' Movie
Get This By Doing This
Louie's Dark Secret movie Complete all 30 Challenge Mode Arenas obtaining pink flowers (ie no Pikmin deaths).
Unlockable Movies
Get This By Doing This
Cinemas and Credits Collect 10,000 pocos
Treasure Completion Movie Collect all the pieces and rescue Looie.
Unlock Challenge Mode
Unearth the key item found on the 5th floor of the Summer stage's first dungeon to unlock the Challenge mode.
Unlock The Third Playable Character
Get This By Doing This
Shyacho Collect 10,000 pocos to save Hokotate Intergalactic Delivery, then choose to continue.
Easter Eggs
Title Screen
At the title screen, press R on the first controller to make the Pikmin run around and form the word "Nintendo."
Hidden Pikmin 1 Theme Song
Assemble 20 of each of the 5 colored Pikmin into a single group to hear them hum the Japanese Pikmin 1 theme song, Ai no Uta by Strawberry Flower.